One day the alone wander was in the hosue that he had in megatron. He was talking to his rbot wife Waddsworth and sad "im going:"

So he went

He left the megatron town and exited the city. He saw a radioactive butergly and took otut his shogtun and used the VATS computer to send bombs at the dogs wings. He won and took the money caps.

After walking then tking his bike to the Evil Brother Hood base camp, he saw the guy.

"You?" said bad Brotherhood man.

"Oh you know, and I lik to kill!"

"Ok get in!"

So he got in and used the mini nuks and blew up the giant supercomputer used to control the space water which saved the white house which and ended up giving the Alone Man a ribin form the Presidient which is really a laptop brain but the ALonge Wanerder saw it and shot it and won a ribin from the real president and went back to megatron

..But where was megatron? There was juts a crator thare!