Based on the series Speed Racer: The Next Generation

Annalise sits on her bed.

How could i tell him, she thought.

" Hey, watcha doin" X asked, as he came into her room.

" Nothin much, you" she said, nerverously.

" Same here, you seem nerverous" he implied.

" I'm fine, I promise" she added.

" Hey I gotta go meet up with my brother, so I'll see ya tonight,ok" he said.

"Ok, but tonight theres something I got tell you,k".

" Ok, cant wait" he said leaving the room.

You might be shoked, she thought to herself.

With Annalise,Jared,and Jesse

" How you gonna tell him, or your dad" Jesse asked.

" I dont know ok, I never planned this" she said mad.

" Jesse, leave her alone, i dont think she would want to get pregnant at 16" Jared said.

" Annalise, have you thought of any names." Jesse asked .

" Yes, Lily if its a girl, and X if its a boy." She added.

" I like Lily it seems pretty" Jared said, as he smiled at the name.

" Lily is a beautiful,strong,determined name." Jesse commented.

"Thanks you guys, I dony know how'll X will react to it. she said, as leaves the table.

With Annalise and X

" So, wat did you have to tell." X smiled as walked up toward her.

" Im...Im pregnant." she said, while tears where in her eyes.

" Are you gonna keep it" he asked with a smile.

"Yes, why are you smiling". she asked.

"Cause Im happy." he said

" We're 16" she added

" I know, but i want to raise it" he said

" I was thinking, Lily if its a girl and X if its a boy." she said

" I want it to be a girl" he said

"Why" she wondered.

" Cause, a girl hasn't been born to a Racer in 50 years." he said with a questioning "Why" look.