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Chapter 1 - Arrival

Yugi glanced around nervously as he was led through the dark, badly lit hallway. The whole place was giving him the creeps. Aside from his escort, he had yet to encounter a single living soul. Although, considering where he was, it would probably be better if he didn't bump into any of the inhabitants of this dark fortress.

Domino Mentaru Shuuyoujo. (1)

The name had given Yugi the jitters ever since he had been told about it, when he was nine years old. His mother had told him of all the dangerous people there, and how none of them were right in the head, and that they were a danger to society so they had to be locked up behind bars. He had had nightmares about being chased down endless corridors by madmen for many nights afterward. But now, actually having to enter this God-forsaken place…this place gave the word 'creepy' a whole new meaning.

Of course, the Domino Asylum wasn't one of the bigger asylums in the country. It was actually just a separate wing of the Domino Hospital, reserved especially for the mentally ill. So, naturally, the living conditions were a lot more comfortable. Most of the people there were relatively stable, enough so that they were allowed to communicate with each other and socialize. It was only once in a while that a really serious case showed up, and usually that person would be shipped off to one of the larger, better equipped asylums in Japan.

For this, Yugi was extremely grateful.

After witnessing the tragic and violent deaths of his parents and little sister, Yugi had been becoming increasingly jumpy and paranoid. It grew to the extreme where he would wake up screaming several times each night. Finally, his grandpa, who he had been sent to live with after the accident, had had to send him here for who-knows-how-many months of therapy. Hopefully Yugi wouldn't have to stay long.

"We're here, Mutou-san."

Yugi looked up, surprised. During his brooding, his feet had been taking him forward automatically, so he hadn't noticed when they had finally arrived at their destination. The escort held the door open for him as he entered the pristine, white office. Yugi heard the door snap shut behind him.

The desk in front of him was empty, so Yugi assumed that the doctor wasn't in yet. He busied himself looking around the rather plain interior of the office. The walls were mostly blank, with an occasional picture hanging on them, the kind that you would find in normal doctor's offices, such as fish in a fish bowl. The only picture that wasn't actually a painting hung directly above the desk. It showed a couple in their mid-twenties, standing underneath a blazing sun among mounds of sand. The triangular silhouettes in the background showed that they were in Egypt. The man was most likely bald, but it was hard to tell, due to a turban that covered his head. His blue eyes were warm and a smile was on his face. The man's arm was wrapped around the shoulders of a woman about the same age, with bright blue eyes and long black hair. Both were wearing traditional Egyptian garb, and their rich tans showed that they were most likely Egyptian themselves.

Yugi's observation was interrupted, however, as another door leading into the office opened, and someone walked in. Yugi recognized him to be the very same man as in the picture hanging on the wall, the only difference being he wore no turban, showing his bald head, and that his blue eyes held no warmth.

"Good afternoon, Mutou-san. I am Dr. Shadi, and I will be your doctor during your stay here," the man, Shadi, said. Yugi could only nod mutely, not trusting himself to speak. Shadi took a seat at the desk.

"Now Yugi, I hope you understand why you are here," the doctor continued in a businesslike manner. Yugi shook his head. Shadi raised his eyebrows.

"Um…Dr. Shadi, um, sir, I think there's been a mistake. I'm not crazy," Yugi pleaded.

"I'm afraid you are in no position to argue, Mutou-san. You were witness to a terrible tragedy," Shadi stated in a stern tone.

Yugi slumped his shoulders in defeat. Shadi smiled, though it did not reach his eyes.

"I assure you that your stay here will not be entirely miserable. Some of the patients here are actually quite pleasant." Yugi looked up at him disbelievingly. "Well, once you get used to their rather, er, sporadic moments," Shadi added.

"Anyways," Shadi continued, returning to his business mode. "We'll have to get you a room with one of the free roommates, and then I'll escort you to dinner in the dining hall. I must say though, this place is packed, and finding a spare bed will be no easy task…" as the doctor muttered to himself, rifling through the files on his desk, Yugi once again zoned out.

Was he doomed to spend the rest of his life in this terrible place? And if he did ever get released, would he ever be accepted back into society? After all, who would want to befriend someone who's resume stated that they had spent the last few years in an asylum for mental therapy? As these worrisome thoughts passed through Yugi's head, Shadi finally managed to locate Yugi's schedule.

"Here, Yugi. This is your schedule, and your room will be room number 666---oh dear," Shadi exclaimed softly, gazing at the three digits printed neatly on the key-card with something akin to concern. Yugi cocked his head to the side.

"What's wrong, doctor?" he asked. Shadi shook his head, muttering to himself. Yugi could catch the words 'insane' and 'what were they thinking?'

"I'm sorry Yugi. I believe that there has been a mistake with your room number. That room is supposed to be off-limits. Hold on, let me make a call…" Shadi trailed off, grabbing the phone and tapping in a few numbers on the keypad. A few moments passed in silence as the dial tone sounded.

"Hello? Yes, yes, it's me, Shadi. I'm calling about the rooming decision for one Yugi Mutou." Silence, as whoever was on the other end of the line spoke. Shadi nodded. "Mhmm, yes, yes. Is there any other free room for him to stay in?" Another pregnant silence. The man's eyes widened and his voice rose, seemingly forgetting for a moment that Yugi was in the room.

"What? You can't be serious! …But you know as well as I do that that boy is dangerous, he's not supposed to have a roommate! …Yes…yes…I see. Very well. Good-bye." Shadi slammed the phone down with a sigh. Yugi watched him apprehensively. The doctor looked up at him, smiling weakly.

"Um…doctor? What's going on? What's wrong with my room?" he asked. Shadi just shook his head.

"Nothing to worry about right now, Yugi. Come on, I'll take you to the dining hall."

Once again, they headed down the seemingly endless hallway, twisting and turning every which way. Yugi was beginning to wonder how in the world he would ever be able to live here if he wouldn't even be able to remember the way to the dining room. Finally, they came to a set of plain green double doors, and Shadi pushed them open. Yugi's eyes widened.

The dining hall looked like…well, it looked like a dining hall. Yugi wasn't sure what he had been expecting. People crouched on their seats in straitjackets, having to eat like dogs? Nurses bustling about with needles injecting medications? Well, he was partly right. The people in it seemed almost normal, albeit having to wear the customary white hospital uniform, each having a different patient I.D. number stamped on the back. There were, however, a large number of guards stationed at various places around the room, usually one or two for each cluster of tables. There were also several nurses running about, handing out pill containers to the patients for them to swallow before eating. As soon as the door opened, all eyes swiveled to Yugi, but just as quickly turned away again. Yugi supposed that new patients weren't exactly a rare occurrence here.


Shadi led him towards the back of the dining hall, and Yugi looked at his feet the entire way, trying to ignore the half-mad stares being directed at him. The doctor stopped at a table at very back of the room, where five boys were currently eating their dinner. Five pairs of curious eyes found Yugi's figure, and he fidgeted uneasily under their stares.

"Everyone, this is Yugi Mutou, our newest patient. I'll be leaving him in your care. Try your best to make him feel at home," Shadi said, almost mechanically, as though this were something he said regularly (which, Yugi realized, it probably was). The boys nodded, and Shadi left, but not before shoving a tiny silver key into Yugi's hands, which he assumed was for his room. Yugi then sat down at the end of the table, unsure what to do.

"Here." A plate of bland cafeteria food was pushed towards him, and Yugi looked up into the gentle doe-brown eyes of a youth not much older than himself, with a pale complexion and pure white hair.

"Thanks," Yugi muttered, before picking up his fork and poking at the food. He had lost all traces of his appetite ages ago.

"I'm Ryou, by the way. Ryou Bakura. This here's Bakura Dorobou," he said, pointing to another boy who looked like his twin. "That's Malik Ishtar, Marik Ishtahl, and Katsuya Jounouchi (but everyone calls him Jou)," He continued, pointing in turn at two tan Egyptian youths, and a shaggy blond-haired boy who was wolfing down his food.

"I'm Yugi Mutou," Yugi said shyly, still unwilling to meet anybody's gaze. The other white-haired boy, Bakura was his name, snorted.

"We know that, twerp," he said harshly, and Yugi bit his bottom lip, unsure of what to say. Ryou kicked him in the shin underneath the table.

"Be nice!" he hissed.

"Anyways, nice ta meet ya Yugi!" the blond said enthusiastically, having finally managed to swallow his food. He held out a welcoming hand, and Yugi stared at it, unsure of what to do. Should he shake it? But these people were supposed to be insane, weren't they? They could hurt him!

"Ah…ano," Yugi stammered. The boy named Malik smiled wryly.

"Afraid, huh? No worries, it's only natural. After all, everybody here is supposed to be raving mad," he said good-naturedly, and Yugi blushed at having his thoughts read so easily. Malik continued on. "Still, no worries. We're not like the other people here. Our mental states are pretty much stable, thank you very much."

"So…what's da matter with you?" Jou asked. Yugi turned a confused gaze onto him.

"What do you mean?" he asked. Jou stared at him.

"You know, I mean why are you here? What happened to you?" he asked. Yugi winced, and his eyes turned to the floor. He heard Ryou scold Jou for his tactlessness.

"Ano…well…um," Yugi stammered. The other Egyptian, Marik, turned cold purple eyes on him in interest.

"Well? Go on," he urged. Yugi shifted uncomfortably.

"I…really don't want to talk about it," he muttered. The others didn't press him for details. Yugi started fidgeting again.

The meal continued in relative silence, before a bell rang over the intercom and a nasally voice ordered them to their rooms. Yugi stood, up, clutching his key to his chest.

"Hey Yugi, which room are you in? We might be able to visit you sometime," Malik said

"Room number 666," Yugi replied. Everybody froze and stared at him, eyes wide. Yugi's palms began to sweat. "What?"

"Room 666?" Jou asked weakly. Even Bakura and Marik looked spooked.

"What? What's wrong?" Yugi asked, his voice squeaking. Bakura shook his head.

"They put you with him, shrimp," he whispered. Yugi stared at him.

"Who?" he asked, confused. Marik looked around, as though afraid that someone was listening in.

"Yami, that's who," he hissed. Yugi still stared at him, confused. Didn't 'Yami' mean 'darkness'? Were they saying that he'd been put with darkness?

"Let me explain," Ryou stepped forward. "Rumor has it that in room 666, there's a patient. He's so unstable and insane, he's not allowed to come out at mealtimes, and needs his food brought to him by an armed guard," Ryou whispered, as though afraid of being heard. "I've heard that every once in a while, he goes completely mental, and has to be sedated and put in a straitjacket. He's the most dangerous person here. Even the guards are afraid of him."

"I heard he murdered his own parents," Jou said. Yugi's eyes had now doubled in size, and the hands that were clutching the key-card had started shaking.

"M-murdered his own p-parents?" Yugi squeaked out. The others nodded solemnly. Great. Just great. Trust Yugi to be the one with the most rotten luck, having to room with the supposed devil himself. If those rumors were true, he wouldn't make it through the night.

"I also heard that he wasn't allowed a roommate, because last time he had one, the guy didn't even come to breakfast the next morning. The nurses found him in a storage closet, in pieces," Malik whispered the last few words, as though revealing forbidden information. Yugi paled.

"B-but I thought that the patients here were relatively stable," he stammered out. Malik shrugged.

"The other asylums ran out of room, I guess," he said. "He's been here a long time."

"Mutou-san," a voice sounded behind him, and Yugi turned to find himself faced with a beautiful and busty blond. She was wearing a nurse's uniform. "Mutou-san, I am Mai Kujaku. I'm here to escort you to your room, as it's your first night here. Follow me."

With a nervous gulp, Yugi complied, glancing back at the pitying gazes of his friends. He heard Jou say something that sounded oddly like, "See ya in da mornin'…I hope." This did not help calm his nerves. Mai lead him up to the sixth floor of the building, which also incidentally happened to be the top floor, and they walked down the white cement hallway. Room 635…648…650…just as they passed room 655, Yugi became aware of a commotion that was happening a little ways down the hallway, where a bunch of burly guards seemed to be struggling with another person.

"Oh, not again," Yugi heard Mai mutter, before she sprinted off to help, the words "Stay here" left in her wake. Yugi resisted the temptation to take a closer look, but the guards had finally managed to calm the escapee and carried him back into the room. Mai returned to him, violet eyes annoyed.

"Honestly! I don't know what that boy is thinking in that deranged mind of his! Come along, we're almost there."

Yugi followed Mai to room 666, which Yugi saw, to his horror, was the same room that the guards had entered. So had that been the mysterious 'Yami' that his new friends had warned him about? Suddenly, the door opened, and out stepped three guards, one who was clutching his hand to his chest and hissing in pain. Mai beckoned Yugi inside.

"Just a precaution, Yugi-san: be careful around your roommate," she said seriously, and Yugi nodded, sweat trickling down his forehead. Finally, he was left alone in the entranceway. Taking a deep breath and counting mentally to ten, Yugi stepped into the room.

The dorm looked not much different from a prison cell. Everything was white, and it was fairly small, with two cots on opposite sides of the room against each wall. The bathroom was in a tiny room behind an equally tiny door, which was situated in the space between the cots. At the foot of each bed was a small wardrobe, no doubt filled with identical copies of the uniform that they had to wear. On the wall above each bed was a small, square window with three iron bars running vertically through the middle, matching the one on the door.

The sound of some very creative cursing snapped Yugi out of his observations, and he saw that there was someone crouched on the cot farthest from the door. He turned on the light, and gasped in surprise. The stranger…boy, really, looked almost exactly like himself. Well, not quite. Their hairstyles were the same, but that was about it. Though his face was turned downwards, Yugi could make out rich, tan skin that was most definitely not Japanese, and an angled and well chiseled jaw. The person was struggling with…his clothing? Oh wait, it was a straitjacket. That explains it.

"Um…hello?" Yugi greeted hesitantly, though it came out more like a question. The person immediately froze, before his head snapped up and his gaze met Yugi's. The latter resisted the urge to gasp. The boy's eyes were a deep, blood-red, and seemed to be able to peer straight through to your soul. Despite of this, however, Yugi could see an insane glint in those eyes that hinted at the youth's mental condition.

"What do you want?" the young man asked harshly in a rich, baritone voice. "The doctors send you to do their dirty work or something?"

"N-no," Yugi stammered, stunned at the stranger's rudeness. "I-I'm your new roommate…so, um…"

"New roommate, eh? Even after what happened last time?" the insane boy asked wryly, smirking darkly. Yugi gulped, and he twisted his hands.

"Um…so…anyways, I'll just, um, put my stuff away and then I'll go to sleep," he said unnecessarily, and he began to unpack, hanging up his clothes in the wardrobe at the foot of his bed, even though it was unlikely that he'll get the chance to wear them instead of his uniform.

"What's your name?" the boy asked harshly. It was more of a command than a question.

"Yugi. And yours?" Yugi asked, even though he already knew the answer. The youth huffed and turned away.

"It doesn't matter," he muttered. Yugi felt it best to leave him be. Murmuring a hasty good night, Yugi switched off the lights and curled up on the bed, which he realized was rather too close to the other bed for his liking. A few moments of silence passed, before,


Yugi blinked. "Pardon?" he asked. He heard his roommate scoff in irritation.

"My name is Yami," he repeated.

"Oh, right," Yugi said lamely, before turning around so that he was facing the back of his roommate. Before he finally caved in to the day's exhaustion, Yugi couldn't help but feel slightly happy that this mysterious youth had chosen to tell him his name, even though Yugi already knew it.

The figure on the far cot rose as the alarm clock beeped midnight, no longer clad in a straitjacket. Silently, the shadow crept out of bed and stood over the sleeping form of Yugi Mutou, red eyes glowing demonically. Something glinted in the boy's hand. A large, straight knife. The youth raised the blade above the curled up figure on the bed, preparing to strike. This would show those silly doctors that he wasn't interested in having a roommate anytime soon. And this time, he would make sure to make his death horrendous. He swung.

Yugi rolled over in his sleep muttering something about candy. His alabaster skin shone in the moonlight, giving his boyish face a sort of cherubic beauty. The silhouette above him faltered in his swing; the boy looked so pure, so innocent. The sharp point halted centimeters above his face. For the first time in almost a decade, a glint of emotion other than unprovoked anger was found in those crimson orbs. After long, drawn out sigh, the knife was withdrawn. The youth silently returned to his bed, and spent the rest of the night gazing out at the full moon beyond the bars of the window.

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