Okage 2: Intro

3 years after the defeat of Belloune, Ari has been living peacefully with his family. At the age of 19, he is now a man. He was ready to move on in life and move out with Marlene to live his life away from his parents. The Evil King Stan had also been living peacefully or rather... lazily, taking a break from his world conquest. As

Ari and Marlene were saying their goodbyes to their precious family, a familiar, sinister voice is heard.

"I knew Princess Marlene would be found again. It was only a matter of time."

Much to Ari's disbelief, Belloune decended from the heavens.

"Give the Princess back to me." Demanded Belloune.

"STAY BACK!" Ari shouted to Marlene. Ari then pulled out his Gear Sword. "I had a feeling you would come back Belloune. I'm going to end you this time."

Stan sees what is going to happen. "Intersting slave boy. If you can take this old windbag out, I may just promote you to 'lackey'."

Ignoring what Stan has to say, Ari takes the initiative to attack first. An epic battle ensues as Ari and Belloune trade blows. Ari slowly hacks away at Belloune while Belloune uses his magic to weaken Ari. Just then, Belloune falters, kneeling as he catches his breath. Ari, tired out from the battle, summons all of his strength to lift his sword. Just as he is about to deal the final blow, Beloune grunts: "To think I would have to resort to this..."

Dark tendrils of energy then start to come forth from his body. Suddenly, they shoot outward. Ari barely manages to dodge.

"That was close, I mean... HA! You missed Belloune!"

Belloune smirks. "It wasn't you I was aiming for."

Ari turns around to see that the tendrils have ensnared Stan.

"YOU FOOL!!! HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!?!?!" snaps Stan as his energy is being sucked away until he is once again a shadow.

In the midst of the confusion, Belloune quickly snatches Marlene. Belloune ascends into the air.

"ARI, SAVE ME!!!" Marlene shouted.

Belloune then puts the palm of his hand over Marlene's forehead and cast a spell to render her unconcious.

"Princess Marlene is mine! If you want her back, come and find me. If you can that is."

With that, Belloune vanishes with Marlene as quickly as he appeared.

Okage 2: Intro