"demon speak" + jutsu

'demon thought'

'regular thought'

"spirit talk"

Eye's of Chaos and Order

Chapter 2

Surf, sand and… spirits?

Naruto and Minato walked down the trail towards wave country talking and joking about different things from how fucked up to Hyuuga clan was to Shinigami sucking at poker and making comparisons to how arrogantly the Uchiha's were in his father's time to now. It was close to sunset and they were closing on wave country.

"Hey… Dad. What was Mom like?" Naruto asked in a curios/sad tone.

"Well…" Minato took a few moments to consider the best way to explain Kushina. "She was the type of woman who men wanted to get to know for her curves, Ero-sensai included, not all that bright when it came to literature but a genius when it came to makings attack plans on the fly," he stopped for a moment her.

' Note to self : severely injure and or Castrate Ero-sannin later!' Naruto though darkly to himself.

"She was amazing in instilling confidence in those who had lost it, she knew how to make other's smile, even if she wasn't…" Minato started chuckling at something.

"What's so funny old man?" Naruto smiled slightly at the look on his old mans face.

" If my memories are right, her last words to me were 'what the hell are you still doing here, stop acting like a fucking asshole, summon Gamabunta and use Hatake's thousand years of death on that stupid fox!!' were her exact words I believe," Minato looked up thoughtfully.

"I think that would have been better then sealing the bloody fox in me," Naruto deadpanned.

"I think I'd prefer it to living in this stinking sewer!" Kyuubi growled from inside his cage.

"Uh, son, did you hear that?" Minato asked his son thinking himself going crazy.

"Yeah that's the fox," Naruto said. "My guess is you can here him because you sealed him.

"That, makes sense," Minato looked up and scratched his chin.

"Well it has too, your kit is a closet genius, he has the best parts of you AND your mate," Kyuubi chuckled inside his cage. "Kit, how would you like to sign the kitsune wolf contract?" Kyuubi asked.

"I'd say what was the catch,"

"Very perceptive Kit, I want to stretch my legs every now and again you know, become a summon beast and help, you have no IDEA how cramped it is in this cage!" Kyuubi growled.

"fine, I don't want anything to do with Konoha anymore!" Naruto spat the name of his former home as if it was poison.

Konohagakure No Sato

2 Day's since Naruto and Minato left

The council were in uproar after they heard that Uchiha Sasuke couldn't activate his Sharingan anymore, they kept claiming the demon brat stole the Sharingan for himself.

"He wants the Sharingan to give to other villages!" one certain mother of a pink haired banshee screeched.

"Jeez Sakuya, tone it down a few hundred pegs," Inoichi rubbing his ringing ears.

"I will not!" she screeched louder. "The demon was jealous of our precious Uchiha's Sharingan so he decided to steal it away!"

"You forget Mrs Haruno, he already has a Doujutsu that passes Sharingan, maybe even the Mangekyou Sharingan," Jiraiya pointed out from his seat on the window ledge.

"Impossible, there's no Doujutsu that can compare to the Sharingan!" Sakuya screeched once again.

"Sakuya," Tsunade said in the sweetest voice she could muster. "please lower your voice before I make you."

This stopped the elder banshee in her tracks, Tsunade continued. "If Naruto had stolen the boy's Sharingan, his eye's would be gone, but since the chakra pocket's in the back of the boy's eye's are gone, we have no way of knowing who or what happened, so therefore can't prove Naruto did a thing."

"Miss Haruno, what was that comment about no Doujutsu being able to compare to the Sharingan…Hmmmn?" Hiashi asked in a slightly irritated voice

There was a knock on the door and everyone looked to see Shizune and Tsunade's pig Tonton entering the room with a medical report.

"Tsunade-sama, rock lee has appeared to have Sharingan, but the only thing he'd tell us is it was the last youthful gift from a friend who had a bonfire of youth," Shizune sweat dropped having to repeat that youth crap.


Everyone in the room turned to see a medium sized white wolf with two tails with a scroll on it's side, every just gasped when it say a wave headband hanging on his neck.

"Uh… which one of you is Tsunade?" it tilted it's head.

"right here," she said in a deadpan voice with her hand raised hand.

The wolf padded over to her and used a tail to take out the scroll and place it at her desk. "That is from Naruto-sama and Minato-sama. They told me to wait here until you write a reply."

Tsunade opened the scroll and started reading

Dear Tsunade-nee-chan

(what, couldn't call you oba-chan anymore)

Dad and I are now residents of wave country and therefore are now the protectors of the land, any leaf nin in the area for any reason will be beaten within an inch of their life and dragged back to Konoha by one of my wolves or foxes, Dad and I have signed new contracts so don't bother trying a reverse summoning. We have informed Gamabunta so next time you summon him don't piss him off, he already didn't like the council so you get the idea. The feudal lord of wave, (the old drunk Tazuna who hired us there) has cut off trading with Hi no Kuni and Konoha after hearing that they had banished me, oh well, guess you can't banish a country hero without repercussions eh? But I digress. I guess this is it, hope I never see any of that Kami forsaken town except you Jiraiya the Sarutobi's and Lee, oh, I used a once off on my Miyogan and transferred Sasuke's eye's to Lee, so the council will punish him instead of giving him a warning, and the best part, he can't go to the hebi paedophile without getting himself killed. Tell the council that Dad's contemplating releasing the Kyuubi on your asses.

Yours and only your truly,

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

Tsunade looked over the note twice, hopefully he wouldn't be totally brutal if they send a team on a mission that takes them across the country…how wrong she was.

"Well I hope you arrogant old idiots are happy with yourselves, thanks to you banishing Naruto, not only have we lost a powerful Doujutsu, we've also lost our trading agreement with Nami no Kuni.

"Then we'll send a shinobi team to bring him back and renegotiate the treaty," Koharu stated.

"I wouldn't try that you old bag of bones," everyone turned to see the gama Sannin Jiraiya sitting on the window ledge.

"And why shouldn't we?" she asked.

"For the simple reason that Naruto and Minato just handed my ass to me for

The simple fact that I was going into wave, and I'm able to take the entire ANBU myself. If they don't want you to enter they'll probably will beat anyone senseless from here that goes into wave," he stated matter of factly turning around to show multiple injuries, and then he promptly passed out.

3 years later

Tsunade rubbed her temples, there was another team who came back from wave beaten to a pulp by Naruto with a note this time 'Tsunade, last warning before I join the fighting, and I may not stop like my son - Minato Namikaze'.

She really didn't know quite what to do, wave was in the trading center of the elemental nations and she knew that with both of them they could take the entire of Konoha's army, hell, if Minato taught Naruto Hirashin, they'd be well beyond royally screwed.

Nami no Kuni

Naruto and Minato just finished their daily workout, and were walking back to their house, Naruto now sported black combats, dark red muscle shirt and a black trench coat with blue flames at the bottom, the kanji's for crimson maelstrom on the back in silver and a black Jonin vest for his many various scrolls. He also wore a black forehead protector with the symbol for wave on it instead of the leaf. Minato's attire hadn't changed that much except for a change in colour for his Jonin vest and a wave symbol on his forehead protector. They were staying with Tazuna, Inari and Tsunami, Inari was more then happy his older brother was teaching him the ways of the shinobi and knew about as much as a Konoha chunin, and now idolized Minato for just being an older wiser version of Naruto. As they walked home they noticed one thing, it was unnaturally cold for a summer day, and Kyuubi wasn't mumbling in his head like he usually was.

"Excuse me my good sirs, could either of you direct me to the container f the Kyuubi no Kitsune?" an eerie voice asked from behind them.

They both turned to see a man entirely made of different shades of blues, he wore strange robes and had a emblem for fire holding a pony tail.

"And what if we could?" Naruto asked warily.

"I'd like to ask him a favour," the ghost man said. "it seams my descendant is having trouble on his quest, since Kyuubi was an animal companion to a predecessor of mine, he would know the land."

"Kit, summon me, we have many things to discuss with Avatar Roku," Kyuubi said from within his cage.

"Give me a second Oji-san," Naruto said biting his thumb and flashing through the necessary hand seals.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Nibi no kitsune!" Naruto called out slamming his hands on the ground, in a poof there stood a rhino sized blood red fox with two tails, as soon as it opened it's eye's, one of it's tails curled up and whacked him across the head.

"Baka Kit! You do not address the Avatar in such a disrespectful tone!" Kyuubi, or Nibi growled. "My apologise Avatar Roku, the Kit does not know the proper manors to a being of power as is yourself," the fox said bowing his head.

"It's quite alright Tak, not many people in this realm remember the time of the Avatars, so young warrior, will you listen to my request?" Roku asked.

"Well that all depends on one thing," Naruto

"And that would be?"

"That you give me the full story, time lines best and worst case scenario, and 'Tak' here been said to be a master of all elements, is that right? ," Naruto asked/said in a tone that Minato knew all to well, the tone of a leader.

"It is correct kit," Tak said.

"Right I want control of that," Naruto said crossing his arms

(A.N: since you all know the storyline to the avatar line, I'll just skip to the scenarios)

"The worst case scenario is that Ozai is still alive when Sozen's comet arrives

And Aang has not mastered the four elements… best case scenario is that Aang master's the four elements in time and defeats the fire lord," Roku stated matter-of-factly.

"Hmmmn," Naruto said leaning against Tak and scratching behind his ear, makin the giant fox purr in content. "Tell this Aang boy to keep his ass safe until I find him… now here's the run down, you want me to look after this monk boy and his companions until he learns the elements, is that correct?" Roku nodded. "That concludes the negotiations for this deal, once the deal is sealed the terms of the deal cannot be changed or expanded. As overseer of this deal my father, has the right to pull me from that dimension at all times if he finds any deception, if I find any deception I'll kill them myself, are we at an understanding, Avatar?"

Roku just nodded dumbly.

"Great them," Naruto said pounding Tak in the head, dispelling him. "we're ready now."

"What do you mean your ready, all you have is clothes and a few scrolls," Roku said noting Naruto's appearance.

"My son is always ready to go, what he has is sealing scrolls so he can move out at any time, he has food weapons clothes and medical equipment," Minato said demonstrating a sealing scroll.

Roku's jaw dropped seeing a hammock appear in place of the picture on the scroll. "This dimension never ceases to amaze me" he said, and in a clap of his ghostly hands, they were gone.

Minato sighs, "I hate those damn spirits," and with that he continued to the house, he'd tell the other's Naruto had a mission and had to leave right away.