'My little one whose tongue is dumb,

Whose finger cannot hold to things,

Who is so mercilessly young,

He leaps upon the instant things.'

This new little colony was so adorable. He was by far England's favorite, this charming little blue-eyed boy who was so innocent and trusting, who eased the tension of all the problems back home. The green-eyed nation wanted nothing more than to hold this sweet little child for ever and ever and never let him go; never let him grow up.

The smallest things delighted America. Butterflies and toy soldiers and oh! How he hated waiting. England worked doubly hard to give the boy almost everything he asked for with all due haste, because America's smile was his undoing. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't resist that smile, or those big baby blue eyes.

'I hold him not. Indeed, who could?

He runs into the burning wood.

Follow, follow if you can!

He will come out grown to a man.'

But England eventually had to let go of the boy and return to his own home- always in the fall. Every time England left America would run off, refusing to even see him off at the docks, and each spring when England returned America was a little bigger. Soon enough, he would stand taller than his empire. Soon enough, he would have to bend down to look England in the eye. Soon, he would begin to challenge England because he could think for himself.

'And not remember whom he kissed,

Who caught him by a slender wrist

And bound him by a tender yoke…'

Standing in the mud and then rain, America looked down at his former empire. England was cruel, he told himself, a tyrant, a miser, only seeking to line his own pockets with America's money. Controlling and demanding. He had never been anything different.

That's what he had to keep telling himself, or else he would never make it through this war.

'…which, understanding not, he broke.'

AN: 'My Little One' is a poem by Tennesse Williams. I read it one day and these two forced me to write the little piece of fluff. Even though I should be working on my other two Hetalia fanctions. And, you know, having a life. XD