Chapter 34

9 weeks later

Lois lay back exhausted and wondered how much longer this could go on for. What in hell were those women who wanted natural childbirth thinking? Thank god she hadn't been so ridiculous as to say no to drugs. Hell she'd made sure the nursing staff understood that she wanted all the drugs they felt safe to give her. No doubt she'd be screaming blue murder for them now if she'd said no in the beginning. She felt like she'd been in labour forever, her throat was parched, and although the pain wasn't gone completely, it had been blocked to a certain extent.

While Clark gently swabbed her forehead, Lois watched the doctor and nurse carefully. The second they turned away, she grabbed the front of her husband's gown and tugged.

"How are you feeling baby?" He asked solicitously, continuing to wipe a cool cloth over her forehead.

"Oh I feel great, wish I could do this every day for the rest of my life; thanks for asking." She whispered fiercely.

He pursed his lips and nodded.

Keeping her voice low, she quickly began to talk "Listen, this could be the most humanitarian task you'll ever perform as Superman…" Her eyes flicked to ensure the staff hadn't heard, and noting that they weren't paying attention, continued "Make an excuse to get the doctor and nurse out of the room, then quickly come back here, reach inside and use your super-strength to pull these babies out of me."

Clark's eyes widened "Um Lo…."

"They do it with animals." She cut in at the refusal on his face.

"No they don't, they hel..." Giving himself a mental shake to shut it, he smiled "Lo; you're not an animal and..."

"I'll damn well bite you and prove that I can be an animal." She hissed desperately.

"How are you doing Mrs Kent?"

At the doctor's voice, Lois looked up and smiled gamely "I'm doing great doc, but I just wanna tell my husband how much he means to me, so could we have a moment alone please?"

"Well we can't go, far but why don't I and Nurse Smith just step into the corner of the room, that way we're not far when the next contraction hits?"

"Great; thanks." She gritted out and when they turned away, swung back to Clark "Well?"

"Baby, it's not possible."


"Sweetheart you know that I'd rather be feeling the pain myself than seeing you go through it but..." He began to explain patiently, only to be cut off by her rude snort.

"Then go and get some kryptonite and we'll both be in pain." She remarked snidely.

He cleared his throat, and pressed his lips to her nose "I love you babe."

She simply snorted again "So I'm guessing you've changed your mind about feeling the pain now too huh?" When the next contraction started, she grabbed onto his hand and squeezed hard "We're going to have a long talk about this later, we're goinooooooh...."

An hour later smiles wreathed their faces as each held a little boy in their arms. Kneeling down to be face level with his wife, Clark leant over and captured her lips in a soft kiss "They're beautiful Lo."

"Yeah." Stroking her finger softly over the baby's cheek, she smiled through tears at her husband "They're so perfect." Tweaking her finger, she waited for him to lean over and whispered "And they're definitely going to take after you."

If possible his smile grew bigger "You think they look like me." He looked from one small face to the other, searching for any sign of resemblance.

Lois chuckled lightly in amusement "You're looking too high up, pull the blanket aside and have another peek."

Clark let out a shout of laughter, and after carefully transferring the baby he was holding to her, so that she was now holding both, he slipped his arm around her shoulders, pressed his cheek against hers, and the two looked at their boys.


30 minutes later

Clark stepped into the waiting room, saw his mom and Chloe and smiled hugely when both jumped out of their seats and rushed over.

"By the smile I'm guessing the babies are here, and Lois is alright." Martha grinned, wrapping her arms around her son to hug him tight.

"Lo's great, and the babies are beautiful." He pressed a kiss to her check and smiled "Hello grandma."

Martha giggled softly, and when his mom let go, Chloe likewise hugged him tight then stepped back "So did the doctors get it right; they're both boys?"

"Yep, and they're going to be identical." He replied, unable to wipe the smile of his face.

"How'd the labour go?"

"At the time it was bloody awful, Lois was exhausted, and I felt helpless to do anything but cheer her on; which she didn't appreciate after a while. I took her name calling and swearing in stride, but I have to confess to being astounded when she grabbed the first minute we had alone, to basically imply that I should put my super-strength to good use for once by pulling the babies out of her."

Chloe slapped a hand over her mouth but her shoulders shook in betrayal, Martha chortled out loud, and when the three caught each other's eyes, they gave in and laughed uproariously.

Once his mirth calmed down, Clark tilted his head down the corridor "Just excuse me for a minute while I call Sam. By the time I'm done Lois should be back in her room, and the nurses will bring the babies in straight after."

The women nodded, and pulling out his phone he pressed the button for speed dial, heard half a ring, before the other end was picked up "Are they here yet?"

Laughing in sheer joy, he bobbed his head automatically "Yep, and they're just perfect; congratulations grandpa."

Samuel Lane let out a rebel shout, and grasped onto his wife's hand "How's my little Lo?"

"She's good Sam, she's really good."

"And how are you?"

"I'm in awe of your daughter." Swiping a hand down his face, he shook his head dumbfounded "My god, a man really has no idea of the sheer resilience, and fortitude that women have until they watch them struggling to bring a new life into this world."

"I know son, I felt the same way when my daughters were born." Sam smiled gratefully when Alice passed him some tissues. After blowing his nose he repeated in a voice full of wonder "I'm a grandpa."

"You sure are." Clark almost sang "And I'm a dad."

"You sure are." Sam called back.

"I was wondering if you and Alice would like to come and stay with us for a few days, when Lo and the babies come home."

"Thank you son we'd love that, but how about we come in a couple of weeks. That'll give you two kids some time by yourselves with your offspring, and in the meantime you can just send us some photos via email."

"You've got it..." When the nurse popped her head around the corner and smiled, Clark nodded "I have to go Sam, the nurse just indicated that Lo's ready for visitors, would you mind calling Lucy and telling her that she's an aunt?"

"I will, give my love to Lo."

"I will, and I'll have her call you as soon as she feels up to it; bye grandpa."

Chuckling lightly Sam called out congratulations once again and hung up.

After slipping the phone back in his pocket, he turned to smile at the women "He's thrilled to bits." Nodding and smiling hugely in understanding, they followed eagerly when he led the way to Lois' room. Pushing open the door open with a soft whoosh, he waved them in, stepped through and let the door close quietly behind.

The women stepped forward to hug Lois carefully. They chatted for a few minutes, asking how the new mom was feeling, offering congratulations with wide smiles on all faces. A few minutes later, two small cribs were wheeled in and placed beside the bed, causing Martha and Chloe to hop out of their seats, and all to ooh and ahh.

Seeing the longing on their faces, Lois smiled sleepily at the women "You can hold them if you like."

Not waiting for a second invitation and grinning with delight, the two women carefully picked up one baby each, and began to gently rock, while their eyes kept flying back and forth between the two boys.

"You're just so precious aren't you? Yes you are, yes you are?" Martha cooed wagging her head back and forth.

"You're just so cute that I could gobble you right up; yum, yum, yum, yum, yum." Chloe sang softly.

Sitting on the bed beside his wife, Clark lips twitched in amusement. Looking down he saw a smirk on Lois' face, and when their eyes met they shared a silent laugh at the baby babble coming from the women; both of whom had stated quite categorically they would never do anything so humiliating.

Clasping his wife's hand in his, he sighed hugely in contentment, before zeroing in on the tags. After a quick read, he cut in politely on the baby talk "Mom you're holding Michael Samuel Kent, and Chlo you're holding Daniel Jonathan Kent."

"My face is sore from smiling but I can't stop." Martha complained lightly. Looking up she saw the amusement on their faces, felt the flush sweep over her cheeks, and stuck her nose in the air "I know what I said, but that was before I caught sight of these two little angels."

Lifting her eyes from the baby Chloe began "My face is sore too..." However, once she noted the same look directed at her, she trailed off, felt the heat likewise creep up her neck, and sniffed indignantly "They're just too adorable..." Her eyes once again fell on the baby in her arms, flew to the one the older woman was holding and eagerly suggested "Let's switch Martha."

The older woman happily obliged and once again the cooing started.

"How will you be able to tell which one's which?" Chloe asked curiously, trailing her finger lightly down one velvety soft cheek.

"For now we're going to leave the hospital tags on until we find some kind of indicator." Clark shrugged unconcerned.

"We're sure to get them confused at some point, but I've been told we'll be able to distinguish them eventually so not to get uptight about it. We're also going to try and make it easy on everyone else by not dressing them in identical clothes at least." Lois added, then gave one almighty yawn before dropping off to sleep.

Clark nodded agreeably, and bent down to press a kiss against the top of her head.

When the nurse quietly entered the room a few minutes later, and gestured that it was time to leave, the babies were put back in their cribs and the three stepped outside the room quietly.

"I'm so happy for both of you sweetie." Martha pulled him into a hug and held on tight.

"Me too mom." He hugged her back and pressed his cheek to the top of her head "I can't believe how wonderfully my life has turned out. On the day I got my divorce I had no idea what destiny had in store for me down the line. That day I was just so glad to be free, and now it feels almost sacrilegious to be so happy, and yet I have more chains binding me then I've ever had before."

Squeezing tight, she stepped back and cupped his face "You're happy because this time they're the right chains honey, and that makes all the difference in the world."

Smiling in delight, he nodded "Yeah."


Five months later

Comfortably ensconced in the family room, the Kent's enjoyed a lazy Saturday night at home. Fred was quietly snuffling on the floor, Clark jiggled Daniel lightly, enjoying the soft gurgle that issued forth from his son, and turned his head at the answering burble coming from the side. Michael was lying on Lois' lap, holding up his arms, opening and closing his little hands in delight as she tickled him, causing Clark's smile to widen further.

"I can't believe how much they've changed in just five months."

"I know; I can't believe these two were in my tummy; look at the size of them." She smiled, bending down to press a kiss to Michael's cheek.

"They were smaller then babe." Clark reminded her with a smile.

"They didn't feel small when I was pushing them out." She replied with a small huff of laughter, before leaning over to smack a kiss on Daniel's cheek, enjoying his small coo in return.

Placing Michael on the large foam baby matt, Lois tilted her head and watched as Fred immediately got up, ambled over and flopped down in front of the coffee table. Clark had been right; just as the dog had taken to him almost immediately, he'd likewise become devoted to the boys, and was fiercely protective of their safety. The minute the babies were put down on the floor, Fred was on guard either using his body to block them from accidently rolling into sharp or heavy objects, or just keeping a watchful eye on them.

Getting to her feet, she patted the mutt before stepping over to select a small soft toy from one of the many baskets full they'd managed to accumulate over the past months. When Clark held out a hand in request, she passed the small stuffie to him, grabbed another for herself then knelt on the floor. Holding it out, she was unsurprised and completely charmed when Michael reached out in curiosity to give it a poke before trying to mush it with his little hand, and looking up saw that Daniel was likewise doing the same. If they weren't trying to squeeze something, they were trying to fit it in their mouth; that included their fists, feet and anything else that came to hand.

"I've decided not to go away to gather research for my next book; actually I won't be doing so until the babies are at least three and in pre-school."

Clark looked up in surprise "Lo, I don't want you to give up your career or let it stagnate."

"I'm not going to be doing either, but there are more than enough cases for me to choose from right here in Metropolis. I usually take at least a year to write a book, sometimes longer depending on the case and the research involved, so why not choose one that's close to home." When his mouth opened, she shook her head "I know you can easily drop me off and pick me up from wherever I need to be, but right now that's here. When the boys start pre-school, I'll feel better about going away for the day to research, but I don't want to do it until then."

"Are you sure that's what you want to do baby, as you said I can easily pick you up and drop you off." He reminded her quietly.

"I'm sure, although Karen's wonderful with the boys, and I'm grateful for her help, I don't want to leave it all on her shoulders." She smiled ruefully "In a way being an older mom has its own rewards. A lot of younger women don't have the option of choosing when or if they're ready to go back to work, but I do. We own the house, have more than enough money in the bank, you're working, and I still get royalty checks. So why should I run around all over the country when I can easily write a story based right here in Metropolis, and still be a hands on mom." She finished logically.

He smiled in agreement, and gently lay Daniel down on the matt beside his brother, before linking his fingers with hers to tug her up beside him on the couch.

They watched as Fred once again automatically moved over fractionally to ensure neither baby could accidently roll near the coffee table before hitting him, and smiled when their boys simultaneously began to roll from their sides, onto their backs then onto their sides again, over and over, waving their little arms and feet in the air.

Turning to press his lips against the side of her head, Clark smiled happily "I just look at them and can't believe they're really ours Lo."

"I know, when you asked me if I wanted kids years ago, I wasn't sure." She shook her head "I'm not sorry we didn't have them earlier because I don't know if I would have been ready before, but I am now. Now I can't imagine not having them with us."

Letting go of her hand, his arm slipped around her waist and squeezed gently "Maybe we didn't have them years ago because for one reason or another it wasn't the right time for us. Destiny always has a plan babe; we found each other again at the right time, and now we have two beautiful sons because it's the right time. You're ready, and so am I."

"You weren't ready before." Lois asked softly in surprise.

He turned to meet her eyes and shrugged lightly "If we'd had them before I wouldn't have regretted it, but for the next 20 to 25 years at least they'll be with us. I'm happy about that, and sad to think they won't need us as much one day when they leave to build a life of their own. However, that's a long way down the road, so I'm glad that I had you to myself for a few years before they came along."

"Me too." Leaning up she pressed her lips to his.

He cupped her cheek to deepen the kiss, lifting his mouth a minute later, only to swoop forward to press his lips to hers lightly once, twice and again, before lifting clear.

Settling her head on his shoulder, Lois looked at her boys, and smiled then frowned a moment later before shifting to face her husband in alarm "What are we going to do if either of our boys turn out like us when we were teenagers?"

Clark's brows rose in humour "What'd you mean, we were pretty good kids."

"Oh please!" She snorted lightly in disagreement.

"Well you were 18 when we met, but I didn't think you were that bad; and neither did my parents. As for me; well mom and dad thought I was a great kid." Clark defended stoutly.

"Firstly, I did most of my rebellion before coming to Smallville, so you have no idea. And the reason your parents didn't think I was so bad was because I didn't put them through the same grief that I did my father, which was mostly done for impact by the way. And secondly, you were such a glum pain about Lana; that I came off like Mary Sunshine in comparison. I don't want teenagers like either of us." Lois shuddered delicately.

"You used to say that I was a good guy." He reminded her pointedly.

"Yeah, and you used to say that I drank too much, but who do you think drove me to drink?" She asked sweetly.

His brows lifted high in surprise "I wasn't that bad."

Her brows likewise lifted in return "Want me to remind you of all the ways you weren't 'that bad'." She asked tweaking her fingers in the quote sign.

He shook his head quickly "Not necessary."

She inclined her head "Right; your mom couldn't have kids, so even when you grew up to be one of the two most painful teenagers in history, she was able to be tolerant with your crap because she still felt blessed for finding you in the first place. However, if either of our boys act like we did and try their nonsense with me when they get older, I'm going to remember what it was like giving birth to them and if they give me any lip, I'll give them a clip across the ear."

He burst out laughing at her summarisation "What if they're super-powered?"

"Then I'll remind you what I was like in labour, and get you to smack them for me."

He remembered the cursing, the way she threatened to cut off his family jewels and nodded firmly "Agreed." After shaking her hand in solidarity, Clark asked curiously "So if you don't want teenagers like us, what kind do you want?"

"The kind that say; yes mom, no mom, I love you mom." Lois replied swiftly.

"Ah, every parents wish." He mocked lightly, and when she gave him the fish eye, shrugged unapologetically "It sounds nice babe, but not realistic."

"I can dream can't I?" She groused in return.

"Ok, so what...." He broke off to lean down and put the small stuffed toy back in Michael's hand when it fell out of reach then sat back up and continued "So what do you think we should do if our kids do become teenagers like us?"

"I don't know about you, but I'm running away from home." Lois declared stoutly.

"Not without me you're not." He put in quickly. Coughing lightly he slipped his hand under her shirt to stroke the small of her back "I can't promise anything about the boys, but I bet our little girl will be an angel."

"What little girl?"

"Well you know; if we have another." Clark smiled charmingly.

Lois looked at him incredulous "Are you nuts? I only had these two five months ago, and you're thinking about knocking me up again already."

"Just a little bit."

"How can I be knocked up a little bit?"

"I mean I've been thinking about it a little bit." He corrected with a grin "So what'd you think about us practicing again after theses little tykes have been put to bed."

"Clark, we've had so much practice that if there was a sexual Olympics, we'd certainly win the gold medal." She replied in a droll voice. He chuckled in appreciation and tilting her head she added "And what'd you mean by again? We only took a short break just before the boys were born, and started up again almost 6 weeks to the date after they made their grand entrance into the world."

"Well yeah, but that's not the point." He replied lightly "At the moment you're outnumbered babe. Including Fred there are four males in this house but you're the only female. So if we try for a girl, it'll even things up."

"And what happens if we try for a girl and have another boy?" She asked with lifted brow.

"Well you know the saying; if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." He replied in a sing song.

"Stay away from me you horny alien."

"But you looked so beautiful, all big and round." He coaxed gently.

"I looked humongously pregnant."

"No you didn't…" He disputed automatically then laughingly tacked on "You were much too big to be classified as a humongous; ginormous is closer to the truth."

She smacked his arm then smiled when he added "And you still looked beautiful."

"Good save."

"Thank you...." He tilted his head and asked softly "Do you know what the cutest thing you did was when you were pregnant?" At the curious half smile on her face, he stroked his finger down her cheek "It was when you used your tummy as a stable table. I'd look up and see you with the plate or cup resting on your belly, and you didn't even realise you were doing it until I pointed it out."

She giggled softly in remembrance "Well it was there and it was handy, so why not?"

He picked up his phone and showed her the picture he kept on it. Lois laughed at the photo of herself with her feet up, fast asleep, with her cup balanced nicely on her tummy. Tilting his head to look at it again, Clark smiled tenderly "I took this one day when I got home from work before waking you up. I love this picture; it has my wife and my boys all in one photo; even though you can't see them yet."

Pressing her lips to his cheek, she asked seriously "Do you really want us to have another baby?"

"I'm grateful for the two we have, so I think we should leave it to fate and if it happens then it was meant to be." He answered honestly.

"Yeah; we're using birth control again, so how about this..." She paused and smiled lightly "...if we get pregnant even while using protection it was meant to be, if we don't then it wasn't."

"Deal." Leaning forward to seal the deal with a kiss, their heads automatically turned instead at the soft woof, to find their sons were fast asleep.

Knowing neither boy would wake up if a herd of elephants trampled through the house, Clark picked up one, Lois the other and they made their way to the nursery to tuck them into bed. After switching on the baby monitor, they stepped outside and made their way back to the living room to find Fred sitting up, waiting patiently for his share of attention.

While Clark took Fred for a night time flight around the neighbourhood, Lois set the table for dinner and the rest of the night was spent lazily watching TV, while listening to the soft snorts and snuffles coming from upstairs.

Curling around his wife in bed, Clark brushed his hand lazily over her arm and smiled softly "We've been together for over 7 years Lo, and just as I'm amazed when I look at our boys and I can't believe they're ours; I still find myself looking at you and my heart turns over the same way it did when I first saw you in that restaurant." Shifting to look down at her, his eyes traced over her face and his head shook lightly back and forth "I don't know what I did to be so richly blessed, but I'll never stop being grateful for it."

Lois lifted her hand and cupped his cheek "The morning after we first spent the night together, I was kind of uncomfortable and went to see Carly. She told me it was obvious you had intentions towards me." She smiled ruefully at her own naiveté "I told her that I'd thought you had, but later figured I must have been wrong."

"You thought I just wanted sex." Clark asked with a small smile.


"You should have listened to your friend."

"I did."

"No you didn't, if you had you would have known that I was never, ever going to settle for that." He replied softly. When she turned on her side, he likewise lay down to face her.

Leaning forward she pressed her lips to his "I'm glad that I didn't listen to her, otherwise when you came to Seattle I wouldn't have given us a chance. I imagine right now I'd be content with only Fred and my friends for companionship, but I wouldn't be even close to feeling as happy and loved as I do with you and our boys."

"If you had listened to her and tried to drive me away, right now I imagine you'd be living contently with Fred, and finding yourself falling for the squatter who'd taken up permanent residence in your backyard." His lips lifted softly in challenge "And you would have fallen, because he wouldn't have given up until you had."

Lois giggled softly "Does this squatter have a name?"

He scooped his arm around her waist and tugged her closer "Clark Kent."

"You know another man with the same name as you?" She teased softly.

Instead of laughing, he shook his head and assured her quietly "Nope, there was never any fear that I'd let another man get that close to you."

Running her hand over his back she whispered "Well Clark Kent did become a squatter but it wasn't on my land, it was in my heart and he's made a permanent home there."

Keeping her eyes captive, he leant his forehead against hers "Does that mean I own the title to the deed of your heart?"

"Yes; you've been the owner for years."

Pressing his lips to hers softly he smiled "Good, because I signed over the title of mine to you on the night I found you again."

She smiled in return and they continued to look at each other, listening to their sons softly snuffling through the baby monitor, until sleep found them also.


Sometime during the night

When the rain began to fall softly the house was silent, as it became heavier and thunder began to rumble softly in the distance, the human element in the house kept snoozing, but Fred's ears pricked up. As the thunder gained in volume, booming faintly, then louder, closer the animal darted out of his doggy bed, ran into the bedroom and licked Clark's face.

Coming awake at the feeling of a wet tongue swiping over his cheek, he huffed out a small laugh, and patted the dog absently "It's ok boy, it's just a storm."

Yawning softly, he got out of bed, zipped into the hallway and returned with the dog's bed, which was placed at the foot of their own. Fred climbed in, curled up and after tucking the blanket around him, Clark continued to soothe the beast while looking through the wall and into the boy's room, to find both were still fast asleep.

The thunder continued to grumble and roll, the rain lashed down on the roof, beating against the windows; and at the harsh crack of lightening, Lois shot up in bed with a jump "Shit!"

"Do I need to soothe you down too?" Clark asked amused.

Letting out a sleepy laugh, she rubbed her hands over her face "Is Freddy ok?"

"He's fine..." Clark began then stopped and amended "...well he was until that crack of lightening, but he's calming down again."

"The boys?"

His lips curved into a half smile "Believe it or not, they're still asleep."

"I'll just go and check." She pushed aside the blankets and began to climb out of bed, but stopped at her husband's voice "Lo, we've got the night light on in their room so I can see them clearly, and I can hear them even over all this noise and without the baby monitor; trust me, they're both still asleep."

Nodding she tugged the blankets back over herself "Ok."

Once the thunder died away, the animal fell back to sleep. Climbing back into bed, Clark gathered Lois in his arms, and the two toppled down to the mattress.

He curled around his wife, she tugged his arm closer around her, and scooted back against him "I love going to sleep with your arms around me, and the rain overhead." She murmured around a yawn.

"Me too baby." He returned sleepily, pressing his lips to the join of her shoulder and neck "Me too."

The End


Authors Note: You can make up your own mind whether they have a little girl or not. In my head the answer is no; they only have the two boys and a very happy life together. But if you want them to have a daughter, then please go ahead and imagine all you wish, lol.

Dg17; as promised, I've finally answered your question of whether they'll have a baby or not, lol

I hope you all liked the ending as much as the rest of the story. I'm really pleased that so many of you have enjoyed reading this new version of the 'Superman tale' as much as I've enjoyed writing it.