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He ran. Oh god did he run.

His Converse smacked against the pavement furiously as he ran down the sidewalk, his heart beating uncontrollably. He paid it no mind however as he thought of what lied on the other side: his lover, his best friend, the one he swore on his life to protect at all costs.

His Kyle.

He growled as visions of that fat bastard touching him, being near him at all, filled his head. He dodged passer-bys as he headed towards the park.

He had no idea just what he was doing. He never wanted to lose Kyle, but really, what kind of person would subject someone they love to what he was going through? No one with half a conscious would even consider placing someone through such bouts of torment.

So why would he?

He bit his lip and took a shuddery breath in the midst of his exhausted panting, trying to find a way to possibly think straight. He found it near impossible as possible scenarios ran through his head. Seeing Barney hurting Kyle, violating him again...it was too much for him.

He scowled, blinking away angry tears and trying to convince his legs to go faster, to bring him to his trapped fiance as quickly as they possibly could. He groaned to himself as his body started burning from his exertion. His lungs began aching and his throat became nearly impossible to breathe through. He saw the park coming up into view and closed his eyes, willing himself to go as fast as he could.

Something suddenly grabbed him from behind and threw him backwards forcefully to the sidewalk. He crashed down into the cement, yelping in pain and shock.. He quickly propped himself up on his hands, shaking his hair out of his eyes and looking up to see a menacing scowl in front of him.

"Hi there, Ken."

"Craig, no," he growled, jumping back to his feet and trying to move past him, ignoring the relentless throbbing in his skull from the crash. "Craig, move the fuck out of the way!" he shouted.

Craig grabbed his arms and held him still. "Why? Where are you in such a hurry to get to?"

"To my fiancè you fucktard," he hissed. "I don't fucking have time for you!" he tried to yank himself away from Craig's grip. The boy held him steady and raised his brow at him.

"What? He stripping or something?"

"Craig, just let go!" he yelled, thrashing around. "I'll talk to you fucking later! Kyle's in trouble!"

"Trouble." he repeated. "Like what?"

"It's none of your business, Craig! Just fucking listen to me!"

"No, you fucking tell me why you're freaking out over that fucking kike!"

Kenny's eye twitched and he screamed angrily, ripping himself away from the stockier boy's grip. He bared his teeth and his fists shook at his sides. "I told you not to call him that!"

"What are you gonna do about it, you fucking asshole?" he flipped him off pointedly.

Kenny looked past him over towards the park and bit his lip. He was running out of time. "Craig. Look, I'll deal with you later. But I HAVE to get to Kyle."

"Tell me why."

"No, I won't," he growled. "You just have to fucking listen to me and figure out that I'm telling the truth! Kyle's in trouble!"

"And I'm the king of England."

"Well I'll bow down to you later, your majesty," he snarled. "You need to get the fuck away from me and let me through!"

"Tell me what's wrong with the Jew first."

Kenny let out a pained groan and grasped at his hair. "Craig, move the fuck out of the way!" he screamed, lunging forward and pushing him away. The black-haired lad went spiraling towards the ground with an angry yell and Kenny hopped over him, speeding towards the open parkway. The shouts of the infuriated attacker didn't deter the blonde as he sprinted towards the grassy alcove.

'I'm comin, Ky. Hang on,' he silently pled to the redhead.

He raced through the soft lawns and through a field of dandelions, trying desperately to remember where Barney and Morgan's markers were located. He ran through a large group of trees, dodging elms and firs with stumbling feet. He slowed to a jog as he wandered around trees in confusion. He couldn't fucking remember any of this place!

He came to a stop, placing his fingers on his temples in concentration, slamming his eyes shut. He heard a soft cry from out in the distance and he gasped out softly. He growled and broke into a sprint once again, heading towards the sound. He saw a soft green glow in the distance and started shaking in anger as he caught a glance of a large man bent over a smaller form.

He ran up atop the hill overlooking them and bared his teeth. "GET THE FUCK OFF OF HIM!" he screeched.

The three at the bottom of the hill shot their heads up towards him with wide eyes.

"K-Kenny?" Kyle croaked out, tears brimming his eyes with his pants down around his thighs.

Barney blinked a few times before smiling up at him. "Well well well. Come to watch me deflower little Kyle?"

He growled, heading down the hill towards them. "I said to get off of him, Johanson!"

"Kenny..." Kyle whimpered as Barney pushed down on him more.

"We had an agreement, Blondes," the man retorted. "I'm not about to let you break it just so you can play the faithful little hero to this kid," he grabbed Kyle's chin and tilted him up towards Kenny's view. Kenny came to a stopping point, eyeing the bruises across Kyle's profile and growing more and more furious.

"I'm stopping this," he stated. "Get off of him NOW before I kick your fucking ass!"

Barney sat up atop Kyle's hips, holding the boy's arms down as Kenny stepped up beside Stan.

"What are you doing?!" Stan hissed.

"Saving my fiancé that's what I'm fucking doing!" he yelled. "Now get off!"

"Well I'm trying but you're interrupting my party," Barney laughed.

Kenny's eyes fell onto Kyle's, who looked confused and afraid. "What are you doing?" he mouthed, shaking his head slowly.

"You keep quiet now, Kylie, the men are talking," Barney smirked, bringing both of his arms up and holding them down and clamping a hand over the boy's mouth.

"Stop touching him," Stan warned, stepping closer with Kenny.

"Ah ah ah...watch it," he taunted, gripping Kyle's face tighter in his large palm. "I still have someone here."

"I will kick your ass, Johanson," Ken snarled.

"Not when I have little Kylie here," he laughed. "You don't want me to have to hurt the poor boy, do you?"

Kyle cringed lightly and sniffled. His eyes stayed locked on that of his blonde lover's.

"Listen to me," Kenny growled. "This deal is off. You either get away from Kyle now or I'll have to do something myself."

"Oh?" he cocked his head. "And um, what, pray tell, are you gonna do? Because trust me, I have no intention of leaving without having my fun with Pretty Boy," he shook Kyle's head in his hand.

"I will fucking gut you," he threatened, taking another step with Stan towards the two.

"Good luck there, Ken. I don't think I still have guts," he smirked. Kenny looked down at his redhead with heavy eyes and Kyle's were tinted with the same somber glaze. They knew someone had to make their move.

It was now or never.

The blonde growled protectively and leapt towards the man, a ferocious scowl upon his slender face. Barney raised his foot and kicked him back away before he struck, sending him sprawling out back onto the grass. Stan ran up to him and picked him up onto his feet.

"Strike one," he taunted.

Stan grabbed a rock from beside them and wailed it at the man with impeccable force.

"GET OFF OF HIM!" he shouted as it separated from his fingertips and flew across the lawn. Barney smirked, going opaque for a moment while the rock flew straight through him.

"Strike two," he chuckled, grabbing the boy underneath him more tensely and standing, ripping him to his feet and holding him against him tightly. He backed up with him slowly. "Care to try for strike three?" he cocked his head teasingly. "C'mon."

Kenny and Stan stood across from them and stared, not sure of just how to go about this. He was stronger than them. he could choose when he wanted to be able to interact with their forms...and most importantly, he had a hostage he could use.

"Look. I'm not sure just what the fuck you're trying to accomplish here," Kenny glared, "but taking Kyle isn't going to help you with any stupid plots of revenge or whatever!"

"Au contraire you stupid kid," Barney smirked. "This is actually going to be quite fulfilling, huh, Kyle?" he squeezed the boy and shook his head yes for him. Kyle slammed his eyes shut and trembled, tears flowing down his cheeks. He looked back up at the boys across from him, his eyes now a deep navy blue.

Kenny's heart sank as he watched his chest heaving erratically as he cried. He shook his head softly.

"I...I'll give you something else if you let him go," he offered lowly.

Barney raised his brow. "Oh? And just what do you think you can offer in exchange for little Red here?"

Kenny bit his lip, his eyes darting around in thought. "Me?" he offered, his eyes wincing slightly.

"Hm, tempting, but no," the man smirked. "I've never really had a thing for blondes. After all, if we'd wanted to rape you, we would have done it," he smiled evilly. "Anything else to offer?"

Kenny's throat clenched up; that was all he had thought of. "I...I...What would you take?"

"I just want him," he nodded down at the Jew. "He killed me. You killed me."

"So we're even, so take me!" he demanded.

"But he killed my best friends and sent the last one to jail," he snarled, pulling Kyle in tighter. "He's mine to do with as I wish. Your little demon friend even said so. Doesn't he hold a higher rank in this than you do?"

Kenny's eye twitched. "No." He breathed heavily. "I'm the original vessel, not him! This is my job. If he has a problem with the way I do things, well that's his problem. Now I'm taking Kyle back and you can either take something else or you can just fucking wait two hours before you're dragged off to Hell!"

"But I won't be unstuck," he raised his brow. "After all...," he looked down at the boy in his grip and tilted his head up, smiling maliciously down on him. "All I want is this pretty little thing. But I want him dead. I want him as dead as me so I can fuck him all I want in Hell as well."

Kenny took an angry step forward as Kyle's shaking increased and he felt a hand wrap around his arm. He looked back and saw Stan staring at him and shaking his head. "Hold on," he said lowly, taking the step in front of him and looking straight at the man with a scowl.

"Look," he started. "I wasn't there. I didn't know the whole situation and I still don't. However, from what these two have told me, there was some girl involved with all of this."

"Morgan," Kenny muttered.

"Well what the hell would she say about this?!" Stan waved his arm frantically towards the two across from him.

"What are you talking about?" Barney narrowed his eyes.

Kyle mumbled something from underneath the man's hand and they all looked at him as he tried to talk out past the sobs. Barney removed his palm from his lips and he gasped for air.

"H-he means that...that should you be so c-compelled to l-l-love Morgan..." he paused and swallowed, "you s-shouldn't focus s-so much on m-me." he choked out.

He chuckled darkly. "Oh my. Poor naive little Kyle. Do you understand why I made you my victim to start with?"

"N-no..." he tried backing away from him as he stroked his cheek with his finger.

He laughed softly, leaning down towards his ear, "your hair. You look just like Morgan, you know that? The hair, the personality...but unlike Morgan, you seem to have a problem in listening to me."

"You're not his keeper," Kenny growled.

"Let's just say I have some control issues," he laughed. "Not too many people tell me no and get away with it."

"So you kidnap and degrade them?!" Stan stared at him disgustedly. "Jesus Christ, you fat bastard."

"Yeah, really!" Kenny inputted. "Did you get so little action that you thought it was okay to just go and steal Kyle?!"

Barney stared at them unamused. He grasped Kyle's left arm and wrenched it back roughly. Kyle let out a small whimper and he laughed, patting his hair. "There, there. Your friends struck out..." he started twisting his arm around slowly.

"D-don't!" he pled, trying to rip his arm away.

"What...what are you doing?!" Kenny demanded.

"You struck out," he stated simply, still pushing and pulling on Kyle's arm. The Jew started making pained groaning noises and fell still.

"Don't..." he whispered, seeming to pray it up to the clouds rather than the man holding him hostage.

"Sorry, Kid. Dem's the breaks," he smirked before pulling and pushing viciously on his forearm. Despite the redhead thrashing to be released, a sickening crack filled the air and Kyle's eyes welled with pained tears. He shook and opened his mouth to scream before Barney slammed his palm over him again. He screeched into his hand and let his tears run freely down his face, his left arm falling uselessly to his side.

"I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU AGAIN!" Kenny shouted, jumping towards them and reaching out for Kyle. Barney smirked and clasped the Jew tightly, watching as Kenny smoothly sailed through the both of them. Kenny looked back up at him in shock.

"How...how did you..."

"Oh, you didn't know?" he smirked. "We have the power to take other living things," he squeezed Kyle's reddened cheeks, "and make them translucent like us."

"Why didn't anyone...how...how come..."

"Because. I already know why I'm stuck," he grinned maliciously. "They focused too much on other matters. I was able to play around with my powers. And since I followed MItch around all the time, I was able to test out my abilities on him."

"God, even as a ghost, you're a manipulative asshole," Kenny grumbled. Barney snorted.

"Maybe so. But...I just know how to play the game," he smiled devilishly. He removed his hand from Kyle's mouth and clasped it around his throat, starting to cut off his air little by little. Kyle's eyes widened and he tried breaking away, only to be yanked back into the man's grip. They stayed in their translucent shade and Kenny started to panic.

"KYLE, GET MAD!" he cried out.

Kyle's eyes flitted around dully as the grip only tightened. He started choking, trying to find a way to sneak in some breaths, but coming up short.

"Stop being in control, Kyle!" Stan grasped at his hair, throwing another rock at the man and watching as it flew through him yet again. "FUCK!"

"Kyle, for God's sake, fight back!" Ken begged, watching him with wide eyes.

"K-Ken..." he gasped out, reaching a bit for him with his good arm before Barney retightened his grip. Kyle's eyelids fell shut and he fell limp, held up by Barney's strangling hand.

"Kyle..." he squeaked out, his voice cracking emotionally.

"Heh, shame. He's fun when he screams..." Barney cocked his head. "But hey, I'll take him unconscious, too," he shrugged. "I ain't picky," he threw the passed-out redhead to the ground and smirked at his exposed boxers. He bent over him and looked up at the blonde, who was staring at him in shock. "I gotta say, Kid. You picked a hell of a partner," he grabbed Kyle's broken arm and pointed to the ring around his slim finger. "I mean, not too many deranged killing machines want to settle down and raise some kids. You picked one of the most contradictory killers on the planet. Good for you."

Ken's eye twitched and he shook in his place. "I...Will...KILL YOU!" he screamed before a purple and red flash went off between the two of them. Barney yelped as he went flying back onto the ground away from the Jew. He sat back up and blinked.

"How...how did you..."

He smirked. "These powers transcend the living and the dead, you fat fuck," he laughed lowly. "Your fucking pathetic attempts at hiding from me don't work."

"Aren't you afraid of losing Kyle, you fucking idiot?" the man raised his brow.

"I'd rather lose him than see him hurt," he watched as Stan went over to the kid and checked on him.

"He may be okay. I have no idea since he kinda stops breathing when this happens."

"Get him away," Kenny directed.

The black haired boy nodded, grabbing the poor victim in his arms and pulling him up, taking him back over to a small group of flowers in the middle of the field.

Kenny watched them before turning his attention back onto the man. "You know, I felt bad. I really did," he stepped towards him. "I felt horrible. Like I didn't deserve to take your life. And Kyle felt the same. We thought that despite what you had done to us, we may have killed something human....but now I see that that was just a waste of our energy to think along those lines. No human would ever have such pleasure in the pain of others. No one would go so far as to all-but-completely destroy someone's sense of themselves just because they were so fucking greedy."

"All humans do that," he argued, getting to his feet with a set scowl. "Don't act so high and mighty over there, Blondie. You played with Kyle until he was putty in your hands, didn't you?"

"I let things run their course."

"Bullshit. Nothing ever just 'runs its course', he rolled his eyes. "Everything needs some degree of control over the situation. I just happen to prefer total control."

"There is no control in our relationship. We just let it go and whatever happened happened. We got lucky that it ran so smoothly despite the fact that we had to deal with fucktards like you."

He smirked, "I'm flattered by your word choice."

"Well trust me, that wasn't the intent," he growled. "Now find another way to become unstuck and I won't have to kick your ass."

"I've you you what I need. I couldn't have made the job any easier for you. You're just too possessive."

Kenny blinked before breaking into a small, dark grin. "You're right. Because Kyle's mine and no one else is ever allowed to have him."

"You think you own the kid?"

"No," he shook his head slowly, the smirk still set upon his face. "I know I do." His eyes shone violet and streaks of the color rose from the ground in ribbons and circled around him. "Now pick something else and I won't maim you."

"I'm shaking," he replied dryly.

Kenny nodded, "Good," before one of the strands went and smacked into Barney, sending him stumbling back a bit.

"Ow, Motherfucker!" he yelled out, rubbing his face. He glared up at the blonde. "Got a problem there, Ken?"

"Yeah, you," he frowned, sending another streak flying towards the man.

"JESUS CHRIST!" he yelled, leaping out of the way and dodging it. Kenny couldn't help but break into a wide grin before sending an array of the ribbons towards him. Barney moved around frantically, trying to avoid each one as they brushed against his arms and send him into trembles. He tripped over his grave marker and stared up at the blonde. "Well aren't you special. Your little boyfriend can't even do that."

"One: he's my fiancé," he glowered. "And two: He has a lot better control than I do. After all, he doesn't mind being the hostage so much as he does watching others in the same situation. Be thankful it's not him in front of you. These are his powers and he's a lot stronger than I am with 'em."

"Yeah, Mr. Scrawny over there is just brimming with muscle."

"If you've been stalking us, then you should know that it isn't physical strength, it's emotional. Kyle's thoughts harbor a lot more than mine, so you're walkin' a fine line here, Buddy. If he wakes up and you're trying to hurt me, you're shit outta luck." His eyes flickered towards the redhead. He knew he couldn't actually wake up without himself making contact with him, but the less Johanson knew, the better.

Barney followed his gaze and they met eyes again. "So why do you look so worried?"

"You broke his arm. You choked him. All you think about is raping him. I think I have every right to be worried."

"Aw, ain't that just so sweet," Barney cooed. "He sacrificing himself for you, you standing up for him...it's a fairy tale romance, I tell ya."

"Not by a long shot," he scoffed. "Because the villains usually want power, not someone's ass."

"By which gives me power over the little fucking murderer. Not everything is black and white, Ken. You know this better than anybody."

"How so?" he narrowed his eyes.

"Well, look at your little Jew," he smirked. "I mean, you hadn't the slightest clue what had happened in that shack. All you knew was he was raped. Oh he took some up the ass, big deal."

Kenny's eyes began glowing furiously red and he sneered. "How about YOU fucking take it up the ass unwillingly and you let me know just how it fucking feels!"

"I'm always the man, but that's not the point," he smirked. "Point is, that's all you thought had happened. But no. Kyle hid so much from you I'm sure your head hurts just thinking about it."

"Kyle defended himself against four men who were torturing him," Stan intervened from beside Kyle. "There wasn't a lot for him to hide and in the long run, it still isn't considered that much."

"The lives of men are that insignificant to you?" he raised his brow.

"You weren't men," Stan narrowed his eyes.

Kenny nodded, "You were fucking monsters."

He chuckled, "Well, you had half of that statement right, Ken." Kenny growled and bared his teeth, his eyes glowing a bit brighter red.

"Listen to me. I am perfectly willing to just let you go back to Hell or wherever."

"You don't wanna fight?" he raised an amused brow.

"Kyle wouldn't want that," he replied quietly.

"Well if Kyle's callin' the shots, don't you think that you should let him wake up and fight himself?"

"No. I don't," he glared. "Kyle's my possession. You fight for what you have and I'm not about to just sit and wait for him to defend himself when it's my responsibility!"

"I'm sure he's ecstatic about that little issue with the deal, hm?"

"He accepts it because he knows it works in reverse, too," he stated, looking over at the small, unconscious boy in the grass with Stan.

"Oh? Seems like this relationship is pretty much required for the both of you, isn't it?"

"No," he set his jaw. "We want it the way it is, so you can shut the fuck up."

"I'm sure that Kyle wants to be unconscious right now," he broke into a sly smirk.

"I want him to be," Kenny muttered, looking over at the redhead again. He shot his crystal eyes back up at the man and growled. "Now," his eyes began glowing once more, "leave."

"And go where?" he laughed. "I think you're missing vital steps in this whole thing, Ken."

"Think of something else. think about the prospect of seeing your fucking girlfriend again or something! Just take your eyes off of Kyle!"

"It's hard to do though," he licked his teeth. "You understand my predicament with that."

"Fuck you and stop ogling my fiancé!"

"You know, we had a deal," Barney glowered. "The plan was that I get Kyle for the alloted time and then you could swoop him into your arms at the grand finale and live happily ever after with few repercussions. Explain why you don't want the easy way out, Blondie."

Kenny paused for a bit, looking between Kyle and Barney with worrisome eyes. "I don't want him hurt," he finally answered.

"Or is it just that you don't want someone else touching him?" he crossed his arms and raised his brow.

"While that may play into it just a little bit, it's not my main concern aside from the fact that you're fucking hurting him, you fat fuck!"

"Uh huh. Awfully defensive there, Ken," he chuckled. "Are you always this tense?"

"I am around fucktards who think Kyle's just a walking toy," he growled.

He laughed a bit more. "As you say. But, what is it exactly that you think's gonna happen? You can't...kill me," he taunted. "You just gonna try to beat me into all of a sudden coming to terms with everything?"

"That's pretty much my plan," he shrugged.

"Jesus Christ, no wonder you got with Kyle. You need someone smart to combat your stupidity," he rolled his eyes.


"Well I was trying, but you took my doll away," he responded dryly. "I probably could've been done with the kid by now had you not gotten in the way."

"Look, I'm not letting you have him. If you want him, you have to fight me."

He broke into full out laughter, "Really? Jesus Christ do you think we're in a movie or something? Put on a cape and do a stance, hero-boy."

"I'm just protecting Kyle," he snarled. "And I can do it, too with these powers," he held up a glowing purple and red hand. "So either walk away and figure something out or fight me."

Barney looked up in contemplation. "Alright. Fine. I'll fight. With a few conditions."

"What?" he spat.

"One, you don't get to use your powers."

Kenny looked at Kyle's limp form and took a deep breath. "Fine."

"And two..." he broke into a devilish smile. "If I win, Kyle stays with me."

"WHAT?! NO FUCKING WAY!" Kenny screamed.

"What possible use could you have for him?!" Stan questioned.

He chuckled, "Absolutely none. But Kyle isn't the only one I need revenge on," he smirked at the blonde in front of him. "If I recall correctly, you were the one who shot me."

"Then just take out what you need on me and not Kyle," he snapped. "You've put him through enough, Johanson."

"No, not nearly. Three people dead and one in prison. I haven't even begun to exact revenge."

"Yes. You have. Countless nightmares and torture is plenty enough, don't you think?"

"No. No I don't," he smirked looking over at him.

"Fine, then I'll just kick your ass anyways. You have to give up eventually," he curled his lip.

"Not unless I get to your pretty boyfriend first," he flickered his eyes towards the Jew.

Kenny started glowing again and lowered his eyes. "Try me," he challenged.

Barney stepped to the side towards Kyle and Kenny growled, his eyes pulsing. As the man started to fly back, he fell forward, grabbing hold of the ground and pulled himself up, dodging over towards the redhead again. Stan reached down and grabbed Kyle, hefting him up into his arms and glaring at the man. He backed up away with him slowly, clasping the boy tightly.

Barney sprinted towards them and Kenny sneered, running towards him to intercept him before he reached the two other boys. A violet flash went out of his eyes and Barney flew back a bit again, falling and rolling a few times. He groaned, sitting up and rubbing his head. He glared at the boy. "Ya know, I can't say that's fair."

"And I can't say that I should treat you any better," he narrowed his eyes.

"Give me the fucking kid and we can be done with this thing!" he screamed at Stan.

"Fuck off," the black-haired boy muttered, backing away from him still.

"MCCORMICK!" a voice echoed around the space.

They shot their heads up to see Craig standing atop the hill staring down at them with narrowed eyes.

"C-Craig?" he blinked.

"You fuck, I told you not to fucking walk away!" he came tromping down the grass, infuriated.

Kenny looked between Craig and Barney and gulped. "Craig, not now!"

The boy looked between Kenny and Stan and narrowed his eyes. "What, Marsh kidnapping your little whore of a boyfriend?"

Ken's eye twitched and he took a shaking, angry breath. "N-no. Craig...leave. Kinda preoccupied right now."

"NO, YOU'RE GOING TO FUCKING LISTEN TO ME!" he shouted down at him.

"I'm sorry I fucking destroyed your fucking dreams of happy and sunshine and butterfly relationships, Craig, but I don't have the time right now!"

"FUCK YOU," he growled, flipping him off. "Why are your eyes fucking glowing?!"

"Because you're pissing me off!" he shouted.

"KENNY!" Stan screamed. Kenny shot his head around and found Stan sitting on the ground with a bruise starting on his cheek.

"What the- Where the hell is Broflovski?" Craig blinked.

"Oh God...OH GOD!" Kenny shrieked, looking around frantically. "KYLE?!" He ran over and yanked Stan onto his feet, "STAN, WHAT HAPPENED?!" he shook him back and forth furiously.

"While you were watchin' Asshole up there," he nodded up towards Craig, "Mr. Ghost went all untouchable and fuckin' hit me down and grabbed Kyle."'

"Mr...Ghost?" Craig raised his brow.

"Shut up and get lost, Tucker," Kenny hissed before turning back towards Stan. "Stan, we have to find 'em," he said. "Who knows what the hell he's gonna do?!"

"I have a pretty good idea," he winced. "Come on," he tore away from his grasp and they ran off away from the dumbfounded teen on the hill.

They looked around with shaking fists and darting blue eyes. "Where the hell are they?!" Stan bit his lip.

Kenny gulped. "I...I dunno. Kyle's out...he can't scream or anything..." he shook his head slowly. "Oh god, what do we do?!" he grasped his blonde hair between his fingers.

"Come on," Stan said. "He's got to be around here somewhere," he pulled on his sleeve and led him through some trees. "Here," he directed. "You go that way and I'll go this way. Whoever finds him can just call the other over."

"Got it," he nodded before they broke off and ran in their separate directions. Kenny pushed branches out of the way, stumbling through the grass and scowling to himself. How could he have let Kyle out of his sights? How could he have been so careless when this situation was so damn huge?

He stopped and felt something from his chest. He stared into nothingness, hearing the quiet rustle of the trees. Something was pulling him, calling for him to come help. Before he caught himself doing it, he was running. He had no idea where he was going, but something told him that he had to get there.

He ran furiously until his feet suddenly came to a stop and he found himself staring at Barney bent over Kyle on the ground, staring at him evilly.

"You're almost more trouble than you're worth, you fucking slut," he growled, fingering his jeans. "I wish you were up. I'd love nothing more than to see you crying some more. You deserve to cry and suffer for what you did, you whore."

"He didn't do anything," Kenny intervened, stepping out from his spot and glowering down on the man.

Barney looked up at him slowly and took a deep breath. "You really don't get it, do you, Blondes?"

"Get what?"

"He fucking killed me. My best friends. You don't think that I deserve some kind of revenge for that?"

"Not like this," he said quietly. "Revenge doesn't do anything for you. It does absolutely nothing but cause pain!" he shouted in a quavering tone. "Kyle...fucking fell apart from what he had done."

"Apparently not," he frowned. "Anyone completely broken wouldn't have agreed to this," he raised his hand with the garnet and stared at Kenny. "You really think that if he was just so fallen from what he had done he would have so easily said yes to getting married to someone like you?!"

Kenny blinked at him a moment. "You...you really think that that had any swaying factor in whether or not he wanted to marry me?!"

"It should have. He should've been more untrusting. Should've been more torn apart..." he looked down at the redhead and scowled. "He shouldn't be allowed any happiness."

"You...You selfish bastard," he said softly, shaking his head. "You have no idea. You've been stalking us for months and yet for some reason you think that everything is all roses for me and Kyle?! Well let me tell you something, you fat fuck, it's not easy listening to someone cry for reasons you don't understand."

"Not my fault you're fucking stupid," he glared.

"Fuck you," he replied, feeling the red glow emanating from himself, but trying not to explode. "Let him go."

"Make me," he smirked. He stood up and threw the redhead over his shoulder. "Just what is it you're gonna do, Blondie?"

"You already know what I can do."

"But I have the little boy here now," he nodded over at his captive. "Attack me and you're no doubt gonna end up hurting him."

Kenny bit his lip and took a deep breath. That was the whole reason he was doing this; to avoid his young lover getting harmed.

"I'll fucking kill you McCormick!" He turned to see Craig standing across from him by a tree and he groaned.

"DUDE. What part of 'NOT NOW' are you not understanding?!"

"The part where you-" he paused and blinked past him. "Uh...how is he..." he pointed at Kyle. Kenny followed his gesture and his eyes widened.

Uh oh.

"Uh...n-nothing. Go away, Craig!"

"Explain to me what the fuck is happening!" he demanded. "How is Broflovski floating?!...The...the eyes! I wasn't fucking dreaming!" he fell back a bit, nearing hysterics.

"Craig just calm down and go home and play with your hamster!"

"Guinea pig, you idiot!" he shouted, still staring at the redhead.

"Go ahead and tell him," Barney smiled. "Ya told me."

Ken looked at him angrily and sneered a bit before looking back up at the terrified boy. "Craig...please just leave!"

He gulped and shook his head a bit. "N-no..." he stepped forward, unsure. "What is he?" he whispered.

"He's Kyle," the blonde tried.

"No...no he's like...FUCKING POSSESSED!"

Kenny bit his lip, "Yes, but no."

"Jesus Christ!" he yelped. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his gun, pointing it at Kyle with shaking arms.

"WHOA, CRAIG!" Kenny shouted. He narrowed his eyes and shook his head. "How'd you get your gun back?!"

"We found it under our porch," Craig muttered, taking it off of safety. Kenny's heart lurched. Goddammit, Damien...

Barney laughed, shifting Kyle so he was more vulnerable to his aim. "C'mon, Craig," he smirked. "Hit him. Fucking straight through the heart."

"NO!" Kenny shouted, running up towards Craig. "You can't!"

"SHUT UP AND MOVE," he ordered, glaring down on him. "The only way to deal with a possessed fucker is to shot 'em in the skull!"

"He's not possessed!" he insisted. "Not...not like that...."

"What?" he cocked his brow.

He slowed and starting walking towards him slowly, his hands raised defensively. "Just...put it down. We'll talk later..." he looked down to see Barney making a getaway and bit his lip. "Much later!" he finished before turning on his heel and running after him.

"McCor-Ken, come back!" Craig yelled, taking off after him. "We'll just shoot him and it'll be fine!"

"Shut up, Craig! You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about," he shouted behind him, keeping his eyes on the receding fatass and Kyle.

"Dude, slow down!"

"GO HOME!" He screamed desperately. He didn't know how much more of this he could take. He couldn't use his powers around Craig, it was just too risky. And God only knows what Barney's plans were for the Jew. He sniveled as he thought of Kyle being able to see and feel everything he could. He must be scared out of his unconscious mind right now.

He ran faster, his feet pounding into the dirt and leaving deep impressions on the earth. He reached out for Kyle, his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth in concentration. His fingertips lightly brushed over the boy before he was ripped away and Barney kicked back, sending the boy onto the ground.

Barney backed up and stared down on him with darkened eyes. "He's mine. We had an agreement."

"I didn't agree to shit for you," he hissed as craig came running up beside him, still holding the gun.

"Craig, put that fucking thing away!" he yelled.

"No way," he shook his head. "This kid is fucking demontized."

"That's not even a word," he frowned.

"WHO CARES?!" he shouted, aiming at Kyle's limp body. Barney grabbed Kyle's hair and held his head upright, looking towards Craig evilly.

"C'mon. Right through the skull," he licked his teeth. "He doesn't have to be able think for me to have some fun."

"Craig," Ken walked towards him slowly. "Come on. Put the gun down. It'll...it'll be okay."

"Dude, your fucking whore is just floating there and you don't think something's wrong here?! God, I hope stupidity isn't contagious." he rolled his eyes.

Kenny's eye twitched. "FUCK YOU."

"Already did," he sneered, looking over at Kyle. "You in there Broflovski? If not, I'm blowing your head off."

"Do it," Barney grinned widely. Kenny breathed heavily, looking back and forth between the two of them desperately.

Powers...powers would kill Craig. Which wouldn't be a bad thing really, but he didn't need the guilt trip. Besides, Kyle wouldn't be too happy with that.

And if he just fought Craig off, Barney no doubt would take Kyle and run again. And he could probably get him far enough away where Ken couldn't get to them in time to save his lover.

Damien wouldn't help him.

Kyle couldn't.

It was his turn. He made the decision months ago to become what he was now. To drag Kyle in on that same prospect. He made the choice to become the Angel of Death and bring along another purer angel on his quest. He made that decision with almost no second thoughts, no doubts. But now...now things were entirely different. Every little aspect of his job was coming down on top of him...he had to make a choice.

He heard the clicking of Craig's gun and leaped forward towards Barney and Kyle. He smashed into them, clasping onto whatever part of his lover he could hold before he heard a deafening bang ring throughout the park.

The pain was instantaneous, pulsing throughout his core and radiating from his shoulder blade. His heart seemed to increase in volume as he watched Barney stepping away from him and Kyle, his redhead glowing gold and breathing deeply as they fell to the ground. Kenny stared down at him as his eyes fluttered open.

"Ken..." he said, shaking his head. "Kenny..." he slid out from under him and laid him down on his stomach. He ran his fingers along the bullet wound and started breathing brokenly. "K-Ken..." he said, a tear or two dripping from his lashes. Kenny reached out and stroked the ring upon his lover's broken arm and smiled up at him. "Ken, stay up!" Kyle bit his lip and shook. "Stay up!"

"I'm...immortal...." Kenny breathed heavily, his eyes drooping as the pain coursed through him.

"Don't...don't..." he cried, leaning down, tipping his head up and kissing his lips forcefully.

"Ky...I don't...won't die..." he chuckled.

"Your heart," he whispered, placing a hand on his back over the wound.

Kenny swallowed before letting out a long sigh, watching as the world vignetted around him. "I...sorry..." he said. He watched as a set of glowing green legs came out from behind Kyle and ripped him away from his broken body. His vision faded off to the feeling of regret surrounding him as the echoing screams of his young, redheaded lover fell upon him.






Beep beep beep beep

The steady pulsing of an electronic beat suddenly faded into his senses. His brow scrunched and he let out a long-winded breath. It felt like the first one he had taken in years. Felt good. He wiggled his fingers a bit.

Feeling still works...he shifted his legs. Those work too. He smiled, his eyes still shut to the white, fluorescent light he knew awaited him on the outside.

He made it. He was awake. From the smells of it and the feeling of medicine flowing through him, he was in the hospital. He was going to be okay and that was just great news for him. Something that he needed to hear after such a hellacious day.

Only then did a single thought rang through his head: Kyle.

His eyes shot open, throbbing in the light. But he paid no mind as he tried to struggle up in his bed. He groaned as his left side throbbed a bit but shook it off, looking around the room for his fiancé. Instead he found Cartman passed out on the chair beside him.

He narrowed his eyes. "Cartman."

No response.


He jolted up and stared in momentary fright at the blonde before his usual pissed-off demeanor took shape. "Welcome back, Fag."

"Shut up, where's Kyle?"

"I dunno," he shrugged.

Kenny's heart sunk. "You...you don't know..."

"No idea. He disappeared," he stated.

Kenny sniffed, looking down at his sheets and feeling his eyes welling up. He didn't even get to say good bye...to tell him he loved him. That he would miss him...he didn't get to say any of that. Because he was just too reckless.

Kyle was right all along, he was just too fucking reckless.

He'd lost what he thought was most important to him. What he knew was the most important thing to him. Satan's word or not, Kyle was his. He was his responsibility. He knew that all along, even before the contract was fully explained. He knew that he had the young redhead's life in his hands.

And yet he constantly missed his chances to prove his worth of holding such a person in his arms. Kyle was consistently put on the line, just there waiting for Kenny to be able to show him, to show the world and Satan himself that he was indeed fit to be with the boy. To be with him for the rest of time.

But instead, what? He killed himself out of loneliness. He went through continuous bouts of depression. He was beaten, he was kidnapped, he was violated ruthlessly. And for what? Because the blonde didn't know how to protect him. He didn't know that there was a method for being able to save Kyle from himself like he had warned him about all those months ago.

It was him.

Everything in the end came down to him. His word, his actions, his decisions, and most importantly, his love.

But now...now none of that mattered. His foolishness and brash behavior caused him to lose absolutely everything. He lost his fiancé, the boy who was going to be a second father to the two children that they had found and grown so fond of. He lost his lover, the only person who'd made him feel like he mattered, like he wasn't just some poor little worthless rat.

He had lost his Kyle.

He watched the tears falling down onto his sheet and shook his head slowly. "I lost..." he whispered. "Goddammit, I fucking lost!" he cried out. "I...I made a deal with that...that fucker...and I...I thought it would be okay!" he buried his face into his palms and sobbed heavily.

"Dude, calm down," a voice said from next to him.

"FUCK YOU!" he shouted into his palms. "I just lost the most important person in my life, so fuck NO I'm not calming down!"

"Cartman, get out," the voice ordered. A scooting chair and footsteps were followed by a door slowly closing. The silence in the room was broken a few times by Kenny's sobbing.

"Most important, hm?"

"Yes..." he sniffed. "Goddamn...goddamn I didn't know what to do!"

"It's okay..."

"No it's not! He's gone...he's gone...and it's my fault...oh God, I want him back!"

"How much?"

"What's it to you?" he growled.

"Well, I'm curious."

"I want him...I want him back," he meekly repeated, his vision completely blurred by his tears. He felt an arm encircling his waist and lips pressed against his neck.

"I'm right here," he whispered, pecking around up his cheek. Kenny shot his head up and looked over, seeing his redhead sitting beside him with a tired smile on his pale face.

He blinked a few times before crying out, "KYLE!" he grabbed him and held him closely, placing their lips together and making out furiously. "Oh god, Kyle," he sobbed, holding his head and placing it down on his chest, kissing his curls. "You're here.....you're really here..."

"Yeah, and so are you," he sniffed, embracing him carefully with his right arm. "So are you..." a few tears ran down his cheeks.

Kenny pulled him up and kissed him again, wiping the water from his cheeks. "How...how long have I been out?" he asked.

"About a week," he replied meekly. "I...I had no idea what to do...I thought I'd lost you and everything was just..."

"Coming apart," he finished. "Trust me," he laughed, wiping some extra tears from his own blue gaze, "I know the feeling."

Kyle let out a small laugh back. "Are you alright?"

"My side hurts, but fuck it, I'm just so fucking happy right now."

"I know," he smiled.

"But...how? How'd you..." his heart dropped. "Oh god...Kyle you didn't...please tell me you didn't let him..."

"You got shot for me not to have to, so hell no was I letting him do that to me again," he said firmly. It would have been the easiest way to get out of this mess, but hey, I'm a complicated person," he grinned sheepishly.

"What happened?"

"Well, first, I knocked Craig the fuck out because....well..." he nodded towards the blonde's side. "Then I went like..."

"Berserk," another voice appeared. They looked to see Damien staring at them with a wide grin across his demonic profile.

"No one here wants to talk to you," Kenny growled.

"Don't care, I'm gonna anyways," he shrugged, walking over and leaning against the wall. "You should have seen Broflovski," he nodded towards the Jew. "I've never seen the powers used like that."

"Like what?"

"Kyle sent him straight to Hell," he laughed.


"I...I dunno..." Kyle shrugged. "I got so fucking mad, the world ripped apart."

"Kyle found a way to send soul straight to the gates. It was the essence of pure Satanic power," Damien grinned, baring his fangs. "It was fucking amazing."

"So...is that why you're here? Because you sent him straight away?"

"No," Kyle shook his head. "His deal was fulfilled, so we completed the contract."

"What? You said you didn't let him rape you, though," he blinked.

Kyle sighed, sliding a hand over his arm secured in the sling. "This arm isn't really broken."

"Just fractured?"

"No. Barney full out broke it," Damien responded.

Kenny looked between the two of them and shook his head. "I'm so confused."

"Okay, Barney really broke my arm. He bruised my face too, remember," he pointed towards his clean complexion.


"And do you think you'd only be sore from a gunshot wound?" Damien asked, poking his side pointedly.

"Ow..." he groaned, rubbing his side with a pout.

"Ken..." Kyle shook his head. "Dude, we're gonna be seventeen and eighteen forever."

Kenny blinked at him. "What?"

"This isn't the body you had a week ago," Damien explained. "You both transcended."

"Barney wanted me as close to death as he could get me and my body having to transcend to be with yours is as close as I can get. So his terms were filled," he smiled sadly.

"Wait, I thought we had more time!" Kenny looked at Damien and Kyle confusedly.

"We had double whatever your lifespan originally should have been." Kyle said softly. "Kenny, think about when you were nine. What happened?"

He looked up thoughtfully before his eyes widened. "Wait. The...the muscle dystrophy..."

"Was supposed to kill you for good," Damien nodded. "Were you a normal kid, you would have stayed dead. But since you were the vessel, we had to bring you back."

"So...I'm only...we're living in six month intervals?!" he cried out.

"Yeah," Kyle nodded, sighing. "We're gonna have to keep moving or something," he pushed some of Ken's oily hair away from his face.

"Hey, six months isn't that bad," Damien shrugged. "Come live in Hell or something and you can just go up when you need to."

Kyle frowned. "We have two kids and a cat. You really think that we should be raising them in fire?"

"It was just an offer," he chuckled. "Do as you wish."

"I wish for you to leave the room." Ken frowned. "Are the kids okay?"

"They're worried. Especially Kayla," Kyle smiled, stroking his head. "She wants to play doctor and fix you."

He chuckled, "Somehow I'm not surprised."

"I'll go get 'em," Damien sighed, walking over towards the door and opening it, stepping out into the waiting room and closing the door again. They stared at it for a minute before Kyle sighed.

"We've got one more thing to do," he said quietly.

"What?" he cocked his head.

Kyle reached down and grabbed a bag from beside the bed and hefted it up, pulling out Kenny's red notebook and handing it to him. "It is yours," he smiled.

Kenny smiled back and took it from him, sighing tiredly. He stroked the front of the notebook and opened it up.

Anna Williams; March 15, 1956 - April 18, 1965; Unknowing of death/reason for death

Daniel Ross; February 3, 1970 - May 7, 1989; Unknown fate of love

Nina Richards; December 1, 1991 - April 6, 2009; No acceptance from father

Morgan (Bubbles) Peterson; November 25, 1990 - June 5, 2008; Feelings of lover unknown

Charlie Summers; January 7, 1913 - May 4, 1953; Could not find wife after he passed on

Madelynn and Madison Petronia; January 18, 1992 - August 29, 2008; needed separation from each other

Peter Golor; May 5, 1983 - December 4 2006; Guilt from drunk driving accident

Jibbles; October 8, 1945 - November 17, 2000; Lost his shoes

Natasha Belle; April 6, 1990 - July 30, 2009; Vehicular manslaughter guilt

Anthony Georgian; February 17t, 1963 - June 3, 1986; Did not know cause behind death

Riley Robbins; June 20, 1976 - November 11, 1994; Stuck in a false reality

Candace Jadin; July 7, 1977 - September 9, 1999; Wanted words of love from boyfriend

Seth Ellsworth; August 14, 1989 - November 21, 2008; Wanted success to find friends

Kayla and Jacob; x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

He sighed. So few people...so much time he had to work on expanding this list. On making it an endless array of names and causes...it was scary in a sense. He just had so much he had to do. And in such a short time, this job had betrayed him, it had thrown him against the wall and spit on him multiple times.

He looked up to see Kyle handing him a pen with a small smile and couldn't hold back his own grin. Yeah, this job was a pain in his ass, but just look at what he got in exchange for it. He got the one thing in his life that he wouldn't trade for anything. He took the pen and put it to the paper with a sigh.

Barney Johanson; February 3, 1983 - April 11, 2009; Wanted revenge for death and death of friends.

They both shot their heads up as Kayla and Jacob came bursting into the room and smiled at them. "Daddy!" Kayla squealed, hopping up onto Ken's bed and clambering on top of him. She clasped him in a tight hug and Jacob came up and joined her.

"Does it hurt?" he asked.

"I'm fine...Much better now in fact," he looked up and smiled at his redhead. Kyle chuckled, leaning down and kissing him gently.

"Next time, listen to me when I say that I want you to let me take the bullet, hm?"

He chuckled lowly, "never in Hell, my love." he kissed him again. He pulled Kyle onto the bed with the other three and they curled in close to each other.

Kenny leaned back, stroking Kyle's hair and smiled down on him, pecking his curls.

This was not what he was expecting. Never would he have thought that this would turn out to be his life: Engaged to a childhood friend, having two kids already...being stuck as eighteen for the rest of eternity.

But there was some sort of magic behind that. There was a lot of bad that fit into this job, into this life that he was now being forced to live. But no matter how much bad, no matter how much pain and turmoil they were put through, there was always something waiting for them on the other side. There was almost always some kind of bright light awaiting them.

Cliche anecdotes aside, there was truly a silver lining on each cloud that overpassed the two boys. Ghosts, bullies, and anything else that stood in their way could easily be passed through as long as they stuck together.

They were given this task as a team. They were only able to function as the other's support and partner. Powers only did so much if they didn't know how to use them, if they didn't have the support in order to have the confidence to be able to yield their abilities. Powers only got you so far, they required the work and effort behind the two of them.

One day maybe to be the four of them.

Kyle nuzzled into Kenny lightly and the blonde laughed softly, stroking his hair. This was it. This was something that he had always wanted, something that he didn't even know he yearned for. But now that he had it, it was his addiction. This feeling of closeness, this feeling of love that was emanating from the four forms huddled up on the bed.

Together they were the angels of death; together they would become eternity.

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