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Summary: Starts during the episode 'Jackie Bags Hyde'. Just after Jackie feels nothing, Hyde begins to feel something. Skips ahead to season 5 just after Kelso and Donna run off to California. Jackie is left to spend her summer in the foreman's basement. Hyde is determined to win Jackie's heart. Can he do it in less that two weeks? Can he do it in ten days?

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'Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
Still a little bit of you laced with my doubt
Still a little hard to say what's going on'-Damien Rice

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang:

Hyde lent in, not objecting to her kiss. He hadn't expected much from her, she was just Kelso's girl. Annoying, spoiled, bratty, everything that was wrong with America. It was weird to think that a few hours before he had punched Chuck in the face for calling her a bitch. He didn't understand why it bothered him so much, maybe it was just the result of one to many beers. There was something satisfying about the punch, never had his fist connecting with someone's face felt so good. Okay, besides when he had punched Kelso in the eye for rubbing his naked butt on the hood of his el camino. Or the various blows he'd laid down on his old man when he was trashed and screaming like a banshee.

She tasted like cherry bubble gum and smelt like sweet perfumes while he tasted of beer and smelt of dollar store cologne. A kiss had never left his lips feeling burnt the way hers had. Yet not burnt in a bad way, like the type of burning you felt when you walked outside on a smoldering hot day after a long winter. 'Because I don't like her, because I can't like her! Mrs. Foreman if I like her, then shoot me!' Those were his exact words a minute before he had snapped at Jackie to get her father's Lincoln. Of course Mrs. Foreman had responded to his outburst by pointing a finger at him and saying 'bang bang'. Never in his life did he think someone could convince him he had a thing for Jackie Burkhart, especially not Mrs. Foreman. Jackie had called the sudden invitation a Veterans Day miracle, her face lit up like the forth of July. It didn't make him happy though, he could never find enjoyment in other people's endeavors. Jackie was no exception, Steven Hyde didn't make exceptions. Everyone had the same blue-collar life's, with their corrupt jobs living in their four sided little worlds. They were squares in his circular world. So what was this fluttering in his stomach? The sudden shortage of air? Why did it feel like 100 degrees when it was far past dusk and the air was cool? He couldn't get enough of her, the feel of her tongue in his mouth was intoxicating. He tried to hold on but she pulled away. Then there was silence. Going in she had been Jackie Burkhart, annoying as hell, spoiled daddy's girl, Kelso's sloppy seconds. Now he saw her sitting on the hood of the Lincoln, wrapped in his jean jacket, young, innocent and all she wanted was him. He touched his finger tips to his lips, he had never been worried about how dry his lips were, but now that he ran his fingers back and forth he wondered if Jackie thought they were ruff.

"Huh," her perfect little lips scrunched together and she bobbed her head. He had never appreciated just how pretty she was, her dark brown curls, dewy skin and saucer sized eyes seemed so perfect. What was he doing with this girl? She was...neat, put together. What was he? A Scruffy, dope-head with a fro? What could possibly attract her to him he hadn't a clue. But that 'Huh' she had just made, that look on her face, it wasn't one of satisfaction.

"No, The kiss was hot but...Well I didn't feel anything," How could she do this? Was this some type of sick joke because it wasn't funny. She couldn't just make him feel something then rip it out from under him. I guess it settles it, she was just like ever-other people in his life, one after another loving him then leaving him.

She turned her big brown eyes towards him, " Well did you feel anything?" how was he suppose to answer that? Yes Jackie Burkhart I do, I do like you, and your perfect like face, your perfect little body and how you're such a square. He gave out a nervous cough, at all cost he had to keep his cool. Use his well-mastered ways of Zen to control his words. He pushed his shades up his nose, thoroughly surprised they weren't fogging up under the pressure.

"Uh...No....wait-" how bad could it be? Admitting to this insanity. No, that would be giving in and to Jackie no less. "No," was his final answer. The greatest and hardest lie he'd ever been forced to make. He tapped his finger against the hood of the car and breathed out, releasing air which seemed to have been trapped for hours. Be Zen, Be cool, he told himself. But all he could see in his head was a Jackie montage from when he had tried to teach her to be cool. She was his little grasshopper he was her sensei. Then she had whooped Laurie's ass in a catfight the very next day. At the time he had wondered why it had turned him on so much. He figured that when it came down to it, any two girls fighting were a turn on. Now he knew better, these pent up feelings had been around even back then. Just waiting to be unleashed on the world and what better way to do it than with a kiss. He felt like he was stuck in a reject Disney movie.

"I guess you were right about us all long," oh yeah he'd effed that up royally, "So what now?" Jackie asked, waking him from his daydream. That was the question wasn't it? Now that the tables had turned, what would become of this messed up friendship? Maybe if he could kiss her again, make her feel what he felt. But then he blew it.

" I'm not opposed to doing it," he joked, but he wasn't thinking with his groin, he was thinking with his heart and if he couldn't have her that way, he would just have to make her laugh. This time he would enjoy it when her face lit up.

"Take me home you pig," there it was, her cherub like smile and unmistakable laugh. She slapped him lightly on the arm, it was a love tap. He couldn't help but smirk back her smile was contagious. They both slid of the hood and onto the dirt road.

"Yes dear," he said and held the passenger door open for her. It was the first gentleman like thing he'd done that night besides lending her his jacket. So they drove home in near silence, it was odd that Jackie seemed to have nothing to say. 'Dancing Queen' by Abba blared inside the Lincoln and usually Hyde wouldn't be caught dead listening to it, but he was to caught up in his thoughts to even notice it was playing.

It wasn't till almost two years later that they became close once more. Till then Hyde had to endure the revival of the Jackie and Kelso phenomenon. Every chance he got he tried to split the two up, but unfortunately Laurie wasn't around for Kelso to cheat and taking bets on how long their relationship would last only tightened their bond. Every time he came downstairs and found them snogging on the couch a part of his heart died. The way Kelso never seemed to talk off anything but her, even during a circle (which Hyde usually enjoyed) just drove him up the wall. Then Kelso had gotten her that damn promise ring and she smiled, she smiled just like she had on veteran's day. That was the icing on his misery cake. It seemed like the happier she was, the more depressed he was. This caused him to relapse into his old ways of picking on her, every chance he got he tried to make her as miserable as he felt. They couldn't be friends, he either loved her or hated her. There was no middle ground. Overtime his feelings became looser, more relaxed, he tried to remember that she was a cheerleader, he was a dope head. She was a square, he was a circle and circles and squares didn't fit together. Finally the day came when Kelso, in his cowardly ways decided that instead of staying true to his promise ring he would run off to California with Donna. The Kelso and Jackie experience was over.

He had watched as she let herself go, only for a few days though because Jackie Burkhart was a vain girl and couldn't give up on her looks for too long. She scoffed down beef jerky and watched reruns of Gilligands Island in the foreman's basement. All the while he kept a watch of her from beneath his shades. Her eyes were blood-shot, her face was red and poufy and there were dark bags under her eyes. She would randomly say things like 'You know who' stupider than Gilligand, Steven?' or ' I would rather marry Jaba the hut, at least he can't run away like a coward.' then there was the classic, ' You know who Michael would be in Oz? The scarecrow, lion and tin man. That cowardly heartless retard!' The beef jerky soon turned into KFC and then disappeared all together, along with the blood shot eyes, red face and black bags. Within a week she was back to her preppy self. Jackie convinced herself that everything was going to be fine, and so it was. So some time later after leaving his room from a nice nap, Hyde found Jackie sprawled out on the couch with a notepad in her hand.

"Wow Jackie I didn't know you could write," it was out of his mouth before he could stop it. He had no idea if she was stable enough for some bulling, and the thought of her bursting into tears terrified him.

"I'm writing a note to Michael," she ignored his previous comment in the way she tended to do, "I'm going to tell that jerk exactly how I feel, what's a synonym for retard?" she pushed the tip of the pencil into her lip and looked down at the page.

"Jackie," he laughed and walked over to the freezer. Eric hadn't been down in days, the lack of Donna was hitting him hard. So if Eric wasn't going to eat the Popsicle's, he would have to.

"No Steven," he loved the way she used his first name, treated him like a person" synonym's for Jackie are things like cute, pretty, beautiful, stylish...I could go on all day." she smiled.

"Oh please do, make my day," he sighed sarcastically and sat down in his normal spot by the television. The Brady bunch was playing on mute in the background and Marsha had just gotten hit in the nose with a football. He laughed cruelly, Marsha was a square, so was Greg and the other polygamy children.

"They should really just have a whole page of the dictionary devoted to me," why did he like this girl again? Oh right, she was everything he hated and according to Mrs. Foreman he hated everything so now he was stuck loving what he hated.

"They already have one of those, it's under the letter B and it's other meaning is a female dog," He was a hypocrite, he had punched Chuck out a year before for doing the exact same thing. Sure, his wasn't as blunt...but still.

"...Bulla isn't the name for a female dog, Steven," he had forgotten that her middle name was bulla. Had it really been that long since he's found that juicy piece of information in her permanent record?

"And I told you never to talk about that again!" she whipped a mustard yellow pillow at his face. She turned back to the notepad in her hand, nothing but the words 'Dear Michael.' were scribbled on the top. Hyde pulled the white wrapping off the Popsicle and pushed it in his mouth. Marsha Brady was showing off a broken looking nose to her mother and there was once again silence in the room. If he was Greg, he would have realized Marsha was hot already and done her already.

"God that's one hideous looking nose, someone should tell Marsha about plastic surgery," Jackie snapped, looking over the top of her paper to see why Hyde had ceased his attack on her. She enjoyed the way they argued like an old married couple, in was oddly comforting.

"Why? So she can look like Michael Jackson?" Hyde sucked out the juices of his grape Popsicle. He had no problem with MJ he had a fro once, he was semi-cool. He pushed his doc martens onto the table, knocking over the incense holder they used daily to cover up the smell of weed. Jackie had bought him those boots back when she was head over heels for him. Now the tables had turned and instead of working all summer, he'd only taken late or weekend shifts so he had prime Jackie time each day.

"Hyde, you're always raving about conspiracies, you must have written at least one angry letter to the government-" she had used his preferred name, she was trying to suck up, she wanted something. And if Jackie Burkhart wanted something, well she got it, no questions asked.

"You want me to help you write that stupid letter to Kelso, don't you?" he would never show it, but inside his heart was doing the tango. Anything to further destroy Kackie or Jelso or whatever that nasty couple referred to themselves as. It was all good in his books.

"Please Steven," she pushed out her juicy bottom lip and her large brown eyes turned the size of saucers. Jackie begging him for something could near send him over the edge. It would be so easy to rip of that navy blue dress she was wearing, pick her up in his arms and take the two steps to his bedroom.

"Fine," he replied as if it was a tedious chore, "but you have to write down exactly what I say," he smirked, oh he would have fun with this. Ripping Kelso's heart apart and sowing his in where Jackie had been left. Oh yes he would enjoy this, maybe even a little too much. Having to witness her in such heartbreak was barely all he could handle. It took some serious self-control not to drive down to California just to punch Michael Kelso in the eye.

"Fine," Jackie agreed to his proposition and he left his normal spot to sit with her on the couch. Their arms grazed and he felt a chill run through him which wasn't a result of the Popsicle. He looked over her shoulder at the notepad.

"Well first off, you can't start hate mail with Dear Micheal," Just saying it made him want to hurl. He said the words 'Dear Micheal' in his high pitched squeak to mock Jackie's irritatingly high voice.

"You'll want to change Micheal to Dumbass," he took the pencil from her petite hand and leant over to cross out the name and replace it with a more suiting synonym. Before he could stop himself he had one arm behind her back, it was more to balance him as he leant over, but he couldn't deny how right it felt.

"Actually get rid of this Dear," and he crossed out the greeting so that it simply read, 'Dumbass'. Something he thought even Mr. Foreman could appreciate. They spent the rest of the afternoon making a fairly insulting letter to Kelso. It was an activity they both enjoyed. They bickered something terrible but there were no hard feelings. Their time alone together was cut short when Fez bolted through the basement door. His face was beat red and he was out of breath, there was a big smile spread across his foreign face.

"So guess what Fez has seen?" He bawled his fists with excitement, he could hardly contain his happiness. Hyde moved from the couch back to his spot by the television. A weatherman was pointing to various states and pictures of suns. The reporter was exactly the type of fruitcake that Jackie would like.

" A member of the opposite sex?" Jackie guessed, tapping the end of her pencil to her lip. It was cold on the couch now that Steven had left.

"Even better!" he smiled, "Fez has seen a boob!" the little foreign man put his hands on his hips, posing like superman. It amazed Hyde that a man could be in America, even a week without getting some action. Yet Fez had seemed to go years without it.

"Don't you mean boobs," he put two hands out in front of his chest in a cupping motion. This action was commonly accepted by men to mean breasts. Jackie rolled her eyes at Hyde, he could be such a low-life pig sometimes, actually all of them could be.

"You Pig," Jackie smacked him in the arm with her notepad, shaking her head in disapproval. He'd never really cared if Jackie thought he was a pig or not, but now that he thought about it, it could lower his chances of ever getting with her. If she thought he was just some guy after sex, drugs and rock and roll he had a 0% chance of getting anywhere.

"Why are you hitting me? He brought it up!" he motioned towards the glowing foreigner.

Jackie glared at him with her large brown eyes, the look of death. It was short lived because she then turned to Fez, who had sat himself across from Hyde.

"I saw the glorious boob at the pool," Fez explained, quite happy with his accomplishment. He pushed out his legs and rested his wrists on the armrests.

"Good old pool-boob," Hyde sighed, laughing to himself and avoiding any more death glares from the perfect little brunette. Now that he thought about it, he was worse than she was, he was just a dirty, vulgar, dope-head that preyed of cheerleaders.

"You know Fez," Jackie sat forward and place a hand on his forearm, " there's more to women that just boobs," she felt like she constantly had to explain things to Fez because after all he was foreign and didn't understand America the way she did.

"Oh I know," Fez grinned ear to ear, " there is also doing it." Hyde had to laugh, Fez was so naive yet amazing. But all this talk of breasts and sex was making him antsy, so he got up and headed to the freezer. It was easier to look for a Popsicle while thinking of Sex, then looking at Jackie. He'd gone through his last grape Popsicle over an hour ago.

"Uh, all you men have a one track mind," Jackie threw up her arms in frustration. It was the price that came with having so many guy friends, they all wanted it, were getting it, or were thinking about it. Hyde had to laugh at how spot on the cheerleader was. He found what he thought was a fudgsicle and pulled it out of the freezer.

"Steven pass me a Popsicle?" usually he would object that kind of order, but before he could stop himself he was chucking an orange flavored Popsicle her way.

"What can I say, It's the American dream," Fez shrugged and smiled at Jackie. Hyde shut the freezer and returned to his busted up chair. He had been right, it was the uncommonly found fudgsicle. He couldn't remember the last time the foreman's had bought them.

"But Fez your not from America," Hyde replied, looking over at the only virgin in the room.

"That is why I have come to America, to follow the American dream," just the way Fez said America was enough to crack Hyde up, it sounded like he was trying to say paprika but with an A in front of it.

"I thought the pursuit of happiness was the American Dream," Jackie quipped, pushing the orange Popsicle into her mouth. It was hard to look away from her mouth as she sucked on it. Hyde silently thanked the forces that he had shades to cover up the emotions playing out in his eyes.

"Well the pursuit of happiness usually ends in doing it," Hyde nodded and got up. He couldn't sit and watch her suck on that Popsicle a second longer. It would give him what fez liked to call 'needs.' So he walked the two strides to his room and fell back on his cot. He was suffering from a brain freeze that helped to numb his other thoughts. But when they returned, they were about Fez not Jackie. It had taken Fez almost two weeks of sitting by the public pool to get a glimpse of a boob. How long would it take for him to get Jackie? He didn't want her in the American Dream way...well of course he had thought about it but he wanted more than that. If Fez could see a boob in less than two weeks, Hyde bet he could get Jackie in the same amount of time. In fact he bet he could get her in ten days, if he was lucky. He had been bottling up all these feelings for her for almost two years, now that that Kelso was gone, and no one other than Fez was around he bet he had a chance. After all he wasn't bad looking, sure he had a scruffy beard and messy curly hair, but if he'd learnt anything, Women were attracted to rugged looking men. He was fairly strong too, not fat but reasonably built, he had uncovered some old dumbbells of reds in the basement about a year ago and had worked out ever since. He could tell he was getting stronger because when he punched Kelso the bruises were getting bigger and darker.

So this was it then. He had ten days to get everything he hated to love him. Ten days to Jackie burkhart's heart.

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