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Day Eight: (part 1)
:Revenge is sweet.

Eric drooled onto his pillow, snoring like a bear into his spider man pillow case. From above his dol-action figures looked down on him, a few of them missing limbs from the odd occasion Kelso would play with them. Suddenly his alarm clock started to spew Nazareth into the room, jolting him out of his deep sleep. Yawning he looked up with blood shot eyes and saw 6:30 blinking at him. Eric groaned, not remembering setting his alarm clock. He reached over and slammed the snooze button. He turned over and tried to get back to sleep, but it was getting brighter in his room and the more he tried to sleep, the more he felt awake. Finally, sitting up he placed his feet on the floor, pulled on his slippers, wrapped a blanket around himself and walked downstairs. Eric now feared walking around his house in just a blanket and slippers since he'd stumbled upon something 'horrific' the night before. And by 'Horrific' he just meant he'd went to the kitchen for a glass of milk and found Jackie standing by the fridge, with the Oj in nothing but a Zepplin shirt and some panties. Neadless to say he'd had that image tattoed in his mind ever since. So as Eric entered his kitchen, he did it cautiously, checking to see if there was any half naked Jackie's by his fridge. Once he was certain there wasn't he walked it, and pulled open the fridge, after fishing out a glass of milk he saw a note. It was stuck to the microwave door. Eric walked over and pulled it off.

'Emergency at work, had to leave early, bacons in the microwave, just press start.
love mom xoxo'

Eric threw the note back on the counter and pressed start on the microwave, he then turned to the toaster, the bread was already in it, ready to be pushed down. Sometimes he loved how lazy his life had become. He pushed down the bread, turned around and drank down his milk. Watching the numbers count down on the microwave. After a moment he realized that what was spinning around in the microwave wasn't ba-con at all. But just as he reached for the button to stop it, the head of his G.I. Joe blew up, splattering on the glass window of the microwave.

"noooo!," Eric cried, stoping the microwave at last and opening the door to find what was left of his action figure. This was one of many attacks to come, attacks from a certain sneaky foreigner.

It was late morning before Jackie woke up. It was always pitch black in Hyde's bed room, so she never what time it was. Hyde was still sound asleep his arm draped over her, his shirt off and his crotch pressed up agaisnt the small of her back. It was moving day, and by moving day she meant taking her dearest belongings and putting them in the sluts room for a while. The foreman's had decided she could move in until her parents were located, and knowing her parents that would take forever. Jackie shifted, turning over to face Hyde. They had left the door open the night before and the lights from the hallway streamed it, illuminating part of Hyde's looked so peaceful in his sleep-no angry, smug looks plastered across his scruffy mug. No aviators covering his blue eyes. His hair had turned into a ridiculously untamed curly mess, but she didn't care. She'd always wanted a real life doll to play hair-dresser with.

His jaw line was covered in a layer of stubble. The stubble that constantly burnt the side of her face whenever they made out. She felt like at any moment he was going to wake up and tell her to stop staring at him. Jackie leaned in, all she could smell was his cologne, his scent. Pausing for a moment she looked down at his lips. Then she pushed a kiss on his lifeless lips and pulled back biting down on his bottom lip. groggily he moaned and a wide smirk appeared on his face. He kept his eyes closed and head on the pillow as she turned back over, sat up and pulled herself out of bed. In just a t-shirt and panties she searched for any clothes to wear. Unfortunately all her stuff was still at her house, and Donna was a giant compared to her so she couldn't borrow any of her clothes. Before putting much thought into it, Jackie pulled the shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. Then she stood with he back to Hyde in just her panties, scouring the room with her eyes in hope of finding a shirt she would actually attempt to wear.

"Or you could not get dressed," Jackie heard Hyde's ruff voice echo out from the bed. She turned her head to see his droopy eyes staring back at her, a cocky smirk on his face. Laughing to herself she wiggled out of her panties and let them fall to the floor. It was at this moment that Eric decided to come barging in.

"I thought I'd find-" Eric stopped and looked at Jackie, standing in the middle of Hyde's room butt naked, the light from the hallway falling across half of her body. The look on his face was stuck somewhere between shock and amusement. Jackie had a odd feeling that he was kind of enjoying the awkward moment.
"you here," he finished then coughed and looked away, "Uh, Donna's waiting for you in the, uh kitchen." Instead of darting off quickly, Eric glanced at Jackie one more time then sped off. Jackie remained calm, it was just Eric, that was probably the only woman butt he's actually ever seen. Since she was still in denial Donna would even let him touch her.

"Foreman just saw you naked," Hyde stated the fact simply, kind of in shock, kind of because it was funny, "why aren't you freaking out?"

Instead of answering, Jackie just shrugged, walked over to Hyde and leaned slowly over the bed. Hyde's eyes travelled from her eyes, down her long brown hair, across her breasts, and down her long legs. If there was every a time for drooling it was then.

"I've got to go," Jackie whispered, her lips a few centimeters apart from his. Slowly she backed up, teasing him.

"Where do you think you're going," Hyde sat up, his voice still husky. Before Jackie could get away he grabbed her and pulled her on top of him.

Jackie skipped into the kitchen, a goofy grin on her face. She was wearing a plain white v-neck of Hyde's and a pair of jeans. Close behind her was Hyde, who had a more than satisfied look on his face. Kitty was in the kitchen cooking up a mean breakfast, the smell of pancakes, bacon and eggs wafted around in the air. Donna sat at the table already digging into a pile of warm pancakes, with a greedy portion of syrup dripped on top of them. Eric was leaning on the counter waiting for his serving. As he looked up and saw Jackie his arm slipped out from under his chin and his head landed on the counter. It was clear that he had been picture the girl au natural for the last few minutes, which Donna probably had no idea about.

"What's wrong Eric looked like you just saw a ghost," Hyde snickered, he knew exactly what Eric was thinking about. Jackie rolled her eyes and skipped over to the table to greet Donna.

"Yeah if ghosts are now tanned," Eric rubbed the side of his head.

"Eric pass these pancakes over to Jackie," thrust a yellow plate into Eric's hands. Trying his best not to picture Jackie naked he walked to the table and placed the plate in front of her. Adverting his eyes and trying to get the image of her perfectly round butt out of his head.

"Thanks Eric, there's nothing I love more than two round, toasty brown, plump pancakes," Jackie smiled, one of those all-knowing, all-bitch smiles at him. Eric looked like he about to grab a butter knife off the table and impale himself on it.

"Donna can you pass the syrup?"

"Sure," Donna managed to mumble as she scoffed down her own pancakes and handed the syrup bottle over to Jackie. Looking down at her pancakes Jackie tipped the bottle upside down and squeezed the syrup all over her pancakes.

"I love my pancakes just covered in syrup," Jackie said, tipping the syrup bottle back around. She dipped her finger in the syrup and sucked it off her finger. Hyde laughed, knew exactly what she was doing and sat down on the other side of her.

"I hate you all," Eric spat, got his plate and took it outside. Sliding the door shut loudly behind him.

"Wow, I didn't even know it was possible to slam a sliding door," Donna laughed, completly and utterly oblivious, "What's with Eric?"

"Probably just man-strating," Jackie said cutting up her pancakes, "You know that time of the month when men get all moody."

"Wait doesn't that happen after puberty...because I'm pretty sure Eric hasn't hit puberty yet," Hyde smirked and shoved a large bit of pancake in his mouth.
They all snickered and ate in silence for a while, relishing a morning meal without Eric in sight.
Mrs. Foreman collected their syrup covered plates and put them on the counter.

"So Jackie, You can use the Vista Cruzer to drive you're stuff over today," Mrs. Foreman stated.

"Thanks Mrs. Foreman," Jackie tried to picture all her belongings in Laurie's room but it just seemed so wrong.

"Okay you ready to go midget?" Donna questioned, nudging her best friend.

Donna, Jackie and Hyde walked out of the sliding door to find Eric sitting in one of the deck chairs looking as grumpy as ever. His lips were turned down into a frown and he was looking off , slightly spaced out. Hyde didn't know how someone could be in such a sour mood after seeing Jackie butt naked. It sure cheered him up, but then again Eric was more of a feminine sort of guy, maybe he didn't appreciate the female body like he did.
Hyde could picture her perfectly in his mind, her long tanned legs, cute round butt, flat smooth stomach. Hyde quickly shook the image out of his head, it wasn't a great moment to be horny.

"Did you enjoy your time out?" Hyde questioned pushing Jackie in the small of the back, just for a reason to touch her. Eric looked up and gave a dry laugh.

"Ha. Ha," he spat out.

"Jeeze Eric who got your panties in a twist?" Donna cocked an eyebrow at her boyfriend. Donna and Eric had seemed less than lovey-dovey since she got back. There wasn't the burst of fireworks that Hyde had expected.

"Well if you didn't Donna, no one else has, frankly I'm surprised you'd go anywhere near his panties," Jackie scoffed. She leaned back into Hyde who was standing behind her. She liked how she didn't need a reason to touch him.

"Looks like someone else has been twisting his panties," Hyde indicated, pointing to the mark on the collar of Eric's shirt.

"Eric what the hell is this?" Donna pulled at Eric's collar, clearly printed on it was a pair of lips in shocking red lip stick. The fiery red head looked like she was about to grab the lanky boy and pop his head clean off his neck.

"What?" Eric stood up abruptly and tried to look down at his shirt. Finally he saw the unholy mark resting perfectly on his collar. Hyde had a hard time believing that any other girl than Donna would find Eric the least bit attractive.

"Wow Eric, I didn't know you were sleazy," Jackie's brown eyes widened and she had to hold back a grin.

"Probably runs in the family, seeing as Laurie's the Queen of the sleaze's," Hyde reasoned resting his head on top of Jackie's. Even after spending a night in his bed, Jackie's hair still smelt of frilly shampoo. He however knew he was still in desperate need of a shower, he was half tempted of asking Jackie to take one with him.

"I honestly don't know how that got there," Eric said seriously looking up into the furious eyes of his girlfriend. Just then a happy little foreigner bounded down the drive way. A look of pure glee on his face, and not only was their glee but the remnants of bright red lip stick on his thin lips. It was Hyde who noticed it first and then broke into laughter.

"Oh hello my American friends, what a fine day it is today," a smile went from one side of his face to the other. He was clearly pleased that they had noticed the mark on Eric's shirt.

"It was Fez!" Eric pointed at the sneaky foreigner, "He blew up my G.I Joe this morning and now he's done this to my shirt!"

"Eww Eric, you've been fooling around with Fez?" Jackie laughed, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Donna's face relaxed after she realized that there was no other woman playing around with her man.

"I knew you were a little fruity man, but Fez?" Hyde chipped in, he and Jackie were playing of each other's burns.

"I'm not even mad, I just amazed you'd actually went there," Donna tried to hold back a laugh but it didn't work and soon all of them except Eric was laughing.
Later that Day Eric would return to his room to find lip stick stains on every single one of his shirts. All done by Fez.

"I'm amazed Fez played the woman in that scenario," Hyde's face was beat red and he was crying a little from laughing too much.

"That's it, I'm going back to bed," Eric threw up his hands and slid back the sliding door, "This day has just been one...disaster after another." He looked back at them once, lingering a little too long on Jackie then slid the door shut behind him.

"Oh he is such a sensitive boy," Fez smirked, "but frisky in bed."

In no time at all, Donna, Jackie, Hyde and Fez were piled into the Vista Cruzer and were heading to the other side of town. Eric was still in a horrifically sour mood and refused to come out of his room to help.

"I don't know what you see in him Donna," Jackie rolled her eyes and fished through the cassette's in Eric's car. She was never particularly fond of Eric and it appeared she wasn't fond of his choice in music either. Nothing peaked her interest, "I mean he's so sensitive, if you wanted to date a woman why didn't you just date a woman."

Donna tried her best to not come off angry, she knew that her best friend and boyfriend never really got along and she had stopped trying to force their friendship a long time ago. But now it seemed that they had a utter hatred for each other.

"Donna you should date a woman," Fez agreed, "then let Fez watch you make out," he added under his breath. Hyde laughed and lightly punched his friend in the arm.

"I don't know why he's in such a bad mood today," Donna sighed, keeping her eyes on the road, "I mean what happened between yesterday and today?"

Hyde coughed and looked out the window, "Well he did see Jackie naked," it was hard not to laugh even thinking about it now. The look on Eric's face had been priceless, it was like a deer in the head lights.

"He what?" Donna swerved the car and made everyone jerk around in their seats, "When was this?"

"Everyone get's to see Jackie naked but Fez," Fez pouted, the red lipstick still on his lips. Jackie sighed and slouched down in her seat, it hadn't been her most glorious moment.

"Jeez Jackie I know you liked to dress skimpy, but really?" Donna scoffed at her best friend and shook her head in disgust.

"No no, it's not like that Donna," Jackie chuckled, and was going to continue until Hyde butted in.

"Eric barged into my room at the wrong moment this morning," Hyde explained, blushing when he thought about it, and what they did once Jackie was fully nude.

"Eww Hyde, I didn't need that visual," Donna blinked a few time's as though it would whip her brain of the very vivid image. She couldn't lie, she'd thought about her and Hyde in that position before, but she didn't want to picture Jackie and him in it instead.

"We weren't doing anything, Jackie was just changing," Hyde continued, "or she was until-"

"Steven!" Jackie yelped not wanting him to go into detail about what they did behind closed doors.

"No, go on," Fez ushered liking where the story was going.

"So now Eric has a picture of butt-naked Jackie in his head, that's just great," Donna spat sarcastically. She always knew that her best friend was a tad more pretty than her but she didn't want her boyfriend thinking that too, or having dirty thoughts about her.

"That is great," Fez sighed, staring a little to keenly at Jackie in the passenger seat. Undressing her with his eyes.

"Oi!" Hyde full on punched Fez in the arm and made the boy 'aii', "That's my girlfriend."
There was a brief silence in the car, as they pulled up to Jackie's drive way.

"So you guys are official now?" Donna questioned turning off the ignition.

"Guess so," Jackie shrugged as if the whole thing wasn't that big of a deal and hopped out of the car.

"You guys pack everything else, I'll get the panties," Fez smirked and rubbed his hands together, looking dreamily up at her house. Jackie rolled her eyes and pushed Fez as he tried to get out of the Vista cruzer.

"That's okay Jackie, I like it rough," Fez smirked and tried once again to get out of the car. This time he was met by Hyde who had gotten out the other side and rounded the vehicle. He pushed Fez back down into the car and slammed the door shut behind him. Hyde was beginning to wonder if there was any guys who didn't want to mess around with his girlfriend.
Instinctively and protectively, Hyde reached for Jackie's hand. Their fingers linked and they smiled at each other.

The four walked up the garden path to the front door, Jackie stepped forward and knocked, expecting one of the many maid's to answer. After a few moments the door creaked open and they weren't met by a maid at all, instead it was Jackie's mother. She was tall, beautiful and tanned, a clear image of what Jackie would look like a few years down the road. The smile on Jackie's face instantly dropped and so did her finger from Hyde's hand.

"Mom?" Jackie spat out. Everyone suddenly felt incredibly uncomfortable, like they were intruding on a family reunion.

"Jackie honey, how are you-" her mother couldn't even finish her sentence before Jackie interrupted.

"Where the hell have you been?" she spat, her voice cutting sharp as a knife. Donna silently walked back off the porch and ushered Fez to followed. He ogled the middle-aged woman for a minute before giving in and follow Donna. Sneaking away from the clearly awkward situation.

Jackie was livid, she couldn't believe her mother would just up and leave her for basically the entire summer, not telling her where she was going, when she was coming home. Leaving her to spend her nights alone in the large house, wondering if something horrible had happened to her. What if she was lying drunk in a ditch somewhere? or being taken advantage of by some rich sleazy man?

However all the time she was worrying about her mother, she knew that her mother wasn't giving a seconds thought about her. She knew she could care less what she was up to, if she was safe. She could have been sniffing cocaine and boozing every night for all her mother knew. But her mother knew nothing.
Nothing about her daughter's life.
She didn't care.

"I told you sweetie, I was going to Cuba," Her mother laughed lightly as if it was no big deal.

"You didn't tell me anything!" Jackie spat back, "You didn't tell me where you were going, when you were coming back." Hyde made to step back, to give her some space. He was feeling more than uncomfortable watching the beginning of the shouting match.

"No, Steven don't-" she made to grab for Hyde's hand, she didn't want him to disappear.

"Jackie dear I thought you were old enough to take care of yourself you don't need me around-" Her mother looked back and forth between the couple, trying to reason with her daughter. The light airy tone still in her voice.

"Your right, I don't need you around," Jackie snapped, her voice becoming stronger,"I didn't need you around when dad left, I didn't need you when I was in Jail-that's right your daughter was in Jail. And guess what? I don't need you now!" tears were welling up in her eyes, and her voice had become raspy-she was on the brink of a utter melt down. Hyde squeezed her hand, he hated to see her like this. He wanted to pull her into his chest, wrap his arms around her and not let go. He was beginning to feel a strong sense of hatred for the middle-aged woman standing in the doorway.

"Sweetie I think you're overreacting a little," her mother spoke down to her like she was five year old, a polite smile still hanging on her lips, "Why don't you say good bye to your-," she looked Hyde up and down with disgust, "your friend and come inside and we can talk about this."

This suggestion did nothing but further anger Jackie, her breathing was erratic and she was squeezing Hyde's hand so tightly he was beginning to lose feeling in his fingers. A part of her wanted to reach out and slap the woman hard across the face.

"No I won't say goodbye to my boyfriend, and I won't come inside and talk this out. I'm done, this is over. I'm getting my crap and leaving." Jackie's chest puffed out and the tears began to slip down her cheek.

"and go where?" the polite tone had now left her mother's voice, she was giving a disapproving look to the two of them, "live with this bum?"

Hyde's eyes narrowed under his glasses and he stepped closer to Jackie, puffing out his chest. The muscles in his Jaw clenched and his entire body stiffened.

"Yeah she's coming to live with me, you know why?" Hyde took a step forward, which made Jackie's mother take a step back, "because at least I give a flying fuck about her."
By now Jackie was full out crying and she leaned forward into the back of Hyde's arm, feeling nothing but love for the boy. Because it was true, who did she have now? Not her parents, she didn't have a 'family'.But she had Hyde, and at the moment...that was enough. Together they stepped through the threshold, and into the house. Jackie's mother was speechless and the color had since dropped from her pretty botched face.

"I will not allow it," Jackie's mother in one last act of desperation stepped in front of them. Hyde didn't think twice before he stepped up to her, looking menacingly down at the woman.
"You wouldn't hit a woman," she stated in disgust, her eyebrows pulling together.

"I wouldn't hit a lady," Hyde corrected.

Jackie was shaking, she'd never felt the way Hyde made her feel. Like she was wanted, like someone actually cared if she was okay. His protective stance on her was like nothing she'd experienced before. The fact that he had stood up for her to her own mother said it all. No one would have done that for her, not Donna, not Kelso when they'd been dating, not even her own father would take her side. She felt an overwhelming need to make it up to him, to show him how much it meant to her. As they walked down the corridor to her room, she could feel her heart beating in her chest and her hand pulsing where Hyde held it. His body was rigid and stiff and she could tell that he was furious, since the landing they hadn't spoken a word to each other.

He swung open her bedroom door and once they were both inside he slammed in shut. Quickly he dropped her hand and sat down on the edge of her bed, not looking up but just at the floor. It was like he had just yelled at his own mother again, he could feel the hot anger flooding his veins and pulsing under his skin. He wanted to punch something, to put his fist through the dry wall. Instead he took a few deep breaths and kept his eyes on the floor.

Jackie watched him silently, her hand felt weird without his in it, without his touch she felt incomplete. Before putting to much thought into it, she stepped towards him, knelt down and looked up into his face. Using her fingertips she pulled his chin up so that he was staring at her. Slowly she removed his glasses and gazed into his deep blue eyes. Her face was wet from tears, and she could see the black mascara running down her face when she glanced down through her eyelashes.

"Jackie, I'm sorry I shouldn't-," he began but Jackie silenced him with a kiss, first it was just simple and slow. Her hands grasped either side of his face and she could feel his stumble rub agaisn't her cheeks. Then she opened her mouth wider and allowed him to slip his tongue in. Little by little they got more aggressive, and faster. Their tongues sliding against each other. Her hands left his face, and ran up his thighs, lingering just in front of his crotch. They pressed their foreheads together and breathed slowly.

"Let's just get out of here," Jackie said quietly and stood up. Her hands left his thighs, but Hyde ran his hands under her legs up pulled her in by the back of her thighs, kissing her on the stomach between the end of her shirt and top of her pants.

The drive back to the Foreman's seemed to take so much longer than the way there. No one spoke but Jackie sat silently in the back and looked out the window, not paying the least bit attention to anyone around her. Hyde held her hand but he felt like he had lost part of her back at the house.

Eric laid back on his bed, throwing a ball up and down in the air, trying to keep himself distracted. How could he be thinking about her? He despised her. Jackie had every personality trait he hated in a girl. She was a stubborn, selfish little bitch. Beside she was Hyde's girl, and he had Donna. Donna-the love of his life, he had been lost without her. He felt like he couldn't get out of bed, couldn't breath, couldn't eat. But now she was back it wasn't the same. There wasn't that spark sizzling between them when they touched. But somehow Hyde and Jackie had the spark, when they kissed their was a electric shock pulsing between their bodies. And now he had her floating around in his head, her sculpted tanned body, the way her back seemed to curve perfectly and her butt was perfectly round. Eric shook his head but the image became nothing but more vivid.

He caught the ball and chucked it to the other side of his room, it smashed agaisn't the wall and rolled into a pile of clothes. Sighing in defeat, Eric reached under his bed and pulled out one of many playboys he had stacked under there. Flipping it open he racked through the images on the pages. Each woman had been sharpied in with a mustache, arm pit hair, leg hair and a thick beaver. Clearly Fez had been having fun ruining every part of his day. He was almost beginning to regret dropping off the foreigner at the Canadian border. Every playboy that Eric grabbed was graffitied cover to cover. There was no way he was going to get his rocks off looking at sharpied naked girls.

Finally he gave up on magazines and sat on the edge of his bed, naked Jackie still spinning around in his head. She was coming to live in his house, and not only live in house but be in the room opposite his. Sleeping in a shirt and panties every night. Before Eric could put anymore thought into it, he got up and headed to the washroom. He felt guilty even thinking about it, but then again he was horny and he hadn't got more than a squeeze from Donna since she got back. Eric shut the door behind him, unbuckled his belt, pulled down his boxers and sat on the toilet. Getting ready for a good wank to finally get her naked bod out of his head. The only problem was, he had just sat on something wet and sticky. Instantly he thought of the worst, but them realized when he couldn't get his butt off the seat that he was super glued there. Fez was always one step ahead of him.

Damn that sneaky foreigner.