A/n: Hello all, and I bet you're wondering what this is, eh? Well, it is based off of the story "The Little Mermaid" except it's done with Kingdom Hearts characters. It's sort of taken from the Disney version, but trust me, I'm gonna try and make this my own as much as possible, so don't be cruel! Because it's not supposed to be exactly like "Disney's The Little Mermaid", mmkay? So enjoy! I appreciate reviews!


This day was like any other day- sunny, comfortable, and completely relaxing. Not only was this day like any other day, but this ocean was just like any other ocean, of how the waters were the rich color of dark cerulean, waves splashing together and creating a foamy whiteness that sprayed out into the air to create a thick, salty breeze. Everyone knows how seas are; they're majestic, massive, and a pleasure to just stare at. And how comfortable you can just be to simply watch the seagulls fly high above the deep waters, the little white bodies shimmering in front of a dark, foggy blue sky above the deep sea.

Porpoises leaped out of the water, the droplets of the sea water sparkling along with their great jumps as they landed gracefully back into the ocean, their heads poking back up to look at one another as they played along with one another in the vast sea. They were like any other porpoises, of course, feeling blissful in the water at this lovely time of day. They could feel the vibrations of something coming nearby, something very large, it seemed, and before they even knew it, an enormous ship appeared out of the fog, waves splashing hard up against the side of the huge ship.

Furthermore, this ship was like any other ship, and on this ship were sailors, and these sailors were, of course, like any other sailors. They were merry, proud, and full of peace as they sailed their giant ship on the sea. They also did their jobs like any old sailors, tightening ropes attached and connected to the deep white sails that billowed out against the wind, sending the ship moving at a steady pace forward, cleaning the enormous wooden deck with their mops to make it as shiny and brisk looking as possible. They retrieved massive fishing nets out of the sea, filled with fresh and plump looking little pink-colored fish and quickly packing the fish later for when they returned to their port.

However, this ship wasn't just a fishing ship, and it wasn't just a ship for sailors who had a deep love for the sea, to just watch and enjoy the beautiful sight before them. It belonged to no other than a prince- but this prince wasn't like any other princes, keeping his stay inside his magnificent palace and having his every single whim granted and any little thing he wanted brought to him that instant.

His name was Prince Riku, and the only thing he desired that day was to just go out onto the sea with the sailors and to just relax and enjoy the day, nothing more or nothing less. His brilliant turquoise eyes were fixated on the splashing ocean, half-lidded and peaceful, not a worry in his mind. His long silvery hair blew behind him in the salty sea air as he leaned forward on the thick railing of the side of the ship, resting his cheeks in the palms of his hands.

"Oh...this is great," he sighed contently, glancing up toward the sky and watching the seagulls fly by. They cawed happily, knowing that there were fresh, delectable fish below just asking to be eaten and be very satisfied afterwards.

Riku stood up slowly, pushing a slender hand through his silvery strands, turning when he heard a bark. A thin and pretty looking Border collie woofed happily up at Riku, trotting her cheery way over to the prince with her tongue hanging out. Riku smiled, leaning down to stroke her head, the black and white dog hopping up and down on her back legs before throwing both of her front feet over the side of the ship to get a good look at whatever Riku was staring at.

"Don't you agree, Maxine?" Riku chuckled, earning a perky sounding bark in return. "How the salty sea air blows in your face? Just a perfect day to be out on the sea..." Riku smiled wider, hearing the sound of what, unfortunately, sounded like somebody gagging loudly and tossing something over the side of the boat.

The silver-haired prince turned to look over at the thin person hanging over the side of the ship, cocking his mouth in mild disgust and slight sympathy for the man over the side of the ship. He turned and looked up at Riku, his face a deep green and green eyes that were just as equal to how green his face was.

"Delightful, Riku... Just delight--" He clapped a hand over his mouth once more before turning back over to the side of the ship and coughing up whatever was inside his stomach.

"A fine strong wind!" exclaimed an old sailor nearby, pulling on a long rope to tighten the sails, Riku hurrying to his aid to help the old sailor. "And a following sea! King Xemnas must be in a friendly-type mood."

Riku stood straight back up, blinking curiously and questioningly innocently, "King Xemnas?" He glanced around at the other sailors who stifled a few snorts and laughs. "Who's King Xemnas?"

"Why, ruler of the merpeople, my prince," came another sailor, this one rather greasy looking as he pulled two fish out of the massive fishing net. "I thought every good sailor should know about him."

Riku merely smirked at the word 'merpeople', knowing that it was nothing more than a myth for half-person half-fish to live in the deep fathoms below. The prince crossed his arms when he heard the man that was coughing up his lungs scoffed from nearby.

"Poppycock..." he grumbled, tightening his little blond ponytail and then fixing his tie. "What nautical nonsense, Riku... Pay no attention to these sailors; they're just trying to scare you."

"Scare me, eh Vexen?" Riku chuckled.

"You callin' me a liar?" came the greasy sailor from before, stomping over to Vexen with a wriggling fish in his hand. "Merpeople are very much real, and they live down there, they do!" The sailor proclaimed, accidentally losing the slippery fish in his hand which proceeded to whack it's tail against Vexen's face and fly out into the water with a splash.

Even if Riku's guardian, Vexen, was thinking that merpeople didn't exist - and Riku thought so, too - then all of those old sailors would be telling the real truth, indeed. For the creatures that lived in this ocean weren't like any other creatures...

Sure, it was filled with exotic, colorful looking fish, whales, and pretty plants of all colors of the rainbow, but it had something that was far more different than just any fish. This ocean truly had what the sailors had said before. Merpeople.

The merpeople were half-human half-fish, and, ironically, their human upper bodies were far more glorious and extravagant than any human on land. Almost every single merperson had long hair of some amazing color, but not every single one- some had short hair that was in an interesting style or shape but still had an enchanting color of hair.

All of the merpeople seemed to be going in one certain direction, moving their fins quickly back and forth through the cool water and towards something emitting a fantastic glow nearby. Following the merpeople were many assortments of pretty fish and porpoises, crabs, lobsters, and some seahorses. They were all swimming towards a great, undersea palace, glowing magnificently as the sound of an orchestra warming up bellowed from within the grand palace.

Inside, there were many more merpeople, along with the undersea life, all situated in the huge concert hall, comfortable and awaiting for the show to start.

This night was supposed to be one of the grandest shows ever to be put on, where no other than King Xemnas, ruler of the merpeople's lovely children would sing gloriously to the audience. The merpeople were talking amongst themselves when they suddenly quieted down when the sound of a deep drum sounded and a large line of swordfish appeared at the front of the stage, followed by a young boy, his tail in shape of a curly, little orange seahorse tail.

He smiled brightly and held his hands behind his slender form, clearing his throat a little bit harshly which caused a little strand of dark blond hair to fall out of his mullet-styled hair, the boy pausing to push the strand back into his hair.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen," he spoke politely. "My name is Captain Demyx, and the king's royal army, and myself, are honored to present tonight's show, featuring only King Xemnas's daughters and his only son."

The audience proceeded to clap and cheer, anxious to hear Xemnas's children sing, for the youngest child of Xemnas, his son, had the most beautiful voice out of all of Xemnas's children. They were awaiting the fantastic performance to begin quite anxiously.

"And now, I present to you," said Demyx with a smile, "his royal highness, King Xemnas!"

The curtains on the stage pulled open, two enormous porpoises swam quickly out from behind the curtains, pulling a shining, golden chariot and in the chariot was a powerful and godly looking man, his long, long silvery hair spiraling down behind him while his dark orange eyes stared down at the audience, all of the merpeople clapping and cheering loudly as their king came into their sight.

With a proud, small smile, Xemnas slowly lifted his strong looking arm, where then a sharp light appeared in the palm of his hand and immediately, a large, glowing, golden trident. He slid his hand slowly down the long golden handle, pointing it straight to the giant chandelier that was high above the stage and the audience, another sharp golden ray shooting out of the end of the trident and striking the chandelier like a lightning bolt, lighting up the sparkling chandelier and filling the entire concert hall with even more glorious light.

The curtains had closed once more, careful to not show what was beyond the dark curtains. Demyx smiled politely to his king and cleared his throat again.

"And now, presenting, King Xemnas's royal advisor, and the distinguished court composer of tonight's performance, Sir Axel!"

The curtains pulled back again and there came another loud applause, more from what sounded like the mermaids in the audience as another chariot pulled by two terrified looking porpoises emerged out from behind the curtain, where in the chariot was a red-haired young merman, holding onto the reins of the porpoises in front of him with both of his hands and smiling widely to the audience as they applauded for him. Of course, just for Axel's luck, the porpoises gave a tug forward causing Axel to fall slightly forward on his not-as-shiny chariot and try and regain control of the porpoises.

Once the two large porpoises had calmed down, Axel gave a rough sounding sigh and pushed a hand through his mass of spiky red hair and swiftly caught up to Xemnas, placing his pearly-white smile back on his face for his king.

"Axel," said Xemnas to the redhead next to him, "I'm really looking forward to this performance."

Axel smirked and beamed proudly, noting to give himself a big pat on the back for later on.

"Your Majesty," he smiled, "this will be the finest concert I have ever conducted. I swear to you, my king, your daughters and your son will be spectacular!"

Both Xemnas and Axel came to a stop at a large podium up high, just for Xemnas as the king situated himself comfortably at the box podium. "I should hope so." Xemnas said with a slight chuckle, Axel chuckling quietly himself, a little nervously, with Xemnas. "I'm particularly looking forward to hearing Sora."

Axel gave a nod and a very wide reassuring smile. "Your Majesty, out of all your children, Sora is by far the most glorious out of all of them. His voice is the most beautiful." Axel turned, still smiling as he began swimming down towards the front of the stage, his red tail swishing back and forth in the water, while he murmured to himself, "If the boy would actually come to a rehearsal for once...!"

The red-haired composer stopped right in front of the orchestra, emerald orbs staring down at his already set-up sheet music that was placed perfectly in front of him. He gave a small sigh and reached down to grasp his conducting wand, tapping the front of the sheet music stand and getting the orchestra's attention before he then began to direct the orchestra, where a rather happy tune came out of the musical instruments that the merpeople in the orchestra created.

The curtain on the stage was pulled back completely to reveal the stage where four very large clam shells sat, three popping open at once to reveal six young mermaids, all smiling prettily as they began singing along with the music.

"Oh, we are the daughters of Xemnas. Great father who loves us and named us well!"

Momentarily, Xemnas gave a proud smirk himself as he stared at his daughters on the stage, as they all began to recite their names.

"Aquata! Andrina! Arista! Atina! Adella! Allana!"

Every single one of the pretty young girls all gave their own little few high notes, where Axel conducted each one, smiling at his accomplishments before him, singing wonderfully on the stage. And in just a few moments, the most beautiful of all voices would begin to sing before everyone and it would be tremendous.

"And then there is the youngest in our musical debut," continued the princesses, all gathering around the last large clam shell that would have the prince inside of it, "our seventh little brother, we're presenting him to you. To sing a song Axel wrote, his voice won't bore ya!"

The clam began to slowly open and soon Prince Sora's beautiful voice would echo around the concert hall and impress everybody. The clam was then completely open...

"He's our brother, Sora--ahh!"

To Axel's horror, there was nobody inside the clam shell. It was completely empty. There was no merboy inside that clam shell that would be singing gloriously tonight. All of the daughters gasped loudly and looked at each other and Axel swallowed in deep peril as he slowly looked up at Xemnas high above him.

Axel could've sworn he saw Xemnas's eyes glow red, but he looked livid, and Axel knew for a fact that he was going to die tonight...a slow...painful...death.

The next sound next was Xemnas's angry roar of a voice as he yelled out into the concert hall, "SORA!"