-1Prince Riku sighed where he sat on the sandy shores of the beach that was right next to his elaborate white palace a little ways off. His aqua-marine eyes were focused on the foamy sea, where the waves crashed against the sand before rolling back out into the sea again. Riku had been playing his flute for some time now, a little bittersweet tune that reminded him of the day where he almost died because of the ship capsizing from the storm. He remembered those amazing blue eyes staring down at him, the gorgeous male's form leaning above him and silhouetted by the orange sunlight. And then his voice... That super sweet to-die-for voice that was like a little song to Riku's ears it was so perfect.

Riku pushed a hand through his silver tresses and looked down to the canine laying next to him, her eyes staring lazily out at the sea. Riku smiled and reached down to stroke her head a moment, "I bet you must think I'm crazy? Still thinking about who saved my life, right, Maxine?"

Maxine looked up at Riku and woofed a moment, giving a gleeful little smile and wagging her tail. Riku heaved another sigh and continuing running his fingers through Maxine's white and gray fur. The prince took one more look out at the sea before rising to his feet, Maxine jumping to her feet and wagging her whole back end.

"Let's head back, good girl..." Riku murmured, gesturing for Maxine to follow him as he began slowly strolling back to his huge castle nearby.

With a great effort, Sora, Axel and Roxas had managed to swim to the shore to rest heavily against large smooth rocks and sit in the shallows where they were most comfortable. It was mostly hard for Sora and Axel- they had no idea how to use their new legs, let alone swim with them.

Roxas panted heavily as he laid on his back in the barely ankle deep water, chest rising and falling. Axel did the same, except for when he went to fall back his back fell right onto one of the smooth rocks and thus bent his spine in a very awkward position. He groaned and sat up irritably.

Sora panted softly, brushing some chocolate brown spikes away from his blue eyes and then looked down at his knees. At his knees! Sora's heart leapt into his throat when he saw his brand new legs, and he slowly lifted one up out of the where his eyes landed on the form of his foot. Sora was smiling so widely and his eyes were shining like two crystals. Sora then proceeded to wiggle his toes, and Sora would've squealed with joy if it hadn't been he lost his voice.

Axel was watching Sora the whole time he examined his new legs. Axel looked down at his own pair of human legs and actually cringed. Slowly, Axel brought one of his own legs up, emerald eyes scanning over his skinny leg and then down to his own foot where he then wiggled his toes just like Sora. Axel didn't squeal, he grabbed at his head and screamed.

"I can't believe this!"

Roxas blinked and sat up to look at Axel with wide eyes.

"Would you LOOK at this!" Axel cried, gesturing maniacally to his human legs. "I HAVE LEGS! Oh my god! This is so bad! The King will most definitely have my head for sure, and he'll snap off these legs of mine and eat them just like crab legs!"

"Axel, calm down!" Roxas said fiercely. "Look, this is gonna be okay, you understand?"

Axel was trembling harshly, "N-No, no, it's not gonna be okay, do YOU understand me? Just LOOK at Sora! On legs! On HUMAN legs!"

"Hey you guys!"

All three males glanced behind them to see no other than Marluxia swimming quickly towards them until he was up in the shallows along with them. Marluxia giggled happily and sat next to Sora, absent-mindly patting his new legs with a big grin on his face.

"Look at you, Sora, you look so happy!" Marluxia grinned. "Hmm, you look a bit different! I can totally figure this out, though!" Sora bit his bottom lip with a giddy smile on his lips as Marluxia inspected Sora from top to bottom.

"It's your hair," Marluxia stated. "You've been using the dinglehopper, haven't ya!"

Sora simply smiled with a pink tint on his cheeks and shook his head. Axel looked ready to burst and Roxas actually found the situation kind of amusing.

"Lemme think..." Marluxia sighed, staring straight at Sora's legs while he pondered. "Oh, you tanned your skin! That's it, isn't it?"

Sora shook his head giddily again. "No new tan... Okay, I can get this!" Marluxia patted Sora's legs in a rhythmatic way to waste time while he continued trying to figure out what was different about Sora.

"It's on the tip of my tongue, I swear!" Marluxia exclaimed while Sora began bobbing his leg back and forth. "I think I'll figure it out with a little bit more tim-"

"HE'S GOT LEGS!" Axel roared, face a bit red. "You IDIOT!"

Marluxia immediately blinked and jerked back, blue eyes landing on Sora's skinny legs in a shocking discovery. Axel was acting like a raging mad little child and had to be calmed down by Roxas again.

"He traded his mermaid fins to get some human legs to the sea witch," Axel groaned. "Jeez!"

Marluxia simply smirked and shrugged, "I knew that... I was just playing around..."

Sora was going to try and stand. The brunette placed his palms squarely against the sandy floor underneath the water and wobbly stood up. All three males watched Sora with a sort of fascination as Sora stood very precariously on his feet.

"Why don't you try standing, Axel?" Roxas asked.

Axel had no desire to try and stand but decided it was probably for the best. Axel did the same exact thing as Sora, pressing his palms down against the ground to give him the right push to stand himself up. Axel was twice as precarious as Sora was, but they were doing a pretty good job in standing on legs they had never used before, so Roxas and Marluxia applauded them.

"Whoa, wait a second!" Axel cried, noticing something. "Our privates are on the outside of the body now?"

"Wow!" Marluxia said laughingly. "Cool!" Marluxia actually went to go and touch Axel but the redhead jerked away from the pink-haired merman and thus proceeded to fall over, creating a large splash and soaking everyone. Because of this, Sora fell as well, a look of panic on his face as he tumbled in the water and got everyone soaked again - Marluxia's hair was covered in seaweed.

"Oh my god this beginning to scare me..." Axel said severely like he was about to have a break down. "This is REALLY bad! Like, I'm beginning to hyperventilate over here! This is a complete disaster you guys! I-I mean, Sora's father is going to absolutely EXPLODE! The whole SEA will turn into a twister from the King's anger!" Axel buried his face into his hands and deep breathed a moment.

"I can't even begin to think what he'll say!" Axel cried. "I-I mean yeah, he'll kill me first and THEN say something, but-but-but! Agh! I can't handle this! Marluxia, Roxas, you better go straight down to the King and tell him what is happened like how we should have in the first place!"

Sora gasped the moment Axel said this, shaking his head desperately at all three of them while Axel continued to talk non-stop.

"Don't shake your head at me!" Axel barked, pointing at Sora. "Wait! Maybe! Just maybe we could get like...A REFUND!" Axel acted like this was the most brilliant idea in the world and looked like he had just discovered something totally amazing.

"We could go back to Larxene and maybe she'll give you back your voice and then we can go home with all the NORMAL fish!"

Sora shook his head again, eyes wide in a desperate attempt to beckon Axel otherwise. He would've been talking profusely to the redhead if he had his voice, but all he could reason Axel with was his expression and his eyes.

"Yeah, we gotta try it!" Axel said, still a little panicky. "Roxas, Marluxia you guys can go, okay? It'll totally work, okay?" There was another loud splash and Axel flinched and felt his skin turn into gooseflesh when he felt Sora's arms wrap tightly around the redhead's naked midsection. Axel slowly turned his head to look down at Sora who's face was pressing right into Axel's waist while he shook his head crazily back and forth.

"A-And just..." Axel muttered, going to continue his rant but stopping slowly. "And just be..." Sora looked up at Axel with big sky blue eyes that were misty with tears. Axel felt a lump come to his throat and a twinge of pitiful guilt run through his body.

Axel sighed and placed a hand to his cheek and shook his head, "And just be miserable for the rest of your life..."

Axel had to look away from Sora's saddened puppy-dog face, sighing in defeat and nodding his head. Sora watched the redhead carefully until Axel finally spoke.

"Okay... I'll help you out the best I can, Sora..."

Sora's eyes lit up with pure joy, a big grin covering his face and he suddenly planted a big smooch right on Axel's cheek, causing the three other males to stare a bit wide-eyed at Sora. Marluxia nudged Roxas in the side and whispered, "I thought Sora liked that Riku guy-"

"He does!" Roxas whispered back, very annoyed.

When Sora pulled away from his twenty-second long kiss on Axel's cheek, he stood and began to practice walking again. It was safe to say that Axel's eyes looked very dead, "I'm turning into such a softie..."

"Okay, I wanna help, too!" Marluxia said confidently, smacking a hand to his bare torso. "But...ah...can somebody tell me what's actually going on here?"

"Long story short, Sora went to the sea witch, Larxene, and traded his voice for a pair of legs so he could try and get Prince Riku to fall in love with Sora, and in three days, too. And in those three days Riku's got to kiss Sora otherwise Sora will be Larxene's property," explained Roxas with a deep breath. "So we're here to watch over Sora and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble and get Riku to try and kiss Sora without actually telling Riku what's going on here."

"Got'cha," Marluxia smiled with a thumbs up.

"AND WE'VE ONLY GOT THREE DAYS!" Axel cried, going mad again as he grabbed at his fiery red hair.

"I already mentioned that part!" spat Roxas.

"Okay, I know a way I can help!" Marluxia said with his finger in the air. "Sora, you can't just go out into the human world without any clothes on, you gotta dress like a human, too! Now, I can totally help you out here!"

Sora watched Marluxia as he actually dragged himself up onto the shore near a large pile of broken ship pieces, which included lots of wood, a mast, and rope...

Riku had almost reached his palace again when he noticed that Maxine wasn't following him anymore. The silver-haired male turned around to see Maxine sniffing the air with her big black nose until she suddenly began barking very excitedly.

"What is it, Maxine?" Riku asked as she began hopping around and barking back in the direction they came from. "What is it, girl?"

But Maxine suddenly bolted off in the direction she was barking at, woofing constantly while Riku gasped and quickly hurried after her. "Maxine!"

"Perfect, Sora!" Marluxia smiled proudly while he inspected Sora where he sat in the shallows still with Axel and Roxas. "You look great, you look sensational!"

Either Marluxia was over exaggerating to make Sora happy, or he was a complete idiot, because Sora didn't look very 'sensational'. Marluxia had put Sora in the mast he found on the sand moments ago and tied it with the rope to the boy's lower half in a very unattractive way.

"It looks kind of embarrassing..." Axel murmured, pressing a hand to his forehead.

"Shut up, Axel, you're next," Marluxia said, still smiling.

But before Axel couldn't complain about wearing 'clothes' similar to that of Sora, there was a loud noise that scared the living daylights out of all four of the males. Movement caught Sora's eyes as a huge fluffy gray and white sheepdog appeared from around the huge rock wall, barking excitedly and bounding straight towards Sora.

Axel promptly cried out in surprise and actually dove back towards the water, getting quite a surprise when he breathed underneath the water and choked. Roxas managed to jerk Axel back up from the water and pull him behind some large rocks where Marluxia waited.

"You can't breathe underwater anymore!" Roxas whispered frantically to Axel, who was still coughing a bit.

Sora, however, had also been frightened by the huge burly dog that was hopping up and down woofing at him. Sora had found refuge on a large rock on the sandy beach, climbing up onto it to escape from the barking sheepdog.

"Maxine! Where'd you go!"

Sora blinked when he heard that voice, looking up with wide sky blue eyes as he saw yet more movement appear from behind the rock wall. Maxine woofed perkily and hurried over to the silver-haired prince who was panting slightly from having to chase down a big dog like Maxine.

"What has gotten into you?" Riku murmured as Maxine obediently returned to him. "Seriously, what on earth got you so worked up-" Riku had finally looked up, seeing the culprit that Maxine was after. No other than a small chocolate-haired boy with big blue eyes and a pretty smile to match.

"H-Hey..." murmured Riku calmly as he slowly approached Sora.

Sora was smiling a bit, feeling like he had to fix his hair and what not, but that was the last thing on Riku's mind.

"Are you okay? I hope she didn't scare you too bad," Riku said kindly. "She hardly ever disobeys me like tha-" It was right then Riku noticed that Sora was simply staring at the prince with a sweet grin on his slightly tan skin.

Riku cocked an eyebrow at this mysterious brown-haired boy and his eyes narrowed a bit. Who was this kid? And why was he so strangely out on the beach in nothing but an old mast? Not only that but he wasn't even speaking.

"Have we met before?" Riku asked out bluntly.

Sora immediately nodded, enthusiastically at that, eyes as big as his smile. Maxine woofed excitedly, trying to get in the middle of all of it but Riku gently pushed her away and focused his attention back on Sora.

"So we have met," Riku said, his aqua-marine eyes glittering. "A-Are you...are you the one I've been looking for? All this time?" Sora continued nodding excitedly. This would be so easy! Even without a voice!

"What's your name?" Riku asked.

Sora instantly went to go and speak, his lips forming his name but no sound came out. There was a slight awkward pause, but a more sad one on Sora's part as he rubbed at his throat absently.

"What's the matter?" Riku asked, eyeing Sora rubbing his throat. "Can you not speak?" Sora sighed and shook his head, blue eyes staring sadly down at the white sand below.

"O-Oh..." Riku sighed, looking away himself. "I guess I was wrong then... You couldn't be who I thought you were..."

Sora looked away miserably again, almost feeling his eyes become a bit misty. Sora misjudged this whole situation- it would be harder than it seemed.

"Hey, why don't you come with me, anyways?" Riku asked, a bit of silver in his eyes. "You look like you maybe went through something... You're stranded out here, aren't you? I'll be more than happy to give you some new clothes, some good food and a bed to sleep in."

Sora nodded his head enthusiastically again, so hard in fact that he began slipping down the front of the rock and actually began tumbling off. Riku gasped and leapt forward, catching the brunette before he could fall and hurt himself. Sora looked up at Riku as the older prince held him securely in his arms, the brunette's heart fluttering for a second at how close they were together, even their bangs were touching.

"You okay?" Riku asked kindly. "C'mon, let's go back to my castle, you're probably starving."

Then, Riku began to lead Sora back to his castle, however Sora looked back over his shoulder to see if Axel, Roxas and Marluxia had been watching. They had, and each of their expressions were different. Marluxia looked very happy and held a thumbs up to Sora. Roxas simply smiled and waved goodbye to the brown-haired male, while Axel waved as well but didn't smile.

"I'm gonna need to get into that castle, too," Axel grumbled once Riku and Sora were out of ear-shot. "I can't very well stay in the water the whole time... I need to watch over Sora."

"Okay, then, let's get you in some fine clothes then, Axel!" Marluxia grinned happily. Axel groaned and began stepping up on the land to get some clothes on his body as well...

The walk back to Riku's castle was a very short one, but when Sora finally stepped foot into the amazing palace, the brunette felt as if he had fallen into a fairytale, even if he was a merman. Upon seeing Riku's new guest, Vexen was the first to actually look rather surprised by this. The stiff blond man continued to watch Sora like a hawk, thinking he was just some ship wreck garbage and that Riku shouldn't be wasting his time on him. Besides, Riku deliberately said that whoever had rescued him was speaking to Riku, so this couldn't be them.

Riku was compassionate, though, and could tell that Sora needed caring to and immediately handed Sora off to the super kind maid, Aerith. Sora had never met a more nice woman in his life - all the women he knew were his sisters and they weren't exactly the nicest people in the world.

First, Aerith prepared a bath for Sora, he smelled greatly of sea water, and seriously wanted to dispose of those ship sails that acted as an outfit for Sora.

"Poor little thing..." Aerith murmured as Sora stared wide-eyed at the massive soapy bubbles in the massive bath tub he sat in. "I bet it was pretty stressful, wasn't it? We assume you washed up from a ship wreck... But we'll take good care of you, dear."

Sora actually flinched in surprise when his index finger poked one of the shiny bubbles and it popped into about a dozen smaller bubbles. Sora was finding this way too fun as he continued making more bubbles by splashing.

"I'll be sure to get you some nice proper garments for your handsome self," Aerith smiled as Sora enjoyed him. Sora looked up at Aerith and smiled gratefully at her and giving a nod.

"Hmm, what a sincere little boy you are," Aerith smiled as she went to step away to take charge in another chore.

Meanwhile, outside, Axel was desperately finding away to sneak into Riku's palace without getting spotted. Axel was now in Marluxia's fashion like Sora, however his just covering his lower half and looking like it was going to slip off at any given time. Now, it would be quite bad for someone to spot Axel because he could actually talk and he might spill his guts about everything and probably break the three day contract Sora had with Larxene. So Axel had to lie low and try and find some random window to climb into and then find wherever Sora would be staying and just hide out there the whole time.

Tip-toeing carefully around to the back of the palace, the red-haired 'human' caught whiff of something very cleanly foul. It turned out to be about seven female maids doing laundry outside in a huge tub of soapy water before hanging them up on a clothes line.

"So I hear that Prince Riku just found that kid out of nowhere!" said one of the young women. "I mean, not that I'm upset or anything, it's just that...ya know, why can't he be a blond? A boy with blond hair would look so much better with Riku!"

"What're you joking?" came another young lady, her golden tresses falling into her eyes where they had slipped out of the cloth holding her hair back. "Brown hair fits him perfectly."

"Won't it be totally adorable if they get married?" squealed another girl. "I mean, after all, Prince Riku needs to lay back with a sweet kid like that with him, ya know!"

All of the other young women instantly agreed and began squealing some more. Axel had a strangely infatuated look on his face, but also extreme disturbance of these women finding it sweet for two males to be together. Whatever the case, Axel needed to get inside and quickly.

Then...he saw it. That god send of an open window. Axel practically dove at it. His finger tips latched onto the window sill and, with great strength, Axel managed to heave himself up over the sill and then literally somersault inside the room and land right on his rear end with a grunt.

"Oww..." groaned Axel as he rubbed his lower back and went to stand.

Axel's emerald eyes surveyed the room, and it took no later than two seconds before Axel felt like he had fallen into the pits of hell.

It was a kitchen. And on nearly every surface was a platter of fish, very sharp looking butcher's knives, and then Axel nearly gagged when he saw a fish fin, that looked exactly like his fin back when he was a merman, hanging out of the side of a huge pot of boiling water.

Axel nearly fainted, but tried to keep his cool as he suddenly heard a voice.

"Delicious! Absolutely scrumptious!"

It was the chef, a tall and well built blond with slight facial hair and a smug look on his lips. He was stirring what look like salmon stew and was taking a sip.

"Oh, my! It's just divine!" he wailed as he gave a twirl of happiness.

Terrified, Axel dove behind a counter near a large can that was filled with fish heads. Axel felt his stomach drop and he crawled desperately away, still behind the counters. All while he crawled, he could hear the chef doing all sorts of insanely torturous and disgusting things in the main kitchen room. He saw the shadow of the man on the wall holding a huge knife and chopping frantically away at a large tuna before tossing it's organs inside a pot of water.

Axel felt like he was going to retch at any given moment where he still crawled behind the counters, getting only God knew what on his hands and knees. Not to mention he was scared out of his mind of getting caught by said chef and getting chopped up into pieces with his huge butcher knives.

Finally, Axel saw refuge as the very last bit of counter ended and straight ahead was an open door that lead down a welcoming corridor. Axel had no idea where or what the chef was doing, but Axel was just going to run for it.

With a panicked and scared whimper, Axel jumped to his feet and dashed towards the open corridor, going as fast as his new human legs would allow him.

The chef, Luxord, blinked when he heard the patter of feet against the tile floor and turned to look in the direction in which it came from. Nothing there, back to cooking.

"You know, Riku, I um...think you may be thinking about this mysterious 'boy' who rescued from the ship wreck...you know...a little too much..."

"I'm telling you, Vexen, he was really there! He saved my life and was speaking to me!" Riku snapped back to the frustrated old man. "And...I'm gonna find him..."

Riku and Vexen were standing in the dining room, the silver-haired prince looking out a vast window that was the entire wall practically and seeing the amazing ocean below. Vexen sighed a bit and shook his head, finding that Riku was speaking utter nonsense. He maybe have drunk a bit too much sea water when he fell off the ship...

"Prince Riku?"

Aerith's voice rang through the dining hall and Riku immediately glanced up, "Yes, Aerith?"

"He's all ready for supper," Aerith smiled, looking very proud of her work as Sora began to slowly step into the room.

Sora was now clad in real human clothes and not some stupid ship sails. A pair of tight fitting black pants sported his lower half and a very comfortable looking long sleeved white shirt that was quite similar to Riku's hugged his upper body. However, he was wearing a dark pink waistcoat that really just completed the outfit to the right extent.

Riku's mouth actually dropped when he saw the boy. He couldn't really believe how tight those pants fit Sora and showed off every single little curve and crevice- it was just perfect.

"You look very pretty," Riku smiled in a gentleman fashion.

Sora flushed a noticeably dark scarlet and nodded his head in thanks.

"Well, I think it's time for supper, my boys," Vexen said, intruding and sliding in between Riku and Sora. "I'll show you to your seat..."

Vexen slowly escorted Sora to the dining table, a huge table that seated about twenty people. Riku sat down at the head of the table, while Vexen pulled out the chair next to Riku and Sora took his seat with a smile.

Examining the objects on the table surface, Sora saw several things in front of him. A large round white plate with fancy golden embroidery going along the inside. Next to that was a mauve cloth napkin, a spoon, a knife and...the dinglehopper!

Sora smiled brightly and took the dinglehopper, which was actually a fork, and placed it at his chocolate brown spikes and began combing himself with it immediately. Sora acted so smart as he grinned and pushed the fork through his hair with ease. He opened his blue eyes to see what Riku and Vexen were thinking of his smart thinking of using the dinglehopper only to see that they were both staring at him with wide, perplexed eyes.

Sora blinked and blushed darkly. He embarrassingly placed the fork back in it's original place and stared down at his lap, feeling like a total fool while Riku and Vexen forgot about Sora's otherwise foolish act with the fork.

"Well, it seems there's going to be a few minutes before the food comes out, so I think I'll have a smoke," Vexen thought aloud as he reached inside his navy blue jacket to remove...the snarfblatt!

Sora's eyes glimmered brightly as he saw the snarfblatt which was really a smoking pipe and wished quite a bit to see Vexen's pipe up close. Vexen caught sight of Sora's excited look and pulled away his already lit pipe and handed it slowly to Sora, "You seem pretty interested in it. It's got some worth to it, brought down by the-"


Within half a second, Sora had blown right into the pipe and sent black all over Vexen. The blond stared blankly forward with a look of total disgust on his face while Riku snorted with laughter.

Realizing he had done something foolish again, Sora hurriedly slid the pipe back towards Vexen across the table and looked away.

"Sorry 'bout that, Vexen," giggled Riku behind a hand.

"Oh, Prince Riku, that has got to be the first time I've seen you smile in ages," Aerith said as she emerged from the kitchen holding a large tray with three silver platters with silver domes.

Sora smiled widely when he heard this, his heart fluttering when he realized that he was actually the cause of Riku's smile and laughter.

"So here's your dinner, dearies," smiled Aerith as she began placing all the plates around in front of each specific male. "It's Luxord's specialty, samon stew."

"Mmmhm, delicious!" Vexen smiled delightedly as he pulled off the silver dome and went for his spoon. "Don't hesitate to dig in, Riku, it's your favorite, after all."

Vexen glanced up to Riku but noticed the silverhead was staring at Sora with a look of passion and need for the brunette. Sora was looking at Riku the same way, smiling a bit wider than the silver-haired prince was but still just as lovesick.

"O-Oh, what, Vexen?" Riku asked, tearing his eyes away from Sora to look at Vexen. "Didn't hear you."

"You know what would be a really splendid idea?" Vexen suddenly asked as he dipped his spoon into his stew. "You should take him out into the town tomorrow, give him a view of the country side, you know, away from the ocean and all..."

"What a great idea, Vexen," smiled Riku. "Does that sound good to you?"

Sora instantly nodded his head, blue eyes big and excited.

"Great! Sunrise we'll go into town and have some fun," smiled Riku. "Maybe afterwards we could go for a boat ride on the lake?"

Sora nodded enthusiastically, absolutely loving the idea of spending a whole day alone with Riku- the perfect opportune moment to get to kiss Riku! Sora felt his heart flutter happily as he finally focused on his dinner and tasted something he never thought he'd taste such as another fish...

Evening arrived before Sora knew it. Aerith had given Sora one of the many guest rooms in Riku's palace, a very beautiful and cosy guest room with a big bed with sky blue sheets and pillows you could disappear in. However, the first moment Sora had stepped into it after changing into his night clothes, he immediately heard a shuffling noise coming from underneath the queen sized bed.

Sora blinked and tilted his head to the side.

"S-Sora? Is that you?"

Sora dropped down onto his knees and lifted up the white dust ruffle to clearly see no other than Axel laying on his back and looking very flustered.

"Oh, thank god..."

Axel scrambled out from underneath the bed and panted a bit from moving so much. The redhead was still wearing the sail from before - Sora would be sure to get some more clothes from Aerith to give to Axel. The redhead pushed a hand through his fiery red hair and sighed deeply.

"You have no idea what I've been through," groaned Axel. "I had to sneak into the palace while wearing this piece of work right here-" Axel gestured to the sail around his midsection which was slowly slipping down. "-and barely missed being caught by a deranged and psychopathic chef that slaughters up poor fish and cooks them and what not! Nearly made me vomit, it was so horrible! And then I had to figure out which room you'd be staying in, so I followed the lady wearing pink who was changing...bed sheets? And she nearly spotted me twice, twice, Sora!"

Axel blinked in surprise when he realized Sora had flopped down onto the cushiony bed and was nuzzling the pillows with a big smile on his face.

Axel sighed gloomily, "I heard. You're going out tomorrow with Riku, right? Listen, Sora, don't fall asleep yet! You have got to get him to kiss you tomorrow, so try your hardest to look...provocative and, seductive, and make your lips just look kissable!"

Sora wasn't listening. He was already in a deep sleep, curled up a bit while holding the pillows and looking just so comfortable and as happy as he could be. Axel sighed and shrugged, smiling a bit when he saw just how happy Sora looked. Axel hadn't seen Sora this happy in the longest time and it made Axel very happy as well to see Sora so happy, since everything under the sea had practically been ruined by Xemnas.

"Sora, you're hopeless," Axel chuckled. Axel dropped down onto his knees again and lifted up the dust ruffle to scurry up under the bed - there was just enough room for him to lay on his back and get comfortable against the carpeted floor. However, his bare feet were sticking out from underneath the dust ruffle.

Soon enough both males were in a deep slumber, cautiously and excitedly awaiting the next day...

It was dark in the ocean that night, and all of Xemnas's soldiers, every fish, every sea creature and mermaid alike were in a frantic search to find Sora. Xemnas was sitting in his throne with a miserable look of great discontent on his face, orange eyes looking up when he caught sight of no other than Demyx return panting a bit.

"Did you find him?" Xemnas asked hopefully.

"I'm sorry, your majesty, we've been searching everywhere for Sora," replied Demyx, his seahorse tail flitting about. "We just cannot find Sora..."

"Keep looking," ordered Xemnas sternly. "I don't want anyone to rest, sleep or do anything else other than search for Sora. Look everywhere! We will find him!"

Demyx swallowed and sighed, slowly nodding his head, "Yes, sire..." And then he slowly swam away back into the darkness of the sea to tell orders to the other sea life in search of Sora.

Xemnas pressed a palm to his face in shame, "Damnit... Why did I have to do that...? What have I done?"