I do not own Twilight or the characters of Twilight. I would like to thank Stephenie Meyers for creating such a wonderful world and allowing us to play in it.

Homecoming was wonderful. Kippah won the game and our secret wasn't exposed.

Mike did call us once and after a careful discussion, Edward and I decided to go out with Mike and Jessica. The night was interesting and I was able to find out about everything that happened to my group of friends from high school.

Mike and Jessica both went Washington State. Mike is a retired coil salesman and Jessica worked as an interior designer. After graduation they got married and had a son, Steven. Steven served as a Marine and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor after rescuing his caravan from a roadside bomb. He's currently serving as a congressmen from South Dakota.

After joining the peace corps, Angela met Jason Graper and got married. They started an after-school program for youths at risk. After running the group for ten years their two children took over while Angela and Jason drive around the country in an RV helping in disaster areas.

Mike also told us about Eric being a professor at Kippah University, but we knew about that. It seems that Eric's love of journalism led to job with the Seattle Times. After writing for a few years, Eric chose to get his doctorate from Yale. He's been working at Kippah University for about ten years as a faculty advisor for the school paper and as a professor.

After the close call, we decided to leave Kippah University. We spent a few months traveling before settling down in Michigan. This time Edward and Carlisle, along with Alice, individually went through each person involved with the school and town to make sure we didn't have any more unexpected surprises.

Sorry for the short ending, but I just ran out of ideas for this story and didn't want to leave it unfinished.