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"Hey, Guiltna-chan," Tonae chirped cheerily, "I just realized, I've never asked if you had any family before, have I?" Guiltna looked up from what she was doing. "I've never told you before," she asked, surprise in her sapphire eyes. Tonae shook her head, her long, curled brown hair whipping back and forth. "I had a wife and daughter," Guilt-na said, looking nostalgic and wistful. "Would you like me to tell you about them?" Tonae's chocolate brown eyes lit up. "Yes, please."

"Well, I suppose I should start at the beginning," Guilt-na murmured, a distant look in her eyes. "It was about five years after I met Vincent. We'd just fought a poisonous monster and I'd become ill…

"My Lord," Vincent cried, "please be okay." The bat man crouched over his vampire lord, Guilt-na-Zan. The vampire aristocrat was unconscious and his face was pained and flushed with fever. A shadow fell over the panicked bat-man and his master. "I can help him if you come with me," a young woman said, draping a cloak over Guilt-na-Zan to protect the vampire aristocrat from the sunlight. It was a woman in her early twenties with long, ash black hair tied in a braid and bright purple eyes. Vincent lifted his lord and followed the young woman to a small cottage on the edge of the forest, in the distance, a small village could be seen.

"Do you know what poisoned him," the woman asked as Vincent laid his lord on a bed in the cozy cottage. Vincent thought for a moment, looking panicked and desperate. "It was, a monster and scaly and…and….," he said, desperately trying to remember the monster's name, but the harder he tried, the more panicked he became. The woman put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. "Calm yourself," she said soothingly, "I can find out the poison another way."

The young woman pushed up one of Guilt-na-Zan's sleeves, revealing the fair skin underneath, and placed a knife against the skin of his arm. She cut just deep enough to draw blood before placing her mouth on the bleeding wound and tasting it. "Are you a vampire as well," Vincent asked in confusion as the woman bandaged the wound. The woman shook her head, getting up and searching through a cupboard. "I'm human, but I can tell what a poison is if I taste it," she explained.

"But won't you be poisoned as well," Vincent asked with concern. The young woman smiled beautifully. "I'm immune to poison," she explained. "Here we go." She pulled a vial of red liquid from the cupboard. "Fortunately I had an antidote made up," she said as she walked back to Guilt-na Zan, "the monster that'd poisoned him had been sighted so I made the antidote incase someone got poisoned. Though, I never expected to use it on a vampire."

The woman tilted Guilt-na-Zan's head back and poured the liquid into his mouth. As soon as he swallowed the liquid, his fever began to cool and his pained expression relaxed. "Amazing," Vincent exclaimed, "he's really all better." The woman smiled. "Yes, but he'll have to stay here for a few days," she said. "The poison is very powerful and I'll have to give him a dose of the antidote everyday for a week. Until then, you'll help me out to pay me back for saving your master's life."

"Of course," Vincent agreed, smiling brightly. The woman smiled wider. "You're not what you'd expect the servant of a vampire to be," she giggled. "I'm Tess by the way." Vincent laughed as well, unsure of what was funny. "My name is Vincent," he introduced himself, bowing, "my lord's name is Guilt-na-Zan."

"Drink it," Tess ordered. Guilt-na-Zan narrowed his bright blood red eyes at her with annoyance. "No, it's disgusting," he refused childishly. Tess's eye twitched with annoyance. Silently, she chugged the small vial of medicine, making sure not to swallow. While Guilt-na-Zan was still confused by the action, she grabbed a hand full of his silver hair and pressed her mouth against his, transferring the liquid to him.

"Miss Tess," Vincent called as he barged into the room, surprising Guilt-na-Zan so much he swallowed the biter medicine. "Is this enou-," his voice trailed off as he saw them. Tess stood up straight, wiping her lips with her thumb. "That's more than enough," she said, noting the basket so filled with herbs they were heaping over. "Set them on the table and help me sort them." Vincent obediently did as told, deciding to ignore what he'd seen, but his gold eyes glinted gleefully. Guilt-na-Zan watched them silently, fingers unconsciously touching his lips. As if sensing his gaze, Tess turned and smirked at him, but instead of being insulting, the smirk was flirty. The vampire blushed and looked away.

"Tess," a woman's desperate shout came from outside as she pounded on the door. Tess ran to the door and threw it open. "What is it, Martha," Tess asked, her voice tight with worry. The woman collapsed into Tess's arms in hysterics. "Tommy's been taken by a monster," she cried, "it took him into the woods."

"Don't worry," Tess told the woman, "I'll get him back. Vincent!" The bat-man came running at her call. "Take care of Martha." Tess passed the hysterical woman to him and grabbed her cloak and a case that she always kept by the door. "Wait, I should go with you," Vincent said. Tess stopped in the doorway, looking over her shoulder at him. "I'll be okay," she promised, "after all, it's in my blood." She ran toward the forest and disappeared into the trees in moments. Vincent watched her disappear uneasily before he led Martha to a chair. "You don't have to worry," Martha murmured to herself as much as Vincent. "Tess is a monster hunter, it's in her blood to fight them."

In the other room, Guilt-na Zan heard her words and his hands clenched the bed sheets so hard they ripped. Feelings of betrayal and confusion filled him.

Tess entered the cottage carrying a boy of about ten. "Tommy," Martha cried, running over. The boy looked up with tearful eyes. "Mommy," he cried, latching on to his mother. For a long moment the two stared at each other, crying tears of joy. "Oh, thank you, Tess," Martha said, grabbing Tess's hand, "thank you so much. I am in your debt." Tess smiled at her. "You owe me nothing," she said, "you should get home now. Vincent, will you please escort them home?" Vincent agreed and they left.

Tess sighed and walked into the room Guilt-na-Zan was using. "To think I've been being 'healed' by a monster hunter," Guilt-na-Zan said bitterly, not looking at Tess as she entered. "What a laugh, you've probably been poisoning me this whole time."

Suddenly Tess pinned the vampire down, holding a sword to his throat. "This sword can kill any monster no matter how strong they are," she said softly, her eyes cold. For a long moment the two only stared at each other. Guilt-na-Zan felt with a certainty he was going to die.

Finally Tess got up and sheathed her sword, not looking at Guilt-na-Zan. "I never chose to be a Hunter," she said softly, "I was born and raised to be one. But I'm not like most of my kind. I don't look at monsters and see them as blood-thirsty beasts that must be slain, I can see the soul within, I can see if they must be killed or they should be saved." Her slim shoulders trembled slightly.

"Tess, look at me," Guilt-na-Zan spoke quietly, his voice held regret. Tess didn't move. "Tess, turn around," this time Guilt-na-Zan spoke more forcefully. Tess slowly turned around, but she didn't look up. Tear streaks left wet trails on her fair cheeks. Guilt-na-Zan's heart hurt at the sight of seeing her cry. "I'm sorry," he apologized, truly sorry, "I was being stupid. But when I heard you were a monster hunter and had never told us, I guess I felt betrayed." Tess looked at him with slight surprise. "I forgive your stupidity, lord vampire," she said, smiling softly, "after all, you can't help it, you're a man." Guilt-na-Zan smiled back and felt his heart grow warm.

Guilt-na-Zan and Vincent looked at Tess sadly and she returned the sad stare. It'd been a week since they'd all met and Guilt-na-Zan was back to full health. "Good-bye, Tess," Guilt-na-Zan said, smiling softly. Tess returned the smile. "Good-bye, lord vampire," she said, she turned her gaze to Vincent, "good-bye, Vincent, I'll miss you both very much." Tears filled Vincent's eyes and he threw his arms around Tess. "I don't want to leave you, miss Tess," he cried. Tess met Guilt-na-Zan's eyes, he smiled questioningly. "Then don't," Tess said. Vincent pulled back and looked at her. "I'd like it if you both stayed," she said, "it's lonely by myself."

Vincent looked to his lord. Guilt-na-Zan nodded, smiling. "Yay," Vincent exclaimed, pulling them both into a group hug.

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