Episode Nineteen

Two other teams aside from Kakashi's were brought into the Hokage's office exactly two weeks away from the attack of Sunagakure. Gaara and his siblings had already headed back to Suna to set everything up for the secret evacuation. It was going to take some tricky maneuvers to keep the council from finding out considering there were only four Suna who knew the whole story. Naruto and Gaara wanted to make sure that there were no spies in on the plan no matter the cost.

Team Gai and Team Asuma had been selected to join Team Kakashi for the S-Class Mission to Suna. They were given strict orders to speak to no one of anything they learn in the office no matter what.

Each team was given a set of duties to complete. Sakura would be focusing on any injured parties during the evacuation in case they were ambushed while trying to leave.

"Team Kakashi is the lead, what they say goes and I don't want to hear any arguments on the matter."

"All of them?" Ino asked shocked. She kept batting her eyelashes at Sasuke who ignored her completely.

"All of them," the Hokage repeated. "They are your leaders."

Asuma nodded. "That's doable."

"Let's get this show on the road! We should head out immediately," Gai said with a bright smile. "My eternal rival my leader!"

Kakashi whistled. "Huh?"

Naruto snorted as Gai gushed over Kakashi and it was the first time that Naruto wondered if Gai had a crush on the silver-haired man and conveyed his thoughts to Sasuke who gulped and stared straight ahead attempting to not do a very un-Uchiha thing like laughing out loud.

Kakashi turned to Naruto and stared at him for a moment before addressing the group. "We will leave at 0300, time to prepare and time to rest."

Naruto asked Sasuke and Kakashi to wait as the others left; once the door closed back Naruto looked at the age Hokage. "Jiji-sama, I've been thinking about Danzo," he began slowly. "I haven't read any law books really, they're very boring, but, isn't it a serious offense to dismember a corpse?"

The Sandaime hummed as he puffed away. "It is, an illegal action against a corpse is very punishable, Ibiki-kun rather enjoys interrogating those who defile death, what do you have in mind?"

"Well, I was thinking about heading Danzo off before he could get any further with his ROOT Members, namely Sai. Perhaps Sasuke can file charges against Danzo for stealing his relatives eye and arm…" he trailed off leaving those in the room a little alarmed.

Sasuke's eyes hardened. "Did he do it without permission?"

"Well, considering Itachi never killed Shisui, doesn't that mean that the case should be reopened?"

"No one but us knows that Itachi-kun is innocent," the Sandaime reminded.

"What about Shisui's arm and eye?"

"We need strong evidence of this."

"Take off his bandages and run tests on the arm." Naruto deadpanned.

"We would need a reason to infiltrate ROOT and I admit, I have been looking for a way to do so for many years now but the council likes Danzo even if they don't trust him."

"What if I could get half of the council to sign an S-Class petition?" Naruto asked. He was sure he could get Nara, Inuzuka, Yamanaka, and Akamichi to sign and perhaps it was time for Naruto to talk to the Hyuuga as well. That would be a risky sort of business but if he could get Danzo out of the way and pull Sai onto their side he would do anything.

"Hm," the Sandaime tapped his chin. "Jiraiya and Tsunade are also a part of the council and having two Sannin signatures would sway many of the council that you couldn't get. I don't see why not. When you return, I'll draw up an official scroll signed by me personally."

"That's great risk," Kakashi said softly.

The Sandaime nodded. "But we need to take it, Naruto-kun is right, now that we know Danzo is playing whichever side he believes is best for Konoha we should act immediately. For years, Danzo has been a militia sort of man. If he believed that Madara's overtake of Konoha would be best then he would do everything in his power to undermine us all."

"He wants the recognition for himself, I don't think he's with Madara but I believe with Madara's war against Konoha he can take advantage of it and throw himself in the light, persuade a few people here and there that he knows what's best and bam! You have yourself a manipulative Hokage."

"You're saying once it is all revealed that Sasuke should step up and file charges?" Kakashi asked trying to get the information straight.

Naruto nodded. "Sasuke-nii?"

"Whatever you need," Sasuke agreed shortly. "I have never met this man but if he did steal from an Uchiha then he needs to pay."

"That settles it," Hiruzen said with a smile. "Things will be done right, Naruto-kun, I promise you that."

Naruto smiled wanly. "I only want peace and a safe village."

"We will get it."


Kakashi observed Naruto while he rested under the pile of covers; only his blond head was sticking out. He'd been asleep for the last four hours but Kakashi hadn't been able to rest and instead settled for packing their things. He sat on the edge of the bed and his hand fell into the soft wild hair and began to thread through it with instinctive affection, his thoughts changed from Naruto, Akatsuki, and finally Madara.

Never would he have ever thought Uchiha Madara was still living and that meant the Uchiha was practically immortal. What Kakashi wanted to know was why did Madara want to wage war against Konoha? A place that he and Senju Hashirama had founded so long ago; was it revenge? Or was it to destroy Konoha and rebuild it with his idea of people?

Kakashi would need more information than what he had; there were so many missing links and holes that he couldn't make heads or tails of any of it.

Naruto hummed drawing him out of his deep thoughts and he looked over as Naruto pushed the cover down and sniffed once before blinking his eyes open and tilting his head toward Kakashi.

"Hey, it's about time," Kakashi said leaning down to kiss his lips.

Naruto smiled and shifted until he was pressed into the side of Kakashi, he slipped his arm across the man's lap and took his musky scent in. "M'k."

Naruto quickly dressed in all black except for the light gray padded hand gloves and ankle guards. Kakashi already had both their shuriken pouches replenished and he rushed from the room for a quick brush, Kakashi came up behind him and took the hair brush and wordlessly began to brush the tangles out of Naruto's wild hair before tying it back with a black band.

"Thanks," Naruto said after washing his mouth out.

He received a simple kiss in response and then Kakashi rather grudgingly handed over the bracelet.

Quietly, the two stepped out of the apartment, Kakashi placed a Jutsu over the place before they set off together toward the gate.

Asuma and his team were there along with Gai, Neji, Tenten, and Lee. The guards that night were Gekko and Raido, the former fast asleep with his head on the latter's shoulder.

Raido was eyeing Gai and Lee warily and Naruto could only imagine what had happened.

Asuma was smoking a cigarette with Shikamaru leaning heavily into him as if he were about to do the same thing as Gekko.

"Neh, Naruto-kun!" Shikamaru raised a hand. Lee and Gai greeted them rather exuberantly.

Tenten smiled slightly. "Hey guys."

Ino was complaining to Chouji about something, what Naruto decided not to figure out. Sakura appeared shortly after and kept her tongue when Ino sneered her way.

Sasuke was the last to show up and not surprising, Haku was with him.

"Haku!" Naruto brightened when he was hugged and then given some wrapped food that Kakashi put away.

"Naruto-kun! I wanted to see you off," he said making sure not to use terms for older brother.

"And Sasuke-nii," Naruto teased as Sasuke glared once at him.

"We ready?"

Sakura was staring at Haku without any expression while Ino seemed confused as to why Haku was with Sasuke.

"Yes," Kakashi said handing a watchful Raido their passport.

"Good luck all, Naruto-kun, you still owe me a spar," Raido teased moving minimally for Gekko's sake.

Naruto laughed. "When I won't make a fool of myself," he promised as the group headed out of the village toward the dark winding trail with overlapping trees and vines.

It was a three day journey to Wind Country where they were met by warm grains of sand; they had only rested once much to the dismay of Ino, Chouji, and Tenten.

"I'm never going to get the sand out of my hair!" Ino grouched shaking her ponytail.

"You'll deal," Asuma responded.

"You always tell me to deal," she pouted.

"And I'll tell you again."

Sakura and Ino only fought once and were immediately interrupted by Tenten's rather sharp whack on the back of both of their heads. "I will bury you both alive in the sand if you don't hush it!" Her dark eyes gleamed and the silver bladed dagger resting comfortably in the palm of her left hand was enough to shut the quarrelling girls up instantly.

As instructed Temari, Kankuro, Baki, and Gaara were the only ones to meet them at the border and were quickly brought to the Kazekage's tower before anyone could notice them.

"None of the council has been informed of your arrival like planned," Gaara said pointedly to Naruto.

"What about evacuation?" Naruto asked confusing everyone but Naruto's team in the room.

"We have placed a secrecy Jutsu over the civilians and have ordered them to take only a small inventory of things that they have to have. I will give them access to the Kazekage tunnel which runs straight out into a sand field on the opposite side of the village gates."

"How many?"

"Four hundred?"

Naruto quickly tallied in his head. "A group of fifty every two days?"

Gaara nodded.

"What about the gap? Surely our ninja will notice four hundred civilians missing," Kankuro interjected.

"I'll use my Shadow Clones; I can make the most without exhaustion."

Kankuro sneered. "You can't make four hundred!" he said incredulously.

Naruto arched an eyebrow. "I can make up to two thousand in one go, Kankuro-san," he said factually getting a jaw drop from several team members.

Kankuro spluttered. "How?"

"That's not important," Gaara said coldly glaring at his brother. "What is important is that we do this and efficiently. You may rest for the day and we will begin tomorrow. Temari, Kankuro, and I will divide the civilians into groups of fifty. Baki, will keep the council busy during the time of the evacuation." He gazed over at the tall tan man who gave a nod.

"Of course."

"I've selected rooms in the Kazekage tower for all of you," Gaara said turning his eyes back to Naruto. "Do not step out of the tower for any reason; a Konoha ninja in Sunagakure will draw way too much suspicion."

Naruto and Kakashi were the only ones given rooms to themselves but Gaara whispered to Naruto that their rooms were set up for the both of them and that was why Naruto had a large comfortable bed.

The others weren't so lucky, the girls were given a room to share and then the others were broken off in threes. Naruto collapsed on his bed and sighed, he always enjoyed the feel of a mattress after a night on the ground or high up in a tree.

Kakashi joined him with some snacks and drinks to keep them occupied with and the two went over details.

"I think we need Shika-chan to stay behind with us. We'll have to somehow get Deidara onto the ground after we separate the two," Naruto began as he sat up and took the packet of chips. "I think we should start with making antidotes to the special poison that Sasori uses. From what I was told the antidote keeps you immune to poisons for two minutes because if it sets in the blood stream like it had to Kankuro it will takes hours to get out."

"I'll leave that to you and Sasuke, do you remember the plant?"

"Vaguely," Naruto answered.

Kakashi wordlessly took Naruto's bracelet. "You may have to expose yourself."

"That's why I requested Shika-chan to be with us and no one else. If he finds out I doubt he'll even question because he'll already know the answer. He is a genius for a reason."

Kakashi smiled. "I think you'd make a good leader, Naruto," he said pulling his hitai-ite off and letting it rest on the bedside table.

Naruto blushed slightly at the comment, Kakashi had never said that to him before.

Four o' clock in the morning, Team Asuma minus Shikamaru were standing in a vaguely lit open tunnel. Naruto caught quick glimpses of the frightened civilians with children making memory notes with them all before disappearing to create the clones. He didn't make all fifty, he figured fifteen to twenty would be enough to keep down on suspicions. A woman and three children hanging out laundry, a merchant selling fried scorpion legs, and a few lurkers here and there.

Every five hours they herded a group of civilians through the Kazekage Tower, only a few of them questioned what was going on and one very annoying brute that wound up cowering under Gaara's glare and precise clipped words.

"If you do not wish for your wife and children to be decimated in a proposed attack on Sunagakure you will remain silent, Onoro-san."

He ducked his head after that, eyes widening at the thought.

Sasuke used two shadow clones morphed into random people to watch the streets. He didn't want to waste all his chakra using more than that in fear of an early attack. When Baki brought the spy Yura to the tower, he was questioned personally by Kakashi before Sasuke knocked him out with a senbon technique.

Kakashi then transformed a shadow clone into Yura and sent him off.

The civilians were out of the way and the council was none the wiser, Team Kakashi sat down and worked on a strategy.

"Do you have a greenhouse?" Sasuke asked Gaara after hearing about the antidote that he had only just learned from Tsunade for a mysterious poison that had been spreading through Bird Country.

"Of course, Temari-san," Gaara said as the blonde stood with a nod.

"Hai, this way Sasuke-san."

Sasuke was up and quickly followed. Naruto turned to Shikamaru, "Your shadow techniques will be imperative to get him onto the ground."

Shikamaru was no longer acting lazy or tired; he was sitting up with his fingers connected in a circle. "You say he has a clay ability and enjoys explosives in aerial combat?"


"Any more information that I'll need?" His eyes went narrow.

Naruto looked to Kakashi and then to Gaara.

"Kankuro-san, you and Baki check on the elders, don't let it be known you're there," he ordered sternly.

Kankuro scowled. "Fine," he said rising as Baki followed. Once they left, Gaara made a Privacy Jutsu and it was then that Naruto pulled his bracelet off.

Shikamaru dropped his hands and watched as everything on Naruto aged. His eyes sparkled with a realization.

"Amazing," Shikamaru breathed.

Kakashi coughed. "What I find is amazing is that you're amazed without an explanation."

"It makes sense," Shikamaru said blinking at Naruto.

"It does?" Kakashi asked and it looked to Naruto like he was sweating under the hitai-ite. "How?"

"All of this information that has been acquired, how he knows the enemy so well. If we didn't have this information we would likely be wiped out. A rare and almost invincible poison verses explosive aerial dynamics with a possible Genkai Kekkei. Also, from what I heard from the spy, you'd have never known until Suna found their own Nin slaughtered by his hand personally to let the two in silently."

"How can you act so calm?" Kakashi asked.

"Naruto-kun has been on my mind since I met him. There was something different about him, something mature and calculating. He's the same Naruto-kun but he's also different, older, and I couldn't pinpoint what exactly until I had another piece of information on hand. This was the last piece to the puzzle I needed. You've reversed time, haven't you?" he looked to Naruto for answer.

"I didn't do anything but die," Naruto insisted.

"To make a Reversal Jutsu that alters time and space and possibly even dimensions one of the three legendary bloodline eye limits are needed." He looked to Kakashi who shook his head.

"It wasn't me," he said simply.

"An Uchiha then, Uchiha Sasuke or Uchiha Itachi."

Gaara's eyes widened in surprise at Shikamaru's observations.

Naruto smiled.

"I don't know the story," Shikamaru said breathing in deep. "But I will trust you, Naruto-kun," he promised. "If it is indeed Uchiha Itachi, I will trust that you know what you're doing. I will not jump to a conclusion without proper evidence with my own eyes."

Naruto beamed and pounced on Shikamaru causing the teen to fall back. "Neh, Naruto-kun," he whined with a slight smile.

"I'm wondering," Lee said who had been strangely silent the entire time. "Why not attack him while on the ground?"

"We don't want to put Sasori and Deidara together," Naruto explained. "The odds would be severely stacked against us if they were to work together."

Lee nodded, strangely serious.

The night before the attack, Naruto lay awake with his back to the headboard, Kakashi was on his side facing away and he was actually asleep, but Naruto couldn't sleep even if he tried. He had a lot of energy left even when the shadow clones began to disperse one after the other.

Quietly, he left the room and found Gaara sitting Indian style in one of lounges. Naruto copied the redhead and the two sat together in thought for most of the night.

"What do you think of Itachi-san?" Gaara finally asked after the clock ticked around toward the morning hour.

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows at the question. "He's a good guy, misunderstood but really he means well."

"He – is – interesting."

"Like all Uchiha's they are enigmas," he agreed. "But you know, as dangerous as they are; you get a loyal Uchiha on your side and you can't ask for a better friend, companion, or brother."


Once again, silence overtook them. Naruto shifted and pressed his head to Gaara's shoulder and fell asleep that way, while Gaara remained awake and watchful.


Their approach was silent except for the occasional bell that tinkled with approaching footsteps. Sasuke waited on the other side of the wall, masked as a Sunagakure shinobi. Kakashi's clone as Yura was waiting at the entrance false bodies scattered around with blood trailing out of them. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest and he knew he shouldn't be so nervous; they'd planned well, what could go wrong?

He was an Uchiha, an Uchiha never failed. His eyes darkened and they narrowed, Uchiha Madara was NOT an Uchiha. Sasuke held a small shred of fear of becoming like Madara, corrupted and tainted with hate, greed, and power. He wanted to be an Uchiha who restored his clan to superiority but slaughters and bloodbaths weren't the way to do it. Sasuke knew that now, after realizing his older brother's sacrifice and Naruto's willing to take a chance on Itachi, made Sasuke feel things he had never thought he would feel before.

The pain in Naruto's voice at the end of the first Chuunin Exams, his fear of Sasuke turning into one of them had haunted him. Naruto needed Sasuke and Sasuke needed Naruto, he wasn't an arrogant enough prick to say that Naruto meant nothing, he'd be an idiot if he did and an idiot he was not.

Somehow, someway, he would help Naruto wipe Uchiha Madara from this earth even if it killed him.

A false man with a false name of grandeur. Sasuke hated anything that was fake.

As he heard the quiet approach, he smiled slightly. The quicker they got this done, the quicker he could get back home to Haku.

"Yura-kun, you've served me well."

Kakashi clone bowed down on one knee. "Sasori-sama."

"I won't be long," said an effeminate voice. Sasuke had his Sharingan activated and peered in to see a hunched over old looking man draped in an Akatsuki cloak that his brother wore and the other was a tall thin man with an androgynous figure. He was blond with bright blue eyes.

If Naruto ever had an older brother, Sasuke would guess that it would be him. He noticed the man placing his gloveless hand into a pouch at his side.

Naruto was right; he did do something odd with his hands.

"You better not, Deidara-san, I do not like waiting."

"Of course Sasori-dono, just sit back and watch while I carve a whole into this monstrous work of art."

"Nn, get on with it," Sasori's raspy voice hissed.

Deidara dropped a white small bird onto the ground, Sasuke backed up into the sand wall remaining concealed but still in eye view. The bird was enlarged and Deidara hopped on with a practiced grace. He pulled his straw hat off and placed it aside before soaring high in the air.

Sasuke waited for the figure to disappear and it was then that Gaara appeared in front of Sasori, effectively shocking him.

"This is as far as you go, Sasori of the Red Sand," Gaara said emotionlessly.

Sasori was quiet for a moment observing Gaara before speaking, "So you come to me?" In the blink of an eye manipulated strings of chakra shot out like coils of snake laced with a purple substance that Sasuke quickly realized was the famous poison that he had the antidotes too.

As soon as the chakra squeezed against Gaara and Sasori hissed. "Gotchya, perhaps I should call Dei-" but he stopped when Gaara popped out of sight at the exact same time that Lee appeared from above to destroy the outer shell of Sasori's puppet. A blinding kick manipulated with sharp bunch smashed the hunched part of Sasori's puppet body. It cracked and hardened human flesh flung from one way to another as Sasori parried out of the way.

"Do not underestimate me, children!" he chided as Gaara's sand wrapped around Sasori's half destroyed puppet. For a moment they were all blinded until a puppet was revealed using a dark sand technique that sliced through Gaara's but before it could attack Lee, Sasuke body flickered flickered in front of Lee's exposed body.

With his Sharingan spinning, he lurched forward drawing up his fire chakra. "Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu!"

Flames rolled out toward Sasori who was strangely swift for a puppet and pulled both him and the puppet out of the line of fire.

Lee used that to his advantage by sending a sliding kick using Gaara's chakra filled sand and aimed for the rest of the puppet but at the same time he connected with it, so did a poison tipped dagger that caused Lee to cry out. He was paralyzed and couldn't move. Sasori made to land a second blow when Sasuke moved into the line of fire and took the final bits of the puppet by the head and what emerged shocked everyone.

A youthful looking boy with flaming red hair that matched Gaara's perfectly.

"I commend you, but this is where it ends, young I may look but my experience trumps each of you tenfold."

"What is he?" Lee shuddered when Sasuke pulled out a small needle and phial and jabbed it into a vein causing Lee to slump his shoulders in relief as his legs began to move again.

"A puppet," Sasuke murmured and then eyed Lee. "Two minutes," Sasuke hissed watching Gaara and Sasori fight it out using their sand techniques.

The Kazekage versus Gaara was one to be seen, both had sand and both wielded it with powerful precision. The speed was immense and Sasuke could hardly follow. Gaara attempted to use Sand Coffin only for the puppet to burst out at the same time that Sasuke shot out another ball of fire hoping to detour the puppet but his dodge was like that of a human!

"All my puppets are specifically made, they are real in every way," Sasori said as Gaara dodged and parried each attack.

Their sand battled and intermingled but the Iron Sand was too much for Gaara as it overpowered him at the same time that Sasuke noticed the threads of poison within the grains.

Sasuke swiped an antidote and shoved it into his thigh before disappearing into the middle of the fight and connecting with Gaara while at the same time using his foot to clash with the stomach of the Kazekage puppet.


Lee opened up two of his chakra gates, his body set ablaze with the movement as he began to pull off his double-edged lotus technique by grabbing the puppet around the waist and shot them up into the air.

"How is this? How are you combating my poison?" he demanded. "All my poisons are original! Never seen before."

"You are very unlucky then, Sasori-san," Sasuke said coldly as he moved through the flailing sand. Lee went crashing down with the puppet effectively destroying it to bits. "You see, I don't like to brag, but I have been working rather hard with the Legendary Medic Sannin."

His eyes narrowed. "Just what I would expect from Itachi's kid brother, Uchiha. You'd be a marvelous asset to my collection…" With seals too fast for even Sasuke's eye to see, thousands of puppets emerged from all around them. Sasori backed against the wall, his fingers holding only two chakra strings. "Enjoy my show."

"Forty seconds!" Sasuke called over his shoulder as all three flew through the battle to destroy each and every puppet.

Sasori's eyes narrowed as he took in Sasuke's words. "You have prior knowledge of my poisons…"

The fight began with Lee, Gaara, and Sasuke getting the upper hand but all that was destroyed when Lee gave a soft cry of undying pain and fell to his knees. His eyes were bleeding and his skin was turning a violent shade of red.

"You see, my Iron Sand got right into the blood stream. You may have counter attacked my poison but there is no way he will be able to fend against an attack that has already claimed him."

"You bastard!" Sasuke snarled, his chakra and anger spiking together. His Sharingan spun as he dodged an incoming attack.

Every last bit of chakra Gaara had, he used it to make all of the puppets explode in his time of rage, his eyes narrowing, and his body shaking violently.

Sasuke saw that Gaara's chakra was manipulated and tainted much like Naruto's when he was overly angry. This was the tailed-beast? He thought in awe as Gaara acted under the influence of Shukaku and flew through the air toward Sasori who raised his puppet arm and with a slice Gaara went flying.

"That's not good enough; you used all your chakra on my puppets and left none to defend yourself with."

Sasuke bent low, hand clasped to wrist and glared as he began to charge lightning into the ball of his hand. "You will pay for that."

Sasuke knew that he would be hit too and it would possibly be the death of him, but as long as he finished the job… he roared and sent his body rushing through the air and connected with Sasori at the same time the arm charging Chidori was sliced and grains of iron sand began to enter his body and it was painfully sharp like a thousand razorblades.

But, Sasuke got results for Sasori's body took a ton of damage as he was pinned to the wall.

"You missed the only live part of me, Uchiha-san, my heart," he supplied as he called forth another puppet when Gaara managed to jump between them and took a nasty blow to the neck. "Your end and my beginning, fine puppets your body will make as soon as Shukaku is removed."

"You are mistaken, Sasori-kun," said a cool voice that everyone recognized. "This is neither their end nor your beginning. It is your funeral."

Sasori knew he should have diverted his eyes because he met the infamous eyes of Mangekyou and he dropped everyone as he was spun right into it with a look of surprise.

Sasuke fell forward and he saw a demon like man with grayish skin tending to Lee with a grumble.

"Don't know what we're doing, boss, but this seems interesting." He had razor sharp teeth and Sasuke hissed.

"Get away from him!" Sasuke made to rise but the gilled man waved him off.

"Now, now little Uchiha, don't be that way, you don't want him to die do you?"

"Otouto get Gaara-kun and step back," Itachi ordered sharply.

Sasuke bit back a groan as he pulled himself up and grabbed the comatose body of Gaara and pulled him out of the way.

Sasuke noticed that Itachi's eye started to bleed and heard the whispered words.


Black flames engulfed the body of Sasori consuming everything including the heart and reducing him to nothing.

Itachi was quick in his movements to get to Sasuke and Gaara. The grains of sands settled as Sasuke gave Itachi a handful of small needle phials of antidote.

"He has fractures to the neck," Sasuke said wincing as the grains of sand began to attack his body.

Itachi watched him, a rare flicker of concern. "You need care, Otouto."

"I'm fine, I can hold on a few minutes longer, bring Lee over here!" he ordered.

"Kisame-san," Itachi waved his hand to the Mist Nin.

Sasuke frowned as he peered up at the Akatsuki member who laid Lee down beside Gaara.

"You did well, Otouto," Itachi commented.

"Not well enough," Sasuke hissed as light green lit up against the massive wound against Gaara's fractured neck.

Itachi only responded a hand to his little brother's shoulder.

Kisame was about to say something when there was a shout from the sky. "NARUTO!"

Everyone's head shot up to see a blond figure tumbling swift and fast from the dark skies.


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