Number 34 - Water

He sighed, tangling his fingers in his hair. "I just don't get it. Why doesn't she like me? I mean, I've tried everything."

"Torres again?"

He turned and saw his ass of a best friend standing before him. Root Beer in hand. "Sometimes I wonder if your my friend because you like me, or just to rade my 'fridge because your parents don't feed your fat ass enough."

"Now that, that hurt, Grey. I hope you know that I've been wearing these jeans more because they look my ass look flat. Now, what's up with Torres?" He sipped on his soda loudly. Shane rolled his eyes.

"She just isn't interested..."

"Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but not all girls find your dick huggers incrdibly sexy."

"I'ma make her. I'll drive her crazy."

He choked on his soda. "I wouldn't do that, Shane..."

He crossed his arms. "And why not?"

"Mitchie maybe sweet and innocent when she's happy, but I know girls like her. They won't be rays of sunshine once you get them pissed off, bro."

He smiled, not listening to a word his friend was saying. He thought his plan was pretty genious. "She's having a pool party this weekend for her sixteenth birthday. I'm going to go." He announced proudly. "Now get the fuck out."

"Alright, alright." He rose from his seat. "But don't say I didn't warn you."


"Hot babes, bikinis, belly button piercings. Dude, you have no idea what your missing out on!" Shane hooted into the hidden mike. He hadn't agreed to come along side him, but he had agreed to a hidden mike for coaching purposes.

"That made me feel so much better."

"Sorry, Dude, but- HOLLY CRAP!" He caught sight of her and his jaw dropped. A pair of black sunglass on, her hair in a bun, and wearing a black bikini. The kind that tied in the back. He gulped.

"What? Did something happen?" Nate asked, frantically into the phone.

"T-T-T-Tor... S-S-So... HOT!"

He heard Nate groan. "You lucky fucking bastard." He mumbled.

Shane smirked and slowly made his way over to her. He saw her friend turn her around and he saw her jaw drop.

"Hey, Sexy."

"S-Sh-Shane Grey?!" It didn't sound like the anger he had been expecting. More like shock. Could it be happy shock? She cleared her throat. "I mean.." She cooly recovered. "Shane Grey!" She hissed through clenched teeth. He chuckled lightly.

"Yes, here to give you the gift of your dreams."

"Grey." She growled.

"Y'know," He whispered in her ear, "I find regular girls sexy... But I find girls with belly button peircings very sexy." He heard a couple of her friends squeal and gush to him that they had belly button peircings.

She glared darkly at him and then, without a moment of hesitation, turned and pushed him into the pool.

"Dude, what happened? I lost you." Nate said paniced and to get no responce.

The three squealing friends gasped at Mitchie and rushed to help Shane up. The other six, including Mitchie, burst out laughing. "Your right, Shane, that was the gift of my dreams." She giggled again and then walked away. Her friends followed and one of them snapped a picture with their phone.

He got out and saw a laughing Nate. "I told you so, Man."

He glared at him and pulled him out of the party.


A/N: Blah. It sucked. Thank you for reading though. ;)