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An A to Z of the Humdrum Hayday


Andromeda: Sirius' cousin and oldest sister of Onora. She ran away when she was seventeen and met her husband Ted. She works as a dress maker in the Town of Valiant and has a thirteen year old daughter, Nymphadora.

Cornelia: Also known as Cora. Nora's only other friend from Slytherin. The two girls met and became friends when Sirius left to train for knighthood. Cora is from a family of rich merchants. She, like Sirius and Nora, doesn't like her kingdom or the brother and his family she is forced to live with.

James: Only son and heir to the thrown. At the age of 9 goes through the Ordeal of Knighthood as is common for all princes. Very mischievous, always getting into trouble and loves to go on adventures, exploring the areas around the castle. Once or twice a year, he takes a trip into the Wandering Woods.

King Harold and Queen Margaret: King and Queen of Gryffindor. They are very old and decided to have James late in life.

Nymphadora: Also known a Dora. She is the only daughter of Ted and Andromeda. Has a crush on Remus.

Peter: Only son and bastard child of the court seamstress. Bullied and friendless by the kids on his village, Prince James takes pity on him and becomes his friend. Peter loves the power being a friend of a prince brings. He is a very ambitious boy and can some times be cunning.

Remus: The son of Prince James' tutor. His father, John, started taking Remus to his lessons with James and the two boys became great friends. Remus is studying under his father, for he wants to become a professor when he is older. Only known to his close friends, his parents and the King and Queen, Remus is a werewolf, bitten when he was a little boy.

Sirius: A knight of Gryffindor and close friend and body guard of Prince James. He ran away from his kingdom, Slytherin, when he was thirteen with his cousin, Onora. He now lives in Gryffindor with his cousin Andromeda, known as Andi, who is a dress maker in the town of Valiant.

Ted: Husband to Andromeda, father of Nymphadora. He is a soldier in the kingdom of Gryffindor.


Alex: Prince of Hufflepuff and younger brother of Princess Vanessa.

Grace: Hidden daughter of Voldemort. Her mother was the only woman Voldemort ever loved and that is the reason he keeps Grace alive. At the age of ten, she becomes a maidservant for Lord Cygnus' second oldest daughter, Narcissa. When her mothers' maidservant dies, she runs away, at the age of twelve, from Slytherin. She ends up in Hufflepuff where she is found by Sir Dominick, an older knight. He takes her in and shortly after, she becomes a maidservant for Princess Vanessa.

King Marc and Queen Anne: King and Queen of Hufflepuff. Have two children, Princess Vanessa and Prince Alex.

Vanessa: Princess of Hufflepuff.


Daisy: Princess and youngest daughter of King Mortimer and Queen Rose. A very quiet and shy girl that prefers to sit in the library and read than to explore outside. Very close with her older sister, Princess Lily. Gets into a fight with her oldest sister, Princess Petunia so now the two never speak.

Kiptyn: A knight of Ravenclaw and the twin brother of Miri. Best friends with fellow knight, Sir William and through him, friends with Princesses Lily and Daisy and her other maidservant, Nora.

Lily: Princess and middle daughter. Her parents name her Crown Princess which starts a fight between herself and her older sister, Princess Petunia. Daisy takes Lily side in the fight and the two sisters become estranged from Petunia. She is very adventurous and mischievous, loves to explore the outside with her two maidservants and friends, Miri and Nora. Very good friends with Sir William, a knight on her parents court.

Miriam: Also known as Miri. She is the daughter of the best palace cook. Since she was six, she has been helping her mother in the kitchens. It was during one of these visits that she met Princess Lily. The two became fast friends and Princess Lily made Miri her maidservant so the girls could be closer. Has a twin brother, Sir Kiptyn.

Onora: Also known as Nora. The second youngest daughter of Lord Cygnus and Lady Druella of Slytherin. Admires her oldest sister, Andromeda and strives to be like her. At the age of thirteen, she runs away with her cousin, Sirius, to join her sister in Gryffindor. They get separated in the Wandering Woods and she ends up in Ravenclaw. Princess Lily feels sorry for the young girl and decides to make Nora her maidservant.

Petunia: Princess and oldest daughter. Marries Lord Vernon shortly after her falling out with her sisters and moves into his mansion at the edge of Ravenclaw. She sparingly sees her family, only during holidays and special occasions.

William: Also known as Will. A knight of Ravenclaw. Friend and protector of Princess Lily. Makes it his job to be her personal bodyguard. During the trials of Knighthood, he meets Kiptyn and the two become fast friends. Known to no one except Princess Lily, he is in love with Miri.


Ahti: Young sorcerer at King Voldemort's court.

Bellatrix: Youngest daughter of Lord Cygnus and Lady Druella. Looks up to and admires King Voldemort. Does anything she can to please him. Betrothed to Sir Rudolphus, one of King Voldemort's high ranking knights. Rumors say she loves King Voldemort.

Cygnus and Druella: Lord and Lady of Voldemort's court and his close friends. Have four daughters, Andromeda, Narcissa, Onora and Bellatrix.

Narcissa: Lord Cygnus and Lady Druella's second oldest daughter. Married to Sir Lucius, a high ranking knight at Voldemort's court.

Sir Orion and Walburga: Lord and Lady of Voldemort's court. Orion is the highest ranking knight at Voldemort's court. Have two sons, Sirius and Regulus.

Regulus: Sir Orion and Lady Walburga's youngest son. Always trying to prove himself and striving to be his parents' favorite. Constantly fighting with his older brother, Sirius, but deep down loves him dearly and admires him. Becomes a knight at Voldemort's court, just like his father.

King Voldemort: A ruthless old King. He fears death and The Dementors, and is always trying to find a new way to become immortal. He has had many wives, selecting only the most beautiful girls in the country. He desires a male heir but all of his wives give him children. In anger, he has his daughters disowned and his wives beheaded. The only woman he ever truly loved was his sixth wife, Queen Susan. After five years of marriage, she dies in childbirth, delivering their daughter, Grace. Claiming the baby died with it's mother, Voldemort hands her over to his wife's maidservant who raises the girl.

Beats (usually found in the Wandering Wood):

X – Boring

XX – Harmless

XXX – Can Cope

XXXX – Dangerous

XXXXX – Very Dangerous

Acromantula (XXXXX): Gigantic black spider with a poisonous bite.

Bowtruckle (XX): Small insect-eating tree dweller with long sharp fingers. Can be mistaken for a stick or twig. Known as the guardian of trees and is usually peaceful unless it or the tree it dwells in is threatened.

Boggart (XXXXX): A shape shifter that dwells in dark places and/or only comes out at night. Takes the form of what it's victim fears the most and then kills you with that fear.

Centaur (XXXX): A Half man, half horse protector of the forest. They read the stars and can sometimes predict future events. Peaceful unless provoked.

Dementors (Sons of Death – no rating): Appear to those who are dying, take the soul to Death itself.

Doxy or Biting Fairy (XXX): A small fairy, covered in black hair. They have very sharp venomous teeth that cause paralysis when bitten.

Dragon (XXXXX): A large flying reptile that breaths fire. There are many different types found all across the lands.

Fairy (XX): Small human-like creatures with wings. They are very vain and have a range of different colors.

Ghoul (XX): Slimy, ugly creatures that dwell in abandoned houses, barns and other buildings. They are relatively harmless, and defend themselves by throwing objects around a room. They eat only insects.

Hickypunk (XXXX): Small, one-legged creature that has an appearance of smoke. Carries around a light to lure travelers into bogs and drown them.

Hippogriff (XXX): Flying creature with the head, wings and forelegs of an eagle and body, hind legs and tail of a horse. A very prideful creature that can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

Jobberknoll (XX): Tiny, blue speckled bird that makes no sound except when it is dying, when it emits a loud scream consisting of all the sounds it has ever heard. Feathers are very important and when ground up correctly can cure most ailments.

Kappa (XXXX): A water dweller that resembles a monkey with webbed hands. Grabs and strangles victims that wander into it's pond.

Mooncalves (XX): A creature that lives in a burrow and comes out at a full moon and dances, glowing pale blue and pale yellow in the moonlight.

Owl (XX): Intelligent birds sometimes used to carry letters. Harmless unless provoked, then they use their razor sharp talons to attack.

Puffskein (XX): Long tongued fur ball that makes calming purring noises. Found all over in the wild and usually kept as household pets for young children.

Red Caps (XXX): Small goblin-like creatures that love bloodshed and can be found around areas of great death. They will beat to death wounded victims they find.

Unicorn (XXXX): Pure white, horse-like creature with a single horn on the center of their head. Their blood has been known to cure most ailments and can also keep the drinker alive.

Werewolf (XXXXX): A human infected with lycanthropy. Turns into a werewolf at every full moon. Can only be infected from the bite of another werewolf. When in the human form, they are as harmless as any other human, but become very dangerous when they are transformed.