A/N: Yes, this chapter is all about what you think it's about. Hope you enjoy it and Severus' nervousness!

Chapter 116: Blessings

Entering the study first, Severus walked past his desk to the window trying to keep his breathing calm, his person from crumbling, but the sound of the door shutting, the feeling of the other man in the room, caused him to sweat profusely.

"What can I do for you sir?" Rocco asked as he took his usual place before the desk. "Are you unhappy with the progress on the new cottage for the good doctor? George told me about the ride, the centaurs and Mr. Lupin, but he also said that you stopped at the cottage in the deep forest. Is there anything a miss?"

"What?" Severus asked having heard none of it beyond the ringing in his own ears. "I'm sorry?" He asked as he finally turned to look at the man.

"Merlin's beard, are you well sir?" Rocco gasped at the sight of the unusually pail Severus.

"Me, yes, I'm fine, you?" Severus asked at the sight of the worry in the father before him.

"What is all this?" Rocco asked. "You do not want to talk about the estate."

"No, I don't. Please sit," Severus said as he inhaled again, straightened his dinner jacket and stood taller.

"Severus Snape, what has gotten into you. I have seen you many ways but never like this."

"These seventeen months here in Rosenshire have seemed like a lifetime," Severus said, not quite sure about how to go about having such a conversation as the one he was staring down. "And I do not know where I would be if it weren't for you and your family."

"It has been our pleasure, I assure you, but if there is a problem you must let us know."

"There is no problem, it's absolutely the contrary. I wish to marry your daughter, Gloria," Severus blurted out and then inhaled sharply.

"Do you, indeed?" Rocco asked in shocked surprise.

"I do, with all my heart," Severus answered. "I seek your blessing."

"Lilina and I had wondered how long it would take you to ask, though I had said that you are not so old fashioned as that. I am pleased that you have proved me wrong," Rocco said as a grin crept across his face. "It was quite clear from the very beginning, or at least from the moment you sent up the laboratory, that the magic here had marked you. It was in Gloria first, or perhaps it only showed in her because we are her parents but it became evident in you as well, and then there is little Harry. He loves everyone, but he is most happy when the two of you are together with him."

"Everyone know, and I have tried to keep it secret," Severus said with a shake of his head as the nervousness faded away for embarrassment.

"Yes, they also know that you are a gentleman and that many many other things demand your attention at present. I also believe that you have put all of your friends ahead of your own happiness. What has set your resolve?"

"The magic here and the protection it will bring Gloria into," Severus answered.

"She is already fully and wholly protected by your love magic. There is no need to rush."

"Am I to understand that you do not think it the right time?" Severus asked and the panic crept in again.

"No, not at all, you have my blessing, not that you need it. The magic here has already taken affect, but are you prepared for this, are you really ready?"

"I believe that I am," Severus answered.

"Then I expect to hear of the joyful announcement very soon, but am I to keep this meeting a secret from my wife?" Rocco asked slyly as he stood and walked across the room to where Severus stood.

"I will ask Gloria properly, to officially form the engagement. Until then I wish to keep this meeting or the knowledge of it as quiet as possible but Lilina may know," Severus said and grinned.

"Very well, and what are we to call you, sir or son?" Rocco asked as he reached out and embraced Severus.

"I am sure we will have many changes coming very soon," Severus laughed. "But I would not mind son as I was nearly always without a father."

"Well I am happy, and will be very happy to welcome you into the family," Rocco smiled.

"Thank you," Severus said with a bow and for a moment awkwardness crept in between them once more. "I do, actually have a small matter of the estate to speak to you about, it was Gloria's idea," he said to change the subject.

"I'm sure she will have many plans in the future for the estate," Rocco said, "and I do hope we can keep this business relationship between us."

"Or course, who better to handle everything then my future father-in-law?" Severus asked.

"Very true, so what are her new plans?" Rocco asked.

"She would like to see Remus Lupin settled on a small farm out by the forest cottage and the doctor's house. I'm very pleased with the doctor's cottage. It should not be invasive, the glade will remain untouched but she believes that he would prefer to be near the forest and as useful as we can make him while keeping him here with us."

"And is this to be a secret as well?" Rocco asked.

"Only so long as we have not told him about it," Severus answered.

"Then I will draw up some plans and get back to you in a day or two," Rocco said, "and you should get back to me and my family with your news as soon as possible."

"I will, I swear it. With your blessing, I've no need to wait," Severus said.

"No, but the anticipation of it will be torture to us, and the keeping of such of secret from her siblings. You must not put them through that," Rocco warned but there was folly in his tone.

"I shall do my very best to make this a quick transition," Severus said with a laugh and then together the men exited the study and returned to the party in the evening parlour.