Fandom. Twilight series
Pairing. Marcus/Seth
Table. Emotions
Notes/Warnings. Mentions of sex, some dark themes.

. emotions .

#01 – Love ::
The faint stirrings in his chest that make his heart flutter and skip beats whenever he sees Marcus doesn't mean anything, Seth keeps telling himself, he's not in love with the dark-haired vampire.

#02 – Lust ::
Lust only came into the equation when there was nothing left in between them, and all they wanted was to be as close to the other as possible.

#03 – Passion ::
For them, it wasn't just about the lust, no, Marcus loved Seth with more passion then he'd ever loved anyone else, and it hurt him a bit to realize that what he felt for Seth was stronger then what he'd felt for Didyme; but that didn't change anything.

#04 – Rage ::
The moment that Jane makes the mistake of attacking Seth with her power, something she loves to do, she realizes that he's no longer in her reach when Marcus attacks her in a blind rage.

#05 – Depression ::
Marcus' state had been a zombified state of depression for centuries, and by then, all of the Volturi had gotten used to him being that way; it was just how Marcus was.

#06 – Bond ::
Between mates, and between those who imprint, there's a deep bond that runs deeper then even the true love that humans experience, and though Seth's never imprinted, he knows that he's found 'the one' when Marcus calls him his mate.

#07 – Loss ::
Didyme's death had left deep and long unhealed scars on Marcus' heart, and Seth was slowly starting to piece that broken organ of his.

#08 – Horny ::
Vampires are incredibly sensual creatures, and Seth knows that he'll have to deal with that whenever Marcus feels like showing him.

#09 – Blah ::
"If you looked up 'apathy' in the dictionary, you'd see Marcus' face next to the definition," Alec told Seth.

#10 – Pensive ::
In the long months following Seth's arrival in Volterra, Marcus' apathetic facial expressions started to change, and he looked as though he was lost in thought, but no one was quite able to make the connection.

#11 – Confident ::
The walls of Volterra were no longer a prison for Seth, it was his home, and he could walk around with more confidence then he'd ever have thought he'd feel.

#12 – Unsure ::
At first, Marcus doesn't know what it is he feels for the young wolf who somehow always seems to find him, but he isn't quite sure how to describe it to himself to figure out what it is.

#13 – Stress ::
Aro had to deal with the added stress of trying to make sure that no one laid a finger on the young wolf, or else he'd have quite the deranged Marcus on his hands.

#14 – Calm ::
For all outward appearances, Seth was calmer whenever Marcus was around him, but they didn't need contact of any kind for him to feel that way.

#15 – Content ::
Running his fingers through the pitch black strands, Marcus felt, for the first time in centuries, a feeling of warmth spread through his chest, and he knew that he'd found his place, and that there wasn't anywhere else for him.

#16 – Excited ::
Seth felt the anticipation build inside of him while he waited for Marcus to come from his talks with Aro about giving him a little more freedom; it wasn't like he would actually be going anywhere.

#17 – Happy ::
For the first time in his memory, Alec saw that Marcus was happy, and he realized that if even Marcus could find someone to make him feel like that, then there wasn't any reason that he couldn't.

#18 – Hot ::
Where Marcus is ice, Seth is fire, and their emotions are a near clear match; only, Marcus burns with a passion and love that Seth doesn't feel that he ever could, but he's just as glad to know that he's what inspires that in the vampire.

#19 – Cold ::
Before Seth, Marcus was nothing but a cold shell of who he once was, the loss of Didyme, the first person he'd ever loved in his unlife, had left its mark on his heart, and he had refused to let it heal.

#20 – Mysterious ::
Marcus is the silent type, which makes him the hardest to get too, emotionally, but somehow, Seth managed to do just that.

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