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As I stepped into the Seattle airport and looked around for my dad, Charlie, my thoughts strayed to how I got in this situation. What if he got out of jail and try's to find me? Just then a slight fluttering in my stomach reminded me that I was not alone in this situation.

"It's okay hunny, mommy won't let Ja-him hurt us ever again. I promise he won't come near us ever. Mommy loves you," I cooed to my belly not caring what other people around me may think.

Just as I was going to give up searching for Charlie and go get something small to eat I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. When I turned around terrified He had found us and prepared to scream and run I let out the breath I was holding in a long sigh as I saw Charlie and relaxed again.

"Hey Dad, you scared me. Where have you been?" I asked breathlessly as I tried to calm down. This was one thing that annoyed the hell out of me. Ever since the last time I wound up in the hospital because of Ja-Jam, dammit Bella just say his name, James, I had been getting scared way too easily.

"Hey Bells, sorry I scared you. I was late leaving the house and got here as soon as possible. Let me take your bag and we'll head home."

"Alright, but can we stop somewhere so I can grab a bite to eat? I'm starving."

"Yeah sure lets go it's a long drive back to the house."

We walked over to one of the baggage claims and Charlie grabbed my luggage since I couldn't bend over because of my seven month pregnant belly, also really annoying. Once we had all my luggage we went out, got in his car- thank god he left the police car at home, and drove to a pizza joint to grab a couple slices.

While we were eating I decided to find out more about his life in Forks.

"So how have things been in Forks? It's been awhile since I was there."

"Yeah about Forks; I need to talk to you about a few things. I met someone a few months ago and we have been living together for awhile," he told me extremely nervously.

"Dad I have to admit I am a bit shocked but I am so happy you've found someone to be with especially since mom has Phil. So, tell me about her."

"Well she and her sister own an interior decorating business, she is a great cook, and she has a daughter around your age."

"Wait a minute how are all of us supposed to live in your little house especially with me having a baby in a couple of months?" I asked extremely confused. Charlie's house was only a two bedroom. Even if I squeezed all the babies stuff in my little room there still wouldn't be enough room.

"That's another thing; we found a nice four bedroom house just outside of Forks."

"Okay, I suppose it makes since for you to find a bigger house and I have to admit it would be nice to have someone my own age to talk to. Um Dad, what are their names?"

"Oh yeah, sorry, I guess I was just a little nervous about what you would think about living with me and a couple strangers after what you've been through. My girlfriends name is Janet and Alice is her daughter."

"Wow! Did you tell them about this?" I asked as I motioned towards my stomach.

"Yeah I told Janet but Alice doesn't know." He started chuckling and said "Of course I don't think she'll mind, it will give her an excuse to go shopping."

"Oh God No Not Shopping! I hate going shopping." I laughed as we walked out to the car and started the long drive to Forks.

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