Going Swimming

Sam stood on a silky white sand beach, sparkling blue ocean spread behind her and georgous golden sunlight streamed down. She was wearing a bikini, a wide smile, and an impatient air.

"Come on, Doctor! You've been talking about taking me to Florana forever. We finally made it. What's taking so long?"

"Be out in a minute, Sam," the Doctor's voice came muffled through the Tardis doors as it sat on the beach, its base wallowed into the sand as if the Tardis herself intended to enjoy the holiday.

Sam looked out over the ocean. This planet had three suns, but it wasn't overly hot.

"Well, Sam. What do you think?"

The Doctor stepped outside the Tardis doors holding a huge multicolored umbrella.

"Oh, no." Sam clapped her hand over her eyes.

He was wearing an 1880s black and white striped, neck-to-knees swimsuit.