It had been a few months since Booth told Brennan he loved her after waking up in the hospital and She had replied with the same. They had been a "couple" since then.

Bones POV

"Hey Bones, where to today?" Booth asked. He had gotten to know my schedule well and knew that I would be having lunch soon. We had been going to lunch together most days. I put down the bones I was examining from limbo.

"The diner." He was finally by my side and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. I didn't know how he did it. I had never felt the way I did with anybody but him. I knew now what he was talking about love and marriage. I wouldn't mind marrying Booth. He was the one person in my life I couldn't live without.

"What may I get you?" The waitress asked after we were settled.

"I'd like the sesame salad and an orange juice." Booth smiled. The other day he had told me to try the sesame salad but I refused. I had wanted a Caesar salad.

"Can I get the classic burger and a diet coke." The waitress left.

"So decided to try it?"

"Well yeah there is nothing wrong with trying new things." He laughed. I didn't understand why he was so amused. I looked at him and smiled and he got a very serious look on his face. He looked down at his hands and looked back up.

"I have to go undercover Bones. I won't be able to contact you or anyone until the assignment is done. I asked Cullen if I could just contact you every once in awhile and he said not even letters. It's dangerous so I'll be gone awhile and I might not come back." I sat processing is words. How could he be leaving? And he might not come back. This couldn't be happening, not again. He had moved onto my side of the booth and wiped away a tear I hadn't even realized was there.

"I love you. More than anyone. I have for a very long time. Years." I looked at him in disbelief. He had loved me for years. I had only began to feel romantically about him a few months before he told me of his love.

"I love you too," I said and settled my head on his arm, "Always."

After we finished eating he brought me back to work. He was leaving that night and I would be there to say goodbye. I walked back up to my bones from limbo to continue the examination.

"Sweetie what happened?"Angela asked, "Did he hurt you?"She asked getting mad. I guess I had cried more then I thought.

"No. Nothing happened. He's just leaving on an undercover assignment. I don't want to live without him Ange. He might die!" Angela was my best friend but I needed Booth. I knew the way I felt was just from my pineal gland but I didn't care anymore. I liked the way he made me feel, whole. He was the only one who could do that to me.

"Bye Booth. I love you." I said simply. That was just the way it was. I didn't have a long speech about how I felt because those three words summed it up. He gave me a passionate kiss. One that I would never forget. It was amazing. Being with him in his arms made the whole world around me disappear and made me feel like he would always be there right next to me like at that moment. But it wasn't true. He was leaving for who knew how long and even if he would return. He released me.

"I love you too Bones. Now don't you forget me while I'm gone. Just because I can't contact you doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you." He didn't know how hard it would be to forget him.

"I won't forget about you Booth it's impossible unless I get brain damage and get amnesia. Otherwise one does not just forget a person who they love." He gave me one last smile before the other agent called for him and he got into the car.