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Chapter one:

The day was a beautiful day. But then again, every day when I wake up with Kaoru laying besides me was a beautiful day. I love him so much. I can't believe I let my stupid stubborn tactics get in the way of that.

I kissed his forehead tenderly.

"Kaoru. Wake up." I whispered. Today, he was excited. His first day back to the school. He had to be in a wheelchair for a while but he didn't mind. His absences didn't count since they were informed about his hospital time. They're glad he's getting better and he's prepared to do the best he can.

I felt bad. My hair was growing back much faster than his. He had some hair. It was slowly growing but I had a bit more.

His eyes opened and I saw that smile. I kissed him.

Me and Kaoru don't share a room still but I did sleep in his room most of the time so I guess it counted as sharing.

Tamaki walked into the room with a grin. Of course Kaoru told him about his first day back. Tamaki was probably more excited then Kaoru was. It didn't matter though.

"Kaoru. My sweet maiden. How are you darling?" Tamaki asked and Kaoru slowly sat up with my help and smiled at Tamaki who hugged him lightly.

"You're looking great." Tamaki gave Kaoru an Eskimo kiss and I got off the bed and pulled on my uniform. Me and Tamaki helped Kaoru put on his. He smiled at us both and we helped him to the wheelchair.

"First day back." I reminded him with a grin. He nodded, equally as excited.

Tamaki was proud at some of the weight that he gained. Kaoru was now nearing 90 lbs. Yes that is an accomplishment.

"I'm so thrilled to go back to school." Kaoru admitted. I guess sitting at home all day wasn't really what Kaoru wanted.

We reached the door and there stood Kyoya holding a smirk.

"Took you guys long enough." He said smoothly and I rolled my eyes.

"Hi Kyoya." Kaoru said sweetly and Kyoya looked down at him and smiled.

"Hello Kaoru." He said and we all got into the limo.

Kaoru was looking out of the window excitedly. I didn't quite understand what was so exciting about school but I remember, it was Kaoru. And if Kaoru was interested by going to school then who am I to tell him otherwise.

We finally arrived and we all got out of the car. Kyoya and Tamaki helped Kaoru into his wheelchair while I grabbed all of the bags from the limo and we started to walk into school.

A good portion of the girls in the school walked up to Kaoru and babied him. It was quite funny. I was wearing the hat I wore when we played the "Which one's Hikaru" game and mindlessly rubbing Kaoru's shoulder as I watched his fan girls fawn over him and say how sorry they were and how cute he was and a bunch of other shit that I already knew.

"I'm sorry, but I have to get to class. It's been a while." Kaoru said sweetly and they blushed and nodded.

"Will you be at the host club Kaoru?" They asked excitedly.

"..." Kaoru turned to me and I smiled.

"Of course he will be." I told them and Kaoru grinned at me. He wanted to be in school so I was going to give him the full extent of going to school. Which involves the host club.

Hopefully we wont run into Haruhi. I don't know what the hell she'll do but I don't want to know either.

As we were walking down the hall... Well as I was wheeling Kaoru down the hall, he looked like a 3 year old on Christmas morning. He was so cute.

But there were a few people that were whispering and laughing and that got me mad. Cancer wasn't something to laugh about. Good thing Tamaki was behind me a few feet.

I turned to him and Kaoru seemed confused and I walked over to Tamaki.

"Bring him to class." I said with my bangs covering my eyes. He looked confused.

"Why?" He asked and I started to shake.

"Just do it. And do it quick." I said and he nodded and quickly wheeled the very lost Kaoru into homeroom. I walked over to the boys and glared.

"What's so funny?" I asked darkly.

"Nothing." On guy snorted and I grabbed him by the shirt.

"Listen you prick, don't you dare laugh at my brother." I snapped and he raised his eyebrow.

"What will you do if I don't?" He asked and I rolled my eyes. Such a typical question.

I punched him in the face and his two friends were on me. I was punching and kicking. I hit them but they also got me too. I remember biting someone and pulling someone else's hair and my eyes were stinging. I was so angry I was about to cry. This wasn't good.

"What's going on?" Honey asked sweetly and everyone stopped.

"Nothing shrimp. Get lost." The leader of the group said and Honey's eyebrow raised slightly and he slowly put Usa-chan down and walked over and looked up at them as they held me against the wall. I smirked at him.

"There's nothing to see here Honey. Honest." I said and he pursed his lips slightly and swallowed his saliva.

"What started this?" He asked and tilted his head to the side. I knew how to make Honey snap.

"Did you know that today Kaoru is back in school?" I asked and he looked a bit perplexed as to why I would change the topic so drastically but slowly nodded anyway. "They were laughing at him."

His eyes widened as he looked up at them. His fists clenched and he looked down.

"Kao-chan just got out of the hospital, and you're making fun of him?" He asked softly.

"Kid, it's no big de--" Honey punched him in the face so hard he flew back about 20 feet.

"Nobody makes fun of Kao-chan." He said dangerously then looked at the two other guys who quickly let go of me and ran off.

"Thank you Honey." I said and knelt by him and he shook his head.

"They shouldn't have talked mean about Kao-chan like that. He didn't do anything to them." Honey said and picked up Usa-chan.

"I know. They're jerks." I agreed and Honey nodded.

"Mitsukuni..." Mori paused when he looked at me. His look asked me why I was beat up.

"Nothing Mori. Really." I urged and he looked at Honey.

"People were being mean to Kao-chan so Hika-chan tried to stop it." Honey explained and Mori's look hardened.

"You should get to class now Hika-chan." Honey said while looking down. I nodded and Honey and Mori left and I walked to class after a short break to the bathroom to fix my appearance.

I walked into the room and sat next to Kaoru. He looked at me and examined my face. His eyes widened slightly and the bell rang. Since the teacher really didn't start until the second bell she sat there and took attendance quietly.

"What happened Hikaru?" He asked, pretty shocked and I smiled softly.

"Nothing to worry about Kaoru." I assured and grabbed his hand. He shouldn't worry over nothing. It wasn't healthy.

~** **~

The host club was pretty easy today. We had a bunch of girls around us. For one of the first times we sat at the couch instead of the chairs. Kaoru's legs were taking up most of the couch but he was leaning on my side as I wrapped my arm around him and placed my arm on the rest on the couch.

Most of their questions revolved around Kaoru's incident which was bound to come up at one point. By the end of the story they were in tears and told them how braved and cool he was.

Tamaki watched from the corner. His eyes were dazed though. I felt bad for taking Kaoru but he wouldn't take no for an answer. Even though I'm sure he wanted to have Kaoru. He wanted me to have him even more and I didn't fully comprehend why.

Kyoya was next to him calculating today's profits while stealing a few gazes at the out of it Tono-Senpai.

Honey seemed to become more attached to Kaoru since what happened this morning. He'd sit by him like a guard dog. It was rather adorable. Right now he was sitting on the floor in front of the couch. Mori stood behind the couch and gazed at everyone.

And of course, Haruhi was no longer in the host club. It was exactly how it was before she even showed up... Well not really at all. It was basically.. Completely different.

"It was so sweet of you to shave off your hair Hikaru." One of the girls commented. I looked up confused. I didn't know who said that. I was honestly dazed and completely out of it since I was bored with them obsessing over him. In all honesty I just wanted to kiss him in front of them. Tell them that he's mine and no one could ever have him. Except for me.

But that wouldn't go over well with Tamaki. He's so out of it even now. I wouldn't want to add something else to the list as to why Tono-senpai is a complete spas.

Kaoru seemed pretty content and comfortable laying on me. He should, I'm doing this out of the kindness of my own heart... Actually I'm holding him because I love him and I wanted to have at least SOME physical contact. I loved having him in my arms. It was so soothing.

I couldn't help kissing him on the top of his head subconsciously.

"I love you Kaoru." I said, honestly forgetting anyone else was there.

"I love you too Hikaru." He said softly and the fan girls started squealing and immediately I was taken out of my bliss. I hated when they did that. It really hurt my ears.

~** **~

It was Tono's turn to take Kaoru home. We'd take turns every once in a while. One of us would get his medicine and the other would take him home. Or one of us would get his dinner since he only enjoyed Cream Of Broccoli soup for some reason. Occasionally we'd make him eat something else but he was pretty content with his soup.

"Hello Hikaru." It was the same bastard from before. I sighed. I knew this wasn't going to end well but I wasn't going to let them know that.

"I have to go get medication for my brother. So excuse me, I have to go..." I said and they chuckled.

"What is he retarded or something?" One asked and that set me off. He had cancer the assholes! They were so dead.

I knew this wouldn't end well.

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