Author's Note: This part switches from Death Note to Sailor Moon.

Candice adjusted the top half of her dress and pulled it level across her chest. Everything was coming together so well. Finally. After three whole months, she had finally learned the spells needed to stitch her dress for the party. Not that she actually had any party to attend at that time, and this was only a thrown together Christmas party that those who hadn't gone home for the holidays were having, but either way she was thrilled with the results. Cosplay was just so much easier when you had magic to do all the sewing for you.

Candice knew that her dress was probably a little over the top for a standard Christmas party, but she didn't care. "Neo-Queen Candice is never over dressed," she mused to herself and did a childish swirl in front of the mirror. She thought about how she had planned to wear Padme's lake dress but the Professors had nicked the idea fairly quickly when they heard about the design, a fully open back and bare shoulders was just not going to work they told her. That's alright though, Neo-Queen Serenity was far better anyways. At least in her mind she was.

"Star Wars is alright and the dress is gorgeous but nothing beat Moon Power," Candice smiled and did another spin.

When she came to a stop, she adjusted the pins in her hair just a tad to straighten the buns of her wig. Ok, so the hairstyle was a bit much, but it was necessary if she wanted to be 'in character'. A few more adjustments and she almost forgot that she was playing a role. "God I love magic," she said giddily before she cleared her throat and threw back her shoulders to straighten her back.

While she might look the part, she certainly had never acted like royalty, much less a girl who would run around in high heeled boots and a miniskirt while saving people from the evils of organizations like the Dark Kingdom or the Dead Moon Circus. She made a few poses in the mirror, adjusting each movement until she got it right 'the first time.' "Leave it to you Usagi to have a completely different personality as a princess..." she said with a roll of her eyes to the mirror.

After several more minutes of posing, she finally decided that it was time to go down and greet the masses. She gave herself one last look over and then picked up a large flower shaped crystal held on a long necklace that sat on her bedside table. Placing the chain around her neck and holding the crystal in her hands she had a momentary lapse of reality and completely fell into the role. "Moon Prism Power!" she shouted and raised the crystal out in front of her dramatically.

"Candy... what are you doing?" a voice sounded behind her and she jumped so much that she dropped the crystal. If it hadn't been for the chain that attached it to her neck, the crystal would have been in pieces on the floorboards.

She quickly whisked it back up into her hands and grasped it hard to her chest before spinning around to see two Ravenclaw first years standing in the doorway. They were looking at her with a mix of confusion and amusement, the same look everyone had when Candice was doing something anime related. It took a few moments, but her heart slowly stopped pounding. Her mind, however, still ran in circles as she tried to think of something to say.

"Yeah, what's Moon Prism Power mean?" asked one of the first years and Candice's need to explain herself was quickly replaced by the need to yell at this two "children." How dare they not know what it means!

But rather than try and explain the incredibly intricate workings of one of the greatest stories ever told, Candice thought it would be better just to act professional and lady-like... so she lied to cover her ass.

"It's just a basic transfiguration spell that's all," she said courtly and straightened her back as she walked towards them to head down to the great hall for the party.

"But I've never heard of it before," the other first year asked her, both of them following her out of the room and into the common room. "What's it do?"

"Damn first years and their questions..." she thought. However she was also scolding herself for having, yet again, dug herself into a hole which would be difficult to get out of. "It's a secret, and if I told you about it... well, then bad things would happen and I wouldn't be able to stop them," Candice said, trying to stay in character but still not give them a straight answer as they walked down to the great hall.

The two first years just glanced at each other and shrugged, as far as they were concerned this was just Candice being weird again. It wasn't anything new, in fact most of the school had just come to accept her random mood swings based on comic books and other such things. Candice was the strange oddity at the school, trying to figure out and understand what she was obsessing over that week sometimes outweighed the gossip of what James and the other Marauders were planning to do for their next prank. Normally, most people just ignored her strange clothes and accessories. The Purebloods figured that was just how a Muggle-born acted, but even the other Muggle-borns thought she was weird.

When they finally reached the great hall and Candice made her "grand entrance", the two Ravenclaws disappeared into the crowd that had all now turned to look at Candice. She smiled and accepted their stares as stunned surprise when really it was more like confused shock. She waved to a few of her professors who had been speaking to one another before she walked in and then headed over to the refreshment table to get a drink. Oh to be royal and greet your subjects... she even gave a small wave and smile to Severus as she passed him. Severus, although only slightly, nodded his head to her before turning back to find the three other Slytherins around him snickering about 'Candy's latest bizarre Muggle exploits'.

Reaching the table, Peter handed her a glass of butterbeer before she could ask for it. "You look nice Candy, but what's with the hair?" he asked.

Candice made a face at the use of the hated nickname but then thanked him and said the hair went with the dress which of course caused Peter to make a face as he completely didn't understand what she was talking about. They spoke lightly about how Sirius had gone home with James for the holidays for a few minutes before being interrupted by Remus as he came up behind Peter. "So Candice, what exactly did you tell those two first years?" he asked and indicated the two Ravenclaw's she had come in with.

"What do you mean?" Candice asked, praying he wasn't about to ask what she was thinking.

"They just asked me if I had ever heard of the Moon Prism Power transfiguration spell. Apparently you told them it was a basic spell, but no one has ever heard of it."

Candice eyed the two first years in annoyance for having sought out an answer to their questions but they were too busy talking to some other people to notice. "Well Remus," Candice started but she wasn't exactly sure what she was going to say.

"Does it have something to do with that crystal thing you're holding?" Peter asked and indicated the crystal flower around her neck which she promptly clutched in one of her fists.

Candice suddenly had a strong desire to tell them that she was secretly a sailor scout sworn to defend the solar system and eventually become queen of Crystal Tokyo, but after what had happened the last time she tried playing a joke on the Marauders, she thought it probably wouldn't be the best idea. Last time they hadn't forgiven her for nearly an entire month. Even though it was Severus who had "played dead," they still thought she had gone a bit too far. Candice remembered having yelled at them for saying that, reminding them of some of the mean things they had down as "pranks." This time she thought it best just to skip all that.

"Yes it does, but I still can't explain it to you because that would just ruin things," Candice said and finished off her glass of butterbeer.

"Ruin what things?" Peter asked, exchanging confused looks with Remus.

Candice just smiled, "you'd have to be Muggle-born to understand. Now come on King Endymion, dance with me!"

She grabbed hold of Peter's hand and began to pull him out towards the makeshift dance floor while Peter looked over his shoulder and mouthed to Remus, "who's Endymion?" Remus just laughed and shook his head, that was Candice. She left everyone with more questions than answers.