Devious Instinct

By Lady Eclipse

What a wicked, cruel child you are. That innocent smile, those watery eyes as they lay bare your heart; as you confess your sins that you feel are unforgivable. You resist me because your heart is not whole. How can that ever be a sin? That I remain so fervently in your thoughts, that the most grievious sin you can fathom is to harm my dull heart, you are without sin. You look at me with eyes shining with empathy as I list all those whose lives I have taken. All the plotting and cruel things I have done to others are meaningless to you. You see through all to the ancient loneliness in my heart, the agonizing anguish that reaches out toward you. You, whom I have loved since you first drew breath in this world. You who captured me by only existing. You who somehow intensifies this feeling every day to the point where I want to burst with it. My beautiful, cruel, precious girl. There can be no physical pain you could inflict, no words spoken no matter how hateful that you could utter that could harm me. The only thing that could break me would be 'goodbye.'

So my sweet creature, Zero can have that piece of your heart. The humans may continue holding a stake in your thoughts. As long as you are here, as long as I can hear your heartbeat, as long as I can smell your blood, that is all I need. Let me drown in your sweet red innocence. Let your cruelly kind love pour through me satiating every thirst. I will selfishly take all you offer. I can wait for the rest. This is the first time in my long life that I have been pleased with the long years due to me. I can wait forever my dear girl; as long as you stand with me. Please continue to torture me for all time.


My favorite moments are when I return to you from the dreary meetings with other vampires. You rush toward me with such unabashed joy to see me and embrace me tightly. Your relief and love pour upon me afresh and your soft lips press upon mine. Each time you get bolder, grow more comfortable with these little endearments. I cannot help but return them with ever greater enthusiasm no matter who is there to see. Let them look and know that you are mine, that I am yours and no other creature matters.

Yet this is dangerous territory my precious girl. How can I resist you when you blush so becomingly, when your eyes turn red with heat and passion. You look up at me drunk on my blood your body pressed up against mine, Such a wicked little temptress and you have no idea what you do to me. You know nothing of physical pleasure yet you seduce me with those eyes, those treaturous little hands that press against my back. How deeply I yearn to give in to you and follow this game until the end. I hate to strip you of another layer of innocence, but how much longer can I resist you? You gave me your heart and soul and now your body is calling to mine. Do you feel this need as I do? Do you feel this insatiable pressure? So much need.

I must be drunk on your blood as well, my restraint is slipping. I can feel your sweet love coursing through me, your selfless devotion rings through my mind as I lick your neck clean then nibble the newly healed flesh. You gasp and I can feel your blood rushing tempting me to taste again. A little more then. Just a little more and it will be enough. A taste of your collarbone, a caress of your sides. Oh dear, when did my hands stray so recklessly to more hallow ground above your restless heart? Just a little more and I can stop and leave you in virtuous peace. A lick of your ear lobe, a nip of blood from your lip. Oh no, a tactical error. I can taste your arousal in your blood. Confusion and pleasure war within you but you do not resist me. You so rarely resist me. Your trust is touching and makes me want to do more. To show you more. I need to stop....I must stop....but your delicate hands are undoing me. The way they move from my back to tangle in my hair to hold me close is awakening the predator in me. The desperate need to claim, to possess, churns within me but I must chain the beast. You must never see that reckless animal. You must stop your gentle unknowing kisses before we cross a line that changes you forever.

Just one more kiss, just one more touch and I must go. I must get away from your scent before I loose control. You are the first and only creature in all this world who can do this to me.

What....? My cruel girl, are those your fangs nicking my chest? Did you take advantage of my distraction to open my shirt? My poor girl, you are following your instincts but they will lead you to ruin. I capture your hands and try to pull away but you whimper and look sad, rejected. How can I tell you the dangers you face should we cross that line that is racing to meet us? What can I say to protect you from this beast within? My child, how can I save you from myself?


Very short but Vampire Knight inspired me and I felt the need to write something (this was done roughly in half an hour). It's been years since I had the time to write a fanfic so I hope I haven't lost the touch. I'm not sure if this will be it or if the muse will continue pulling me along so your thoughts and support are welcome and appreciated.

The standard disclaimers apply. I don't own it and I gain no money for my drabbles.