The Beast Emerges

"Make love to me....Kaname."

My hands clench as I look into your earnest eyes. My throat closes against any response as I see the desire and need pooling in those mahogany depths. And the love...oh yes, the love. It is the sharpest weapon in your arsenal you devious creature. The beast growls or perhaps that is me. Your wicked hand caresses my cheek as you press close against me. "...Kaname...please..." The chain snaps. Mine. Red fills my gaze and my embrace becomes a cage. I fist my hand into your long tresses earning me a shiver down your spine. No escape now little one. Mine. I pull you towards the bed. My mouth finds yours and claims it fiercely. My tongue caresses your fangs dragging along one to fill your mouth with my blood. Only mine. Only I can give you what you need. Taste my hunger, know my desire and feel my helpless entrancement with you. Your clothes become a tattered mess in my impatience. You obediently lie back upon the soft sheets but color stains your cheeks. Are you shy little one? Do my intent eyes make you nervous? Does the way I stare at you remind you of a beast of your nightmares preparing to devour you? You aren't wrong. But I promise you will enjoy every moment. You tremble beneath me and I can't help sampling some of the exquisite blood from your lip. You gasp and tense as my hands brush away the remains of your last barrier between us, but it is too late for that my beloved. I can taste the anticipation in your blood. Your pleasure and excitement course through me luring the beast closer. The shreds of my cloths mingle with yours and I become fascinated with tracing every line and curve you possess. Every inch of skin is tasted, kissed, bitten. Little sinful drops of blood dot your skin for me to feast upon. Yes my angel. You will be fed upon tonight. All of you. Ah the tantalizing pleasure of cleansing your skin of the blood. But not too much, you will need all of your strength tonight. Don't pass out on me tonight. Not yet. Little tremors of your skin follow my hand's wake and your fingernails bite into my arms. Your lips brush against my forearm and a fang grazes the skin. Is the passion getting the better of your shyness my dear girl? I pull back from my ministrations to savor the red in your wide eyes. Red like the blood trickling from the corner of your mouth. Are you afraid little Yuuki? Do you now realize who I truly am? What lies just beneath the smooth veneer of humanity? I am the beast, the predator, and it is my nature to consume you. And my dear girl, you are dangerously delicious. You are shaking and a soft surprised moan breaks free of your lips as I find more pleasurable places to explore. Your back arches and your hands latch onto my forearm in shock. I easily capture them and trap them above your head. I'm leading this dance my dear girl. The beast demands no less. You writhe and I become drunk on the mingled scent of blood and desire spilling into the room. Mine. Only mine. The beast becomes restless needing more. I must have more. I press upon you and lave your neck. I trail little affections upward to finish with your lips. Pressure from within builds and my grip tightens. More...somehow I need...more. Somehow you know, somehow you understand and you break my kiss to nip my neck. The beast growls and I can resist no longer. I shift and a sharp cry and the sweet scent of forbidden blood paints the air. Mine. Forever. The beast purrs in satisfaction as you you respond.....and from there on I'm afraid I have little other clear thought save the delicious sounds of your moans and the sensation of you being everything within and around me. And of course, the feeling of your fangs when you.....


Slowly I drift into consciousness and savor the comfortable moment of neither being truly awake nor truly asleep. Without much thought my hand seeks you to complete the contentment of the moment. My fingertips find your shoulder then trace their way down to your hip. A sleepy murmur greets me as a pull you back against me. Keeping my eyes closed I press my lips to your neck and drink in your scent. Sleep threatens to pull me back under but I resist. I want to hold onto this moment forever. I want to engrave every second into my heart to treasure for all time. Behind my closed eyes I sense the light in the room darkening. Sunset is fading into night and I must soon don my mask and face the savage games of politics. I must seal away all feeling and plot my schemes and smile coldly at the aristocrats who think they can use me. Only here, only now in this moment can I be vulnerable. Only here basking in your warmth can I let those ruthless shields fall and know that I am safe. That all that I hold dear is safe. I have resigned myself to doing whatever I must, kill whoever stands in my way, in order to protect you and the innocence you still cultivate. There won't be enough blood to spill should those foolish vampires and hunters alike try to involve you in their games. You are the sweet innocent so easily manipulated and any one of them see it plainly; they all see what you do to me. How easily I am swayed by your merest word. Is it foolish of me to lavish you with my love to openly? Is this a dangerous game I play by so obviously displaying my one weakness? Not at all. I want them to see my weak flank and make the mistake of attacking it. For I have much in place that will ensure that not one of them will succeed and the blood bath that will ensue will leave no doubt in anyone's mind who the true power is. I want them to know what you mean to me so they clearly understand the lengths I will go to destroy everything they are when they try to touch you. I tighten my hold as a soundless snarl vibrates in the back of my throat. A small hand absently rises to pet my hair and her groggy voice murmurs "...don't worry....I'm okay...." a small yawn breaking your words encourages a small smile to carve my lips. " one would try anything with you sounding so scary...." You wriggle a little closer into me and I close my eyes against that vice in my chest you inspire. Your wise my little one. I can let the mask slip here because you already know what is behind it and accept all of me. I can show you the killer, I can show you the beast and you will smile and hold me without reservation. How easily your love can bring me to the brink of tears. I, despite my long life, cannot find the words to say what you mean to me, the depth of my love and need. I will just have to satisfy myself with showing it to you. Forever. I bite you gently, shallowly and lap at the trickle of blood. I surrender. Take me, all of me and let me stay by your side. I give you all of my soul, as fragmented as it is. Please take me.



Hmmm..... a little darker and some limyness emerges. The fan girl me just aches to go even farther and really see what the beast looks like when Kaname lets his anger free.

I know these little snip-its are painfully short and in truth I'm actually one of those longwinded writers. However, the response is so good that I find myself impatient to get something out so I write these little snip-its instead of waiting a month to condense them into a proper chapter. Also, I don't think this writing style is well suited to long chapters. It's exhausting to stay in someone's head for that long!

Well then, I hope I didn't disappoint and I'll continue on exploring Kaname and all of his wonderful facets.