I just found this old story and decided to continue it :)

Sakura wasn't one of those girls who had no sense of direction. She could definitely find her way out of a paper box. In all honesty, she could find her way out of practically anything with just plain luck. But even that seemed to have deserted her in her hour of need.

Haruno Sakura was lost. And not just any 'out for a stroll, where-am-I' lost, but a 'is this place even on a map' lost.

Sakura's mouth twisted and her eyebrows furrowed as she turned the map upside down. "Naruto said this map was perfect, but…" she trailed off, knowing it was her own fault for trusting the blond.

She had been in the same spot for little over ten minutes, having already explored most of the surrounding area. To the East were mountains, South was a river, North more forestry, and the West were more mountains. No villages, no humans, not even a wandering shinobi.

Now that I think about it…there hasn't even been a single animal. Before the thought could fully register in her mind her hands had already grabbed a kunai out of her pocket, lifting up to block another kunai in one fluid motion. Quickly she scanned the area, but was just a split second too late.

Two men walked into the small clearing. Both were much taller than her, but one had a very distinct skin color.

Blue? She thought, face remaining impassive. As a Jonin, Sakura seriously tried to remain textbook and took all her lessons. She had already checked out their chakra. Of course it was much more than she thought, but the normal one was all too familiar to the medic.

"Itachi." She spat out, literally. She glared at the nonchalant man until the blue one spoke.

"You must be on the Kyuubi's team. Figure's one of you would be stupid enough to tumble into our land." He grinned at her, revealing a row of pointy teeth that Sakura would rather not get near.

"Well excuse me for getting lost. Now if you two could be so kind?" She pointed to the woods behind her expectantly, hoping they'd let her go…

"Ha." The blue one laughed lazily. She sighed. Of course not.

"Then can you guys just leave and pretend that I was never here? I'd hate to have to ruin the pretty Uchiha's face." She boasted, hoping more and more that they'd leave, but knowing more and more that they wouldn't.

"Funny, girl." Itachi said emotionlessly. He motioned something to the blue man, who nodded before taking a step toward Sakura.

"I'm not a girl, I'm a woman, one, and two, don't come near me." She held up her kunai and stepped back cautiously. Who would trust a blue shark-man to come near themselves?

"I won't hurt you, pink." He said, almost kindly, holding out a hand. It was long enough to almost reach her. She cut it, barely scratching the skin, and a small bead of blood pooled up. He laughed at her pathetic attempt.

"You won't hurt me with that puny thing, pink." He growled out, lunging at her, and throwing her over his shoulder effortlessly. "Now, come meet the people you'll be spending the rest of the time until you die with."

And with that…Haruno Sakura, a girl of impetuous directional abilities, found herself lost and therefore in deep trouble with the worst kind of people – the kind who wore black jackets on a hot day.

Yes, this will be AkatsukixSakura :)

I have about 1/4 written out on paper so this one should be updated pretty often (at least compared to my usual update times)

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