Boris knew he was lazy, careless even, but when that red knight smiled and announced his intention to kill Alice, he became a fierce predator.


When Alice was pulled away from Ace by a guard with a summons form the Queen, she was sad. When she next saw the guard, she wondered where the rest of him was.


Pierce was inexperienced with the ways of the world, this he knew. He also knew that was why a feminine hand print was know adorning his face.


Peter sat going through the list in his mind. Cute he could do, modesty would be much harder.


Despite her dislike of them, the axe and the grenade were the only way she could tell them apart.


Alice found herself feeling more and more like she was floating on air long after waking up from her nightly chats with Nightmare


Julius, Alice discovered, was quite like his abode; despite the cold, hard exterior, warmth always snuck through the cracks


People may have believed otherwise, but her relationship with Blood was one of the most unexpected things to happen to her.


Although he had the ability to read her mind, he found himself powerless when he saw her visions of him.


She liked him, she really did. But if Elliot handed her another bunch of carrots and a cake recipe, he would be nursing his fuzzy ears for weeks.


After all the time she spent in Wonderland, it still sickened her when her knight smiled so sweetly, drenched in another's blood.


It may not have been as effective as she had hoped, but when she suggested he get shots for rabies and other similar diseases, Elliot never mentioned being a dog again.


He held his breath the first time he saw her. He promised he would never see her last.


No matter how manipulative he was, she could always control him with the promise of a hot, home made cup of tea.


Alice always found it difficult to see Pierce when he shrunk, he was so tiny. As she stood above him, he saw a lot more than he ever thought he would.


Alice saw Boris standing over a corpse, covered in blood. He wasn't surprised to be leaving the body with a throbbing tail.

Watering can

After all the arguments, Alice could have sworn she saw Elliot fill the vegetable patch's watering can with black tea.


At first, Alice thought Gray resembled her father; if that were still the case, she would be a pervert.


He complained about her skills almost every time, but when she came to wash up, the coffee would always be gone.


Dee sighed remembering how he fought to convince Alice to be with him. Now the next battle was getting her to participate in a permanent manege etois.


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