My Tactless Sweetheart

Hey guys! I wanted to start a oneshot collection for SaiSaku. Haha, so here's the first one! Hope you like it :)

The Beginning

There were many things in life that Sakura absolutely loves.

Her parents.

Her profession as a medic-nin.

Naruto (In a brotherly fashion)

Ino (Best friends forever)

Hinata (Saviour in the kitchen)

Her strawberry flavoured lollipops

Last but not least, her tactless sweetheart.

To be truthful, no one saw that coming. As Sakura reflects back, never in a million years, would she expect herself to be falling in love with Konoha's impossibly and ridiculously emotionally stunted ninja.

But it was what made him cute.

And a tad irritating.

"Sakura-san, why does Naruto-kun always act so angry whenever we have our sparring sessions?" Sai asked her one day as they were resting under a beech tree. The question caught Sakura by surprise for a moment before she replied dryly-

"Because he's an idiot."

Sai gave her a look of confusion. "That doesn't really answer my question."

Sakura gave him a look of impatience. "Naruto thinks there's something going on between us."

Sai understood now. Whipping out the notebook he always keeps around with him, he flipped to a certain page and read the words over to himself before nodding in understanding. Sakura gave him a curious stare. What did he figure out? And alas, she was granted an answer.

"According to the notes I've been making on human interactions, Naruto-kun is jealous of the relationship we have?" Sai said with a fake smile on his face. Sakura had half a mind to congratulate Sai for figuring something emotion related on his own, but it was the weaker half of her mind.

"And you're right. But he has no reason to be." Sakura replied, though the latter part was more to herself.

"Sakura-san, does that mean we share an even greater bond than the one you have with Naruto-kun?"

And that question really threw her off.

"Sai, it's freakin' three in the morning. What the hell do you want from me?" a very agitated Sakura asked from her doorway.

"I lost track of time while I was reading, but I came across a really confusing subject, and I couldn't think of anyone else who could explain it to me." the artist explained, with the loathe-worthy fake smile on his face. Sakura restrained the urge to punch the man to Suna.

He woke her from her beauty sleep just for that? Sai definitely needed some lessons on human sleep cycles.

"I'm flattered that you hold me in such high regard. But can't this wait?" Sakura asked snappishly.

"I'm afraid it cannot. I have a mission in two hours time, and it would be three days long." Sai explained. Ah, so that explained his reason for not sleeping. He, has just saved himself a long sermon on beauty sleep.

"Fine. What is it that you need me to clarify?" Sakura conceded grumpily, crossing her arms across her chest. He better make this quick.

"What is the purpose of a kiss?"

Sakura gave Sai a look of utter disbelief. It is simply too early for Sakura to take this crap.

"You, give the phrase living under a rock a whole new meaning." she deadpanned.

"But I technically did live undergr-" Sai started, but Sakura cut him off.

"I know I know! Okay, the point of a kiss is so a person can show someone their affections. Now am I allowed to go back to bed?" Sakura snapped grouchily at Sai, who now stood in a contemplative stance.

Sakura started tapping her foot in impatience.

"So... if I wanted to show Naruto-kun I deeply cared for him, I should kiss him?" Sai asked with a spark in his dark eyes. Sakura almost fell over in disbelief.

This subject was much too complicated to be discussed in the wee hours of the morning. Sakura wanted to bash her head against the wall several times over.

"No Sai! Only to people you like." Sakura elaborated, emphasizing the like part.

Sai gave her a blank stare.

"Someone you have an attraction to." Sakura added, hoping he would clue in soon.

Sai still continued to stare at her blankly.

Sakura grit her teeth. "Someone that you get along with real well." He was really testing her patience.

The expression on Sai's face looked like he got a revelation. Oh good, about time.

"We get along real well. Should I kiss you? I read in the book something called a goodni-"

Sakura promptly slammed the door in Sai's face before he could finish the sentence. It's going to be a looong night.

"Sakura-san, are you completely blown away by my masculine physique?" Sai asked, his stupid fake smile present. If Sakura wasn't currently healing him, she would have pummeled him to dust.

"No Sai, I'm currently trying to figure out what poison you were poisoned with." Sakura said through gritted teeth, as she continued to draw out bubbles of poison from his system. While doing so, she tried to analyze what type of poison it was and what affects it had on his body.

It definitely didn't affect his brain from functioning properly, or his vocal chords for that matter.

After the kiss inquiry at three in the morning, Sai had all of the sudden become more difficult to be around. He had started to use lame and cheesy pick up lines on her, and tries very hard to include her in these, "social gatherings".

If Sakura didn't know better, Sai looked like he was trying to court her.

Sakura snorted inwardly at the thought. Closing up the wound and having figured out it was a paralyzing poison, Sakura went straight to work on preparing the antidote.

Sai was genuinely confused. None of the pick up lines he used seemed to be working. He must try harder.

"Did it hurt when you fell?" The strange question made Sakura halt in her process of making the antidote. What was he talking about now?

"Sai, I didn't fall."

"When you fell from heaven."

Sakura's eye twitched. Her grip on the pestle was so strong, there was a faint crack. The idiot was still using cheesy pick up lines.

"Sai, you're injured, yet you're STILL trying to use cheesy pick up lines on me?!" Sakura shouted at him, a temple throbbing on her forehead.

Sai gave her a very confused stare.


Sakura threw him a mutinous glare. "Yes Sai, cheesy. If you want to improve our friendship, then you're going about it the wrong way. You only use pick up lines if you want to ask someone out, but they're frowned upon because they're stupid and lame."

Sai frowned a little, confusion showing in his eyes. "But Naruto-kun said if I wanted to become closer with a girl, I should use pick up lines." Sakura's brow twitched, damn that Naruto-baka.

"Don't listen to Naruto's advice. If you want to ask someone out, just say it to their face." Sakura said firmly. She squirted a bit of antidote from the syringe to get the air bubbles out and prepared to inject it into Sai's upper arm.

Once again, Sai looked like he just had a revelation.

"Sakura-san, will you go out with me?" Sai asked in a genuine tone, with a "hopeful smile" on his face.

Sakura stabbed him a little harder than necessary.


"Eat it." Sakura ordered. Sai just stared at the spoon full of pink, high sugar content cold dessert.

"Do I have to?" he asked tentatively, eying the spoonful of strawberry ice cream.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "It won't kill you, it's just ice cream!"

Sai still looked rather reluctant to try. Sakura sighed in exasperation.

"Open up, here comes the chu chu train! Say AH!" she said cheerfully, bringing the spoon of ice cream closer to his mouth. Sai's eye twitched.

Finally giving in, he opened his mouth, and in went the ice cream.

Sai cringed. It was too sweet, and cold.

"So, what do think?" Sakura asked him expectantly. Sai forced himself to swallow and plastered on a fake grin.

"It's delicious." he lied. Then just as quickly, he puked all over Sakura's front, the floor and himself.

Who knew Sai was lactose intolerant?

"Sakura-chan, what are you smiling about?" Ino asked her while waving a hand in front of her face. Snapped out of her reverie, she grinned sheepishly at her friend.

"Ooooh nothing." she giggled and continued her paper work. Ino grinned slyly, as she realized what was going on.

"Are you thinking about Sai-kun again, Sa-ku-ra?" Ino asked, a sly smile playing on her lips. Sakura suppressed her blush.

"Of course not!"

"You so were."

"Was not!"

"Hi Sai-kun!"

"Sai!?" Sakura spun around quickly, but Sai wasn't there. She shot her friend a glare, who was snickering at her.

"You were saying earlier?" Ino sniggered.

"Fine, I miss him. Is that a crime?" Sakura admitted, crossing her arms defensively.

"Not at all. I missed you too!" came Sai's unexpected voice as he wrapped his arms around Sakura from behind, rubbing his cheek lightly against hers.

"Sai!!" Sakura squealed in happiness, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Ino resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "He's only been gone for a day..." she thought.

"Alright you tw-SAKURA YOU AREN'T OFF DUTY YET!!!" Ino yelled angrily, just noticing the couple had disappeared from the room.

The end.

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