Something first, all the story is going to be in Kazuki´s POV. This is AU and shounen ai. English is not my first language, so probably it has lots of mistakes.

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Kazuki´s POV

I´m sitting in a rock near the coast like every day. I´m not supposed to be here, but I can´t help it, I´m waiting for the sunset. That´s the time in which he comes here.

I´ve been watching him from here since six years ago, and I´ve never had a chance to speak to him. And of course, I´m not moving any closer by now. For those six years, I´ve been cursing the fate each day from dawn to sunset for making me a mermaid prince and the one I love a human. Could it be worse? We´re from different species, from different worlds. And it´s well known that it´s forbidden for the inhabitants of those two worlds to interact with each other.

And here I am again, dying from impatience, dying to finally get to know him. After all this years I should have enough courage to approach to the beach, but for some reason every time I try I get away immediately. I guess it takes more time to be able to ignore the rules of my people.

I´m sure I won´t be able to stand this much longer, but I don´t have many choices, and neither of them is good at all.

Here he comes now... his hair moving gracefully as the wind blows, walking slowly, admiring the sky and the waves as they break in the beach... leaning down to pick up some shells.

He looks in my direction, but I´m already hiding in the water. I peek a little, and I see him smiling warmly. I feel tears tracing their way down my cheeks and they mix with the salty ocean water as I make my way back to the profundities.

I swim as quickly as I can, looking for a special spot in the ocean´s bottom. Seeing him this last time made me realize I would do whatever is possible to be by his side at least for an instant.

Perfect, here it is.

I begin singing a song that has been passed generation by generation between mermaid´s royal family, the song to summon the ocean´s goddess.

Nothing seems to happen, but suddenly a blue light surrounds me and everything around disappears. While floating in an ocean of light, I hear a sweet feminine voice speaking to me, asking the reason for which I woke her up from her eternal sleep.

A little afraid, I tell her my story. I know my request is selfish, but she actually agrees to help me, but under some conditions. I accept the deal without thinking it twice, I knew it wouldn´t be easy to get what I want and I´m really willing to do this.

After hearing her conditions, the light gradually disappeared, and without losing any time, I swim again to the surface.


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