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Day 2: Shopping


When I woke up, I was alone in the couch. I looked for Juubei in all the rooms with no result. Defeated, I sat back on the couch, and that was when I found a little note resting on the table.


I had something to do. You can take anything you want from the kitchen as

breakfast. I´ll try to return soon. By the way, my sister is coming today,

I talked to her about you yesterday, and she´s going to take you shopping.


I let the note down on the table a little shocked. I didn't have idea he had a sister. Well, I was going to meet her soon, but I have preferred spending some more time alone with Juubei.

The bell rang, and I watched a little confused at the door, and then I approached and opened it, just to see a cute lady standing there with a big smile on her face.

-Hi, you must be Kazuki, glad to meet you, I´m Sakura, Juubei´s older sister

-Good morning, nice to meet you too

-You don´t need to be so polite with me, please...


I moved to let her in, and closed the door. She was lower than me, but she said she was Juubei´s older sister... she was nice though.

-Then, are you ready?

-Ready? for what?

-Didn´t he tell you?

-Oh... do you mean... about the shopping...


-I guess I´m ready... I don´t have anything else to wear, and even this is Juubei´s

-Really? Then we have a lot of work to do.


Without letting me protest, she held my hand and drag me out of the apartment. We walked a lot, until we reached a part full of stores with tons of different things in them. I was distracted looking at all of them, when I felt her dragging me again, this time inside a store.

There were lots of clothes in there, but not too many people. Sakura began walking around and picking clothes for me. Fortunately, she had let me go, and I was just standing there, watching her.

When she had an enormous pile of clothes, she led me to the dressers, and began to give them to me. Some of them were big, and other small, but finally we got something that fitted me perfectly.


It was already late when we left the store, our hands full of bags. I was a little hungry because I didn´t have time to take breakfast, but I was a little embarrassed about telling her. As if she had read my mind, she stopped in front of a restaurant.

-Don´t you want to eat? I´m really hungry now... come in

-Is this ok? Sakura, you already paid for all this, and now you´re going to pay the meal? I feel guilty because of this

-Kazuki, don´t worry. Juubei gave me this money in the morning

He did this for me? I blushed a little while thinking about him. As a mermaid prince, I was used to people doing things for me, but this was completely different. He did this for me without knowing anything about me except my name. That made my day.

I followed Sakura to one of the tables. She quickly ordered something for both of us.

-Juubei´s going to be pleased when he comes home tonight

-Why? May I ask...?

-He´s going to look at you in the new outfits we got! You look gorgeous on them

-Thanks Sakura

The food Sakura ordered arrived. It was a pair of salads. We ate silently, enjoying every bite. When we finished, Sakura paid the bill, and we walked out of the restaurant.

-Well Kazuki, is time to get back


Juubei wasn´t back yet when we arrived. We carried the bags with difficulty through the door, and Sakura closed behind us.

-Oh god... I didn't look well at this place in the morning... this is such a mess! We´ll have to clean up a little before he´s back


-Of course Kazuki! You´re going to help me with this

-I´ll be glad to help out

-But first... get changed... you can´t be wandering around with those things on

She literally pushed me inside the bedroom with all the bags we had. I started looking at the contents, trying to find something special... after all, this time I was getting dressed for Juubei.

Finally I found what I've been looking for. A pair of tight blue jeans and a white long-sleeved shirt. I dressed up as fast as I could, trying to leave everything in order, after all I was going to help Sakura to clean up.

When I got out of the bedroom, Sakura had already cleaned the small kitchen and was now cleaning the table in which we left the plates last night.

-Sakura, is there something left for me to do?

-Not really, I did everything myself...

-I see... I wanted to help you but I guess I took a lot of time dressing without me noticing...

-It´s fine, everything is clean now, that´s what matters

I looked at her. She was really kind with me, just as Juubei. I wanted him to come soon, I haven´t seen him all day long.

Sakura sat on the couch, resting a little after what she had done.

-Well, now let´s wait for him

-Sakura, do you want something to drink?

-That would be great Kazuki, thanks

I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. It was a little empty but I found a bottle of juice. I filled a glass and gave it to Sakura, who smiled at me and started drinking it.

We waited for a long time and Juubei didn´t show up. Sakura told me she had to leave, and I walked her to the door. She promised she´ll try to return soon, because she had a great time with me. I smiled and closed the door, while letting out a sigh.

I returned to the couch and sat there, waiting. I didn´t moved even when I felt my eyelids closing. I was about to fall completely asleep there, when I heard the door opening slowly.

Juubei looked surprised by seeing me there; maybe he thought I was already sleeping. He walked towards me smiling, admiring my clothes in silence. Still without saying anything, he sat next to me, letting me rest my head on his shoulder, just as the night before.

Before my eyes closed to sleep, the only thought that was in my mind was how much I loved him, and that I would do my best the next days to let him know it.