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Bumblebee promised herself she was not going to cry.

There was no food in the Titans East tower, there were messes everywhere because Aqualad was visiting Jump City and hence couldn't help clean, and Mas and Menos were stealing underwear from her dresser. And since Aqualad, the usual peacemaker, was gone, he couldn't restrain her from murdering one of them.

She was sitting at a wheeled chair at the meeting table in the main hall, rubbing her temples roughly and trying to get a second wind or some patience to deal with all of the problems that were raging around her.

"Someone kicked your puppy, didn't they?"

Whirling herself around in the chair, Bumblebee saw Speedy lounged out on the couch. His fiery red-orange hair was spiked up with gel, he was wearing baggy jeans and a red tee-shirt, and he wasn't wearing his mask. She could see his swirling hazel eyes, and they were glittering with amusement.

She gritted her teeth, and brought her hand up to her face to wipe away the tears that were threatening to spill. "I'd like to kick you." She hissed.

Speedy was instantly concerned. His brow furrowed. "Bee, what's wrong?"

"Oh, wouldn't you like to know." Bumblebee growled harshly, not believing for a second that he cared. Slumping over so she could cradle her head in her hands, Bumblebee squeezed her eyes shut. A tear leaked out of one eye and trailed down her cheek, coming to rest at the ridge of her upper lip.

Listening to his clothes rustle against him as Speedy crossed the room, Bumblebee was suprised to feel him grasp her shoulders and prop her upright. Her dark eyes darted to meet his, and though her vision was clouded with tears she could see his bright hazel irises. In the light, they looked golden.

"I'm serious, Bee." When she looked away, he moved so he was once again meeting her gaze. "Bee? Listen to me. You need to get out of this house. Being cooped up here and doing work every day isn't the way for a normal teenage girl to live."

The waterworks began, rushing like two tiny rivers down her face. She hadn't cried in such a long time, it felt satisfying to let it all go. "Normal?" She questioned, letting her wings beat against the stale air. "I'm a freak."

Speedy's expression softened. "A freak? Is that really how you see yourself?" Bumblebee could tell he was formulating an idea in his head. "Come with me." He said quickly, grasping her hand and pulling her out of the chair.

She followed, simply because she didn't have the willpower to stop him.

He came to a mirror in the hallway, and turned her so she was standing between him and the mirror, looking at herself. He had his hands on her shoulders as he began speaking. "Look at yourself. You're a beautiful teenage girl."

As soon as she cleared the moistness from her eyes, she gave herself a once-over. She wasn't the kind of girl who'd check herself out in the mirror every time she walked by one. In fact, she rarely bothered to put makeup on or do her hair nice. Her hair was frizzing in two buns on the side of her head and there were dark circles under her eyes. She didn't see whatever Speedy wanted her to see.

When Speedy realized that she was drawing a blank, he sighed. "Okay, follow me." He once again lead her down the hallway, to her bedroom. He nudged her toward it.

She turned to look at him, incredulous and confused what he wanted her to do.

"Go get ready. I'm taking you out on a date." Speedy grinned.