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Bella POV

By the time we all arrived back at the mansion (on a limo of course) we were all exhausted. It had been a long day and my eyelids were slowly drooping. Esme noticed this and gave Alice, Rosalie and I and hug each and shooed us off to bed and dragged Carlisle by the hand back to their room, promptly ignoring the boys.

Edward POV

When we arrived back at the mansion, Esme completely ignored the three of us! Well I guess we sort of deserved it considering we almost chased off the three daughters she had spent almost 18 years looking for. It made sense. After the girls went back to their room and Esme dragged Carlisle back to their room but not before shooting us a dirty look, us three were left standing in the living room.
"let's get to bed" jasper said.
"yeah I'm shattered" Emmet added as we trudged back to our rooms.

After a long hot shower I was lying on my king sized bed trying to fall asleep but I couldn't stop thinking about the brown eyed beauty people called Bella. What was hat spark I felt when I touched her hand? I read somewhere you were supposed to see fireworks whenever you touched someone you loved. This felt stronger than fireworks...but I couldn't be in love could it? I'd only just met the girl today...

Jasper POV

I couldn't sleep. This was abnormal for me seeing as I was usually a very calm person and was always said to be "the one who was able to fall asleep anywhere even during an apocalypse".. Tonight was different though. My mind was filled with images of Alice with her spiky black hair and electric blue eyes. She was beautiful and the moment I saw her I KNEW she was the one. I just knew. After what seemed like hours of insomnia, I couldn't take it any longer so I stood up and went to the living room, switching on the television to find something that would hopefully distract me from Alice Cullen and bore me to sleep.
I was flicking through the channels mindlessly when I heard two doors opening. I looked up to see both Edward and Emmet coming out of their rooms.

"can't sleep?" I asked them with a chuckle.
"yup" Edward replied as he sat down next to me on the sofa. Emmet just grunted which I took as a yes.

"so what should we do about Esme?" I cringed remembering the look she had given us before dragging Carlisle back to their room. I mean, we're teenage boys! We obviously have done things that would have disappointed her, but this was probably the worst thing we've done. I saw in her eyes it was more disappointment than anger...

"what do you mean what should we do about Esme?" Emmet asked.
"I don't know man...she looked pretty upset about what we did...we should do something for her just to say sorry or something." I replied

Emmet suddenly jumped up. "LET'S MAKE HER A GIANT HAMBURGER WITH LOTS AND LOTS O-MMMPPPHHH" he didn't get to finish his sentence because Edward had thrown one of the massive cushions from our sofa at his head. Emmet flung the pillow off him and cried: "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!"
"EMMET there are other people in this house who are sleeping you know!" I hissed.
"besides, let's do something that Esme would appreciate and not something that you hope she will not finish and give to you!" Edward added.
"pffffft. That was so not what I was thinking.." Emmet retorted, sticking his tongue out at us in the process.
I rolled my eyes chucking.
"how about we cook her breakfast in bed!" Edward offered. Emmet's eyes grew wide. "with eggs benedict and crispy bacon and orange juice and toast and hot chocolate and BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!" he practically squealed.
"uuuuhh...sure" Edward laughed.
"let's wake up early tomorrow so we can get everything ready before Esme wakes up." I said.
"yeah we should head to bed" Edward said while yawning and with that we all stood up and went to our respective rooms and I finally fell asleep dreaming about Alice.


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