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Rating - Mature for a darn good reason. Detailed descriptions of sexual scenes from first to home. Swearing is bad, with the 'F' bomb a few times. I am sorry, but they are fictional characters, and they cannot help themselves; they're young and they love to swear.

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Time Setting - After the third season (Total Drama Musical).

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Chapter 1 - Forced Into A Dream Vacation




Bridgette stared out the window of the plane, her head propped on her hand. She watched the clouds and the water below. It all looked so calm, and she marveled at it; she wondered just how fast the plane could possibly be going.

This didn't actually matter to her, because she loved everything right now. The down-to-earth girl, a mile up in the air, felt happier than she had ever been. It was a nice combination of excitement, joy, victory, and devious satisfaction.

Bridgette had won Total Drama Musical, the third and last season of the show. The prize had been ten million dollars, and she had beat Duncan in the finals; she had been thrilled, as she and him were getting along about as well as Heather and Gwen. Out of twenty-one people, more than twenty humiliating (and sometimes very painful), she had managed to win.

Then Chris Maclean had thrown her the most terrible curve he had ever thrown since the show started. Bringing out the finest of print in their contracts, he gleefully pointed out that Bridgette was not allowed to spend any of her prize money except on anything show-related; he had brought this up, with the most sadistic grin, right when she was announcing how she was going to use her money to save a local forest.

She had been so furious, she couldn't think straight. Gwen had helped her calm down, and then something struck Bridgette. If she couldn't use her money to help animals, nature, or starving people, she would just have to do something for others suffering: the other contestants of the show.

A vacation for all of the contestants, all on her, to some place she had always wanted to go. She was paying for everyone, even Duncan and Heather, to go; she couldn't just leave them, it would lay too heavily on her conscious. Even Chef Hatchet, though he scared her a little, was coming. Chris Maclean wasn't, though.

The memory was so good, it made her smile again. She had told me, on TV, that everyone was invited and paid for by her, except for him; if he wanted to come, it would have to come out of his own pocket. The look on his face had been priceless.

Bridgette continued to stare out the window, remembering that wonderful moment. She tried not to think about any of the bad memories, and reminding herself not to think about them made her think about them.

She sighed in regret, recalling the times when she puked and cried and swore uncharacteristically, sometimes all three at once. She had thrown a rag at Duncan during their worst argument, and she even apologized to him afterwards. Bridgette worried constantly that her mother would not recognize her, that her friends back home would be embarrassed by her.

The worst wasn't her fault, and it wasn't even on Total Drama Musical. It had been during Total Drama Action, and it started something that still made her upset thinking about it: her breakup with Geoff.

(Flashback: Total Drama Action)

The fourth Total Drama Aftermath was rather lousy for Bridgette. Geoff had been more and more obsessed with fame and looking good for the camera. The surfer girl was staying quiet, letting him run the show.

Only four contestants were left: Justin, Lindsay, Harold, and Izzy (who had snuck on again). Bridgette wanted to speak up for Harold, but Courtney and Duncan were raising such a fit over him that she kept her mouth shut. It wasn't until Duncan said, "Harold has no right to win over what he did with the votes to Courtney," that Bridgette finally got the nerve to talk.

"Look Duncan," she snapped, "Harold tried to apologize to her multiple times when she was there. We all did things we weren't proud of-"

"He cheated," he snapped back, glaring at her as if she was an accomplice.

"Oh, that's rich," Bridgette replied, crossing her arms; her temper, which was short these days what with Geoff's obsession for fame, was very short. "You're the one who stole Leshawna's immunity pass during this season, and she was eliminated for it!"

"Whatever," the criminal waved his hand. "Like you said," he had a mean smirk now, "we all did things we were ashamed of."

"Too true," Geoff said, clapping his hands. "We all regretted things. Like I regretted voting for you in the first season."

Bridgette didn't register this at first, then it hit her hard, like a major wave knocking her over. She looked up, her eyes slowly widening. "What... what?" she asked, her voice light. "You... you what?"

"Yeah, sorry to break it to you on prime-time TV," Geoff said, that sappy grin on his face, "but you should know the truth; especially when it gets dramatic and we get ratings!"

Bridgette stammered, nothing resembling a word coming out of her mouth. The worst part was Heather was grinning at her, so smug and triumphant. The surfer girl knew what that look was about: Heather had told her the same thing a few days ago, and Bridgette didn't believe a word she said.

"You...," she managed to finally to say, "you... you said you didn't vote for me on TDI!"

"Sorry, but I did," Geoff said, still smiling; it made the words hurt even more. "Didn't have much choice, and it was only a game."

"Told you," Heather said, her grin very wide now. "In both ways. Just a game."

Bridgette let out a choked whimper, something that felt involuntary since her heart was sinking so far down into her stomach that her throat felt clogged. "You said that you couldn't vote for me...," she said, her voice barely a whisper.

"Well, I didn't want to, but there really was no one else to vote for," Geoff said, then looked at the camera. "Did you get all that, dudes?"

The feeling of betrayal was so strong, Bridgette felt many things. A short list of the actions were puking, crying, screaming, wanting to shake Geoff, and wanting to throttle Heather. Nothing was coming out, she just sat there, staring at the coffee table.

She could see Heather, smiling victoriously; Duncan had that same smug smile . Gwen and Trent were looking at her with concern, the goth girl biting her knuckles. She even caught a glimpse of Ezekiel, wringing his hands and looking at her and Geoff nervously.

Bridgette didn't say anything else for the rest of the show. Geoff had to interview Leshawna, Duncan, and Beth. The surfer girl waited until the cameras were off, the others were away, and then she broke up with Geoff. Despite her anger, she felt it would be right to do this with more decency than he had with her.

Bridgette forced herself once again to not think about that. If anything good came out of that experience, it was that Gwen and she were friends again. The goth girl had been there to comfort her, and the surfer girl had apologized to her about the whole Team Gwen / Team Trent thing.

She took another look at the window, watching the water. She was almost startled when someone sat down in the chair next to her.

"How can you watch the water?" Courtney asked, nudging the surfer playfully. "You're going to be seeing it all the time during this vacation!"

"It looks quite different from a mile up," Bridgette remarked, smiling happily. "Doubt I could ever catch a wave a mile up."

The CIT chuckled, and added, "You know, everyone here is really excited. As a CIT, I really get the feel of people on trips, and boy, you really have pleased them."

Bridgette's eyes wandered up and down the aisle, taking a look at her friends, acquaintances, and rivals. Even those who were not her favorite people looked rather happy.

She noticed, however, that one person seemed to be rather upset: Ezekiel. The prairie boy was alone, sitting in the middle of three seats, looking out the window every now and then. His eyes wandered all around, but Bridgette noticed they continued to hold the same expression of sadness.

She continued to stare at him until Courtney noticed. "Why are you looking at him?" she asked, spitting out the last word as if it was a foul one.


"Don't sympathize for him. It's like Stockholm Syndrome, except that he's just one of the prisoners. Or," she tried to think of how to get that train of thought back onto track, but abandoned it. "He's a creep."

"Courtney, I cannot hold a grudge for this long. I'm not that kind of person."

"I am."

"I know," Bridgette said, chuckling despite herself. "But Courtney, everyone else is happy but Ezekiel. Even Owen is, and he's terrified to fly."

"Who cares about him? This is your vacation, and you didn't even have to invite him. I respect you for that, I couldn't have invited everyone."

"Who would you have invited?"

"You and Leshawna."

"What about Duncan?"

"I want a vacation, not a long-going harassment."

Bridgette had to bite her tongue. She really wanted Courtney to break up with Duncan, she still didn't like the punk, and that was a grudge she could carry. Her eyes drifted back to Ezekiel, and when she felt herself stare again, she tried to divert her attention.

Harold was talking to Gwen, as he had been ever since Total Drama Musical started. Almost desperate to win Leshawna back, he had taken to asking Gwen for advice. As the goth girl was still best of friends with the large sister, Harold wanted hints and tips. Therefore, he had been hanging around her for some time.

"So she is allergic to pineapple," Harold said, tapping his temple in thought. "Anything else she's allergic to that you know of?"

"No," Gwen said, her voice monotone but with a hint of frustration.

"Thank you," he said. "You know, is there anything I can do for you?"

"Leave me alone."

"C'mon, Gwen, I'm serious, gosh!"

Bridgette wished Harold wouldn't press her. She knew he meant well, but Gwen had been in an almost constant state of depression. Though Trent and she had somewhat made up, Gwen was not forgiven in many eyes. Bridgette knew Gwen could take that, but she knew her being voted off second on TDM and Heather constantly rubbing it in were a lot to take.

The surfer girl sighed, and tried to think of what she could do for Gwen when they got to their vacation spot.

Lindsay walked down the hallway, humming to herself. The blond sat down next to Noah, and it took a full minute before Noah finally looked up. "What?" he snapped.

"Aren't you excited?" she asked, cheerfully bobbing her head.


"I've got static too! Maybe we're going through thunder clouds, is that how it works?"

Bridgette couldn't help but chuckle. Lindsay had managed a very positive mood, like always, and she loved hanging around Noah (despite him not appreciating it). The blond beauty had recovered quickly from her and Tyler's breakup, which was as mutual as Bridgette had ever seen.

Oh, Tyler. Shortly after Lindsay and he had broken up, he started dating almost no one would suspect: Izzy. Like him, she was also coming straight out of a breakup with Owen, one that had been much more messy. The two had spent at least two days together before they were all over each other.

People used to remark how Izzy and Tyler made Bridgette and Geoff look like a nun and priest. She didn't care much for the comparison, but she did love the new couple. They seemed so happy together, and one couple she could approve of was nice.

She looked around to see if she could find the happy couple, necking and kissing, but they were nowhere to be seen. Bridgette was confused by this, and looked around to see if she could find them; it was an airplane they were on, how could they hide?

Ezekiel stood up, catching her eye again. He started to walk towards the restroom, the only one the plane had. Bridgette's mind started to click, and she began to wonder...

Tyler pushed Izzy against the wall, his lips on hers. She sucked on his, digging her tongue into his mouth. Despite this earnest French kissing, Izzy managed to giggle, her shoulders shaking with delighted apprehension.

Their hands were all over each other, scrambling to remove Tyler's jacket and shirt, Izzy's top and bra. His mouth was on her breasts in seconds, sucking on her reddish-brown nipples. She giggled more, combing her fingers into her hair but careful not to remove his headband; they never removed it when he made love, except if she wanted to wear it.

Izzy scrambled to pull down his pants, but picked his pocket first. "I got your wallet," she whispered, her voice husky and sexy. "I will rob you blind."

"I'd allow you," he said as he helped remove his pants. "Oh, you want me to take these all the way off?"

"You'd better," she said as he continued to suckle her, and she had to bite her lip to keep from yelping when he nibbled gently. "We wouldn't want you to trip, fall backward, and leave through the door naked."

"That would be embarrassing," he said as he licked her neck and pulled her skirt down. Her panties were next to go, as were his briefs.

"When are you switching to boxers, huh?" she asked, trying to put the condom on him. "I want heart polka-dotted boxers!" Her hands were shaking nervously, and Tyler noticed her whole body was shaking too.

"Hey babe, what's the matter?" he asked, holding her shoulders gently. Izzy wasn't used to tenderness, and she really appreciated it. She swooned a little and swallowed.

"It's just that... still not good at flying," she said, shrugging her shoulders a tiny bit.

"I thought that's why we were doing this, Izzy Dudizzy." [1]

"It's helping, isn't it? I'm not screaming."

"Not yet, you're not," he said, grinning wickedly as he applied the condom on himself.

"Hey, I can't do that," Izzy whispered, her voice almost a purr. She wrapped her arms and one leg around him, his well-trained arms around her. "If I start to shriek, the pilot... oh!"

She gasped as Tyler entered her, and ground her teeth to prevent from crying out. After panting heavily, she cupped his face and whimpered, "The pilot would get too distracted if he hears me screaming, and he'd crash the plane."

"I believe that," he replied, panting and kissing her face all over. "Oh man, you're really, really tight. Think it has something to do with being up this high?"

"I'd love to experiment when we land, when we get to the hotel. And in the o-CEAN," she squeaked as Tyler pushed deeper into her. She gasped, her face flushing bright red.

The two began to thrust, Izzy's backside hitting the wall. Tyler ground his teeth to prevent from crying out or coming too soon, Izzy was taking deep and whimpering breaths. Whenever she felt like crying out or screaming, she bit her lip or clamped her mouth on his neck.

A knock on the door interrupted their love making. Tyler and Izzy held their breath, and then heard the shy voice of Ezekiel. "Hello? Is everything okay in there? I hear banging a'roond in there, eh!"

"I'm fine," Tyler grunted. "Sorry, Ezekiel dude, I might be in here for a bit."

"Okay. Soo'ry to disturb you, Tyler!"

"Yeah, sorry, Ezekiel," Izzy added.

There was silence among the three, Tyler wincing in embarrassment. Izzy let out one of her impish giggles, and said, "Ezekiel? Don't give it away by asking 'Izzy' out loud, please."

"... Okay."

Ezekiel turned away from the bathroom door, still too stunned to react. When the sound of something bumping against the wall and moaning ensued, he flinched and walked back to his seat. Sitting down, he stared at his feet, trying to think of anything besides what he had just overheard.

Sadly, his mind wouldn't stop thinking about that, and the mental images that came to head were not much different than what was truly going on in the bathroom.

Bridgette had seen Ezekiel walk away from the bathroom door with a stunned expression on his face, and she couldn't help but giggle.

When the plane landed, the twenty-two contestants and Chef Hatchet walked down the ladder and looked around. It looked like a normal airport, but being in another country made them all want to glance around and see what felt different.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Bridgette said to those around her, though loud enough for all to hear, "Welcome to Queensland, Australia! The taxis should be here any minute now."

"Taxis? Why taxis?" Heather asked, looking a little disgusted. "Why didn't you hire a limo?"

"Didn't feel like spending extra money," she replied.

Truth be told, Bridgette just hated limos, because they were a sign of haughtiness to her, and they reminded her of being voted off Total Drama Action first. When the taxis came, she was seated in-between Leshawna and Gwen.

"My dad told me about this place when I was really young," she explained to them. "It sounded surreal, like it couldn't exist."

"Well, with a name like it has, it does sound like it comes from fictional," Gwen remarked. "Or fantasy."

"Girl, I don't know what I'm gonna do," Leshawna commented, looking out the window. "I can't surf worth a spit."

"There's plenty of stuff to do here," Bridgette assured her. "There's amusement parks, nightclubs, dance places, cafés, and other wonderful places. Also, the beach is said to be gorgeous by itself."

"Oh good, I'll get a tan," Leshawna said, chuckling.

"Hey, me too," Gwen added.

The three girls shared a laugh, and continued to chat until they arrived at their destination, which was a very large hotel. All the other taxis pulled up, and everyone stepped out. Everyone was in awe of the hotel, but Bridgette was looking down the street, and she could see the beach from where she was.

"I'm here, dad," she whispered to herself. She couldn't help herself to let out a very happy squeal, and leapt in the air.

"I'm at Surfer's Paradise! Queensland, Australia, SURFER'S PARADISE! YES!!!"

"Okay people," Bridgette said to all the others; she was all smiles. "The room reservations are for any room, single and double beds, suite especially! Pick any room you want; if you need it changed at any time, just talk to the staff here, and I'm sure you can get something done. The beach is only a five minute walk, so enjoy the surf, enjoy Australia, and most of all, enjoy yourselves!"

"Oh, we will," Izzy said, bobbing on her feet and eyeing Tyler.

"Just remember, it's my ten million dollars," the surfer continued. "So enjoy yourselves to the maximum!"

The group of young adults scattered, and she walked off by herself. Bridgette spun around again when she was in the hotel lobby. She looked around happily.

"What do I do first?" she asked herself. "I'm so excited!"

Gwen pat her shoulder as she walked by her. "You're going to the beach, no duh."

"I guess that would be best," Bridgette said, knocking on her surfboard while giggling. "But I'm just so stoked!"

"Have fun then."

"Wait, aren't you coming with me?"

"No. I just wanna... um," Gwen said, shrugging. Bridgette could tell she wanted to be alone, which surprised her since the taxi ride had been a joyous conversation. "Just wanna be by myself."


"I'm a goth, I do that."

Without another word, she headed off, and Bridgette found herself worrying about her friend. Trying to shake this off, she went to go find someone else to surf with.

Leshawna had already headed off to one of the cafés Bridgette said. Tyler and Izzy had run up to their room the moment they got one. Courtney almost came with her, but Duncan managed to convince her to come with him (to where, Bridgette was a little sure, and she didn't want to think about it).

Bridgette tried to find Harold, but he was nowhere to be seen. She even thought of asking Ezekiel, but he was also gone. With a defeated sigh, she decided to hit the beach alone.

Quickly changing into her wet suit, she left with her surfboard and a towel. When she felt the sun on her face, and the smell of the beach, her spirit was revitalized. Grinning happily, she stepped on the beach, and stared happily at the ocean.

"Surf city," she whispered, "here I come!"

Bridgette spent the next several hours surfing, performing every trick she know, and even creating one for herself. People on the beach would sometimes hear her whooping and laughing, and she seemed to be the happiest person on the planet.

"I love this place," she cheered as she waded back to the shore for a rest, panting happily. It had felt like ages since she had surfed, she never got to when on the show.

As she made her way up the sandy beach to find a place her towel, she was surprised to see a rather elegant sand castle in front of her. When she came closer, someone from behind it shouted out.

"Don't get water on the buttresses," the raspy voice called out. "They are the primary reason the Surfer's Resort is standing! So back off, you id... i..."

Harold stood up from behind the sand castle, and he realized who he had been yelling at. "Oh, sorry, Bridgette. I'm just used to surfers knocking over my sandy creations."

"It's okay, Harold," she said, beaming at him. "Guess you do this as a hobby."

"Yes, whenever I got to the beach."

She placed her surfboard on the sand near the castle and sat on it, looking at the sand castle some more. Harold had obviously put some detail into it. "So why's it called Surfer's Resort?"

"I figured since we're at Surfer's Paradise, I should give it a fitting name," Harold explained. "I've had a lot of help from my lovely assistant."

"Oh?" Bridgette raised her eyebrows, a sly grin spreading across her face. "Leshawna?"

"Sadly, not that lovely."

"Is it Gwen? You've been hanging around her a lot lately."

Harold looked surprised to hear this come from her. "What? You think so?"

"Since the end of TDA, all throughout TDM, and on the flight here," she pointed out. "I sometimes think you're trying to court her instead!"

A slight blush came across his face, and he looked away. "Um, gosh, no. I mean, I got over her hitting me with a shovel."

"If it's not Gwen, then who?"

Ezekiel approached them, not noticing Bridgette at first. "Soo'ry, Harold," he said to the nerd. "I couldn't find any shells like you asked fur..."

He trailed off when he saw Bridgette sitting near the castle. The prairie boy swallowed a sudden lump in his throat, and wrung his hands.

"Hi, Ezekiel," she said, smiling at him pleasantly.

"Um, uh," he stammered, his face starting to get red.

" 'Hi'?" Harold suggested.

"Hi, Harold," Ezekiel blurted out, then added, "Um, hi to you too, Bridgette."

"Idiot," Harold muttered under his breath, then he raised his voice. "You said there were no shells we could use?"

"Soo'ry, no."

"Dang it. Bridgette, is Surfer's Paradise devoid of shellfish?"

"It's known for having some of the cleanest beaches," she said. "Possibly cleanup crew, or some kids beat you to them."

Harold carved a window in one of the sand castle's towers, sighing. "Oh well, I guess we're going all-natural sand, Zeke."
Ezekiel shrugged, trying not to look at Harold or Bridgette. He was busy focusing on the sand at his feet.

"So, you two came down to the beach to build sand castles instead of surf at Surfer's Paradise?" Bridgette asked, giggling impishly.

"I'll surf later."

"You know how to?"

"Of course. I wasn't lying when I said I had mad surfing skills way back."

"That so?"

"Though I'm sure you could teach me a couple things, I'm a little rusty."

"So was I, but everything came back really quickly."

"I guess surfing is like riding a bicycle. Anyway, least we can, Ezekiel's never surfed before."

Ezekiel blinked when his name was said. "Well um," he stammered, "I have never bin to the beach befur, eh."

"Really?" Bridgette looked over at him.

"Yeah, this is my first time seeing one, eh. I really like it."

"You do know how to swim, right?"

"Sure I do, eh. Just that Harold wanted me to help him with the, um, Surfer's Resort."

Harold nodded, then scratched his chin. Like most people in the cast of Total Drama, he was aware that Ezekiel had a crush on Bridgette, but he was one of the few that knew it was more than just fleeting.

This might have been dangerous if it became well-known to the others, most of whom were protective of Bridgette and spiteful towards Ezekiel. A certain point they kept trying to drive home was Ezekiel trying to get near Bridgette in the hot tub the first season. Harold, and more importantly Bridgette too, had learned that Chris had instructed Ezekiel to act hip and pretend it was a hot tub party (which Ezekiel did not understand) for that episode.

Now Harold was getting a wicked idea, one that he was quite proud of thinking up. "Say," he spoke up, a smile spreading across his face, "Bridgette, why don't you teach him how to surf?"

"What?" Ezekiel exclaimed, his eyes widening. Bridgette hummed in thought, looking over at him. "I'd... I doo'nt think she'd want to spend her first day teaching someone how to surf. So it's really okay-"


Harold beamed at her as Ezekiel stared, his eyes widening even more when she said it. "R-really," the prairie boy asked.

"I don't mind at all," she said, smiling at him. "It would be fun to teach someone. We just need to get you a board."

"Use mine," Harold said, jerking his thumb behind him, where a teal-blue surfboard with black and red stripes rested in the sand.

"You have a surfboard, Harold?"

"It's rented, actually. Be careful with it, Ezekiel."

"Um, th-thanks, Harold."
"You're welcome," the nerd said, winking at him. Ezekiel felt there was more meaning to what he had said, but was too distracted at the way Bridgette was smiling at him.

Swallowing hard, Ezekiel picked up the surfboard and followed Bridgette. The prairie boy watched her walk, then bit his lip when he began to think of how she looked without that wet suit, tight on her skin from the water. He desperately tried not to think about that, he hated thinking like a pervert, but the little experience on the plane distracted him.

When Bridgette began to speak to him, before they went into the water, he listened to everything she said. She spoke with such gusto about surfing, it made him want to go into the water right away. He was almost unnerved, though, when she said he couldn't wear his toque.

"But I wear it everywhere I go, eh!"

"You'd lose it if you wore it surfing. One strong wave, and it'll be gone forever."

Ezekiel cringed, and he removed it. "Where am I going to put it, eh?"

"Leave it with our towels, I'm sure no one will take it. Harold will watch it, if you're nervous."

"It's... it's very special to me, eh."

Bridgette nodded. "I know how that is, actually. This surfboard of mine is really precious to me."

"Aren't you woo'ried it might break or crack?"

"A little, but a surfboard is a surfboard, it's dishonorable not to use it until it's time comes."

Ezekiel gave his toque to Harold, and then hurried back to the water with Bridgette. As the two waded into the water, her giving him instructions as they went into the water, Harold watched them go.

"My mission is complete," he said, grinning to himself. "Awesome work, my man Harold, awesome work."

"That was really good, Ezekiel," Bridgette said when the prairie boy surfaced after a wipe out. She waited until he stopped sputtering and coughing, then added, "You almost had that wave! I thought for a few seconds that it would be your first wave."

"I thought I was going to droo'n, eh! That wave kept me under fur so long!"

"That happens all the time, but don't worry. After surfing long enough, your lungs get used to it, and it doesn't feel too scary."

"Sure does feel like you're trapped underwater, eh," he said, coughing a little more.

She nodded, and the two continued to surf until Ezekiel caught one. He looked extremely happy, and pumped his fist in the air when he surfaced. "That was really fun, eh!"

"Your first wave, and not bad time on it too," Bridgette said, clapping her hands. "Awesome job, Zeke! Your next wave, you should try to catch a little air time!"

"Maybe in a bit, I am so tired, eh," he moaned. "I gotta go rest on sh'oor, eh."

"Aww, okay," she whined playfully. "Just head back into the water when you're ready to try more, okay?"

"Sure thing, eh."

Ezekiel sat down next to Harold when he was back on the beach, putting his toque back on as soon as he could. The nerd was beaming at him, and it slightly confused Ezekiel.

"What?" he finally asked.

"You just made your first big step with Bridgette," Harold said. "Surfing with her. Trust me, to her, it's a wonderful impression."

"You think so?"

"Geoff never went surfing with her. So you're one step ahead of her ex."

Ezekiel didn't know how to reply to that, so he simply nodded and watched Bridgette surf. As he continued to gaze, Harold said, "You gonna watch her all day, dude?"

"Um, I wasn't planning on that. Is it weird to watch her? I've bin told that's creepy to watch a girl, eh."

"While she's sleeping, yeah. If you stare at her for hours when she's sitting down or at a bar or a restaurant, yeah. If she's surfing...," he stopped and tapped his chin. "You know, it's almost like she's performing, so I think it's okay."

"You sure?"

"Trust me, I know romance. One day, Leshawna will see that again, just like the poems I once wrote her."

Harold talked about romance and date ideas with Ezekiel for some time, all of which sounded pretty good to the prairie boy. Bridgette was incredible on the water, flipping and spinning, all kinds of tricks that wowed him. He wondered how a girl who managed to knock down so many things and people could look so graceful out there.

After about an hour, Gwen came by and told Harold that Leshawna was planning on going to see a nightclub. He hadn't been invited, but Gwen said it was okay, and knew he would want to come. Harold excused himself and left Ezekiel, telling him to watch over Surfer's Resort.

Ezekiel found himself going from glancing every now and then at the sand castle to not watching it at all. Bridgette was a spectacle for him, and he wondered if there was any kind of show he could have watched to see more like it.

The sun was starting to go down, and soon it was dark. The beach was still crowded, though, people still surfing on the curl; however, Bridgette was done, and swam back to shore.

"The waves were so awesome," she said to him. Grinning, she plunked her surfboard into the sand. Unfortunately, she didn't put it in hard enough, and it fell down. Right on Surfer's Resort.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed as she picked her board off the ruined sand castle. "I am so sorry! Oh, no no no."

"It's okay, Bridgette," Ezekiel said, surveying the damage. "Harold won't mind that much, he told me that they always do get smashed, eh."

"Yeah, but I didn't want to be the one to do it," she said, putting her surfboard to the side. She then sat down and sighed.

"Doo'nt woo'ry, he won't be that mad."

"I still feel guilty," she admitted. The surfer girl looked at the smashed sand castle, then at Ezekiel, and something came to mind. "Hey, have you been working on this all the time you were here?"

"Um, no, I wasn't, I mean..."

"What were you doing then? It must have been a couple hours."

Ezekiel was silent, unable to think of a valid answer other than the truth.

"Oh man, I don't believe you," Duncan said, cackling with laughter. "There's no way he could have been that successful!"

He and a good deal of the other Total Drama contestants were seated in the lobby, chatting up a storm. Most of the contestants were suffering from jet lag or tired after several hours of sight seeing, and were happy to just chat without any cameras in their face.

"No, dude, I'm telling the truth," Geoff said. "Cody went down to the beach to see how nice they were here, and he came back with three fan girls with him!"

"You think he's gonna try to bed all of them at once?" Duncan cracked.

Courtney slapped him upside the head. "That's sick. I hate dirty remarks like that, you know?"

"Aw, c'mon princess, it's hilarious! He goes out and fan girls swarm him! Three cute girls on him, makes me wish I had gone out."

"You wanna be throttled?"

DJ shrugged and said, "They didn't seem like fan girls, to be honest. Really sweet looking, with cute Australian accents-"

"One with hair dyed black," Noah snidely remarked. "One with green highlights in her hair, and one wearing black clothing."

"He'll never get over Gwen, so it seems," Trent said.

"Hey c'mon, it's three girls who aren't much like Gwen at all," Beth pointed out. "They don't even sound like her, they have the thickest accents you've heard."

"Bet they're making them thicker for him," Courtney grumbled. Duncan snickered, and his girlfriend smacked him upside the head again.

"You guys talking about the girls Cody had with him?" Owen asked as she came into the room.

"Yeah, man, three," Geoff pointed out.

"That's nothing, Justin has four," the big boy said, jerking his thumb behind him to a different part of the lobby. "And all he did was grin at them as we were passing down the street."

"Oh God," Noah groaned, covering his eyes.

"Oh, I so believe that," Katie gushed, battering her eyes. "He could charm me with a grin."

"Oh wow, me too," Sadie agreed. As she and Katie giggled, Noah mimed putting a gun to his temple, cocking it, and pulling the trigger.

"They are really hot too," Owen remarked as he sat down. "And he said after he gets them a soda, he'll pick two and let me have the other two."

"How generous," Courtney said sarcastically as Noah moved the invisible gun to inside his mouth and pulled the trigger again.

Beth shrugged, tapping her foot against the leg of her chair. "Justin just really has that kind of look. His grin... his eyes... his hair..."

As she gushed, several of the other girls swooned in thought and the guys (except for Owen) rolled their eyes. Noah was now pantomiming blowing his heart out.

"The people here are really nice," Trent said as he tried to ignore the suicidal Noah. "I mean, people joke about how us Canadians are really nice, but the people here are quite friendly."

"Nice change of pace," Heather said. "They probably saw us suffering on Total Drama, and wanted to make sure we had a real vacation. I, for one, really deserve it."

"Giving your hair time to grow out?" Eva said, grinning unkindly.

Heather growled as she felt her head. Her hair had grown back, but was rather short and looked like a butch military cut. She hated being reminded of how it was.

"So Cody got three girls and Justin got four," Duncan counted off. He cackled again, and Noah shot himself three times in the head with his invisible gun. As he mimed reloading it, Duncan added, "Not bad for the first day, hard to see how any one could do better without trying."

As if on time, and just to prove him wrong, Lindsay walked into the hotel lobby. She was wearing a very nice-looking, two-piece, baby blue bikini, and eight guys following her. Lindsay, though a lover of male attention, looked very nervous.

She scanned the lobby until she saw Noah, and her face brightened. "Honey," she cried out, and threw her arms around him. He was rather startled, as were Lindsay's followers, and all the contestants.

"Aw man, she's got a guy," one of the boys following Lindsay groaned. "Let's scram, guys."

"Okay," another of them said as they walked off. "Hey, do any of us know each other?"

"I've seen a few of you guys around," another one said, snapping his fingers. "Let's go hit a club or something, my comrades-in-arms!"

After they left, Lindsay let out a relieved sigh. "Oh man. I shouldn't have worn this one, it worked way too well."

"I thought you liked guys' attention?" Heather asked, her voice thick with sarcasm.

Lindsay didn't catch that. "Oh, I do! But they were following me and asking me a lot of questions, like 'Are you a model?' and 'Have I seen you on TV?'"

"You probably were seen on TV by at least one of them," DJ offered.

"Really? Where?"

Noah cleared his throat. "Lindsay? You're still on me."

"Yes, thank you," she cooed, smiling at him. "I really appreciate you pretending to be my boyfriend to get rid of them."

"No problem," he grumbled.

"I gotta go change and go to bed," she said after letting go of him. "See you tomorrow at breakfast?"

"Yeah, okay."

Lindsay left, and Noah rolled his eyes. When they had gone all the way around, he saw the twelve pairs of eyes looking at him. "Don't you say a word," he warned them.

"Okay, honey," Duncan replied with a wide grin. As the others laughed, Noah got up and walked off without a word.

"So, where is everyone else?" Geoff asked. "I mean, shouldn't we all be here or something? Big of party as possible?"

"Leshawna and Gwen went to a nightclub together," Courtney said. "How they have that kind of energy after the trip is beyond me. Bridgette is at the beach, no doubt about that. Izzy and Tyler I don't know, Harold and Ezekiel I don't care."

"You mean the first day here, she jumped right into the ocean?" Duncan asked. "Is she part fish?"

"It's her vacation, lay off," Katie said.

"Yeah, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her," Sadie added.

"This is gonna be the best vacation I've ever been on," Beth gushed, "so I think Bridgette is entitled to all the fun she wants. If she wants to surf the entire month, she can do that."

"I don't think she will spend all the time in the water," DJ said.

"Well, what else is she going to do here?" Duncan grumbled.

"So how did you learn to swim if you live on the prairie?" Bridgette asked Ezekiel as she stood under one of the beach showers, washing the salt water out of her hair.

"My aunt and uncle own a swimming pool, and whenever I was over there," he said as he washed out his hair too, "my cousins would teach my how to."

"Ah, that's nice," she said casually, whipping her head back. She pulled the collar of her wet suit out and let the water run down underneath. Ezekiel saw this, turned bright red, and looked away.

"Doo'nt think a'boot where that water is going, eh," he thought to himself. "Doo'nt think a'boot it."

When he turned away, he quickly put on his toque, and despite the shower water still coming, he put his beloved hat back on. Bridgette looked around to see him glance at her with his eyes peeking out under his toque with water lightly streaming down his face and down his back.

She looked away, hiding the slight blush on her face. "I never saw," she thought to herself, "how well-built he was. I guess working out on the prairie has been good to him, and I thought being home schooled would make him chubby. He's actually kind of trim."

The two headed back to their spot on the beach, and sat down on their towels. Bridgette watched the waves come in, sighing happily. "This has got to be," she said happily, "one of the best days of my life."

"Have you wanted to come here befur'hand?" he asked.

She nodded, continuing to stare. Her wet, blond hair fluttered in the slight wind. "My father told me about this place since I was three. It sounded like, well, like what it's called, Surfer's Paradise. And now that I'm here, oh man."

He couldn't help but smile as she spoke. Her eyes were shining as she spoke, she looked so lovely. "It's a shame you couldn't spend the money on anything you wanted, or you could have moved here, eh."

Bridgette chuckled. "I don't know, I think it's just an awesome place to visit. I'm happy being at home with mom. Well, until I move out for college."

"Any idea what you're going to study in, eh?"

"Not yet, not even sure I can make it in one without going to a community college and transfer. We were only supposed to do one season, and now it's really thrown a wrench in the gears of my life."

"Though now it's not so bad, eh?"

"No, not at all," she laughed again. "I hate how I cannot use the money on the environment or college, but now I'm determined to blow their money on all the people they gave a hard time on the show."

"That why you brought Chef Hatchet too?"

"The man has been denied his paycheck since the start of TDA. After all that work and cross dressing for free, I think he deserves a vacation too."

He laughed. Bridgette thought his laugh sounded a little unusual, but it had a kind of charm to it. She smiled warmly at him.

"So, how about you?" she asked. "What's life like on the prairie?"

Ezekiel stared at her, as if he couldn't believe she just asked that. "You... you want to knoo' a'boot me?"


He looked around. "Wh-why?"

"Well, I don't really know that much about you, and I'd like to. Why don't you talk about yourself?"

The prairie boy drummed his fingers on his knuckles rapidly, looking around as if to find something. He finally stammered out, "Why do you want to knoo' a'boot me, eh?"

"Ezekiel," she said, laughing lightly. "C'mon. We were on the same show for three seasons, we just surfed together, we're doing fine now."

He didn't seem too convinced, still nervously drumming his fingers on the back of his hand. She watched him for a little, trying to wonder what was going on inside his head. The fact that he didn't want to talk about home with her was a strange thing for him to do, at least to her.

"Ezekiel," she said, her voice soft, as if treading on dangerous ground, "I know things were bad on the show for you. If this is about the first day, I'm sorry. I'd like to think we could move on from that."

He watched her, eyes focused on him. She could see the hope building in those eyes.

"I know it was kind of harsh, the way you were voted off first; heck I was voted off first too, TDA," she said, shrugging her shoulders. "And I'm pretty sure the reason I was upset by you is gone, you hang out with Harold, Izzy, and Tyler a lot."

The prairie boy sighed, smiling ever-so-slightly. "I guess so, eh."

She smiled and patted his knee. "C'mon now, Zekey, I... oh, is it okay if I call you that?"

"Um," the prairie boy stammered, and thought, "My mom called me that until I was fifteen."

"Sure, eh," he said, maintaining a smile. "I think that's okay from time to time."

"Okay then," she said cheerfully as she turned towards him, leaning forward. "Now tell me all about yourself."

"A'boot... me?"

"All a'boot you," she said teasingly, imitating his accent.

He nearly swooned. She sounded so cute when talking like that.

End of Chapter 1.

Surfer's Paradise is a real place, located in Queensland, Australia. It is said to have some remarkable surf and beaches, so it's an ideal place for Bridgette to be.

[1] - "Izzy Dudizzy" is Tyler's nickname for Izzy. It's pronounced Doo-dizzy, a combination of "dude" and "Izzy." Silly enough for ya?

No, I've never been to Surfer's Paradise, Queensland, or Australia. All of this comes from the mind of PsychoZeke, who gave me the idea for the location. The plot came soon after he explained the place to me.

If you think I'm gonna be unfair to Geoff, don't worry, the story won't be anti-Geoff. And I'll be sure to explain how the vote thing from TDI worked (it actually is based off of an issue I've had for some time).

This story will have a heavy focus on Bridgette's point of view, just to warn you all, because she deserves a lot more attention (usually the story is focused on the guy she's dating). Oh, and don't worry, I'm not going to dedicate too much time on surfing; watch Stoked for that.