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Chapter 7 - Shouldn't This Be Nice?




Ezekiel woke with a horrible start. He stared at the ceiling, panting, before he managed to collect his bearings. Bridgette murmured in her sleep, squirming just a little. She was half-lying on him, her fingers on his chest right over his heart. Once the shock had diminished enough, Ezekiel became aware again that she was half-naked, as was he.

His face heated up immediately when he realized his arm was pressed against her chest, and he felt his pulse race. Unfortunately, this caused the unpleasant memories of his nightmare to come back on him, and he started to feel sick.

The prairie boy managed to move away from Bridgette without waking her, and he stumbled to the bathroom. He stood at the sick, heaving as if ready to throw up, but nothing ever came out. Splashing cold water on his face and taking a long swill of it, he continued to take deep breaths, his stomach lurching.


Bridgette was standing behind him, looking worried. She had put on her yellow night dress, and still had his toque on his head. It almost looked silly, if it wasn't for her look of concern.

"Are you okay? You look so pale," she said, walking up to him and touching his face with her fingertips.

He reached up and rubbed the back of her hand. "It's... just a night freak, eh."

"A what? Do you mean a nightmare?"

"They're fairly similar, you never heard of a night freak?"

"What's the difference?"

"Well see, a nightmare woo'd be where there's a crazed killer chasing you with a machete. But a night freak woo'd be where the person trying to kill you," he said, taking a deep breath as he recalled such an occurrence, "would be someone you loved and cared about."

Bridgette winced. "Oh, those. I heard my friends tell me about them, but thank God I've never had one. You just had one?"

He nodded, and scratched the side of his arm. She hugged him, pulling him tightly to her as she rubbed his back. "You want to talk about it?"

"It's... actually kind of a recurring night freak, eh. One I've bin having fur some time."

Bridgette nodded. "What happens?"

"It's usually around the shoo', eh, Total Dray'ma. I keep getting these dreams a'boot them, and they kind of like... well, like everyone's attacking me."

The surfer girl looked into his eyes, using their equal height to rest her forehead against his. "The show was nightmarish enough, but what are the dreams like? Like if everyone's ganging up on you?"

"Something to that effect, except people I like are also in the attack, like some collective attack. And it always feels like a different season, and no matter what I do, I cannot change things."

Bridgette put her hands on his shoulders and massaged them gently. "How long have you been having this night freak?"

"Ever since I joined this shoo'."

He managed to chuckle, and she smiled right back at him. "Life can make us feel like everyone is against us at times, I know. But you're here now, with me, and I'm not leaving."

Bridgette felt him shiver slightly from emotion, and the hug he was giving her tightened. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and held him close.

Neither had any idea how long they stood like that. All Bridgette could remember thinking, before they went back to bed, was her thinking of how she hoped Ezekiel would never feel alone like that again; Ezekiel could only think of how moved he was that she cared about him, and tried to think of some way, any way, to thank her for such kindness.

The next morning, Bridgette was greeted at the door by a grinning Izzy. Bridgette was not an expert, but judging from the redhead's appearance, she had done something physically straining besides just dancing last night.

"Today is gonna be a special day, and you know why?" Izzy asked Bridgette with her trademark, wicked grin.

Bridgette was a little too intimidated to reply to this.

"We've decided today will be a girls' night out, and guys night out, all day," the ranga finally answered her own question. "That's right, we're gonna make us girls all spend time together, and the boys hang out. They're probably gonna hit a strip club."

Ezekiel let out a small chuckle from back in the room. "I doo't Surfer's Paradise has strip clubs, eh."

Izzy just grinned and giggled impishly. Bridgette raised one of her eyebrows. "I didn't see any nearby, or maybe they're more classier than normal ones."

"Wait a minute," Ezekiel said, walking over to the two girls. "Izzy, hoo' did you knoo' there were strip clubs here?"

Her grin just got wider.

"Somehow, that doesn't surprise me," Bridgette said, smirking at the redhead, "and it does at the same time."

"I'm not going 'oot with the guys if they start going to strip clubs, eh," Ezekiel said, crossing his arms. "That's not my... um, hoo's that expression go?"

"It's not your thing," Bridgette said, "but don't worry, Zekey, methinks Izzy's going to try and drag the girls to one."

"Why on earth would you want to hit a strip club?" Ezekiel almost shouted, looking wide-eyed at Izzy. "Are there strip clubs for women?"

"Izzy, I think we've boggled my poor boyfriend enough."

Izzy finished up by telling the couple where they were meeting their respective gender groups, time and place, and then left, winking at them. Ezekiel took one glance at her, and then at Bridgette. "The moo'r I learn of this world, the more confusing it gets."

Bridgette giggled, then kissed him, which led to a make out spree that caused them to be late for meeting their parties.

"Thank goodness we're at some place normal," Bridgette said, leaning back in her reclining chair. "This is one of the most pleasant restaurants I've been to!"

"We can also hit the bar, the legal age for drinking is eighteen," Izzy exclaimed, running over to the exotic-looking bar.

Bridgette looked around the fancy restaurant that was themed like everything Australian. She loved watching the koala, a real one, who climbed about in the vines and foliage of the rafters. The adorable creature was named Kiroa, and Bridgette was hoping it would climb down to her.

"I thought koalas were kind of fierce," Katie remarked. "How come this one is allowed to wander around?"

"The waitress told me that she was raised when they found her abandoned," Beth said, also watching the fluffy, gray creature slowly climb around. "So she's as friendly as a piggy."

Gwen raised an eyebrow at this comparison, and she walked over to Bridgette. Before she could get a word out, Courtney came over.

"Gwen, I want to talk to Bridgette," she said, the words coming out more condescending than the goth had ever heard, "alone."

Bridgette looked worried at Courtney's tone, especially when Gwen scoffed and walked away. The goth went to talk to Leshawna, unaware her friend was having a very serious conversation with Lindsay.

The surfer girl watched her for a second before Courtney sat down next to her. "Look, Bridgette," she said, and Bridgette immediately recognized her CIT tone, one she saved for lectures, "I think it's time we talked."

"What about?" Bridgette asked, not able to look her friend in the eye because she was hoping it wasn't what she thought it was going to be about...

"Your relationship with Mr. Sexist."

"Courtney, stop calling him things like that," Bridgette said, heaving a deep sigh. "He's not sexist."

"Do you really know that? You have no idea what boys'll say when they want something. Like Duncan!"

Bridgette nervously wrapped her fingers around her drink, staring at it as if studying the ice cubes. "Courtney, this is different."

"That's what most girls think-"

"I'm not going to be paranoid about Ezekiel's intentions," the surfer replied. "It's ridiculous, because then I'd have to be suspicious about every boy."

Courtney scoffed. "Yeah, you should be. After I dumped Duncan, I think he went right after Le-"

"You two broke up?"

"I broke it off, I'm done with him. Now see, Bridgette, I don't want you to go through the same thing."

Bridgette wanted to say so much more, what was really on her mind; her intense dislike for Duncan almost made her lash out unnaturally, but even now she couldn't bring herself to. "It's not the same thing-"

"I saw the way you were dancing last night, with him, with Izzy," Courtney continued. "You were... grinding against him so hard... it wasn't pretty to watch, Bridgette."

"We got a little crazy last night, I know-"

"You're on vacation, you want to party and go crazy."

Bridgette was annoyed of how Courtney talked as if she was an authority, and Bridgette was a misbehaving teenager. "Look, it's not that bad-"

Courtney shook her head. "Bridgette, I know you two are in the same room at night. I found out some time ago."

Bridgette's face was dusted and then flushed pink, and she felt the desire to put her cold drink against her cheek to cool it down. She sighed, and then said, "Look, I know what you're thinking, but we haven't gone that far."

"But that's the problem here. You're millions of miles away from home, you're at a place that is practically complete freedom, and you're in the same room with a boy. What happens when things go that far?"

"The... we... we haven't thought or planned anything out..."

Courtney raised an eyebrow. "You two haven't 'thought' about it?"

"Okay, maybe that's not the right word-"

"What happens if you get pregnant? What happens if it turns out to be completely awkward?"

Bridgette was chewing her bottom lip as she thought of this, and Courtney caught it. She set her drink to the side and leaned towards her friend. "You also need to think of the distance that you two will have when you have to go back home. Ezekiel's nowhere near where you live, I'm sure, and those kind of relationships don't work."

"I... I wouldn't mind being a long distance from him. I'd keep in contact..."

Now the CIT was unrelenting, and had her brow furrowed. "How come you keep talking as if you need to make these calls? Are you the dominant one in this relationship?"

"What's... what is wrong with that?"

Bridgette thought she caught a glimpse of a smile on the CIT's face, but thought it was part of her imagination. "Look, Bridgette, there's something I've been thinking about. You're leading this, that means you're in control. Do you really want that?"

"Want... what?"

"Having to lead this relationship."

Bridgette's mouth opened, closed, then she shook her head in confusion. "Wait, you're against that? But you've always been about how you should lead a relationship, that it's not wrong for a woman to lead!"

"It's different here. You picked him up, you're leading him physically, it's just not healthy. He's not going to become this great, romantic boyfriend you're dreaming about, he's just not. You should stop this relationship before it gets too physical, and try to hook up with someone who's going to be a real man about such mature things."

Bridgette was stunned, her pale green eyes darting around, trying to think of what to say in reply. She felt alone and naked against Courtney's comments, and didn't know how to reply. She wanted to argue, she wanted to say exactly why she was wrong, but she didn't feel comfortable discussing the deep feelings she had.

"Ezekiel's... not a bad person."

"Oh come on, every time I've seen him, all I think about is how unclean and unhygienic he is. He won't treat you well in the long run, Bridgette, even if he is being nice now. It's just like Duncan, he's only nice when he thinks he's going to get something."

Bridgette covered her gaping mouth. She felt hurt, and tried to picture Ezekiel how Courtney was sizing him up. All she could think of was her breaking his heart if she left him when things didn't work out between them.

"Look, I know you're into having fun, this is your vacation after all," Courtney said, patting her friend's hand. "Just remember, when the vacation's done, we all have lives ahead. Don't do anything you'll regret in the future.

"Just think of what your mom would say if you got involved with a boy this quickly, this intimate."

Courtney pat Bridgette's arm, and then she was called away by the lady at the bar who had finished her drink. The surfer girl sat there, chewing on her bottom lip. "What mom would say," she thought, wringing her hands. She had just remembered that she hadn't called her mother yet.

Her mom had told her to enjoy herself, but she now felt incredible guilt. She looked around for someone to talk to about this, but her friends were all busy. Leshawna and Gwen were busy talking to Lindsay, who looked distraught. Izzy and Katie were drunk, and Sadie was watching them.

The surfer girl was lost in thought now, fiddling as she contemplated everything Courtney had said. "Are we going too fast? Am I taking this like some kind of romanticized movie or book, and diving into it too deep?"

She was startled when someone she didn't expect leaned over her, staring into her eyes: Eva. The muscular girl had her usual glare on her face, and Bridgette shrank into her chair.

"I couldn't help but overhear what you were talking about with the whiny girl," Eva said. "You want my advice, surfer girl? Ezekiel's not a man, at all, he's not worth it. He's basically a puppy, someone who'll never live up to realistic expectations."

Eva's cold words made Bridgette shudder, but the surfer managed to gather her courage and reply, "Wait, why do you care? What business is it of yours?"

"Hey, you brought me on this damn fine vacation," Eva said, backing up and sipping her drink. She smiled, something that really surprised Bridgette, and what she said next was even more shocking. "I love this place, and I also have myself a boyfriend. Ain't that a kicker." Eva walked, chuckling. Bridgette sat there, more shocked than before. She sat there for some time, trying to think over all of what was just said.

The waitress came over, holding Kiroa the koala in her hands. She looked at Bridgette sympathetically, and said, "You seem really down, miss. Would you like to hold Kiroa for a while?"

Bridgette looked at the gray creature, looking around lazily with her soft eyes, her big nose twitching. Charmed, the surfer nodded and accepted Kiroa in her arms. The koala almost immediately curled up against her, nuzzling against her chest. Bridgette smiled, and stroked her head.

"Kind of like Ezekiel," she thought, then her thoughts became sad again, and she thought, "Wait... is that what they're trying to tell me? That Ezekiel's not really a boyfriend?"

She shivered, trying hard not to make the comparison again. Kiroa nuzzled her more, and she stroked the koala more. Kissing it on top of the head, she let out a long sigh.

Ezekiel wasn't having much fun at his party either. The only lucky thing he had going was that the boys didn't go to a strip club; however, the bar they went to didn't exactly suit him either.

Several of the boys were already drunk, and Ezekiel was feeling lightheaded just from the smell of alcohol. He sat away from the others at his own table, trying to enjoy his soda. He had hoped Tyler or Harold would be around to talk to, but he hadn't seen them since they entered the bar.

Duncan was around, already tipsy. He stumbled his way over to Ezekiel, a harsh glare on his face. "Look, Home School," he said, pointing a finger almost right in his face, "I have something to say to you."

"Wh-what's that, eh?"

"Look, Bridgette's fine, she's very fine. You screw it up, and I'll help Geoff get her back. She's fine, just fine-"

"Hey," Ezekiel interrupted, waving a hand in Duncan's face, which was swatted away. "Duncan, since when do you care, eh? I mean, you never seemed to like Bridgette."

"And I don't like you. I don't like anybody since this stupid vacation wrecked everything."

Ezekiel watched Duncan pound the table in frustration. "Courtney wouldn't even let me touch her this whole time, and now she breaks up with me! I cannot believe it!"

The prairie boy tried to back away, and saw Geoff sit down on his other side. Ezekiel winced at the stern stare the party animal was giving him.

"Look Geoff," Ezekiel began, speaking slowly. The prairie boy had dealt with a few drunk people in his life, at family reunions mostly. "Geoff-"

"Listen here, Ezeke," Geoff said, pointing his finger in Ezekiel's face much like Duncan, "Bridgette was special, she really was. I don't think you realize that."

"No, I do realize that-"

"No, you don't see that. See, Bridgette needs a real man. You don't act like a real man at all. You were always asking me stuff during that Aftermath show..."

Geoff slumped forward, hitting his forehead rather painfully on the table, making Ezekiel flinch. The party animal let out a long wail, and sobbed.

"Why'd I tell her that I voted for her?" Geoff wailed, pounding his fist on the table. "Why did I blow it? She was so hot and sexy and fine, and she's so sweet and wonderful..."

"Not to mention you two made out all the time," Duncan muttered.

"How could I forget that? Damn it, damn it all! Now you're seeing her," he accusingly pointed at Ezekiel, hitting his nose with his finger. "Why's she seeing you? You're nobody!"

"He never stands up for himself," Duncan added. "Look at him now."

Ezekiel sighed at this and tried to get away, but Geoff grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. "No, listen here, Ezekiel! You don't get to just walk away from us."

"C'mon, you guys have bin drinking, eh."

"Yeah, which makes me want to say this right to your face!" Geoff leaned forward, almost away from Ezekiel, so it wasn't right to his face when he said, "Do you really think it'll work out between you and Bridgette?"

Ezekiel blinked, and opened his mouth to answer when Duncan said, "No."

"Aha, I knew it," Geoff exclaimed, startling everyone in the bar.

"Look, I really doo'nt think this is either of you two's business," Ezekiel cried out, glancing between the two. "What Bridgette and I are doing is not your concern-"

"What do you mean? I was dating her beforehand, I have all the right into the business."

"You acting high and mighty on us?" Duncan asked with a snort. "You didn't even know who you were, Home School. During that last season, with your stupid slang and bling..."

Ezekiel flushed when he thought about then, how he had tried to act to fit in with the others.

"Yo yo yo," Ezekiel cried out, flashing the Z on his necklace as he jumped off the bus. "I'm here to win it big, homies!"

Chris ignored him, and just continued to introduce the others. Izzy was next, and she jumped on Ezekiel's shoulders, shouting that she could see her house from up there. This caused them to fall backwards, right into Tyler. Bridgette exited the bus and tripped over them.

"Yo Chris," Ezekiel, at the bottom of the pile, "you didn't introduce me, eh!"

The host continued to ignore him, and Ezekiel sighed in disbelief. Izzy hoisted him up to his feet, and brushed him off, saying, "Don't mind him, my Zeke, he's just a big jerk."

"Well, it wouldn't hurt to get a little publicity, yo," he said. He noticed his medallion had been bent, and he sighed.

"You know, that slang is not really working out for you," Izzy chirped, rocking on her feet.

"But... but this is hoo' the cool kids talk noo'adays, right?"

"None that I've heard."

She would have gone on, but Eva violently shoved Ezekiel when she walked by. "Outta my way, poser boy."

Ezekiel hit the ground painfully for the second time, and groaned. "This is so whack, yo! I haven't even done anything, and they're all getting their freak up in my face, yo."

Izzy squat down next to him, and whispered, "Look, my Zeke, that's not going to win any friends. Just be yourself."

"You... you sure that's safe?"

"Trust me. You told me all about your musical talents on the way here, that should be good enough for whatever team you're on."

Ezekiel managed a smile, and stood up. "Thanks, Izzy. You're a good friend, eh."

"I'm all up in the hood, fo' rizzle."

They shared a laugh, then he caught a glance at Bridgette. She was fending off Geoff, who was trying to get back with her. The party animal's klutzy movements and bad use of words were infuriating Bridgette, but she was keeping her patience. Izzy saw it too, and grinned. "Just be sure when you go after her," she said, "that you use your cute, normal self. Not the slang."

"Hoo' do you knoo' so much a'boot these kinds of things, Izzy?"

"I am so good at human emotions, I could have been a psychotic-therapist."

Ezekiel stared at her for a few seconds, and she simply giggled in reply.

Ezekiel sighed as he remembered those times, how high his hopes had been. He had still slipped with the slang a few times, because he had pumped himself up big over it. As he thought over this, Geoff and Duncan were at their limit to being ignored.

"Hey Home School," Geoff snapped, startling Ezekiel, "we're not done talking to you."

"You don't even know who you are," Duncan added, glaring at the prairie boy. "First season, you were an ignorant sexist. Second season, Geoff's fanboy. Third season, a total poser."

"I was trying my best to fit in, eh," Ezekiel admitted, wringing his hands. "I didn't knoo' what exactly to do to be like normal people-"

"And you never will," Geoff scoffed. "You were around me all of that second season, but you just didn't get it. A guy like you doesn't deserve a girl like Bridgette, you're just... not it."

Ezekiel's high threshold for abuse had just been breached. He pushed himself away from the table and walked off. He tried to ignore Duncan and Geoff's calls to him.

"Yeah, that's right, go away," Geoff snapped, almost tipping out of his chair. "Just go away, get away from Bridgette!"

"You'll never be good like us," Duncan added. Then he muttered to himself, "Though I don't know what feeling good is like now."

"What, dude?" Geoff asked him, confused by the mood swing.

"Nothing, nothing. Just upset that my vacation has been shit," the punk groaned and placed his hand on his forehead. "Courtney dumps me, and there's no way Leshawna would want me."

Geoff laughed. "You want Leshawna? What's wrong with you?" To which, Duncan shoved him over.

Outside of the bar, Ezekiel found Noah and Tyler talking. He tried to avoid them, but he overheard part of their conversation.

"Look, I don't think she wants to talk to me," Noah admitted.

"Lindsay is very emotional, I know, but you cannot avoid her."

"I thought tonight was guys alone and girls alone," Noah remarked bitterly. "No seeing the other gender."

"Man, screw that. Your relationship with Lindsay is more important than this stupid day off."

Noah sighed, then noticed Ezekiel. "Oh, he's here too?"

Tyler turned towards his friend, and waved. "Hey dude, what's going on?"

"I doo'nt want to be in this bar anymoo'r. I," Ezekiel glanced at the bar, and sighed, "I doo'nt want to drink, eh."

"That's fine. We were going to head over to where the girls are."

"You knoo' where they are?"

"Izzy slipped me directions."

"That girlfriend of yours," Noah said, "is a walking enigma. She insists the genders stay apart, and then she gives you directions."

"That's why I love her."

The walk there was pretty quiet. Noah was very distracted, and Ezekiel was downcast. Any time Tyler tried to start up conversation with them, they would mutter they were fine.

When they reached the Kiroa Grill & Bar, Noah almost chickened out. "Look dude, she might kill me," he said, taking several steps back. "I don't think she wants to see me."

"You're going in there and talking to her," Tyler exclaimed, running behind Noah and pushing him.

"Ack! Hey! C'mon, Tyler, she's your ex, why do you care so much?"

"You just answered your own question, dude!"

"Guys, doo'nt fight," Ezekiel pleaded. "What's this all a'boot, eh?"

"Noah and Lindsay are upset about something, and I'm gonna make sure they talk it out," Tyler exclaimed.

"Oh thanks, Mr. Jock, why not announce it over the loud speaker to all of Surfer's Paradise? Why not go in there shouting the two of us are worried about what happened last night?"

"You mean the dance?" Ezekiel asked. "What happened, eh?"

"It's not your business, why are you two ganging up on me like this?" Noah exclaimed.

"Because we care, dude," Tyler grunted, still pushing Noah towards the restaurant, "don't you care about how Lindsay feels?"

"Of course I care! I care more than I thought I ever could about someone else!"

"Then why are you fighting me, dude?"

"Because I can't face her after what we did last night!"


The boys looked over to see Lindsay standing at the doorway, with Leshawna and Gwen by her side. Noah froze, which caused the straining Tyler to push him right over, knocking him into Ezekiel. Tyler then flopped on top of them, being the clumsy sporto that he was.

"Owtch," Ezekiel strained under the two.

"You boys were told it's a girls-night out," Leshawna said as she helped them up. "What are you doing here?"

"Noah," Tyler said, putting his hand on the bookworm's shoulder, "Noah wants to talk to Lindsay." Noah fumed, but then sighed. "Yeah... I want to. No, I need to."

He looked at Lindsay, who was staring at him with her baby blue eyes wide with emotion. Her lip quivered and she walked over to him. Smiling weakly, she asked, "Shall we go some place to talk?"

Noah smiled back, and took her hand. The two walked off, and the others watched them go. "Oh good," Leshawna commented, "she was so distraught. I honestly thought he wouldn't come around. Nice job, Tyler."

"You just helped a bookworm stay close to your ex," Gwen observed. "Dude, I think you broke all the unwritten laws."

Tyler smirked and crossed his arms. "This coming from the goth dating the nerd."

Gwen blushed, and nodded. "Yeah, I guess so. Or like my girl Leshawna here having a thing for Duncan."

Leshawna gave Gwen a light smack upside the head. "Girlfriend, don't you be shouting my feelings to everyone, for crying out loud!"

"You like Duncan?" Ezekiel asked.

The absurdity in his voice was not missed by Leshawna. "What's wrong with that, Ezekiel?"

"Well...," Ezekiel looked to the side, scratching his arm.

"Is he acting like a big bully again?"


"You know what? That tears it," Leshawna snapped. "I'm going to have a talking to that boy, right now! Tyler, lead me to where the boys are hanging, I'm gonna have it out with him!"

"Sure thing!"

Gwen was right next to them, saying, "Now this I gotta watch!"

Ezekiel was left alone, and he stood there, wondering what to do. Then Bridgette came out, trying to see where her friends had gone, and she noticed instead her boyfriend.

"Ezekiel?" she called out. She smiled, though much more faint than normal. "What are you doing here?"

It took a couple minutes for him to tell her what had just happened, but he left out what Geoff and Duncan had told him. When he was done, he noticed something about her appearance. "Hoo'd you get gray fur all over your hoodie, eh?"

Bridgette chuckled and brushed some of it off. "They had a koala in there that I got to hold. It was so sweet!"

"That sounds really cool, eh. So you're having a good time?"

"Well," Bridgette bit her bottom lip and looked away, "not really. Except for the koala."

"What's the matter, eh? Aren't you having fun with your friends?"

"Gwen and Leshawna were busy talking to Lindsay, and now they're all gone. And the others have been..."

"Interrogative," she thought. "Lecturing. Demeaning towards you."

"They've been a little bit too questioning," she said, shrugging his shoulders. "What about the guys, hon?"

"Um... they've bin..."

"Emasculating," he thought. "Invading. Uncomfortably evaluating."

"They're kind of drunk and not fun to be around." Bridgette nodded. She looked to the side, and then to him. "Would you like to go for a walk?"

He smiled at her. "I'd like that."

They held hands, and walked. Both wanted to say so much to the other, but unfortunately, it was all the stuff that was too uncomfortable to be said aloud.

"Are we really not right for each other?" Bridgette was thinking to herself. "Am I just getting so thrilled about the vacation that I've fallen for someone who listens to me? Am I rushing things because I just like getting physical?"

"Am I really good enough fur her?" Ezekiel thought, glancing at her. "Do I even knoo' who I am, and what I'm going to be doing with myself? Could this really work between us, does she really want me?"

The quiet walk was interrupted when they ran into a trio of familiar faces. "Hey you two," Nadine exclaimed, rushing over to them. She had a digital video camera in her hands. "Fancy running into you!"

"Cody told us that it was guys and girls' night out," Ginny asked, cocking her head to the side. "If that's true, why are you two together?"

"It's kind of fallen apart for some of us," Bridgette admitted.

"Really? What happened?"

"What else? Drama."

"That fucking figures," Winona said, shrugging and earning a harsh elbowing from Ginny. "Well, if that's the case, we should get Cody. He told us where the guys were, but we don't know where the girls are, ironically."

"Yeah, let's get Cody, he needs more time with Eva," Ginny cheered. "Where are the girls located, Bridgette?"

"At the Kiroa Grill & Bar."

"I love that place! C'mon girls, let's go pet the koala as we get Eva for Cody!"

The three started to head off, but Nadine stopped. "I'll catch up in a minute," she called to them, then ran back to Bridgette and Ezekiel. "Can I ask you two a favor?"

"What's that, eh?" he asked.

"Well, I've been touring Surfer's Paradise, making a movie of all my favorite sights to see, and also some of the Total Drama cast," she added, giggling slightly. "I got me some of that dance last night."

Bridgette and Ezekiel both blushed as Nadine continued. "Anyway, I wanted to get you two on camera, giving each other a kiss, because you're such an adorable couple."

The two blushed a little more, then exchanged glances. Bridgette shrugged, and tilted Ezekiel's face so she could press her lips gently against his. The kiss lasted a couple seconds.

"Is that all?" Nadine asked, clearly displeased. "C'mon, I mean, I'm not asking for a make-out session, but show me some love here."

Bridgette and Ezekiel looked at each other again. The surfer girl leaned in to kiss him again, putting her hands on his shoulders. Ezekiel returned it, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

When he pulled her close to him and kissed her deeper, Bridgette felt herself let go, and curled her arms around him. She kissed him back passionately, holding herself to him.

"This cannot be mistaken for anything else," she thought blissfully.

"I'd do anything fur you, Bridgette," he thought as he kissed her and stroked her cheek lovingly.

Nadine stared through the video camera, her mouth slightly open. "Oh wow," she gushed.

Her vision was blurred when something hit the camera, and yanked it from her grasp. Nadine gasped as a blond man ran off with her video camera. "H-HEY!"

Bridgette and Ezekiel parted to see Nadine chasing after the criminal, and both gave chase. Bridgette stumbled on a crack in the sidewalk, and Nadine almost ran into someone who had just jay walked over.

Ezekiel managed to catch up with the thief, who was fumbling with the camera, and grabbed his shirt. "Give it back, eh," he hollered.

The thief elbowed him in the stomach, catching Ezekiel off guard. A violent push sent the gasping prairie boy to the ground. As Ezekiel clutched his stomach and tried hard to breath, he swore he heard the thief whimper, "I'm so sorry!"

Ezekiel looked up to see the thief throw the video camera in his lap, and then hurry over to a car. A driver was already inside it, and it sped off before Ezekiel had time to look at the license plate.

"Zekey, are you okay?" Bridgette exclaimed when she finally caught up, hugging her boyfriend.

"I'm... I'm fine," he strained to say. She hugged him tight, gasping for breath herself.

"Man, I'm sorry you had to get hit," Nadine said as she picked up her video camera. "But thank you for getting my camera back."

"He... he threw it at me," Ezekiel stammered to say. "I couldn't stop him."

"You were very brave, we're lucky he was a coward," Bridgette said.

"But why he try to steal my camera if he didn't want it," Nadine started to say, then looked at it closer. "Aw damn it! He stole the video card!"

"What?" Ezekiel asked. "You mean the film?"

"Yeah! Why would he do that? Dear God, I went up in the Q1 Tower to get footage, it'll cost me to go back up again!"

"I swear I've seen that guy before," Bridgette added, helping Ezekiel up. "But man, I didn't expect something so awful to happen here."

"Guess no matter where you go, you'll always find some kind of scum," Nadine commented. She let out a heavy sigh, then managed to smile and look at the couple. "One other thing that's regrettable is that I lost that amazing footage of you two kissing. You really are in love, aren't you?"

Both Bridgette and Ezekiel looked at each other, and smiled. Nadine giggled and added, "It's just so darn cute, and I'm so envious. Guess this really is Surfer's Paradise for you, Bridgette, you found yourself a man."

Bridgette was in her room later that day, calling long-distance. Ezekiel had gone out to help Tyler, who was trying to subdue a very drunk and very wild Izzy. The surfer girl was determined to finally call someone that she had unintentionally put off.

It seemed to take forever for the person on the other side to pick up. Bridgette's heart raced and then jumped when the other side picked up.


"Mom," Bridgette almost exclaimed the word.

"Bridgette," her mother didn't bother to hold her own excitement. "Oh my God! Honey! How are you?"

"I'm doing great, mom! Better than great, in fact! It really is paradise here!"

"I have to admit, I regret now telling you to take your time in calling me. I've been going nuts here!"

"Afraid I've been going wild over here?"

"Have you?" her mother said, laughing.

"I've been behaving, I promise you."

"I never worry about that with you, hon."

"Well, I have some big news. I met someone."

Bridgette's mother gasped. "Really? Is he on the show?"

"Yes, he is."

"Which of the boys is it? Wait, don't tell me! I want part of it to be a surprise!"

Bridgette couldn't help but laugh. Her mother was always like this, wanting to keep some part of a surprise secret for a little longer. "Okay, mom, okay. I'll tell you who it is next time."

"Great! Wait, it's not Geoff, is it?"

"No, mom."

"Thank goodness, after the way he treated you... oh, it's not Duncan, is it?"


"Wow, I was nervous for a brief moment there. But then again, I know you wouldn't fall for such a mean boy."

"No mom, he's very sweet. The more time I spend with him, the more I love him. He's so warm and kind, he's just... wonderful."

Her mother laughed joyfully. "He sounds great, hon. Have you been spending a lot of time with him?"

"Yes, I have. Mom, I actually called because I had a few questions."

Bridgette told her mother about visiting her father's grave, and being on the tour. She admitted to her mother about sharing a room with her new boyfriend, and her joys and concerns. When she was done, her mother sounded almost overwhelmed, but still excited.

"Hunny, I have to say, it sounds like your time in Surfer's Paradise was just as wild and emotional as mine was."

"Really? When did you first come here?"

"When I first met your father."

Both of the Summers women were quiet for a few seconds, then Claire continued. "When I first met your father, we were mostly around each other. About a half-month later, he invited me to Surfer's Paradise."

"Wow! You only knew him that long, and you took a trip with him?"

"I was terribly in love with him, and I know it sounds like a rush then, and everyone told me it was, but I could feel how much I loved him. I just... knew."

Bridgette smiled, and thought of her own lover. "People make fun of it now, but I think it's because they never experienced something so powerful, huh mom?"

"Especially. When I with Kai, we were happy together, the kind of happy that makes you content deep down. Sure, it wasn't always golden, but life isn't perfect. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know."

"Of course not, mom. Can you tell me more about your first time?"

"Um," her mother started to giggle nervously. "You probably don't want to hear about it."

"What? Why?"

"Because, well... you don't want to hear about your parents being intimate."

Bridgette covered her mouth in shock for a second, and then she giggled. "That soon, mom?"

"Yes, if you can believe that. Like something out a movie, but much more realistic. Though if I told anyone, it'd sound like fiction."

"I sure believe it," Bridgette said, giggling.

"You wouldn't believe what happened our first time together. There was this cove..."

Her mother explained in some detail about a cove that was not seen to the public, one that was so private that Kai had told her how no one else ever visited there. Bridgette's mother was so articulate in describing where it was, her daughter could picture how to get there. Of course, she also had the help of her mother giving her directions.

"And when you duck through that small cave, you come out to the cover. It's gorgeous there, but not a very good surfing place. The water's always calm."

"How interesting," Bridgette commented. "I'll have to see that place."

"Hmm, how I wish I could too. Your father and I went there for romantic getaways. But I'll spare you details."

"Was it really special there, mom?"

"Indeed it was, but it was mostly for the romance. After all, it hadn't been the first time he and I were intimate."

Bridgette gaped as her mother gasped, then she heard her face-palm all the way over in Canada. "Doh," her mother said, "I have to remember that I'm talking to my daughter here."

"Mom, I really don't mind that much, I find it romantic. Ever since I've been here, I've wanted to find out more about dad."

"I'll tell you much more when you get home, I wouldn't want to keep you on the phone for your vacation."

They talked a little about her father, until Bridgette shifted the subject around. "Mom, I know this is weird, but can I ask you something about, um... well, sex?"

"Of course honey, you can ask me anything."

"Well... do you think... that... um... I..." Bridgette was stammering too hard, and she wondered if her mother knew how red her face was. She was surprised to hear her mother chuckle, then talk in a serious tone.

"Are you that much in love with your boyfriend, hon?"


"You're serious? I'm not one to judge, I was about your age when I was intimate too."

"Really? I thought you would think I was too young, or something."

"Honey, you're eighteen, you can make your own decisions now."

"Mom, your approval means more to me than anything else."

Bridgette's mother was quiet for a couple seconds, then she let out an emotional sigh. "Hon, are you sure?"

"I love him, mom. The time I've been with him, how I feel when I've with him, what he's done..."

She told her mother, without letting her know it was Ezekiel, about the times they had had. Bridgette went into detail about the cat Ezekiel saved, how he helped her at her dad's grave; she gushed on for a little bit before she caught herself.

"I know you don't want to be lectured, but it's not all fun and games, right? You two have your differences?"

"Yes, we do, there's a few things he likes I don't, things that are big in his life back home. And we have had a couple troubles, but they were resolved; this relationship is something we've really worked on."

"That's great, hunny. Well, remember that he should wear protection."

"Of course, mom!"

Her mother laughed. "I just did that to see if I could sense you blushing."

Both of them laughed, and after a few seconds, Bridgette could sense her mother was also crying. "Mother?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, honey. It's just... you'll always be my little girl, but you're so mature. You have no idea how proud I was of you when you invited all the cast mates on that vacation, you're so sweet... I just want the best for my girl, I hope your boyfriend realizes that."

Bridgette bit her bottom lip as emotion swelled in her, and she replied, "Well, I had the world's greatest mom to help bring me up."

Claire sobbed some more, and it took a little bit of time for Bridgette to calm her down. When her mother was able to talk again, they shared a long conversation that lasted another hour before it came to an end.

"Well, I have to go now, hon. Since you've been gone, they've needed a little help at the animal shelter, and I decided to volunteer."

"Give my love to all of them, please."

"I sure will, Bridgette. I love you, and continue to enjoy your vacation."

"I love you too, mom. I'll call more often." After she hung up, Bridgette noticed the time, and changed into her nightgown. She was sitting on the bed thinking when Ezekiel knocked on the door and came in, breathing heavy.

"You finally match to catch Izzy?" she asked him as he slumped in a chair.

"It was hoo'rible, eh," Ezekiel said between deep breaths. "That girl became a... there's not even a fitting comparison, she was just 'oot of control, eh."

"We shouldn't have let her drink."

"You wanna knoo' hoo' we caught her? After chasing her for so long, she suddenly shouted, 'Nap time,' and lay doo'n. She was asleep when we approached her, eh."

Bridgette shook her head. "That Izzy. You look tired."

"I am, a little."

He shed his hoodie and foot wear, and groaned in relief as he flexed his toes. Bridgette walked over to him, and massaged his shoulders. "Did you have a good day?"

"Well, the guys' night 'oot was bad, the mugging was tragic, and chasing Izzy was quite the exhausting experience. But there were some good times."

"Really? When?"

"Whenever I was with you, eh." She swooned inwardly, curling her arms around his shoulders and neck. He reached up and stroked one of her arms. She nuzzled his cheek with her own, cooing happily.

"Zekey," she whispered, "what do you think love is?"

"That's a good question," Ezekiel said as he cranked his neck. "To me, it'd be something like my parents have, eh. That they always have something to say to each other, that they accept the others' faults, and can recover from arguments. Plus, they are willing to stick together throo' hard things, like raising a kid."

The prairie boy continued to stroke her arm, smiling as he thought about his parents. Bridgette grinned and said, "Have you called your parents recently?"

"Yes, it was a couple days ago, befur that dance, eh. I told them a'boot you, told them hoo' well we were getting along, hoo' special you were; mother was really interested in you, eh."

"She was?" Bridgette felt herself blush. "Really?"

"Mom asked me a lot of questions, and I answered as best I could, eh. I just wish it was a little easier to let them get to knoo' you, since she doesn't watch the shoo'."

"She didn't? Why not, you're in...," Bridgette started to ask, then caught herself. "Oh. I'm sorry, Zekey."

"I consider it all behind me noo'. Things couldn't be better, noo' that I have friends, and you. You moo'r than anything."

He pulled her head down to his and kissed her. She moaned happily into his mouth, and stroked his face. After a few seconds of kissing, Bridgette was in just the right mood and had enough courage to ask what she was thinking.

"Ezekiel, what do you think about making love?" The prairie boy reacted the way she thought she would, with wide eyes and a surprised shiver. She felt herself shiver too in anticipation, and her fingers clenched his shirt to keep from shaking. He stared into her green eyes, then swallowed.

"You... you want to?"

"Yes, I'd love for us to be together. As my first time, I want it to be with you."

Ezekiel was shaking hard, and only managed to steady himself when she held his hand. "Bridgette, it'd make me the happiest person in the world, I'm so honored that you'd ask but..."

"But what?" her voice barely a whisper.

"I... I doo'nt have protection, eh. And also..." He swallowed again, looking nervously at her. "I never thought that it woo'd happen until after I was married, eh."

"Oh God, was that what you had planned?" Bridgette almost felt sick with how guilty she suddenly felt.

"I hadn't really thought a'boot it, eh," he said quickly, seeing how upset his girlfriend was. "I mean, I never had anything decided, since, well, I had never thought I woo'd get to this point of a relationship until later in my life."

He sighed, struggling to say the words as best he could. "I just... doo'nt want to disappoint you."

"You couldn't, Zekey. Sure, it'll probably be a little awkward and such at first, but I'm sure once it starts..."

She stopped herself, and realized she was massaging his chest in her excitement. He was also getting carried away, stroking her hair with his fingertips. "You knoo'," he said, smiling slightly, "if you keep looking at me like that, and talking like that... I won't be able to help myself."

"We could always go down to a drug store or something," she suggested. "There's always one open late at night."

Ezekiel gave her a shadow of a nod, and she felt her blood start to race; however, their excitement was killed when Ezekiel tried to stand up, and winced in pain.

"Argh," he groaned in pain, rubbing his knees and falling back into his chair. He sighed and muttered, "I think chasing after 'oor drunk friend made me a little soo'r. My legs feel like lead, eh."

Bridgette nodded, trying to hide her disappointment. She reminded herself that if they made love, it would be Ezekiel's first time too, and he shouldn't be exhausted and sore before it even started.

Ezekiel continued to rub his legs in pain until Bridgette came over to him, smiling slyly. "Well, let's see if we can do something about it." She reached towards his groin, her fingers on the button and zipper of his jeans. The prairie boy flinched in surprise, and she gave him a come-hither look as she unbuttoned and unzipped him.

When she pulled down his pants, she was shocked to see his legs were red and slightly swollen. "Oh my God," she exclaimed, touching them. Ezekiel hissed in pain, and she mentally cursed how stupid that was. "They certainly look sore, how much running did you do?"

"I doo'nt knoo,' I lost track of hoo' long I chased after Izzy. I doo'nt run very often."

"We might have to put off surfing until later tomorrow."

That's when a major idea clicked in Bridgette's head. "Could that work out? Not tonight, but... tomorrow! Yes, we could do it tomorrow." She smiled and said, "Ezekiel, I have a plan for tomorrow. For tonight, let's just rest."

Ezekiel nodded, trying hard to hide the excitement; however, Bridgette noticed the bulge in his underwear, and let out a giggle as she covered her blushing face. He blushed even more red than her as he sat down on their bed, looking at her sheepishly.

"Sorry, honey, just that you looked so cute when you were trying to hide that," she admitted. Turning off the light, she sat down in bed next to him.

Ezekiel's mind was racing faster than it ever had been, even during the spelling bee tournaments he had in front of large audiences. The prairie boy was thinking back now to when the other boys were saying he wasn't a man, and all the other things. He wanted to prove them wrong, but only for Bridgette's sake. He could only think of making her feel good, and she looked so excited to get intimate. With his hormones, heart, and mind screaming, Ezekiel decided to be bolder in his life than he ever had been.

He wrapped his arms around Bridgette and pulled her into his lap, his chest against his back. She didn't say anything, but gasped at him being forward like this. His hands caressed her stomach, her shoulders, her breasts.

The thin nightie wasn't enough to stop him from feeling her warm skin, nor was his shirt enough to cover his pounding heart, which Bridgette felt against her back. She moaned and leaned against him, encouraging him to pet her more. Soon, her hands were helping guide his, helping to grasp her breasts and hips, squeezing tenderly.

The surfer girl felt her pulse racing harder, even faster than when she caught the largest waves. She too let herself go to her heart and hormones' wishes, and guided Ezekiel's hand down to her crotch. Lifting the dress part of her nightie, she had him cup her womanhood, his palm stroking her panties.

Both were breathing hard, his lips grazing her neck. When his hot breath was too much for her to resist, she moaned and guided his hand into her underwear.

He'd never felt her here, and she hadn't been touched there except by herself on lonely nights. Her breaths came as delicate gasps, and she felt a bead of sweat run down the side of her face. Her fingers combed his, trying to help guide him to where she knew she was most sensitive.

"Here," she whispered, her voice dry and yearning. Her fingers helped his to her clitoris, and she started the rubbing motion for him. When he picked up on his own, she let out a gasp and threw her head back.

Which accidentally caused her to bonk her head against his nose. He flinched and yelped, to which she gasped in alarm. A couple seconds past by, and they both let out nervous but mirthful giggles to relieve the tension.

She turned his face to her and kissed him, wrapping an arm around his head and placing her other hand on top of her panties, on his hand. His fingers started to massage her sensitive area, and soon she was moaning.

It took several minutes. Bridgette cooed and moaned, making noises that excited Ezekiel more than anything ever had, and she writhed up and down against him. She felt the growing heat inside her, which was causing her to sweat from the tension.

When Ezekiel poked inside her, she let out a high-pitched gasp, and let herself go. Her body shivered, and she clung to him as best she could. When it was over, the intense pleasure gone, she took several deep breaths and looked into his eyes.

They didn't say anything, there felt no need. They exchanged a few kisses, but then Bridgette felt herself getting slightly uncomfortable. Her panties were wet now, clinging to her skin with an unsettling chafe. She gently excused herself, pulling away from her boyfriend as she quickly grabbed something to change into.

He couldn't see her in the dark very well, and she didn't bother going into the bathroom. He could only make out her figure putting on a change of nighttime clothes, and then felt her climb back into bed with him. She wrapped her body around him, and he did the same with her.

"Do you want," she whispered, her hot breath on his neck, "me to do something for you?"

"It's okay, Bridgie, you sound very tired."

"I wouldn't mind... what makes you think I'm tired?"

"Your breath. You breathe like that when you're a'boot to fall asleep, eh."

"Really?" she said, and then listened to herself. The long and calm but breaths did sound like what Ezekiel was talking about. Sighing, she pulled herself tighter to him, and whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too, eh."

"Tomorrow, you and I can sleep in. I have an idea for what I'd like to do, and where I'd like to go."

"Anywhere I knoo' of?"

"No. It's a place I only learned about recently too. I'll scout it out tomorrow," she wriggled to get more comfortable against him, "and before sunset, we'll head there. Might have to prepare for a little trek."

"That sounds exciting," he said, stroking her back. She purred affectionately.

"Yes, wouldn't it be nice to get away from all the commotion our friends are causing," she whispered, and before she drifted off, with a smile on her face as she thought about the special location, her Ezekiel, and her plans, she repeated, "Wouldn't it be nice."

End of Part 7.

I'm sorry that not much was done with the others this chapter, but that'll change next chapter, where I give more people more screen time.

Also, for those curious, koalas are not normally tame and are usually feisty things. I just felt I could change that, since this is based off an exaggerated cartoon, and since they had a panda in Japan in TDWT, I guess animals are different in the TD world.