An Outsider's Journal


I see it

The Pridelands

It's so grand I see it out here

Despite the dust

That heavily roams like fog

As I see it, I bare my teeth

I mutter a curse at the ones there

Then I turn around

Because my home is here, in the wasteland

While they feast on fine prizes, a buffet of delicious meat fresh hunted

We must hunt desperately each day, hoping for some little field mice

Fighting for the leftovers, let's hope the bugs haven't devoured it yet

Tugging at the roots, to try my strength, I catch a glimpse of the Pridelands again

And I growl and hate them

For they banished us here

While they drink out of the clean water in the beautiful water hole

We must search for the little water to save in a weekly drought, and cannot take any for granted

My throat is parched with thirst

I hate them

The Pridelanders

Outsiders, are we?

Have they ever noticed how this place rots like heck?

How if we have lived all our lives here, the only colors we would've known would've been black, gray, and dirt-brown

How we feel like we would die any night

As I trudge into the creepy den, into my room for bedtime

I have to find a "comfortable" position

The ground is so hard and rough, and it never keeps still

There may be bugs crawling all over

Termites everywhere

And as I shut my eyes, I pray that

They will pay…the Pridelanders

They seem so proud, as if nothing's wrong with them

So blind are their eyes, so cold are their hearts

For as I struggle to sleep in this dungeon-style den

They sleep in a high place, with a window to great views

They sleep in peace, having more than enough room

Never worrying about the darkness

I hate them

I never met them, but I know well enough what they've done

And I must never forgive

For they are the reason I must live this life

For it's because of them that I feel better off dead

Luckily my mother has a plan

And they will indeed pay

That is the only thing I look forward to

Vengeance, sweet vengeance…