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She was hot. Burning up in fact. Running to the bathroom she closed and locked the door, running the cold water over her hands and splashing her face. Instant relief her boiling cheeks. Not for the blood pounding through her body though. This was the third night in a row that she had woken up in a sweat: no doubt tonight would be the night Alice asked her about it. Always an incredibly light sleeper, Lily knew her best friend heard her jump out of bed again. Looking at her reflection, Lily's bright green irises shone through the dishevelled red hair that had fallen in her eyes. Her porcelain pallor was flushed pink and glistening with a mix of the cool water and sweat. Always, Lily had prided herself on being a sensible, level headed girl. Never fickle in the slightest; but the glass she was looking in now wasn't lying to her.

No matter how much she wished it would...

Where had this girl emerged from? Strict on herself during her waking hours, her unconscious mind seemed to have turned traitor on her. Every wanton thought she pushed from her brain assaulted her in her sleep. Damn him!

She straightened the strap of her pyjama top, which had slipped down her shoulder, revealing almost all of her left breast. Hands cooled from the sink, she pressed them like soothing sheets of ice to her collarbone, watching as the droplets trailed down, heating on contact with her boiling skin. The way one slipped along the curve of her chest, disappearing into the fabric and creating a darkened swell where it seeped through, making her flesh tingle.

Hadn't his fingertip trailed that same spot in her imagination just minutes before? And wouldn't she be lying if she said her knickers weren't being seeped into in a similar way? Biting her lip very hard, she willed herself to stop reliving it. Stop the image she longed to hate but found so delicious. Stop her hand from straying to her breast and pinching lightly at her already protruding -

Knock knock.

She immediately snatched her hand away, scolding herself.

'Lily?' whispered Alice.

Sighing heavily, she opened the door to her best friend and went back to the sink to splash her face more.

'Are you all right Lil?' asked Alice from behind her, closing the door softly.

'I'm ok,' she replied half-heartedly.

'This is the third night you've been up.'

'Damn you and your light sleeping Als,' said Lily mockingly, looking at the blonde girl in the mirror.

The blue eyes looking back at her were still full of concern though. 'You were spacing out in charms too Lil.'

'Really Alice I'm ok,' said Lily, dropping the joking tone. 'I've just had a few bad dreams lately.'

'Oh I know you've been dreaming,' said Alice, the corners of her mouth twitching. 'But I don't think bad is a good description.'

The flush drained from Lily's skin, leaving her white as a sheet and wide eyed.

'What do you mean?' she asked, terrified. How could she possibly know? She couldn't... Unless...

'You might want to consider a silencing charm before bed,' Alice said, moving to her side. 'Don't worry,' she added hastily when Lily looked even more horrified. 'No one else has heard you. You barely made any noise.'

'What-' Lily asked, eyes closed in embarrassment. Did she really want to know the answer? 'What did you hear Als?'

Alice was a kind, caring, considerate girl by nature and an amazing friend. Selfless. However she had a teasing streak, saved only for those who knew her best: Lily could sense it bubbling in this moment.

'Put it this way, for a girl who has always declined boys and never had a kiss, you moan like a complete sex kitten!'

Even the impact of her forehead to the cool mirrors glass did nothing to stifle her blush.

'Oh merlin no,' she breathed, mortified.

'No more like, 'oh merlin yes!'' Alice said, imitating her voice.

The redhead glared at the blonde who smirked. Lily decided to fight back.

'"Oh Frank! Don't stop"' imitated Lily, remembering the time she'd caught her best friend and boyfriend in a broom cupboard she was passing

Now Alice flushed and Lily smirked.

'"Oh sweet Merlin,"' breathed Alice, with a triumphant twinkle in her eyes. 'Please. Oh please! Right there James."'

Lily froze.


Upon seeing the terror in Lily's eyes, Alice's smirk dropped immediately.

'You said his name Lil,' she said softly.

Swallowing thickly, she turned away from her best friend. Lily rarely cried. It wasn't that she was an unemotional person; quite the contrary. But in her mind, crying didn't solve anything, finding shouting a very efficient substitute. However, upon the confirmation that her best friend knew who she had been dreaming about in the last week a lump rose in her throat, purely out of frustration with herself. This could not be happening.

'Lil,' said Alice, rubbing her back gently. 'There's nothing bad about liking James.'

'I do not like Potter.'

Even she didn't believe the words when they came out. Sighing again, Lily took a drink from the stream of cool liquid issuing from the faucet.

'When did this happen Lil?' asked Alice. 'I know you never really hated James when you said so. But what's made you suddenly feel this way? It's only the first week of term after all.'

Breathing deep, Lily closed her eyes; time to confess.

'On the train at the end of last term,' she started softly.

Bloody hell I hate being short!

She stood on her tiptoes, stretching as high as she could. Her trunk was caught in the rack and she couldn't pull it high enough to dislodge it. A cool breeze touched the skin on her waist where her top had rode up. Growing more and more frustrated, she jiggled her trunk, trying to remove it. She growled, losing her patience and kicked the seat.

'Ow!' she burst, hopping on her none throbbing foot. 'For Merlin's sake!'

Out of nowhere, just as she was about to fall on her arse, a touch that felt like fire brushed the bare skin on her waist. A strong arm wrapped around her petite frame, steadying her back against a solid chest which was rising and falling steadily behind her. Instantly, Lily stilled. Whoever this person was they were holding her in a way she'd never felt: a strong, possessive hold that made her feel so secure, but at the same time gentle as though they thought she'd break. Barely aware of the foot that was still throbbing, the sound of her heart pounded in her ears; that touch on her waist was rising goosebumps in a tingly shiver down her body, the warmth of their being seeping into her own back. Still holding onto her tightly, the mystery man reached up with his free arm, pulling her trunk down in one smooth move, setting it beside her. A pure, masculine aura surrounded her, attacking each one of her senses. Gods the smell of him made her mouth salivate without her quite knowing why. Like a soft summer breeze, fingertips ghosted along the column of her throat, brushing her long red hair back over her shoulder. Unaware she was panting for air, Lily almost whimpered in delight when a light, lingering kiss dropped at the base of her neck. Then a kiss dropped at her temple and she heard and felt him take a deep breath in.

'Have a good summer Lily.'

Her eyes opened wide in shock, not quite sure when they had closed.

'Be careful ok?'

Such concern filled this statement that it made her automatically nod. Part of her, the part that had been drilled for four years to shove him away, shout, scream or hex him remained silent. Drowned out to this unknown thudding in every corpuscle of her being, an awakened yearning to stay in his presence.

'You too,' escaped her lips, in the smallest voice she wasn't even certain was her own.

Vibrations from the deep chuckle he emitted rumbled into her own body, reverberating into her own ribs, causing her speeding her heart to bash an even more frantic rhythm.

'Don't you worry your beautiful, brilliant head Evans,' he said near her ear. 'I'll come back in one piece. Just for you.'

Removing his hold on her waist, he dragged an open palm across her exposed flesh. Every cell, every impulse, every nerve ending sprang to life as though shocked by a live wire. Her hair stood on end, biting down onto her lip hard to stop from making... Merlin only knows what sound. The warm, solid, secure mass she'd felt behind her retreated and Lily vaguely thought must've she looked hilarious, practically pirouetting on the spot to catch a glimpse of him. He lingered by the door. Messy haired, slightly flushed, glasses flashing and mischievous, hazel eyes looking straight into hers.

'See you in September.'

Unsure she could trust her own voice, all Lily could summon was a soft wave. Potter smirked lightly before sauntering off down the carriage.

Feeling like a lightning bolt had struck her dumb, Lily fell, weak kneed, back into her seat.

What the hell had just happened?

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