The Mishap

Warnings: Is first muti chap fic, Slash

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Somebody was following him. Draco spun around. Damn! No one there.

"Crabbe, Goyle look behind me at all times" he ordered.

Draco carried on looking around he knew there was something following him he could feel it.

"Hi Vincent, hi Gregory!"

"Hi Harry" they said in unison, god sometimes he wondered if they were bloody twins.

Ignoring Harry he kept on walking and left the cold courtyard in favour of the slightly warmer school then he realized those stupid twins had left him for Potter.

That's when she dropped down well technically she didn't but she was hanging from the Hogwarts ceiling by her foot.

"Hello Draco Malfoy" she said in an ominous voice.

Now Draco isn't one of those idiots in horror movies, he didn't break into hysterics screaming and I quote "How do you know my name?"

He glared at her.

"Why the hell have you been following me?"

The strange woman smiled "You are so cute when you're angry!"

Then she pinched his cheeks, ruffled his hair and disappeared just before Draco had a chance to use one of the unforgivable curses on her.

Then he saw the boy who lived coming towards him

Perfect he thought somewhere to vent my anger.

The smile left his face when Harry had approached either he had got very small or Harry had grown very big.

"Aww" came Harry's voice from above "It's so cute"

What's with everybody calling me cute today? Draco wondered

Then out of nowhere Harry's hand swept him off the floor.

"I have to show you to Ron and Hermione"

Then cradling the older boy in his arms and rushed off to the Gryffindor dormitory.

"Ron, Hermione look what I found!"

"A ferret?"

"Not just a ferret but one of the cutest ferrets I have ever seen."

"That ferret looks familiar"

"Err... Hermione all ferrets look the same." explained Ron slowly

"Not this one it looks like Malfoy in 4th year"

Harry cast back his memories.

"Yeah that was funny when Crouch Jr. turned him into a ferret."

Draco who was still in Harry's arms bit him causing the boy to drop him. Draco ran off into the corner of the room. In front of him he saw a note, a note large enough for him to read but small enough for the Gryffindors not to see, it read:

Draco, the key to your humanity is within this room

He sighed brilliant one of these idiots could set him free.

Meanwhile Harry was deciding what to call his new pet.

"You're not seriously keeping that thing are you?"

"Yeah but only till someone claims him"

Then looking at Draco in the corner he made his decision.



"His name is Draco"

"Malfoy's not gonna be pleased."

"Well he's never gonna know"

Then scooping up Draco again he took him to the dorm.

"So this is your temporary room, you'll have your own bed soon but for now you'll have to sleep with me."

Draco wasn't thrilled by this news but hopped into Harry's bed and watched Harry get changed. Sure he didn't like the boy but you had to admit he was good looking.

When Harry had finished he looked over to Draco who was still staring at him dumbstruck. Okay so maybe he had underestimated Harry's attractiveness.

Harry yawned and climbed into bed holding Draco in his arms like a teddy and as much as he didn't want to admit it Harry's arms were large and comforting.

Drifting slowly to sleep Draco was hardly aware of Ron's presence in the room.

"Harry, good night" he yawned then noticing the ferret in his best friend's arms added "I bet Malfoy's only hear 'cause he's a closet pervert."

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