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The day started and ended the same way, perfectly in Harry's eyes. In fact, everything in his life is perfect. He has the perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends, and the perfect school and after what had happened he could no longer be surprised by anything. He had seen Draco Malfoy turn into a ferret then turn back, Ron get strangely close to Blaise and the jealously of a teenage girl, but everything had turned out... perfect.

"What are you thinking about?" Draco asked leaning closer to his boyfriend.

"Nothing much," Harry smiled "I just love life."

Draco grinned back, "You're in a good mood today!" He moved closer to kiss Harry.

"Guys!" Ron exclaimed, "I'm happy you're happy but please don't."

"I know we're eating!" teased Hermione.

Harry stuck out his tongue and kissed Draco's cheek, while Ron fake gagged.

"Like you can talk," Draco added "Look at you and Blaise."

Ron blushed bright red snatched himself from Blaise's arms,"We're not like you two."

Blaise pouted but let Ron pull away because he knew that Ron needed a little time, he watched Ron shuffle away, maybe a lot more time. Draco looked at his friend with sympathy before moving in to whisper to Harry, who just winked back with a knowing look in his eyes.

So maybe everything wasn't perfect just yet but it was nothing that some friendly meddling wouldn't fix.

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