I was supposed to be doing homework but it ended up like this... I think it's more appropriate on FanFic. More to come if people like it.

Bilbo Baggins: will shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday

Five friends are attending A PARTY OF SPECIAL MAGNIFICENCE

Gandalf Thegrey: Always arrives precisely when he means to.

Frodo Baggins: PARTY!!

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Pippin: WOOT

Frodo Baggins is a bit worried about his uncle

Merry Brandybuck: LOL

Frodo Baggins: Srsly, he's acting weird

Seven friends are attending A PARTY OF SPECIAL MAGNIFICENCE


Gandalf Thegrey: my fireworks are like a flight of scintillating birds singing with sweet voices

Pippin Took Is in a relationship

Samwise Gamgee: Is wondering whether anyone else saw the dragon

Merry Brandybuck: was it real???

Frodo Baggins: Don't think so

Pippin Took: Yep its real! I saw it.

Merry Brandybuck: OMG

Pippin Tookchanged his relationship status to IT"S COMPLICATED

Frodo Baggins: This is getting creepy... :0

Samwise Gamgee: really hopes the dragon doesn't burn his potatoes

Frodo Baggins: Sam WTF?

Pippin Took is single.

Merry Brandybuck: :(

Pippin Took: It's Ok I was related to her anyway

Merry Brandybuck: ....

Merry Brandybuck: doesn't want to know...

Frodo Baggins: :0

Sam Gamgee: What happened?

Sam Gamgee; Are you OK Mr Frodo?

Sam Gamgee: U OK??? :)

Frodo Baggins: thinks that certain people are bordering on the freaky-stalky

Sam Gamgee: I know what you mean! Some people just can't take a hint!

Gandalf Thegrey: Is thinking deep and mysterious wizard thoughts.

Frodo Baggins: will take the ring.

Sam Gamgee: UR So BRAVE!!!! :D

Gandalf Thegrey: Hobbits really are amazing creatures

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