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Chapter 12 – A Dream Come True


Before Clark took Lois in his arms, he whispered "I love you." And Lois whispered to her husband "I love you." He took her into his arms and kissed her. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back loving the feel of her husband, as they both didn't seem to want to stop.

Then all the guests whooped and erupted in applause. Lois and Clark smiled at each other, and holding hands, turned and walked down the isle as Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kent.


On a secluded island in the South Pacific:

Lois and Clark's plane landed mid-afternoon at the airport on a Tahiti island that Lois had only heard stories about. Her mouth dropped open when they stepped off the plane. Clark watched his wife's expression and knew how she felt. After making a stop there himself in the past week, just to check it out, he knew it would be perfect for their honeymoon. They had an entire week to relax and enjoy the first week of their married life. His mutual 'co-workers' were only too happy to take care of things while he was away.

Clark was beginning to think this time would never come, but of course it had. Lois knows how much I want her, and I know how much she wants me. No more waiting, no more kisses at the door, and no more flying away working all night until I was too exhausted to even think about how much I wanted to be with her. We're married now. He looked at the ring on his finger.

Lois turned from looking at the scenery and couldn't help but smile at her husband's expression. "Yes, Clark, it's true. We really are married." She smiled and put her arm around his back, as they headed inside the airport to get their luggage.

Clark laughed. "Yes we are. Come on, the hotel isn't far, only a few miles." They got a cab, and then they were off to the resort and a tropical paradise for honeymooners. Lois tried to keep her mouth from dropping open again, but she couldn't help it. Their private bungalow was over water with a sundeck. The water was all shades of blue and green and each contained glass tables to feed the fish below. There were glass tables embedded in the floor to bathe the bungalow in a soft glowing light as well as giving them the ability to discover the wonderful underwater world of the lagoon.(1)

"Clark, this is too much," Lois said. "How can we afford this?"

Clark couldn't help but look sheepish. "Well, I umm…"

"Clark, what did you do?"

"Well, Lois, he insisted I take it," Clark said trying to explain.


"There was a man who I saved from a suicide jump. It happened the first week I returned. He immediately had second thoughts as soon as I put him on the ground. He just kept thanking me over and over. I just told him to talk to someone and think about what he was giving up. A week later, he approached me at one of those keys to the city ceremonies, and gave me two tickets here and a week at this place. I never even knew his name. He said to call the travel agent and confirm the reservation."

"Really? So, we have no way of thanking him for all of this? Clark, we have to find him and thank him somehow."

"I've tried, Lois, but I can't seem to find him. I haven't given up though; I will find him."

"Good, because this place is like a dream come true, unforgettable and amazing."

Clark wasn't looking at the scenery. "I know," Clark said in that lower register voice that caused Lois' heart to flutter, not to mention how totally sexy he sounded.

Lois glanced at her husband. Why am I so nervous? It's not our first time, but it has been almost six years since we were together. She took a shuddering breath.

Clark came over to her then and put his hand out to her. She took it. "Let's go out on the deck for a minute."

Lois immediately relaxed. "Alright," she said and smiled at him.

They were both in awe of the spectacular view. The sun's brilliance was setting over the horizon. The colors were breathtaking. "Oh, Clark, it's so beautiful." She sighed. "I'm so happy."

Clark pulled her tight against his chest from behind holding her close and whispered in her ear. "I love you so much, Lois. When I first saw you on the plane, I didn't think we would ever be together like this again." He turned her to face him. He touched her cheek. "Tell me what you were thinking when you saw me. I've always wondered about it."

She took a deep breath taking his hand in hers as she tried to get control of her racing heart. "Well, my brain was mush and my heart was beating so fast. I couldn't think of anything to say or do." She squeezed his hand. "Then, you looked at me, smiled at me, and then you spoke to me. I realized then that you weren't a dream, but real and alive. I wanted to run to you and tell you how much I missed you and how much I needed you. It really was too much for me. I guess I was in shock. I couldn't handle it, so I fainted."

"I was so worried about you and I couldn't just let you lay there, so I came back and picked you up."

"I'm so glad you did." She hugged him close then.

"You are now, but you weren't too happy with me at the time."

She looked up into his face and smiled. "I know, but I'm very happy with you now. I love you, Clark." She stood up on her tiptoes, put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek, his ear and then his mouth. "Very happy indeed," she said between kisses.

"Umm, so am I." He picked her up then, slanting his mouth against hers as he walked into their bedroom. Lois held him tightly around the neck. "Lois, it's been so long and I can't promise this first time will be … you know, slow." Clark reddened.

"Clark, don't you remember your promise?"

"How could I forget? All night and no sleeping, wasn't it?"

"I'm not going to lose my bet am I?" Lois asked, quirking an eyebrow at him.

He set her down on the bed. He didn't say a word. He started to remove his clothes. Lois sat up on her knees and helped him unbutton his shirt. She kissed his chest and licked his nipples. "Umm, so warm," she said, as she kissed her way across his chest and up to his throat. He took her face between his hands and slanted his mouth on hers. His mouth was hot like tender fire, invading her with a gentle pressure. His fingertips traced over her face. "So beautiful," he murmured. He was breathing fast and suddenly his kisses became deeper and more forceful, bringing a feeling of desperation to their passion. It's been so long, Lois thought. She couldn't get close enough to him, as he helped her remove her clothes kissing her all the while. They fell back on the bed kissing and caressing each other. He took more of her, kissing her at every possible angle, and Lois couldn't help the pleading sounds coming from her throat. They rolled to face each other for a moment. She wanted him with a desperation that almost frightened her.

"Slowly," Clark murmured trying to catch his breath. "The night is just beginning; remember … I'm going to love you, Lois, for a long, long time." As the prospect of sharing this night with her and all the nights for the rest of their lives came into his mind, it filled him with so much happiness that it almost felt like anguish.

"Umm, stop talking," Lois said, stopping him with a kiss. In the blazing minutes and hours that followed, no further words were possible.


Lois slowly awakened alone in the large bed, and the first thing she saw was a scattering of red rose petals sprinkled over the bed and on her. She breathed in the fragrance, as a smile played on her lips.

"Ah, I see you're awake," Clark said as he walked into the bedroom with a breakfast tray with glasses of orange juice, hot coffee, strawberries and croissants.

"Humm, coffee, smells wonderful." Lois sighed. "Clark, what's with the rose petals?" She asked, as she sat up, pulling the sheet up to her chest.

"Just a little token of our first time together," he said, as he set the stand-up tray on the bed.

"They're lovely, Clark. Thank you."

"You're very welcome." He sat down on the bed and gave her a strawberry. He touched her cheek, kissed her lazily running his tongue all over her lips with a sigh, and smiled. "Umm, delicious," he murmured. "Lois, last night was …" Clark began unable to think clearly.

"What?" Lois asked, kissing him back and very curious to know how he would describe it.


She looked at her husband and smiled at the look on his face. "I agree. So, who lost the bet?"

"Well, I'd say we both won," he said still smiling at her.

She chuckled. "Remind me never to go to Vegas with you."

He laughed. "Deal," Clark said and kissed her again, as breakfast was all but forgotten.

The End.


Epilogue: Six years later (2012):

Birthday celebrations were always an elaborate affair for the Kent family. So, on this day, June 30, Clark and his little angel, Jessica Marie, who was conceived on their honeymoon, and who'd be turning 5 years old this year, will each celebrate their birthdays, seeing as they were only a few days apart. Clark's age was a well-kept secret, but Lois had some idea what it was. Clark wasn't telling. It's only a number he would say.

"Mom, Dad!" Jason hollered, as he came into the house. Jason was now twelve years old. He was already coming into his father's height, already reaching well over five-feet-six inches. He'll easily reach six feet probably before he enters high school. His hair was darker than when he was younger, but his eyes were still that incredible blue, the same as his Dad.

"Jason, we're out back!" Clark hollered back to his son.

"Hi, Mom, Dad, grandma," Jason spoke to his parents and gave his grandmother a kiss on the cheek.

"Hiya, squirt," Jason said, as he picked up his little sister and immediately tickled her.

Jessie giggled. "Jason, stop," Jessie said between giggles, even though she loved it when he tickled her, and she loved her big brother. "Run, run, Jason." That was Jessie's cue that she wanted to go outside and run with her brother, preferably with Jason doing all the running. She could hold on really tight too.

"Maybe later, squirt. I want to talk to Mom and Dad for a minute.

"Where were you, Jason?" Lois asked her son.

"Just out for a visit with some friends I haven't seen since last summer." Jason couldn't meet his mother's eyes. Lois knew her son too well.

"Jason, do you want to tell us what's on you mind?" Lois asked.

"Mom, Dad, we've had this conversation before," Jason started.

"Mom, would you mind taking Jessie out to the kitchen for a minute?" Clark asked his Mom. Jessica didn't need to hear any of this conversation.

"Sure, son. Come on, honey, would you like a cool glass of lemonade with your grandma?" Martha asked her granddaughter.

"Ok, grandma," Jessie responded.

Jason walked around the back deck trying to get his thoughts together. He had to get his parents to understand why he had to do more to help people. He couldn't stand on the sidelines any longer. Everyday in Metropolis, the pain and the cries for help which never seemed to stop were getting to be too much for him.

Clark put his hand on his son's shoulder, completely understanding what he was going through, although for himself, he had been older, but not that much older than his son when he had felt the call. He couldn't fault his son for wanting to help ... no, he felt very proud of his son.

"Jason, I know what you're going to say and I understand. I do. Your mother and I have been over and over this. You're too young, Jason. Your powers haven't fully developed and we don't want you to get hurt. Please, Jason. We only want what's best for you." Clark tried to make his son understand.

Jason looked his father in the eye, knowing he understood how he felt, but it didn't make it any easier. He glanced at his mother and she was just as concerned, even more so. Jason sighed. He'll have to wait, but how many more years? He would try and be patient for his parent's sake. They had enough to worry about, without him doing something he would probably regret.

"Alright, Mom, Dad, I'll do as you say. I promise I won't do anything that could put me in danger."

Clark pulled his son into a hug. "You have plenty of time to help people, Jason. It won't be long now. We love you very much, son, and only want you to be happy but you're still so young. Try to enjoy this time while you're still young, and try not to worry too much, alright?"

"I'll try, Dad. I love you too." He looked at his Mom. She had tears in her eyes. "I love you too, Mom."

Lois went to her son and hugged him tight. "We love you, honey."

"Alright, guys, whose birthday is it around here anyway?" Clark asked, trying to lighten the mood.

Jason and Lois looked at each other. "We have no idea," Lois said laughing.

Martha and Jessie came out back just then with a huge birthday cake with candles.

"Happy Birthday, Clark and Jessica!" Martha started singing, as Jason and Lois joined in. "Blow out the candles Clark and Jessica," Martha said.

Clark picked up his little girl and they both blew out the candles.

"Clark, wait!" Lois tried to stop him.


The end.




(1) Manihi Pearl Resort in Tahiti. Their honeymoon island: .com/package_?package=46


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