Digital Team in Special World

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Chapter 1: Beams of Light

Story Start:

(Tai's P.O.V.)

Sigh… It's another boring day. I guess this is good, way better than having to run trying to save the Digital World. At least everything is at peace today. I decided to snooze on a branch under a big tree after our little picnic. Reminds me of the day when snow fell in summer. I was lying on a branch then too. That was a bit of a bad omen. I suddenly felt weird when I saw a beam of light. Sigh, must be imagining things. Well it isn't really a bad omen. It was then when I discovered the Digital World and met my friend Agumon.

Davis is kicking a soccer ball in a corner. He matured a bit after a few months. Weirdly, his digital clothing now has a weird mark placed on his back. Davis said that it was the symbol on top of the Digi-egg of Miracles. He also stopped flirting at Kari. Speaking of her, she was taking a few pictures on her digital camera. She stayed the same all this time. Same goes for everyone else in fact. TK is sitting near the Digimon, watching them wrestle each other playfully. Gatomon will surely win if she tried hard enough. She is the only champion level amongst them, especially now that she has her Tail Ring back. Sora, Mimi, and Yolei is talking about girl stuff. Izzy and Ken sat down, talking about some computer things. Cody is helping Joe clean up with Willis.

Willis went to Japan to visit us. The first thing we realized is Willis was holding 2 Digimon. The D-3 Digidestined, except Ken, Kari, and TK, went to America to help Kari and TK, who was there to visit Mimi. The others, me, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, and Ken, never met him then. Willis said that he found a Digi-egg, floating on the seaside. The egg hatched into Lopmon. Lopmon looked like Terriermon, the only physical difference is Lopmon has 3 horns instead of 1, has brown where Terriermon has white, and has pink where Terriermon has green. They do have differences in attitude; Lopmon is more polite than Terriermon.

I opened my eyes and looked a bit ahead. What… The beam of light is nearer now. Sigh, must be a trick of the light. That's what I thought till Cody saw it and pointed it out. That can't be good. I looked towards the others. Davis shouted, while running towards us, "What in the Digital World is going on?" The beam of light seems meters away so we can move away from it. Everyone started running away from the beam. I looked behind and shouted,

"It's gaining on us!"

"Tai, what the heck is that!" Matt asked

"How am I supposed to know!" I replied.

Everyone is running at their top speeds. I looked back again. I told everyone to run towards the TV. Everyone reacted almost instantly. I looked behind again and shouted,

"Everyone hurry up! Let's got out of here!"

This is bad. We didn't make it. It finally caught up to us and I felt horrible. Everyone looks like they are fizzing away. I felt my eyes close. Then, poof, everything's black.

Memo to myself: whenever I snooze on branches of big trees, run at the first sign of weirdness.

(Takato's POV)

Sigh, I am happy that we can finally relax and every one of our Digimon (except Leomon) is with us, but these days boredom is the most prominent of all emotions. There are times when Kazu will propose a card game, but it isn't the same with battling real life Digimon. Ever since the Locomon-Parasimon incident, nothing else worth our time happened.

Pretty much everyone is still the same. I, Henry, Rika, Ryo, Kazu, Jeri, Kenta, Ai, Mako, Suzie and our partners were in the vacant space behind Guilmon's shed. Most of us are relaxing. The active ones, Calumon, Guilmon, Terriermon, and Monodramon, were playing a little game. Does not matter what happens, we were still having a nice time.

That is until a strange beam of light started to move towards us. I thought it was a mirage. I rubbed my eyes. But, no… It is still there. Uh oh. This can't be good. It then engulfed everyone. I am so going to be beaten up by Rika if I told her about seeing it and not reacting.

(Someone's POV)

Man, grounded again. Sigh, just because I made my brother cry. I called some of my friends. They all seemed to be staying at home today. Good, I won't be missing out on anything then. Then I looked out the window and saw something really weird. A beam of light just shot out of the sky. I blinked, and then it wasn't there anymore. Stop imagining things.

Mom just called me to check the mail. Must be washing clothes. Well at least I get some fresh air. I looked in the mail. I suddenly saw my name on a package. I picked it up and pulled out its contents. Inside was a very familiar object. I pocketed it and looked at the note. It said "You may need this." I knew at once who sent it. Must be her. I can't think of anyone else who can send me such a precious object. I took everything else and put it on the table.

I went to the telephone. I was in such a good mood. I decided to call everyone. They were annoyed on having me call again. But when I asked, "Did you get yours?" I didn't specify what in case my little brother overheard. Anyway they got the message, and said yes.

I went to my bedroom. Maybe I will get a mission to do again. This will be fun.

(Ash's POV)

Man, boredom, the sickness that you automatically get when nothing happens. I can't help it. Some of my friends were here: Dawn, May, Brock, Misty, Tracey, Gary, even, Barry. Dawn, May, Brock, and Misty, came to Pallet Town to see me and to rest a bit. Tracey is with me because he was told by Professor Oak that he can rest. Gary was here to visit Prof. Oak. And Barry is here because he wanted to challenge the Kanto Region Gyms.

Everything is going smoothly. We were having a little picnic. That is until a beam of light showed up out of nowhere and started moving towards us. I pointed it out and Gary said I was seeing things. I told him to look behind him. (Our backs were towards the beam of light.) They all spun around and saw the beam of light. I suddenly realized. The beam of light was gradually accelerating since it started moving. We started to run, but we were all engulfed in the light.

(Red's POV)

I am so bored. I was sitting on a bench on Slateport City. We were supposed to be going to the Hoenn Battle Frontier. Prof. Oak said that everyone will be there. By everyone, he meant the Professors of every region, and the heads of the Pokémon Association.

There weren't any ships to the Battle Frontier today. But everyone decided to go now so we decided to use our Pokémon to get across the sea. Wally seems a bit excited. He was handed a Pokédex, and was made officially a Pokédex Holder by Prof. Birch. His Pokédex was like the Hoenn trio (He was used to this version of the Pokédex) (Or the Three Conquerors), which we now started calling as the Four Conquerors (Wally conquered Sky Pillar).

Everyone was getting ready. Yellow approached me and told me that we were all ready. She's a bit shy when she told me. Nah, that is nothing. I let out Aero, my Aerodactyl, and have him carry me towards The Battle Frontier. Green rode Charizard. Blue is on Blasty, her Blastoise, while Yellow had Freesk, her Butterfree carry her. Gold is on Mantaro, while Silver rides Feraligatr. Crystal rides Tupeon, her Xatu. Ruby is riding on Zuzu, his Swampert. Sapphire is on Pilo, her Tropius. Emerald is surfing on Mantine while Wally rides Flygon. The Sinnoh Trio is riding on separate Pokémon as well. Pearl is riding Zellord, his recently evolved Floatzel. Platina is being carried by Empoleon with Dia.

Everyone is having some fun on the journey. Diamond and Pearl did some Manzai, on which Gold laughed hysterically. That is what was happening until, a really, really weird beam of light showed up out of nowhere. We instantly moved towards the beam. I've got a bad feeling about this. As soon as we arrived to the spot, we saw humans, and Pokémon lying on the ground, out cold. There are some really rare Pokémon with them. There are even Green, Misty, Brock, Sapphire, Pearl, and Platina look-alikes among them. This is getting really weird. We had some of our Pokémon carry them to the Pokémon Center to see what happened to them. Things are getting stranger by the minute.

Chapter End

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