Digital Team in Special World

"The world does not exist for the sake of just one man.
Remember, more than seven billion lives on this earth
So I say to those who are destroying this planet.
Oh, would you PLEASE thinkof everyone else too, dammit!"

- Lunar Wave: ~A Lunatic's Reality~

I own nothing 'cept the plot, of which I take full ownership.

Chapter 34: Sprits guide us, the Nature Spirits!

Ash | Dawn | Mimi & Palmon | Takuya | Thomas & Gaomon | Yuu & Gaomon | Zoe

(Unknown Location, Unknown Time)

"Ugh…" Ash mumbled, trying to wake up. He didn't feel like waking yet though, but he tried. He did. He felt like drifting back to sleep, and he was rather close.

"Oh, one of them is waking, Miss Gym Leader!" A bit of a scuffle of feet was heard drawing closer to him.

"Are you alright?" A strangely soft and comforting voice woke Ash from his deep slumber. The face he saw was none other than a certain Gym Leader that he had met and defeated.

"Jasmine, right?" Ash blinked, remembering the girl.

"Ah, yes. Have we met before?" Ash remembered. No. They haven't. Not in this world at least. This is the Dex Holder's World. Not his.

"No… I've just heard that the Olivine Gym Leader was called Jasmine…"

"But I never introduced myself as the Olivine Gym Leader to you beforehand…" Jasmine looked even more confused. Ash was simply digging a deeper grave, he realizes.

"Oh, uh… Say, where are my other friends?"

"Do you mean the others who were caught up in the sea?" A crew member called. "Don't worry, they're safe." Ash sighed.

"You were the first to wake." Jasmine smiled. "Umm… what was your name?"

"I'm Ash, from Pallet Town." Ash replied. "Uh, do you know where Pikachu is?"

"Oh, you mean your Pikachu?" Jasmine then pointed to a bed next to him. "The poor thing kept throwing electric shocks upwards, that our ship spotted you. It helped us find all of you, the little thing."

'… I wonder if we fainted from the fall, or the electric shocks…' Ash thought, then grinned. "Thanks, partner." Ash hugged the Pikachu. Pikachu immediately woke up, spotting its trainer, and returned the hug.

"You really do love your Pokémon, don't you?" Jasmine asked. "You are a great trainer… I hope I can be one like yourself."

"Oh no… I just do my best!" Ash laughed.

"By the way… We found a pair of new Pokémon with you… They look like Blue Canines with Boxing Gloves. Do you know of them?"

"Ah… You mean the two Gaomon? Yes, they're the blonde teen and the young boy's partners."

"I see…" Jasmine nodded. An unsettling quiet came between the two.

"So uh… where is this ship headed?"

"Oh uh… We're headed back to Olivine City…" Jasmine replied. "I just came from Sinnoh to try my hand at contests. Well, I actually won." Jasmine smiled, showing a Master Rank Contest Ribbon. Ash realized it, how different this Jasmine was to his own version. She was gentler, and quite shier.

"I've been realizing so many new things these last couple of weeks…" Ash chuckled.


"Well, are my other Pokémon well?"

"Oh, you mean the other Pokémon we found? They should be fine…" Ash nodded, breathing a sigh of relief. He looked around the area for the first time. He could see his allies sleeping quite peacefully. It was a comforting sight to see, especially with what happened with Dae… holy Arceus…

"Daemon!" Ash threw off the sheet, as a startled Jasmine was covered by it. Ash immediately tried to stand, only realizing that he was wobbling and landed with an undignified thump, nearly smothering the still sleeping Pikachu. Jasmine pulled off the sheet and tried to support the boy. Pikachu jumped off the bed, understanding why the boy was so agitated. A lot of things happened, and being paranoid became a habit.

"Are you okay?" Jasmine asked.

"Gah, Daemon… he might come after us at any time. We can't possibly rest!" Ash groaned. Jasmine pushed him back onto the bed.

"Calm down…" Jasmine breathed, having difficulty holding down the stronger boy. "Please, calm yourself…" Ash nodded, breathing deeply, as Pikachu jumped onto is stomach once more. Jasmine took a few seconds before asking. "Who is this Daemon?"

"Oh… uh… He is some evil demon that's trying to take over the world… Me and my friends are trying to stop him." This story was too farfetched, and borderline ridiculous. But there was the air of truth that this boy exudes. Jasmine quietly everyone to leave the room. When the order was followed:

"Tell me the details." Jasmine asked. "I would like to help you as much as possible…"

"Thank you." Ash nodded. Ash started from the beginning. When the big beams of light came about. When all of them appeared in the Battle Frontier. When all of them went to the Digimon World. When they got separated by Daemon. When they met up once more. When they went to the Dark Ocean. He told her everything. Jasmine looked at the boy in shock and disbelief. This boy had been travelling with the missing Dex Holders this whole time, and he is obviously much involved in odd situations like they are.

"We'll do our best to help you." The Olivine Gym Leader nodded.

"Thank you, thank you very much!" Ash bowed. The two continued talking to each other until the others woke up.

(A half hour later)

"So you know full well of what we are undertaking." Thomas asked Jasmine. All the while glaring at Ash.

"Yes." Jasmine nodded.

"Ash, you know that it's dangerous to involve others into this task. There is too much at risk!" Thomas sighed.

"She's a Gym Leader! She deserves to know what's happening in her region!" Ash replied. Jasmine smiled.

"I would've done the same thing as Ash if it was me." Dawn told the leader.

"If we allow Jasmine to contact the top authorities, we should be able to create a bit of public support, Thomas." Yuu told him.

"We don't know what Daemon would do. Nor do we know how he could do it. But we do know is that we need some backing at least!" Takuya pointed out.

"I refuse." Thomas replied. "There are some things that we need this world to not know much about. And Digimon's existence is one of them!"

"But Thomas!" Mimi spoke up.

"No means n-" He didn't get to finish that last letter when the ship suddenly shook. Violently. The ship was turned to its side, causing all of them to fall onto a wall. Luckily, no one was hurt. It was soon righted, but there was an unmistakable tremor of panic coming around the cruise ship.

"Wah!" Zoe gasped. "Merda! What was that?" Thomas chose to ignore that Zoe just swore in Italian and made everyone up to the Deck.

"What happened?" Jasmine immediately asked a panicking crew member.

"The ship's sinking!" He cried. "A large Pokémon suddenly landed on our ship! It tore part of the hull, and now it's sinking, sinking!"

"Calm down, get the lifeboats and make sure everyone gets out alive!" Jasmine called forth her Ampharos and her two Magnetons. "Search through the area and find every human and Pokémon on the ship!" The three immediately went off to do their jobs. Jasmine turned to her new friends to tell them to get into a lifeboat as well, but she soon saw them doing something else entirely.

"Gaomon, aid their search!" Thomas told his partner.

"You too." Yuu told his. The two Gaomon's nodded and ran off.

"Togekiss, Piplup, Buneary, Cyndaquil, Help out!"

"Pikachu, Staraptor, Buizel, Gible, go as well!"

"Palmon, let's do our best." Mimi nodded.

"Ash!" Jasmine ran over. "Please evacuate soon! You need to get off the ship!"

"We refuse!" They all replied.

Takuya answered for everyone, "This is our fault. This is surely a Digimon's attack, so we need to help out!" he then ran for below deck. Zoe went off on her own as well.

"And anyway, we're not leaving you behind." Ash told Jasmine. "You are officially part of the DigiPoké Alliance! And we don't leave our allies behind if we can help it!" Jasmine nodded, and they proceeded to evacuate as many as they could.

(A Few Minutes Later)

"Gym Leader, the ship will soon plunge, we need to leave!" The captain told Jasmine.

"Go on!" Jasmine urged the man. "I'll stay behind! It's my duty to make sure that everyone is safe!"

"Okay… but you must come back, Miss Gym Leader." The captain hesitantly jumped into the lifeboat. There may be a saying that the captain must go down with his ship, but such a thought doesn't exist to him. He simply wanted to live. He turned back to the young Gym Leader. He'll never have the same courage as she does.

(A minute Later, ship is halfway sunk)

"Is that everyone?" Jasmine asked as the group gathered. "There is still a lifeboat left, and I found an inflatable boat as well, we could take those and go."

"Ash, is your team all there?" Thomas asked. After a confirmation, he turned to Dawn. Dawn nodded as well. Seeing that the respective partners were with them as well, "Jasmine, what about your Pokémon?" Thomas turned to her. Jasmine blinked, surprised to see Thomas turning her way.

"All here." Jasmine nodded.

"In the two lifeboats then!" Thomas called for his group of eight humans and a number of Digimon + Pikachu + Piplup. Thomas grabbed Yuu and went to the closest lifeboat. Zoe and Takuya joined them. After the lifeboat was lowered, Ash, Jasmine, Mimi and Dawn took the inflatable boat and jumped into the ocean. Inflating the boat, Mimi threw Palmon on it. Careful not to puncture the boat, Palmon pulled the four wet humans onto the boat. The four panted.

"… This is the most I've done in my entire life that was Gym Leader like…" Jasmine smiled. Jasmine then opened her Pokegear. "Hmm… we're too far from Olivine now… Let's go into the Ilex Forest and rest there." Jasmine pointed at a forest area.

"Got it." Ash nodded, rowing the four towards the forest. Thomas seemed to have noticed, and started rowing towards the trees as well.

(The Forest, Afternoon)

"Big gigantic Control Spires everywhere." Mimi grumbled as she spotted the control spire from where they are resting. "Where are we, Jasmine?"

"This is Ilex Forest…" Jasmine replied. "It's easy to get lost here, so don't get separated." They all nodded.

"So what are we supposed to do now? Get bored out of our wits?" Takuya asks offhandedly. "I mean, we should be trying to leave, right?"

"Shouldn't we be trying to destroy those creepy obelisks?" Zoe asked.

"Oh yeah…"

"So what is our next course of action, Sir?" Gaomon(T) looked at his master.

"I would like to try and destroy the tower first," Turning to Jasmine, who simply nodded. Thomas continued, "but I would like to experiment a bit…" Thomas turned to Takuya. "Takuya, please try to use Spirit Evolution."

"Oh, uh, okay! Execute! Spirit Evolution!" And with this, Takuya immediately assumed the form of Agunimon.

"Ahwah! What… what happened?" Jasmine said, shocked. "He suddenly turned into a big man in armor! Why?"

"Uh… you see…" Zoe immediately went into a lecture about their abilities.

Thomas ignored all this, concentrating more on the valuable data. "So Spirit Evolution is possible under control spire areas… Alright, my turn. Digisoul Charge!"

"Gaomon(T) digivolve to! Gaogamon!"

"So Digisoul still works here…" Thomas nodded. It was Yuu who went into a lecture this time for Jasmine.

"Oy, shouldn't we be getting going?" Ash asked, bored.

"I'd love to, but where should we be going?"

"For starters, let's follow this path!" Ash pointed at a random path.

"Like how we always get lost?" Dawn asked impatiently. "Ash, you have a screwed up sense of direction, and that's a fact of life." Jasmine giggled.

"Hey, Brock's worse that he can't read a map!" Ash answered back. "At any rate, it's a path so it must lead somewhere?"

"Well, that's the natural conclusion?" Jasmine asked. Ash beamed back in pride.

"Well, we'll follow your instincts then." Thomas nodded, getting on his partner, and inviting Yuu and Gaomon(Y) on Gaogamon.

"Pika…" Pikachu sighed. It's most likely that they'll get lost.

"Let's go then!" They wound up walking, and walking and walking, for a very long period of time.

(30 minutes later)

"Are we there yet?" Mimi asked.


(15 minutes afterward)

"Are we there yet?"


(8 minutes afterward)

"Are we there yet?" Mimi once more tried.

"We don't even know where THERE is, Mimi…" Palmon replied.

(4 minutes afterward)


"What? I didn't say anything?" Mimi blinked.

"We know you were about to so, no."

"You guys are so mean!" Mimi huffed as they continued walking.

Palmon was starting to drag a bit down. Mimi sighed and scooped the plant Digimon onto her arms. "Just how far can we last walking?" Palmon asked. "I have roots, not legs…"

"We'll probably walk until we get muscles on our legs or something…"

"We rested every few minutes!" Thomas objected. "We're not walking until we need to."

"Says the one who's been on a Digimon this whole time…"

"Guh…" Thomas really can't argue with that. Agunimon sighs and jumps ahead of them, hoping to see some sign of civilization. He continued through the odd forest until he encountered:

"Huh, what is this some odd shrine?" Agunimon peered into it. "Empty… Oh well."

"Whatdya find, Takuya?" a girl's voice, Zoe's, asks from behind him. Looks like the rest decided to follow him, instead of the path. He could see that everyone has already reverted. Agunimon shrugged.

"Oh, uh, just some old shrine…"

"This is the Ilex Forest Shrine…" Jasmine told them. "It is said to be the... umm... the shrine of the guardian of this forest..." They all nodded, at this. Then Agunimon thought of something.

"Uh, does anyone have some food or coins I could donate? It might be good for us to give a few offerings to the gods here, eh?" Jasmine blinked. What is he talking about?

"Strictly speaking, I'm not into Shintoism." Thomas shrugged. "But since the SPIRIT of fire is asking for it… I'll give you a few coins." Thomas gave him money, bills of course (Thomas learned that he needed to carry real cash around him after all). "Make sure that whatever god you are talking to will help us out." Yuu also donated a few coins, as well as the rest of them. Soon, his hand was full of metals and bills.

"No food?" Everyone shook their heads. Jasmine looked into her bag.

"Umm… I got a few berries here…"

"Okay." Agunimon nodded, accepting the berries. Agunimon then walked to the shrine.

"Okay." Agunimon nodded. He then kneeled to the shrine. He then noticed. "Oh, this is quite amusing. A spirit is asking for help from a spirit."


"Oh, right sorry." He then clapped his hands. Opening the shrine door, he placed the coins and bills in, shutting the door after. He has no idea how the spirit would use these, but it's the thought that counts, noh? And there were a few berries, thank Jasmine.

"I pray to the spirits that guard the Ilex Forest" Takuya rambled, not minding if he is going against any of his religion protocol or whatever. He's never been much of a religious fanatic. He continued, "May you guide us in our journey, and I pray that we may be able to fulfill our destinies. Please help us defeat the dark Digimon, Daemon. Show us the right path… Thank you." And suddenly, a burst of light exploded from the dark Shrine. A Pokémon's cry called in the light, as it blinded everyone in the area.


Chapter End

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Sabrina vs. Kari

"I just had to forget that Davis had all the Digimentals…" Kari mumbled as Gatomon fought the Kadabra.

"Lightning Paw!" Gatomon threw the punch at the psychic, only to get thrown aside.

"Is that all you got?" Sabrina sighed. "This is quite boring I'm afraid. Who brings a normal type when fighting a Psychic?"

"Oh yeah? Well, Cat's Eye Hypnotism!" Gatomon immediately glared at the psychic. Kadabra turned and started attacking Sabrina.

"Wha… what?" Sabrina dodged the Psywave.

"Oh, what's the matter, cat got your tongue? Or should I say, Cat got your Pokémon?" Gatomon grinned. Kari sighed.

"This battle has just begun, Sabrina!" Kari told her.

Bonus End

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