The sunlight sifting through my muslin curtains to seep across my face wakes me. My alarm will go off in approximately eight minutes, but by then I will be dressed in a silk wrap and walking into the kitchen to make coffee. I drag my fingers through my tousled hair and look out of the window. Traffic is light at 6am and the sun is a flaming red ball, warming the sky. I walk back down the hallway to the bathroom mentally running a chronological checklist of my tasks for the day. I turn on the shower and step into the water, letting my blue wrap fall to the floor. It lies on the cream carpet like a lake surrounded by sand. The water cascades over my back and it feels good. I squeeze some shampoo into my hands and rub it through my hair, closing my eyes at the delicate aroma of jasmine and plant botanicals rising through the steam. I have continued to use this shampoo since Booth commented on the scent of it one day in work. Coconut shower gel and exfoiliation with my loofah, and my shower is complete. I step out and wrap a fluffy Frette towel around me wishing it was the arms of someone I loved. Who loved me. I have been feeling... incomplete for some time lately and am loathe to admit I do not know how to rectify that. Life is one big puzzle right? And I just haven't found the answer yet. I towel dry, slather coconut moisturizer onto my skin and pad into my bedroom to get dressed. Sunlight is beaming a triangle on my bed, and dust motes float lazily in the rays. I force myself to open my lingerie drawer and not crawl back into bed, pulling the duvet over my head in a coccoon. My drawers are lined with lavender fragranced sheets and I select a cappucino lace bra and matching briefs. I like underwear, and only buy expensive pieces. It makes me feel desirable. Lately I often wonder what Booth's preference would be. Does he like black lace and thongs or is he more of a white bra and cotton boy short type of guy?

I dress in black trousers and a blue blouse and spritz a squirt of perfume on my neck. It is the same designer as the one my mother wore. I get a wave of nostalgia whenever I pick up a bottle of her scent in a department store. . And smelling the bottle brings back fragments of memories that are too... painful to contemplate and shadows of the girl I used to be.


Aaarrrggghhhhhh. I groan at the incessant tone of my alarm clock and stick my head under the duvet for five more minutes, hoping to recapture the dream I was having. But it's no good, the Stanley cup is whisked away before my eyes and reality floods into my room with the sunlight. I sigh and fling back the duvet and stretch feeling my left shoulder muscles pop unceremoniously. Getting old Seeley. Whats that saying – You're only as old as the woman you feel? So what does it mean when there is no woman? I ponder that as I sit on the edge of the bed and shake the last vestiges of sleep from my brain. I walk into the kitchen and turn on the tv, pop two slices of bread into the toaster and set the kettle to boil. I glance out the window at the blazing sun, and smile, wondering what Parker would be getting up to today in school. The smell of toast permeates my musings and I slather some peanut butter on thickly and sit down to watch old cartoons whilst eating my breakfast. I wash the plate and knife and stack them on the sink top before walking down the hallway to the shower. I like it hot and steam fogs the mirror obscuring my reflection before I step under the spray. The nozzle is set on the most intense jet and it pounds into my aching back relentlessly. I turn on my waterproof radio and sing off key to an old song whilst lathering my shower gel on my sponge. My shower is long and hot and once its finished I feel brisk and ready for the day. I walk to the bedroom with a towel around my waist, wouldn't want to give my opposite neighbor a free show! And open my sock drawer. Hmmm. What to wear today? Bone's will be working in the lab mostly today so I pick a pair of semi-bright socks – blue and purple stripes and a skinny purple tie. I get dressed, slick some gel through my hair and spritz some aftershave on my neck before grabbing my keys and stepping jauntily out the door.. whistling the song I was singing in the shower.