His small steps are resounding into the empty room as he leads to his bed and lies on his back, staring at the ceiling. He can't sleep. Pearly tears are rolling down his cheeks. He's trying to wipe them away, but they are replaced by others, over and over again, like an endless summer rain. He is printed on his mind, just like he was when they first met: long, silky purple hair, pale, velvet skin, charming onyx eyes. He can't forget it. Time could wash away anything from his mind, but not his face. Nothing could wash him away from his mind. He was his weakness, his obsession.

'His hot breath hit his face as his lips drew closer to his ones, his hands clawing desperately at his clothes. Paul grabbed a lock of ebony hair, putting it behind his ear, admiring his handsome face and his warm, kind brown eyes. Ash's arms wrapped slowly around his slender waist, burying his head deeply into his thick hair. He let out a small chuckle when the mauve locks tickled his nostrils."

Ash is tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable spot and fall asleep, but this is impossible. He's seeing his face so clearly, like he was in front of him, whispering to him softly, tempting him away. His hand stretches to touch him, but he vanishes like a ghost, like a nice dream in the morning. Tears are flooding his face again. There is nothing left, but some memories. Memories which are still fresh into Ash's mind, haunting every second of his life.

'His hand gently cupped his chin, bringing his face closer. His slightly parted lips touched his ones so shyly, softly, like he was afraid that something will break if he'd force. Ash brushed his hand against his bare shoulder. The heat of Paul's body pressed against his was driving him insane, dazzling him.'

The room is so cold. He's trembling, but he doesn't even touch the blankets. He wants him to come and wrap his arms around him, warming him up with the heat of his body. He wants to feel his breath on his neck again. He wants to lay into those strong arms again. His absence is hurting him so much, but he cannot do anything. He knows he's not coming back.

'His warm hand trailed down his bare chest, his lips covering every inch of skin with small, light kisses. Ash arched his back when Paul's tongue probed one of his hard nipples, his lips pinching it slightly. He had him at his feet. That's what Ash loved at Paul: he got everything under control. A small moan escaped his lips, lots of white stars shinning in front of his eyes. Flooded with pleasure, his brain had become numb. He mumbled the first words that he could think of.

"I love you, Paul."

Paul answered with a kiss on his bare shoulder and Ash smiled.'

He wraps his arms around himself, closing his eyes. He can see him. He can almost hear him whisper in his ear. He's tempting him. His whispers are filling his ears, feeding that demon lying inside him. However, Ash knows he's just an illusion. When he would open his eyes, he'd be alone again. He had been alone all this time. Paul isn't coming back. He left forever andhe won't come back. He left behind only confusion and pain into Ash's heart and soul. Without him, he was meaningless.

'Without you, I cannot be.'


I hope it's not too short, I wrote it because of boredom and I'm not sure it worked up well. Tell me what you think.

BTW, this is based on "Ohne Dich" by Rammstein. The last line is the line "Ohne dich kann ich nicht" translated :D

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