Guilty Pleasures

As she sat in the study at Grimmauld Place Hermione was daydreaming. The books she was studying had nothing to do with magic and she found them a bit dull. Fred and George's daydream concoctions were fantastic! She loved the reality and sheer abandon she felt with them. They were her Guilty Pleasure.


Lucius Malfoy was in the ministry again. He was trying to find out about the new minister and ex-auror; Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody. He had heard of Moody, only in passing, from Snape. Snape hated him, more possibly, than Wonder Boy Potter. Lucius had heard that Mad-Eye was killed in the chase while moving Potter, apparently not, he thought cruelly. As he sat waiting for his appointment with the under-secretary to the minister, he let his attention drift to the woman he couldn't get out of his head for nearing four years, the Mudblood Granger. He hated Mudbloods they were the scum of the wizarding world, but the fire and passion he saw in her while being tortured and while Potter fought the Dark Lord, drew him to her.


The Daydream Drink was the newest of the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes merchandise, and it was doing exactly as it said on the tin.

"Highly realistic one hour daydream, easy to fit into the average "Study Period" and who cares who sees you! Not for sale to under seventeen's."

As Hermione drifted deeper into her daydream it changed, rather dramatically. She was no longer thinking of long spring days and summer evenings with her friends; it was now something a little guiltier.

It was dusk; she was in a garden surrounded by white peacocks and black swans.

Sherecognised it but didn't care.

She walked around the beautiful gardens and stopped by a high hedge and a gatehouse, the gate was wrought iron and had inscriptions she couldn't read. The one thing she recognised was the serpentine "M". She turned around and fell into the arms of a tall, proud beautiful man. She forgot about the M. She looked into the man's face but there was nothing but a dark hood, the face hidden by shadows. She didn't feel scared or threatened just warm and comfortable. He took her by the hand and led her back up the beautiful ground and into the mansion house at the top of a sloping, curving driveway. There were white horses and black thestrals by the stables on the left, all attached to carriages. As they walked into the large foyer she heard, no felt this man talking to her in careless whispers. As he led her to the grand mahogany staircase rose petals and the scent of lilies caught her by surprise. The petals were falling gently before her and the scent of lilies gave way to the beautiful aroma of essential oils. Was she about to get a massage from this mystery man? He led her to a grand suite with a four posted, silk strewn bed. Was she about to make love to a man she didn't even know? She followed him to the bed and found herself also strewn in silk. He lay her down gently on the bed and lit a fire, the fireplace was of black and white marble and again had the M on it, it was not serpentine; it was in script. As she lay, feeling the warmth of the fireplace and the heady aroma take over her, she felt so wonderful and saw that this was her deepest fantasy. The hooded man dropped his cloak to the floor and there she saw him, in full view, all but the man's face. He came towards her and laid his hand on her head and muttered a soothing spell. She wanted to make love to this man more than anything in the world right at that moment. He sat beside her and stroked her hair, touched his lips to hers and mumbled something she couldn't make out. Then he lay beside her and again, spoke in whispers, but she felt rather than heard. She was loved.

Abruptly she was returned, briefly, to her evenings with her friends and then slowly, she came out of her daydream. She wanted to know who that man was! She wanted to give herself over to him, completely. She was about to mutter the incantation and take more potion, but she realised that there wasn't any, it was only one dose.

"Damn! Oh, who was he? Oh I want to go back!"

She started as a voice behind her spoke.

"Who was who Hermione?" asked Ginny.

"Oh nothing, sorry Ginny how long have you been here?"

"Long enough to know that you loved the feel of silk and rose petals and that "the warmth of the fireplace and the heady aroma" took over you. Fred and George's by any chance?"

"Yes Ginny. Oh it was a beautiful daydream Ginny! Have they ever affected you like that? I want to go back!"

"Yes and no, I never seem to get into a really deep one, not nearly as deep as you. I've dreamt of some nice things but nothing nearly as intimate!"

Hermione giggled nervously. "Did you hear any of my thought or anything? I would be so embarrassed if you did but I'd rather you told me."

Ginny looked quizzically at her friend. They had known each other over ten years. She knew everything about Hermione, from the first kiss with Krum to the last lovemaking with Ron. What she heard didn't scare her but it unnerved her slightly. She thought she knew everything, until now. "Well," Ginny began, "I didn't know you liked the smell of lilies or that you wanted to make love with a strange man."

Hermione stopped writing and softened the grip on her chair arm, "I'm so sorry you had to hear that Gin. I know Ron is your brother but this man, he intrigued me, I don't even know he was! I felt like he wanted me and needed me. It... It felt like he loved me."

At that Ginny hugged her and told her not to worry what she thought of her, it was just a daydream and she would be hexing the balls off of Fred and George. They both laughed and went their separate ways, Hermione back to the text book and parchment, Ginny to the kitchen to start dinner.


Lucius snapped back to reality when the Minister cam to greet him. Lucius looked at him with disgust. The man was at least a head shorter, half a leg and half a nose. That eye was disgusting, he couldn't look at it. Moody growled something at his secretary and let Lucius pass through to his office. The minister conjured some Mead and two crystal glasses, poured them both a generous slug and invited Lucius to talk.

"You must be Alastor Moody," he sneered, "I'm Lucius Malfoy and I would like to ask the Ministers permission to add some generous funding to St. Mungo's and Hogwarts. I am very generous minister and, as you well know, have renounced my Death Eater ways. I would like to join the board of Governors again for both Hogwarts and St. Mungo's."

Moody looked him up and down and growled "We'll be sending someone to keep an eye on you Mr. Malfoy. I'm sure you are acquainted with them, name's Granger."

"Ah, the Mudblood. Yes we are acquainted. You are talking of the Granger girl, Hermione, is it?" Lucius cocked an eyebrow at Moody, thus asking the question.

"I thought you had renounced your Death Eater ways, isn't "Mudblood" a term used only by purebloods who think that all muggleborns are scum? That says to me that you haven't renounced your ways Malfoy."

It was the Ministers time to sneer. He had Lucius pegged; he knew the pureblood mania of the family. He looked at Malfoy with disgust and saw that his cane wasn't with him but his wand was. Malfoy was gripping it. Moody said lightly, "don't think I can't see through you Mr. Malfoy. Let go of the wand or there will be a cell waiting for you in Azkaban." At that Lucius let go of the wand and smirked at the Minister.

"My apologies Minister. When will Ms. Granger be coming to see me?"

"May I call you Lucius? Hermione is a gifted witch and a good person. Don't you dare try to belittle her, Lucius. Consider that a threat." With that he downed his mead and added, "I'll send an owl to your home in the next few days." The Minister turned on his heel and left the office. Lucius followed, anger boiling his blood. He did not like the Minister.

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