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"So you're alright with everything going the way we've discussed then?".

"Yes" i breathed out harshly, pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration "We've talked about this over and over again. I know what's going to happen so well, I could do it in my sleep".

"Right" the voice replied gruffly "Just make sure this goes okay. Are you positive you're ready for this. I won't send you in unless you are?".

"I've been ready for this for months. He knows what's happening anyway, he just doesn't know, who it is. This is my chance, I won't mess this up".

"I hope not Noah. My trust is in you. Do not let me down". The dial tone echoed in my ear, letting me know the conversation was over.

I placed the phone back on the cradle, leaning back on the wheeled computer chair, my feet propped up on the arm of the sofa and crossed at the ankles.

I suppose I better go and get ready. I've got a rough night ahead of me.


I walked out of the bathroom, running a towel over the top of my short dark brown hair, toweling the water drops off from the shower.

I looked up to see Ted sitting in front of the TV while Cody lay sprawled out across my bed.

"Hey dude, get off" i said picking up a magazine and smacking his leg with it. He rolled off, groaning and flopped down on the bed next to mine.

"Man, I'm so bored" Cody groaned, his arms flopping above his head. Ted's face was glued to the TV, concentrating on a soccer game on the TV or something.

"Yeah, well get your asses ready, we've only got an hour till we need to get to the arena".

"So what did Vince want earlier when he asked you to see him in his office?".

I stood from the bed and walked over to my bag in the corner and pulled out my trunks, to go under the jeans and black 'Root of Evil' shirt I was wearing.

I shrugged "He wanted to talk about a change of script for tonight. You're no longer going out with me to the ring for the match tonight. There's a new addition to the roster tonight. I'll explain more when we get to the arena" i said, going to the bathroom and shutting to door so I could change.

Heading into the arena later, Ted and Cody flanking me on either side. I nodded at a few people who passed us in greeting.

"'Sup dudes?" John Cena said as he came up to me, bumping fists with me, Ted and Cody.

"Nothing. Did you hear about the script change? Someones going to interrupt my fight tonight".

"Really, who?"

"I dunno, Vince wouldn't tell me. Guess I'll have to wait and see what goes down out there".

"Yeah, so ya up for clubbing after the show. I's gonna head out with some of the other boys. Ya wanna come with?"

"Sam's got my balls in an iron vice the now dude. I need to call her after every show. She's being paranoid. Thinks am cheating on her".

"We're up for it Cena" Ted said from my side.

"Sweet, meet us outside after, while this pussy heads back to his hotel room to call lover girl".

"Man, fuck off. A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do" I replied, shrugging my shoulders and drawing him a glare.

"Yeah being a pussy. She's got you whipped already Randall".

"I'm seriously gonna fuck you up Cena, if you don't get outta my face".

"Cool dude" he said holding his hands up in surrender. He backed off a little, a smirk on his face that meant he wasn't going to let it go. I shook my head and continued on the way to the locker room, with Ted and Cody.

The woman he's talking about, is my fiancee Samantha. We've been together for a few years. I do love her, a lot, but she can be somewhat possessive and is always keeping tabs and checking up on me. I'm a grown man and I could do without looking over my shoulder at everything I do. I think she worries with me being on the road, that I'll find some ring rat to fuck about with. I've told her, she needn't worry but she still does.


I stepped through the backdoor of the arena, let in by the same person i shared the phone call with earlier that day. He stood much taller than me, short grey hair and a large muscled frame hidden beneath a tailored grey suit and white shirt.

I looked up at him.

"You ready?"

"Damn right. I won't mess it up. He won't know what's hit him over the next few weeks".

"Yeah, remember this is just a scripted storyline. I know there's personal involvement. But don't jump script and don't hurt anyone".

"I won't"

"Good, lets get you ready then" he smiled at me and led me inside the building.

Randy's theme tune 'Voices' began to play throughout the arena. He emerged from the curtain, the WWE Championship belt slung across his bare shoulder. His body stood at 6ft 4" of perfection with a toned and muscled chest, muscly, sinewy arms, covered by a sleeve tattoo on each arm, a six pack and long toned thighs and legs. His body glistened softly with baby oil as he made his slow entrance to the ring.

He stood in the ring, holding up his belt for all the fans to see. The crowd booed and hissed to him although there were several members of the public supporting Randy and Legacy as well.

He handed the belt to the Raw Official standing in the ring who gave it to someone standing near the edge of the ring to keep safe. Lillian Garcia stood in the ring, announcing the participants of the match. Randy faced the walkway, from the middle of the ring, waiting on the arrival of his opponent.

However, no opponent arrived and after about 30 seconds, there was a commotion in the crowd as a black suited figure appeared from within it, running into the ring with a steel chair in their hand. Stepping up behind Randy who had failed to turn around, the chair was raised high, before coming down with a battering, bone tingling smash to his back. His back arched and he moved away from his assailant, falling to his knees in the ring as another blow was delivered to his back.

The ring was now empty, cleared of anyone who didn't want to get involved with the events taking place within it. Randy rolled onto his back on the mat, staring up at the person with the chair, his eyes squinting to make out who it was. The person's face was covered low with a hood and a black scarf. A third blow was delivered to his front and then one to his knees where he'd pulled them up. He rolled and writhed in the ring, screaming in agony.

Another commotion was heard as Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase came running down the entrance ramp towards the ring to help the WWE Champion. The figure looked up, throwing the chair to the side out of the ring and backed up against the ropes behind them. Legacy entered the ring and as Cody pulled Randy towards his feet, bending down to see if he was okay, Ted went after the attacker. He launched himself towards the person but the figure fell back, ducking through the bottom rope and ran around the ring towards the ramp.

All three members of Legacy turned to look as the black clad person ran back up the ramp, getting to the top before holding their hand up in a peace sign above their head.

With one last look at the ring, the figure disappeared through the curtain, out of sight of the cameras.

I ran along the corridors avoiding everyone and anyone there, making my way towards the office where I'd came from.

I burst in through the door, shutting it before removing my scarf and hood, letting my long chocolate brown locks tumble from inside, floating to near enough my waist. I smiled at the person sitting behind the desk, who's eyes were glued to the TV screen before he looked at me.

"Good job Noah, everything went to plan. I love these kinds of story lines, where I get to keep both the fans and the superstars guessing as to who is in the ring. Make yourself scarce, Randy will want to know who attacked him".

"Thank you Mr McMahon. I'm just glad I was given this oppurtunity. I'll head back to the hotel right now".

"Call me Vince and take the limo, I can get another one for myself. Just get moving, and I'll see you next week".

"Bye" i said before leaving the room, heading out to the parking lot. I quickly moved behind a wall, catching a glimpse of Randy marching towards Mr McMahon's office with a scowl on his face.

I smirked to myself, leaning back against the wall and let of a quiet laugh. Damn right. You'll never know what's hit you Randy


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