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The room was dark, all light blocked out by dark purple printed curtains. Snuggling my face into the pillow, I enjoyed the feel of having a lie-in for once. I could hear the soft snores Randy made as he slept off the exhaustion he'd suffered from travelling home the night before.

There was a soft creak as the door opened and the padding of bare feet before the bed dipped slightly and there was a scuffle. Groaning, I opened one eye to see our daughter Alanna staring down at me. She smiled a toothy grin at me and then bent down and pressed a sloppy kiss against my cheek, before sitting back and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"Mornin' Mamma" she sang softly and I pushed myself into a sitting position, allowing the covers to drop away from around me. Placing a finger against my lips, I whispered for her to be quiet.

"You're gonna wake Daddy up" I told her and her eyes widened before she sat back on her haunches and placed her own finger over her lips. Shaking my head with a small smile, I began to get out of bed, throwing the covers back gently, hissing softly as Randy stirred, snorting a little before turning back into the pillows. He threw his arm over one, pulling it towards him and tucking his face into it tightly. The muscles in his back flexed, the tanned and tattooed skin rippling across the top of the muscles gently.

Stepping on the floor gently, I pulled my feet into a pair of furry boot slippers and then grabbed Alanna, lifting her off the bed and carrying her out of the room. She held onto me tightly, her face pressed into my shoulder.

"Put me down?" she asked when we were out of ear shot but I shook my head.

"No, 'cause you might make noise when you're running down the stairs Sweetheart. Daddy needs his sleep, he was travelling for a long time yesterday".

"Okay" she held tighter as I carried her down the stairs, through the hall of the house and into the kitchen. I carried her over to her safety seat which was propped up against the breakfast bar and lowered her into it, strapping her in.

Getting breakfast ready for her, I quickly made some scrambled egg and toast and then put it down to her with a cup of apple juice before I washed up the dishes from the dinner I'd made for Randy the night before.

Hearing footsteps from upstairs, I groaned knowing I'd woken Randy up with the smell of Alanna's breakfast. She sat happily in her chair, munching on the egg and bits of toast until she saw Randy appear at the kitchen door, dressed in just a pair of pyjama bottoms.

Smiling, I took in his appearance, blinking a few times before letting out a sigh.

"Daddy!" Alanna shouted holding her arms out to him. He chuckled and came over, undoing the clips on her safety seat and tugged her out of it, swinging her around, small bits of egg flying over the kitchen as she laughed "Missed you Daddy".

"I missed you too Lana" he kissed the top of her head. He put her back in her seat and strapped her in so she could finish her breakfast.

"Do you want something to eat?" I asked him with a smile and he nodded "Go sit in the den. I'll bring it through when it's ready". He nodded, winked at me and then disappeared through the arch and then around the corner into the den.

I cooked up some sausage, egg, bacon and toast for him, plating it up. Clearing up Alanna's breakfast, I grabbed her and carried her and Randy's breakfast. Stopping off to put Alanna in the play area set up for her in the sitting room, I kissed her cheek and told her I'd be back in a few minutes before heading back into the kitchen and through into the den.

Closing the door behind me tightly, I turned around to see Randy sat on the sofa with his back to me, staring at our wall of WWE memorabalia. The wall was littered with championships and plaques that Randy had won plus titles that I had won as well.

I stepped up behind him, circling him with my arms and placed the warm plate on his lap. He smiled and rubbed my forearms with his hands, the small hairs standing on end at the feel of his hands on me.

"Good trip home?" I asked, a tinge of anger evident in my voice. He tilted his head, laying it against one of my arms and sighed.

"It was long. I tried to get back Noah. I did. But the plane was delayed and then I had to hire a car as I'd missed my pick-up already".

"Don't worry about it Randy. It was just a dinner, one of many that we've both missed. I...well...I wanted to talk to you but it doesn't matter now. Alann..."

"What's wrong?" he asked, worry tainting his words "When you talk like that, it always means something is worrying you baby. Tell me!"

"Alanna's staying with your parents tonight. We can talk then. Eat your breakfast" I kissed his cheek and pulled away, standing up and walking to the door "I love you".

"I love you too" he spoke back, his baritone voice rumbling through the room.

Randy and I have been together for over 8 years now and married for 6.

Randy proposed to me on my 31st birthday with an exquisite 18ct white gold band, adorned with diamonds and rubies. The jewels were set in a flower shape, a small diamond in the middle, circled by 6 rubies of the same size and then surrounded by a cluster of even smaller diamonds. The band had small diamonds aligned along it as well.

We'd gotten married on a beach in the Seychelles, just us and our families and a few of our friends from the company.

Since I won my first title within the WWE, I went on to win the WWE Diva's title another 2 times and the WWE Women's Championship a total of 4 times in my career. I'd carved out a successful career within the business, spending most of my time as a heel but turning face every now and then.

I was a face character in my last televised match up until now. I'd taken a break 3 and a half years ago to have Alanna and I was now a part-time trainer for the company, helping to train and bring up new superstars to the business. This was perfect for me, spending time at home bringing up my daughter while still being able to see Randy at the same time.

At this moment in time Randy was the reigning World Heavyweight Champion on RAW. He'd beaten Wade Barrett for the title 3 weeks prior to coming home, in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match.

I'd watched the match live on PPV at home in St Louis, Missouri, cheering at the television when Randy pulled off the victory even though I already knew he was getting the gold back.


I'd sent Randy over to his parents with Alanna, allowing me to finish up cooking dinner and get everything ready for our night alone. I heard the door open and I quickly took off the tied-at-the-waist apron I had on over my dress.

After Randy had left with Alanna, I'd gone upstairs and took a shower, dried off and slipped into a strapless royal purple bandeau dress with a tiered skirt and black suede high heels.

Pouring Randy a glass of red wine and myself some grape juice, I turned to see him watching me from the kitchen entryway. Smiling at me, he stood with his arms folded over his chest, dressed in a white shirt and black slacks. His tanned and tattooed arms were shown off beautifully from beneath the rolled up sleeves, his muscle definition almost causing them to burst from the seams of the shirt.

"Dinner's almost ready" I smiled at him, holding out the clear, thin stemmed wine glass, the red liquid sloshing inside it gently. He stepped into the kitchen, advancing on me slowly, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Moving around to the side of the island where I was standing, he stepped up behind me, his front molding itself to my back. Pressing me forward into the counter, I shivered as he breathed slowly across the back of my bare shoulders. Bracing my hands on the counter, I pressed back against him, my neck arching up so I could see him.

Turning my head, I looked into his eyes, the dialated pupils staring back at me, surrounded by those lethal blue irises. He smiled, his tongue running slowly over his lower lip, gleaming white teeth appearing behind it.

"Ran..." he cut me off by pulling me around and bending his mouth to my own, kissing me deeply. His hands slipped under my thighs, lifting me up quickly and pushed me back on the island. I curved my hands around the back of his sheared head, holding him against me as we kissed. The glasses went sliding across the counter and fell into the sink with a tinkling smash. I broke away from him, my lips red and swollen, my head turning in the direction of the glasses.

"Great, say goodbye to the glasses you're parents bought us" I turned back to him.

"I'll buy you more" he husked before framing my face with his hand and pulling me back into a kiss. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pressed in between them, my heels hooking behind his back.

My hands moved between us, grasping the hem of his shirt and tugging, indicating I wanted it off. He nodded, breaking the kiss and quickly shucked it off, throwing it somewhere behind me. With a smile, I pulled him back to me, my arms wrapped around his shoulder, my head bending over his right shoulder as I held onto him. His fingers began to unzip my dress before sliding down and tugging it up at the bottom.

I shivered as his fingers came into contact with the lace of my underwear. Tugging on the string, he attempted to pull them down but I pushed him away with a shake of my head.

"Not on my counters Randy. I worked hard for these babies" my head fell back as a giggle escaped my lips. Randy laughed at me before he attached his mouth to my throat, nipping at the skin gently and then soothing it with his tongue.

Lifting me up, I locked my legs together to help support me.

"What? Randy? Dinner?" I muttered, not able to form a sentence.

"Don't care" he reiterated this with a particularly hard nip to my skin. A moan filled sigh dropped from my lips and I felt my back come up against the wall. Randy's fingers returned to underneath my dress, grasping the string of my lacy thong and tugging, ripping it in two. I moaned loudly, pulling his head up to kiss him again.

As our tongues tangled, I dropped my hands to his belt, undoing it and began to unzip his trousers.

Too immersed in the kiss, I didn't even realise Randy had took over where I left off, finishing off unzipping his trousers and getting rid of his boxers.

I felt him smooth my dress up my legs, coaxing my thighs to open more for him. Sighing into the kiss as Randy impaled me on his length, the delicious stretching feeling burning between my legs.

He picked up a quick rhythm as he cradled me in his arms, thrusting his hard dick into me quickly.

"Mmmm...fuck...Randy" I moaned gently, breaking the kiss and tucking my face into the side of his neck. I had one hand wrapped around his neck, the other grasping at his back gently.

His pace picked up again if it was possible and my back rocked against the hard wall. Gasping, I could feel myself getting closer.

"Noah...love you" Randy muttered "So much". I pressed a kiss to his neck gently, feeling the crest within me break as I came around Randy's length. He thrust a few more times before cumming himself, drenching my insides with spurts of hot white liquid.

"I love you too" I moaned, coming down from my high "Welcome home" I laughed kissing him.

"I think I managed to save a little bit of the chicken" Randy spoke as he walked around the doorway of our bedroom. I was lying naked under the purple satin bedsheets which I'd put on the bed earlier that day.

Holding the sheets up to my chest, my hair was laying down over one shoulder as I smiled at him.

He dropped onto the bed next to me in only a pair of boxers with a plate of chicken and two wine glasses in his hand. He handed me one and I quickly set it to the side on the bedside table.

Turning back, I picked up a piece of chicken and fed it to him.

He chewed it slowly, licking the remainder off of his lips.

"Good?" I asked and he moaned softly.

"Very good. Here" he offered me a bit and I took it gently, licking the excess juice off of his fingers, watching his eyes darken as I did this. He took a sip of his wine and I watched him intently.

"So how are things on the road, Champ" I smirked at him.

"Good, everyone misses you. It's hard without you being there".

"I know" I sighed "I was thinking about making an appearence at Wrestlemania but I don't think that'll happen".

"Why not?" Randy raised his eyebrows, his finger tracing over my collarbone gently.

"Just not the right time babe. I'll come back one day, I suppose".

"How's Alanna? I know she doesn't get to see a lot of me. I want to change that, spend more time at home with you guys".

"She's good. Growing up every day in front of my eyes. How do you feel about having more kids Randy? I know we've talked about more children, but I'm just curious?"

"I...well...you know I'd like more. I'd like a big family baby but I'm happy with whatever you decide. If you don't want anymore, we've got Alanna and I love the both of you more than anything" he leaned over to press a kiss to my lips.

"I'll need to speak to Vince. I think Mickie will have to take over my training schedule for a while. I..."

"What's wrong? Are you sick? Is this what you wanted to tell me?" panic rose in Randy's words. I pressed my hand to his arm, pulling his hand up from my chest and pressed kisses to his fingers.

"I'm not sick. I'm pregnant Randy" I smiled as I continued to kiss the tips of his fingers. He was still for a few seconds before his face broke out into a giant smile.

"You mean it? We're gonna have another baby?"

"Yeah, we're gonna have another baby" I repeated. I laughed as he rolled me under him, holding himself up with his arms so as not crush me or the baby.

He peppered kisses along my face, before pulling sheet back and kissing his was down my chest, over my breasts and down to my stomach. Dropping butterfly kisses all over my stomach, I laughed at him, rubbing a hand over the top of his head.

"I love you" he told me as he moved back up and met my eyes.

"I love you too Randy" I kissed him again, giggling when he stroked my stomach softly.


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