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Liking Oneself

Matsumoto poked her head into the tenth division office and glanced around for her taicho. She had just gone to the real world and gotten an item that she wanted to play around with, and knew that if he caught her not doing her paperwork, he would not at all be pleased with her.

When she saw that he wasn't there, she snuck in and set the box onto her desk, then proceeded to open it carefully. Out of it she pulled a mechanical device and she switched the small machine to the on position. She held it a ways away from her and waved. "Hello camera!"

She then held a finger to her lip. "Let's see… what should I do this video about? What would everyone be interested in?"

Her eyes then closed as she thought about this, and she set the camera down at the very end of the desk. "Let's see… perhaps that isn't a good way to go about things, as if it was about what everyone wanted to see, well… Soifon taicho is obsessed with her former taicho…"

"Ne… what to do… shooting embarrassing things about people would only make people mad, and taicho in big trouble," she hit her head lightly with her knuckles, suddenly trying to think some more."

Her eyes suddenly lit up as she came up with an idea. "I know! I will do it on what people like about themselves! A doc… doc… something or another, about what our fellow shingami think of each other. Well, some are very vain."

"Might as well start with myself!" she chirped, a smile forming on her face. "Let's see… I am very pretty, but on top of being pretty, I have the know how to help other females get their man. Unless it is Nanao-chan… perhaps I am not as good at that as I thought."

Matsumoto placed a finger to her chin. "Ne… oh, I can take a sixteen hour nap… but I don't get many of those because taicho gets irritated with me. I also like my spunky attitude…"

"Matsumoto?" came a slightly growling, slightly upset voice from the doorway. "What are you doing."

Matsumoto watched as her taicho sat down at his desk. "Oh… your next taicho…"

"Nani?" Toshiro's eyes suddenly went wide as he found the camera turned to face him as he pulled out his paperwork.