The awkward adventures of Pennywise the clown

Rain spattered the street adding to already overflowing drains. The young boy pulled his anorak hood closer around his face to guard from the droplets of water. From the corner of his eye he spotted a colourful movement which did not commute with the dreary atmosphere he was currently in, turning to inspect he saw a balloon bobbing in a drain. Such a queer sight dragged the boy to inspect the misplaced balloon, as he drew nearer a clown popped into view.

"Well hey there Georgie!" The clown exclaimed joyfully.

The boy raised an wary eyebrow "Why are you in a drain?" He asked suspiciously.

The clown grinned "The storm swept me under here!" He explained "All the circus was swept away! Can you smell the circus Georgie?"

The boy frowned, yes he could smell the circus. Popcorn, candyfloss and even elephant shit it was all there but something bothered the boy, something didn't sit right with him. He opened his mouth to speak but the clown had beat him to the punch.

"Say I bet you want a balloon!" The clown said with a smile as he waggled the bright red balloon about.

The boy shrugged "I dunno, I'm a bit too old for balloons,"

The clown laughed "But look Georgie!" He waggled the balloon again "It floats!"

The boy just stared at the clown completely unsurprised "So?"

The clown but his lip "Err yeah well," he said as he retracted the balloon, his face then snapped into unrivalled happiness and sickening joy which really kind of annoyed the boy, no-one should be that happy "Well how about you come down to see the circus with me! How about that, Georgie?!"

A look of disgust spread across the boy's face "In a sewer?"

The clown's face dropped "Yeah… I just explained that the circus was swept down…"

"I know," Said the boy "But it's so unhygienic, you probably already have the bubonic plague,"

The clown looked to the floor in slight abhorrence of himself but once again regained his sickening giddiness in a snap "Wanna balloon, Georgie?!" He said with a smiled plastered to his face.

The boy shook his head slowly and stood up "No, I'm gonna head off now,"

The clown became visibly agitated "All your friends are down here Georgie!"

"I don't believe you," The boy sneered "And anyway my name isn't bloody Georgie! It's Brian!"

"Oh," The clown said and looked down "My name's Pennywise," He muttered.

"And another thing Pennywise!" Brian ranted as Pennywise looked back up forlornly "For the future I suggest that you're not so forthcoming because it's just creepy!"

Brian grunted and walked away with his nose in the air.

Pennywise watched him leave and bowed his head. He tapped his fingers on the cold wet road "Bugger," He sighed and disappeared into the darkness of the sewer.